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About Developing an Agile Team Course

By looking at social psychology, you will learn what makes people act the way they do in groups. You’ll figure out how flexible and open to change your team is, and you’ll use the Scrum project management framework to build agile teams with real-world tools.

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Developing an Agile Team Quiz Answers

Week 01: Developing an Agile Team Coursera Quiz Answers

Module 1 Practice Quiz Answers

Q1. What is Trusting, according to the lecture?

  • Trust is the commitment of an individual to speak truth 100% of the time.
  • Trust is the preference of an individual to remain reluctant to trust others.
  • Trust is the willingness of an individual to be vulnerable and a need to see others as kind and good.

Q2. What defines strong cultures?

  • Strong cultures have a high level of trust. In such cultures, individuals never ask questions.
  • Strong cultures have a high level of trust and perceived fairness within teams and organizations.
  • Strong cultures have a low level of trust and perceived fairness within teams and organizations.

Q3. What does GROW stand for?

  • Goal, Reality, Options, Way Forward
  • Goal, Reality, Opinion, Way Out
  • Goal, Research, Options, Way Beyond

Q4. What is the best use of the GROW model?

  • Psychological evaluation conversations
  • When firing an employee
  • Mentoring conversations

True or False

Q5. Five social motives can be satisfied in all individuals through a cookie-cutter approach.

  • False
  • True

Module 1 Quiz Answers

Q1. What is social psychology, according to the lecture?

  • Social psychology is a study of how our relatives behave in relationship to our coworkers.
  • Social psychology is a study of how the thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and behavior of people are formed and influenced within a social context.
  • Social psychology is a study of how people around us isolate from others.

Q2. If we apply just the principles of organizational psychology when leading change, what important element might we miss?

  • The fact that we are irrational regardless of the situation.
  • The fact that humans are constantly influenced by others.
  • The fact that humans don’t like to work at all.

Q3. What are the five social motives defined by Susan Fiske?

  • Depending
  • Belonging
  • Trusting
  • Self-destructing
  • Waving
  • Understanding
  • Controlling
  • Self-enhancing

Q4. What do the five social motives represent according to the lecture?

  • They represent five motives for working in an organization.
  • They represent fundamental psychological processes, a combination of which helps people assimilate better within groups and thus, create higher odds of survival.
  • They represent nonessential desires.

Q5. What is BELONGING according to the lecture material?

  • Belonging is the need to create and maintain social connections.
  • Belonging is the need to be seeing people in person on a regular basis.
  • Belonging is the need to be a part of a volunteer organization.

Q6. What is UNDERSTANDING according to the lecture material?

  • Understanding is the need to understand the job you are doing.
  • Understanding is the need for shared meaning.
  • Understanding is the need to understand the native language of the people working on your team.

Q7. What are the two foundation motives that, if accounted for properly during change design and management, would yield 75% of success when implementing new initiatives?

  • Belonging and Self-enhancing
  • Self-enhancing and Trusting
  • Belonging and Understanding

Q8. What tools did we discuss that could help you build belonging and shared understanding within teams? Select all that apply.

  • Asking the team to stop providing input
  • Asking for the team’s input
  • Signature core message
  • Assigning a difficult problem for the team to solve
  • Creating opportunities for the team to connect
  • Assigning a simple problem for the team to solve

Q9. True or False According to the lecture, Controlling is the need for a dependency between a certain idea and a particular reward.

  • True
  • False

Q10. Define the Self-enhancing need according to the lecture.

  • Self-enhancing is the need for maintaining self-esteem or improving it.
  • Self-enhancing is the need for helping others build their own self-esteem.
  • Self-enhancing is the need for investing in your physical looks.

Module 2 Practice Quiz Answers

Q1. True or False. A team working agreement is a contract and can be modified.

  • True.
  • False

Q2. Which of the following are identified in the video as parts of the team working agreement

  • Resolving disagreements and tools.
  • Operating norms and practices.
  • Having a retrospective.
  • How to conduct interviews.
  • Clarifying diversity.

True or False

Q3. An empathy map uses the best-guess method to try to understand other team members.

  • True
  • False

Q4. What are the five scrum values?

  • Responsibility
  • Respect
  • Openness
  • Focus
  • Honesty
  • Commitment
  • Integrity
  • Courage

Module 2 Quiz Answers

Q1. Why do agile teams experience more conflict?

