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Hello Buddies, Today we are going to share all week’s assessment and quizzes answers of the Introduction to Cybersecurity course launched by Cisco which is totally free of cost✅✅✅. This is a Cisco certification course for every interested student.

Here, you will find Introduction to CyberSecurity Final Exam Answer Exam Answers in Bold Color which is given below.

These answers are updated recently and are 100% correct✅ answers of all week, assessment, and final exam answers of Introduction to CyberSecurity Final Exam Answer from Cisco Free Certification Course.

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About Introduction to Cybersecurity Course

Discover the world of cybersecurity and its impact, as you uncover the most common threats, attacks, and vulnerabilities.

The linked nature of the world we live in now renders everyone increasingly vulnerable to cyberattacks. This basic course is the solution for anybody who is interested in safeguarding themselves when interacting on the internet and in social media, regardless of whether they have a professional interest in the relatively new field of cybersecurity or not. It examines cyber trends and risks, in addition to the broader issue of cybersecurity, in a way that is relevant to YOU and will interest you.

You will receive new insight into the difficulties that are faced today by companies, as well as the government and educational institutions. For example, you will discover how to protect your personal privacy while browsing the internet. No qualifications are necessary.

You’ll Get Experience in the Following Essential Skills

  • Discover what exactly cybersecurity is and how it can affect you in the future.
  • Gain an understanding of the threats, attacks, and vulnerabilities that are most commonly encountered.
  • Obtain a better understanding of how companies defend their operations from being attacked.
  • Discover the most recent employment trends and the reasons why cybersecurity is continuing to expand.

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Introduction to CyberSecurity Final Exam Answer Quiz Answers

Q1 ) Which statement describes cybersecurity?

  • It is a framework for security policy development.
  • It is a standard-based model for developing firewall technologies to fight against cybercriminals.
  • It is a standard-based model for developing firewall technologies to fight against cybercriminals.
  • It is an ongoing effort to protect Internet-connected systems and the data associated with those systems from unauthorized use or harm.

Q2 )What are two objectives of ensuring data integrity? (Choose two.)

  • Data is available all the time.
  • Data is unaltered during transit.
  • Access to the data is authenticated.
  • Data is not changed by unauthorized entities.
  • Data is encrypted while in transit and when stored on disks.

Q3 )A web server administrator is configuring access settings to require users to authenticate first before accessing certain web pages. Which requirement of information security is addressed through the configuration?

  • integrity
  • scalability
  • availability
  • confidentiality

Q4 )A company is experiencing overwhelming visits to a main web server. The IT department is developing a plan to add a couple more web servers for load balancing and redundancy. Which requirement of information security is addressed by implementing the plan?

  • integrity
  • scalability
  • availability
  • confidentiality

Q5) True or False?An employee does something as a company representative with the knowledge of that company and this action is deemed illegal. The company would be legally responsible for this action.

  • true
  • false

Q6)What is the main purpose of cyberwarfare?

  • to protect cloud-based data centers
  • to gain advantage over adversaries
  • to develop advanced network devices
  • to simulate possible war scenarios among nations

Q7)When describing malware, what is a difference between a virus and a worm?

  • A virus focuses on gaining privileged access to a device, whereas a worm does not.
  • A virus can be used to deliver advertisements without user consent, whereas a worm cannot.
  • A virus replicates itself by attaching to another file, whereas a worm can replicate itself independently.
  • A virus can be used to launch a DoS attack (but not a DDoS), but a worm can be used to launch both DoS and DDoS attacks.

Q8)What type of attack uses zombies?

  • Trojan horse
  • DDoS
  • SEO poisoning
  • spear phishing

Q9)The IT department is reporting that a company web server is receiving an abnormally high number of web page requests from different locations simultaneously. Which type of security attack is occurring?

  • adware
  • DDoS
  • phishing
  • social engineering
  • spyware

Q10)What is the best approach to prevent a compromised IoT device from maliciously accessing data and devices on a local network?

  • Install a software firewall on every network device.
  • Place all IoT devices that have access to the Internet on an isolated network.
  • Disconnect all IoT devices from the Internet.
  • Set the security settings of workstation web browsers to a higher level.

Q11) What is the best method to avoid getting spyware on a machine?

  • Install the latest operating system updates.
  • Install the latest web browser updates.
  • Install the latest antivirus updates.
  • Install software only from trusted websites.

Q12 ) What are two security implementations that use biometrics? (Choose two.)ITC Final Exam Answers 002

  • voice recognition
  • fob
  • phone
  • fingerprint
  • credit card

Q13) Which technology creates a security token that allows a user to log in to a desired web application using credentials from a social media website?

  • password manager
  • Open Authorization
  • in-private browsing mode
  • VPN service

Q14) A medical office employee sends emails to patients about recent patient visits to the facility. What information would put the privacy of the patients at risk if it was included in the email?

  • patient records
  • first and last name
  • contact information
  • next appointment

Q15) Which two tools used for incident detection can be used to detect anomalous behavior, to detect command and control traffic, and to detect infected hosts? (Choose two.)

  • intrusion detection system
  • Honeypot
  • NetFlow
  • Nmap
  • a reverse proxy server

Q16) For what purpose would a network administrator use the Nmap tool?

  • detection and identification of open ports
  • protection of the private IP addresses of internal hosts
  • identification of specific network anomalies
  • collection and analysis of security alerts and logs

Q17) Which stage of the kill chain used by attackers focuses on the identification and selection of targets?

  • delivery
  • exploitation
  • weaponization
  • reconnaissance

Q18) What is an example of the a Cyber Kill Chain?

  • a group of botnets
  • a planned process of cyberattack
  • a series of worms based on the same core code
  • a combination of virus, worm, and Trojan Horse

Q19) What tool is used to lure an attacker so that an administrator can capture, log, and analyze the behavior of the attack?

  • Netflow
  • IDS
  • Nmap
  • honeypot

Q20) What is one main function of the Cisco Security Incident Response Team?ITC Final Exam Answers 001

  • to design polymorphic malware
  • to design next-generation routers and switches that are less prone to cyberattacks
  • to provide standards for new encryption techniques
  • to ensure company, system, and data preservation

Q21) What action will an IDS take upon detection of malicious traffic?

  • block or deny all traffic
  • drop only packets identified as malicious
  • create a network alert and log the detection
  • reroute malicious traffic to a honeypot


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