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About Medical Emergencies: CPR, Toxicology, and Wilderness Course

In this course, you’ll learn how to evaluate and stabilize certain types of patients so they can be moved.

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Medical Emergencies: CPR, Toxicology, and Wilderness Quiz Answers

Week 01: Medical Emergencies: CPR, Toxicology, and Wilderness Quiz Answers

Quiz : Cardiac Arrest and Shock Assessment

Q1. You are dispatched to a restaurant for a 28 yo female with trouble breathing. You arrive on scene and find a very worked up employee followed by a family member who is equally distraught. Both of them are urging you to hurry and get to the patient. She is in distress.

Given the above information what is your first priority?

  • Perform your ABC’s
  • Establish level of alertness using AVPU
  • Be sure to bring your AED incase this is an arrest
  • Establish the scene is safe

Q2. Your scene is safe and given the concern for a sick patient, you bring all of your equipment to evaluate the patient. You come across a patient that is sitting in a tripod position and appears in distress. Her eyes are open and she appears very anxious. She is able to answer your questions with one word answers, she is breathing about 40 times a minute and she has a weak radial pulse that you feel while you are beginning your assessment.

The patient’s airway and breathing are in tact although have very concerning features. A weak radial pulse in a patient with other signs of distress make you think this patient might have signs of shock. Which of the following are 3 of the 4 main categories of shock that you learned?

  • Distributive, anaphylactic, neurogenic
  • Cardiogenic, distributive, obstructive
  • Hypovolemic, cardiogenic, distributive
  • Neurogenic, septic, hemorrhagic

Q3. Because you are worried the patient is in shock, you lay the patient down on the floor and ask your partner to check a full set of vitals while you try to gather some more information. You call for advanced resources, strat to get the patient placed on a nonrebreather mask and the friend of the patient tells you while you are working that the patient is otherwise healthy. They were eating lunch and the symptoms started with her feeling a little short of breath and complaining of a scratchy voice. As you are placing the nonrebreather and doing a primary survey, the patient looks like this:

1xeqrIsEeiu9BLDf 7i5A 19b792d611f4f9c1030788fdadc70fb3 anaphylaxis women

The eyes are swollen and there is a rash to the skin diffusely that the patient nods to say is itchy. Your partner reports the blood pressure is 84/50, the pulse is 130, the respiratory rate is still 40.

What do you think is the most likely cause of this patient’s shock?

  • Pulmonary embolism
  • Spinal cord problem
  • Infection
  • Anaphylaxis

Q4. What are other symptoms that would suggest this patient’s symptoms are related to anaphylaxis? Choose all that apply

  • Swelling to the back of the throat
  • History of fever
  • Recent trauma
  • Wheezing on lung exam

Q5. What is the appropriate treatment for you to provide for this patient as an EMT? Choose all that apply

  • Rapid transport to the hospital
  • Observation on scene to check for resolution of symptoms
  • Epinephrine .3 mg intramuscular
  • Epinephrine .3 mg IV
  • Benadryl 25 mg orally

Q6. After you establish that the scene is safe, how would you like to prioritize with your partner the following actions?

  • Check for a pulse, start CPR, apply AED pads, administer oxygen
  • Administer oxygen, apply pads, start CPR, turn on the AED
  • Start CPR, apply AED pads, turn on the monitor, check for a pulse
  • Start CPR, gather more information from bystanders, apply oxygen, apply AED

Q7. Compression rate should be in a range of _______________ compressions per minute and depth of compression should be in a range of 2- 2.5 inches

Answer using range format (e.g., ___ to ___ ,or ___ – ___)

Q8. Where should AED pads should be placed? Choose all that apply

  • On the stomach and the back
  • On the left lateral chest wall and the back
  • On the right anterior chest wall and left lateral chest wall
  • Anterior left chest wall and posterior upper back (lined up with anterior pad)

Q9. In contrast to many other types of medical emergencies, you will usually stay and work this cardiac arrests on scene rather than prioritizing rapid transport. What is the main reason for that?