  • Agile teams are not diverse. Because of that, agile teams tend to experience more conflict.
  • Agile teams are diverse teams. Diverse teams include different cultures, genders, etc. Because of this diversity, agile teams tend to experience more conflict.
  • Agile teams are diverse teams. Diverse teams include monogamous cultures and because of that, they tend to experience more conflict.

Q2. A team working agreement resolves differences and establishes a common understanding within teams before conflict happens.

  • False
  • True

Q3. What are the main characteristics of the team working agreement? Select all that apply.

  • Team working agreement is a contract between the team members.
  • Team working agreement is static.
  • Team working agreement is a verbal agreement to work well together.
  • Team working agreement establishes a common understanding of how the team will work, and how it will resolve conflict.
  • Team working agreement is a living document.

Q4. What is empathy?

  • Empathy is the capacity to wear another person’s shoes.
  • Empathy is the capacity to listen to people and to give examples from your own life when the other person shares challenges.
  • Empathy is the capacity to put yourself in another person’s shoes and understand them from their point of view.

Q5. What’s the purpose of an empathy map?

  • Empathy map allows you to dwell on the negative with your team and unite around it.
  • Empathy map allows you to design the collaboration process that reflects your team members’ moods.
  • Empathy map allows you to design the collaboration process that is aligned with your team members’ feelings, motivations, and working styles.

Q6. What is Scrum?

  • Scrum is a lightweight framework of practices rooted in an agile philosophy.
  • Scrum is a lightweight framework of practices rooted in football.
  • Scrum is a highly-regimented complex project management framework.

Q7. What is Scrum typically used for?

  • Scrum is used to develop, deliver, and sustain complex products.
  • Scrum is used to develop relationships, empathy maps, and team working agreements.
  • Scrum is used to develop extensive documentation on projects.

Q8. What would be an example of a product? Select all that apply.

  • Break-through technology device.
  • HR candidate selection process
  • Car

Q9. True or False Scrum is used in simple projects with many variables and in unpredictable environments.

  • True
  • False

Q10. What are the five Scrum values? Select all that apply.

  • Respect
  • Slow Pace of work
  • Courage
  • Commitment
  • Delivery
  • Focus
  • Openness

Module 3 Practice and Self-reflection Answers

Q1. What is a story point?

  • A story point is an abstract number that tells how many books the team has read about the product they are trying to deliver.
  • A story point is an abstract number that tells the team the level of difficulty for delivering a specific feature.
  • A story point is an abstract number that tells the team the cost associated with delivering a specific feature.

Q2. What is a story according to the lecture?

  • A story is a user review of the product.
  • A story is a fictional story about the product that will be used for marketing purposes.
  • A story is a simple explanation of a feature or a deliverable written from the end-user perspective.

Q3. What is plotted on two axes of the burn-down chart?

  • Time and Cost
  • Time and Story Points
  • Story Points and number of team members

Q4. What benefits could Scrum deliver for what you do?

Module 3 Quiz Answers

Q1. In Scrum, the final deliverable is developed in small increments, which the team continually builds upon as they plan each sprint. The increment at the end of the sprint becomes a new version, which the team iterates throughout the project.

  • True
  • False

Q2. What are the three standard categories of Scrum elements?

  • Repertoires
  • Events
  • Artifacts
  • Roles
  • Descriptions

Q3. How long does a typical sprint last?

  • 2 weeks
  • 5 weeks
  • 3 weeks
  • 1 week

Q4. What are the functions of the Scrum Master? Select all that apply.

  • Scrum Master is a servant leader
  • Scrum Master removes impediments the team encounters
  • Scrum Master tells the team how to do their job
  • Scrum Master manages the team
  • Scrum Master ensures Scrum framework is being followed

Q5. How is the development team defined in the lecture?

  • Development Team is a cross-functional and self-organizing team responsible for delivering a product increment.
  • Development team is a single-function team.
  • Development team is a cross-functional self-paced team.

Q6. What is the time box of a daily scrum session?

  • 15 minutes
  • 5 minutes
  • 25 minutes

Q7. What’s the formula for calculating the duration of a sprint planning session?

  • 3 hours x number of months
  • 2 hours x number of weeks
  • 2 hours x number of days

Q8. What’s the purpose of a Retrospective?

  • Its purpose is to review the increment and make sure it works.
  • Its purpose is to review lessons learned and commit to actionable items in the next sprint.
  • Its purpose is to review the manuals and commit to creating robust documentation of the teams’ processes.

Q9. What are the three Scrum artifacts?

  • Product Increment
  • Sprint backlog
  • Increment backlog
  • Product backlog

Q10. How would you describe the role of the product owner according to the lecture?

  • A product owner consults with the team to determine the priority of the features.
  • A product owner knows what the client wants and is able to help the team prioritize the features to support successful sprint planning.
  • A product owner knows what the client wants and documents that vision in a manual.

Module 4 Quiz Answers

Q1. According to the lecture, what is servant leadership?

  • Servant-leadership is a mindset and philosophy.
  • Servant-leadership is a set of documents you have to read before you lead a team.
  • Servant-leadership is something you say to employees when you want them to believe you.

Q2. What is the purpose of facilitation as an art form?

  • Unlocking the project management framework.
  • Unlocking the documentation of a process.
  • Unlocking the intelligence, insights, and creativity of people.

Q3. What are the attributes of a servant leader? Select all that apply.

  • Stewardship
  • Awareness
  • Listening
  • Empathy
  • Criticizing

Q4. What is the Fishbowl technique?

  • The fishbowl technique allows participants to share what they think and feel by creating safety through anonymous comments.
  • The fishbowl technique allows participants to share their working agreements.
  • The fishbowl technique allows participants to draw doodles of various fish types.

Q5. Which answer below best describes the way skits can help teams?

  • Skits are a way for teams to create comical sketches around funny issues,
  • Skits are a way for teams to create comical sketches around an issue that is important to the team.
  • Skits are a way for teams to make small issues bigger than they are.

Q6. How would you describe the “Enter the center” activity?

  • “Enter the center” is an activity that facilitates a playful conversation with teams.
  • “Enter the center” is an activity that facilitates a meaningful dialogue within diverse teams.
  • “Enter the center” is an activity that facilitates brainstorming.

Q7. The concept of servant leadership as described by Greenleaf was actually inspired by a novel.

  • True
  • False

Q8. Can you act as a servant-leader without already being at the executive level?

  • No, you should avoid practicing these principles until you are in an executive role.
  • No, you should really be at the executive level before applying the principles of servant leadership.
  • Yes, you can act as a servant-leader by applying the principles of servant-leadership in a low-stakes environment.
  • Yes, you can act as a servant-leader without already being at the executive level by taking charge in your leader’s absence.

Q9. In preparing for the interview method that we use for building a shared understanding, which of the following best describes the plan? Choose all that apply.

  • Set the context, Ask focus and filter questions, Exit, and disband the interview group.
  • Set the context, ask focus questions, and exit, planning to discuss the interview the next day.
  • Set the context, ask focus then filter questions, exit and as a team debrief.
  • After setting the context for the interview, ask general and then more specific questions, thank the interviewee as they leave, then discuss the interview with the interview team.
  • After setting the context for the interview, ask general questions of the interviewee, then break to come up with more specific focus questions.

Q10. How does the instructor describe what a great facilitator does?

  • A great facilitator is the leader and makes decisions about what the group will ultimately do each time.
  • A great facilitator has a tendency to interrupt participants before they are finished speaking.
  • A great facilitator possesses the tools for unlocking people’s potential in part because they have skills in understanding individual and group psychology.
  • A great facilitator tries to avoid helping people resolve complicated emotions.
  • A great facilitator tries to avoid helping people resolve complicated emotions.

Q11. When conducting an interview for shared understanding, what does the instructor describe as the best way to ask questions?

  • It’s best to ask questions with short answers.
  • It’s best to ask questions of the team.
  • it’s best to ask open-ended questions.
  • It’s best to ask “Why” questions.

More About This Course

Now that you’ve gone through something personal, you’ll be better able to empathize with, understand, and help team members who are going through something similar. Change-resilient teams can’t just be led by people who know and understand the psychology of individuals multiplied by the number of people on the team. It needs a different way of doing things.

By looking at social psychology, you will learn what makes people act the way they do in groups. You’ll figure out how flexible and open to change your team is, and you’ll use the Scrum project management framework to build agile teams with real-world tools.

You won’t stop there; you’ll also learn how to be a servant leader. You will learn how to organize, lead, and help a Scrum team by using real-world tools.

Some of the content is written from the point of view of a Scrum Master. You won’t be able to use it as a Scrum Master certification, but I will share tools and best practices I’ve learned as a Scrum Master.


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