  • It’s easier to provide oxygenation and ventilations for patient on scene rather than while moving
  • High quality chest compressions are difficult/impossible to provide while moving a patient
  • ALS response will provide epinephrine faster than if you transported them to the hospital
  • IV access is the most important thing in cardiac arrest care

Q10. Which of the following are good ways to maximize effectiveness of chest compressions? Choose all that apply

  • Coordinate changing the person doing compressions with rhythm analysis
  • Check for a pulse for at least 10-15 seconds
  • Continue doing compressions while placing the AED pads
  • Don’t check for a pulse after a shock is delivered and immediately continue another 2 minutes of compressions

Week 02: Medical Emergencies: CPR, Toxicology, and Wilderness Quiz Answers

Quiz :Toxicology and Substance Abuse Assessment

Q1. Please watch this video and use it as a reference for questions 1-4.

You are called to the scene of the patient shown in the above video (through time 0:30). What pair of descriptors are most accurate for a symptom of the toxidrome and the general category of toxidrome being displayed by this patient?

  • Fight or flight, sympathomimetic toxidrome
  • Apnea, narcotic toxidrome
  • Tachycardia, alcohol toxidrome
  • Hallucinations, psychotic toxidrome

Q2. Please watch this video and use it as a reference for questions 1-4.

Based on your assessment from the video, this patient is an example of? Choose all that apply

1 point

  • A patient with a behavioral emergency
  • A patient with altered mental status
  • A patient that is best restrained and transported prone
  • A patient that has a high likelihood of being violent toward medical providers

Q3. Please watch this video and use it as a reference for questions 1-4.

With the assistance of police officers, you get the patient in the ambulance safely and restrain the patient with velcro wrist restraints that are attached to the ambulance bed. Which set of vital signs would be most consistent with a patient like this with a likely sympathomimetic/stimulant overdose?

  • Pulse 80, Blood pressure 130/90, respiratory rate 28, sweaty
  • Pulse 140, Blood pressure 170/90, respiratory rate 28, sweaty
  • Pulse 140, Blood pressure 130/90, respiratory rate 14, dry
  • Pulse 80, Blood pressure 170/90, respiratory rate 20, dry

Q4. Please watch this video and use it as a reference for questions 1-4.

Once you have the patient in the back of the ambulance, the patient calms down a little and reports he did the above mentioned drug- Flakka- as well as some heroin earlier today. The management of this patient on the way to the hospital includes?

  • Administration of narcan/naloxone per protocol for a heroin overdose
  • Removal of restraints because now he is more cooperative
  • A full secondary survey to evaluate for other signs of medical or traumatic problem besides substance abuse
  • Placement of a NPA just in case his airway starts to be compromised

Q5. You are dispatched to a 35 year old patient complaining of feeling anxious.

Based on the above initial information, which of the following could be on the differential diagnosis given this limited amount of information?

  • Alcohol withdrawal
  • Cocaine use
  • Panic attack
  • Myocardial infarction

Q6. You arrive on scene and the patient is waiting for you at the door to her apartment. She appears shaky but does not seem to be threatening you in any way. You decide the scene is safe, you put on your gloves and eye protection and proceed with your initial assessment. She is awake, talking and does not appear to be in any respiratory distress. You check off your ABC’s, establish she is not sick or not yet sick and keep going. You obtain the following information on SAMPLE and OPQRST history:

She has been feeling anxious and shaky since this morning. She denies any allergies, past medical problems, medications, she has not been able to keep any food or liquid down since last night because of her nausea. She reports she hasn’t noticed anything else that seems to make her symptoms better or worse, she feels shaky, anxious and nauseated.

She appears disheveled, her vitals are; Heart rate of 130, blood pressure of 160/88 and respirations of 24. Her exam is notable for bilateral hand tremors, multiple bruises scattered on her extremities, and otherwise is normal.

When you look around the apartment you catch a glimpse of this in the back room.

TyJ zbIyEeiu9BLDf

Given her exam and this concern for significant alcohol use, what additional information might help you understand what might be going on with this patient?

  • Last alcohol use
  • History of allergies
  • Other substance abuse
  • History of alcohol withdrawal

Q7. One of the common more severe complications of alcohol withdrawal is?

  • Seizure
  • Sweating
  • Fever
  • Myocardial infarction

Q8. Additional symptoms that would be more consistent with a simple anxiety attack for this patient rather than alcohol withdrawal would be? Choose all that apply

  • Hyperventilation
  • Hypoxia
  • Numbness of both hands and around mouth
  • Severe chest pain

Q9. You are dispatched to an unresponsive 31 year old male patient. You find with unresponsive with the following brief initial assessment:

  • Barely groans to painful stimuli
  • Regular pulse at the radial artery around 70
  • Blue around the lips
  • Breathing about 3-4 times per minute

Your next steps includes? Choose all that apply

  • Look for signs of drug use
  • Administer oxygen via nonrebreather
  • Place an NPA
  • Call for additional resources

Q10. You place an NPA and start assisting ventilation with a BVM. While waiting for more advanced resources, you notice the patient’s pupils are very small (pinpoint) and there is a syringe with a needle attached to it lying near the patient. Your treatment for this patient should include?

  • Administration of charcoal orally
  • Intravenous administration of naloxone
  • Intranasal administration of naloxone
  • Radio to the advanced providers enroute to bring charcoal when they come

Week 03: Medical Emergencies: CPR, Toxicology, and Wilderness Quiz Answers

Quiz : Not All Who Wander Are Tox Assessment

Q1. Not all medical emergencies happen when you expect them to. Sometimes you are in uniform and dispatched there. Sometimes, because of your training, you will find yourself in a position to provide care outside the boundaries of usual work.QrScWbLZEeiWawql q9FAg b9d420de0fe098e8c9942c0a77bca55d alpine

The alpine lake above sits at about 12,000 feet (3600 meters). You are on a backpacking trip with your friend near here. You are an experienced outdoors person and you have discovered that your friend is not as prepared for this adventure as you are. The weather this day started out comfortable around 65 degrees Fahrenheit (18 deg C) when you started hiking.

As you hike your body creates heat, you get warm and you start to sweat. Sweat evaporates off the body and carries heat away from us. This is an example of ___________

Q2. After hiking for 2 hours you decide to stop at the above lake. You decide to go for a walk around the lake while your friend starts to set up camp. You return from your short hike to find your friend had fallen in the lake while you were gone. He reports he is starting to get cold.

What will be the most reliable sign he has transitioned from mild to moderate hypothermia?

  • He becomes confused
  • He starts laughing for no reason
  • He stops shivering
  • His lips turn blue

Q3. You take over setting up camp and shortly thereafter you find him sitting next to his pack, staring off into space and doesn’t pay attention when you say his name. You rely on your EMT skills and assess his mental status. With AVPU and quickly realize your friend is alert but confused (he can’t describe why he is out hiking). Which of the following things could be causing his altered mental status in this scenario? Choose all that apply

  • Drowning
  • Hypothermia
  • High altitude cerebral edema
  • Heat stroke

Q4. You decide your friend is now a patient for you and kick into an initial evaluation. You quickly survey the area for safety or other clues that something happened while you were out on your walk around the lake. There is not anywhere he could have fallen, the scene is safe for you and your friend currently. Further primary evaluation is as follows:

Patient is able to speak, chest rise is symmetric bilaterally and he doesn’t look to be in any respiratory distress. His pulse is present and you notice it to be slow. His skin feels cool/cold. He is uncoordinated with basic movements. He is currently in his dry shirt but his shorts and shoes are wet from jumping in the lake.

You have decided his symptoms are related to being cold. It could be related to the altitude but that is less likely since he didn’t have any symptoms of altitude illness while you were hiking to the lake. What are your first 2 priorities for initial management?

  • Rewarm the patient
  • Descend from the elevation you currently are
  • Prevent further heat loss
  • Place an NPA (that you happened to bring in your bag for emergencies)

Q5You help your friend remove his wet clothing and put on the dry pants and extra pair of wool socks that you brought. You also give him your extra jacket. Other examples of active rewarming include (not limited to just the wilderness setting)? Choose all that apply

  • Turning up the heat in the ambulance
  • Heating some water for him to drink
  • Making the patient start hiking out to help warm up
  • Massaging his cold feet


jB6 dbLaEeiWawql q9FAg 4aac156e5a59f5b086781ee219765fbb 7 18 MedicineBowHikingFishing KL 0708 3298

On a different day and other adventure, you are on a search and rescue team that is dispatched to this very busy high mountain pass in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. You are told that there are multiple people down up on the pass. There was recently a thunderstorm that came through. Your time to get to the scene is relatively short (minutes) since you were stationed right near by.

The suspicion while you are making your way to the scene is that these patients are victims of lightning strike from the thunderstorm.

What is your priority when approaching the scene?

  • The patients who are unresponsive need cpr and respiratory assistance immediately because of the effects of lightning on the respiratory center
  • Determine what type of lightning injury this was (ground current, direct strike, splash)
  • Evaluate the status of the storm and the current risk of additional strikes
  • Put on your gloves and other protective equipment

Q7. You are dispatched to a scene for an 83 year old lady who is at home and cannot get up.

You arrive on scene to find a home that on the exterior is well kept. The scene appears safe and you enter the home. You find the rest of the house clean and things are put away but its summer, all the doors and windows have obviously been closed and the house is hot and stuffy. The patient is on the kitchen floor and there is a mess around her including urine and it looks like she might have also stooled herself. Her neighbor called 911 because she went to check on her after not seeing her out in the garden for the past 2 days which was unusual.

On initial evaluation, you have to really raise your voice to get the patient to open her eyes. When she does she asks you if you want some tea. She does not appear to be in any respiratory distress but is breathing quickly, she has a weak and fast radial pulse and her skin is hot and dry. Your initial assessment is this patient is sick given that she is confused and you call for additional resources. Which of the following are on the differential diagnosis for this patient? Choose all that apply

  • Heat stroke
  • Dementia
  • Stroke
  • Hypoxia

Q8. You obtain a set of vitals on the patient above once your establish her ABC’s are in tact. The patient has a heart rate of 120, a blood pressure of 80/60, and a respiratory rate of 28. The neighbor says the patient lives alone but hasn’t had any problems. She usually is alert, oriented and highly functional. The patient right now is unable to get up on her own and she tells you she is fine, just needs a hand to get up and that. Which of the following are true about your initial management and impression of this patient? Choose all that apply

  • She likely doesn’t have a heat related problem because she has been down on the floor for a while and hasn’t been exerting herself
  • Finding out if there are any medication bottles or other evidence of medical problems or medical wishes prior to leaving the house is a good use of time even though the patient is sick
  • If she has a DNR form (not a MOST or MOLST form) you can leave her at home
  • One indication for placing her on oxygen would be her fast breathing and altered mental status

Q9. You are concerned that this patient has heat stroke. What are the physical findings that would support heat stroke instead of heat exhaustion? Choose all that apply

  • Age over 65
  • Hot, dry skin
  • Altered mental status
  • Fall

Q10. On a separate call, you find yourself called to a nursing facility who needs to be transported to the hospital for concern for a urine infection. The nurse at the facility requests that before transporting the patient to the hospital that you give the patient his daily medication through the tube. Which of the following are appropriate options? Choose all that apply

  • Do not give the medication, just transport the patient to the hospital
  • Refuse to transport the patient at all
  • Call medical direction for guidance
  • Do as the nurse requests

Week 04: Medical Emergencies: CPR, Toxicology, and Wilderness Quiz Answers

Quiz : Blood and Guts Assessment

Q1. You are dispatched to a patient with abdominal pain. It is a 73 year old male.bP3RJLLdEeibgBLbO2j 4A a82c2a0a9123131caa468794c66d5612 5afcf852813bd 350 262

As you come up on scene, he is in an outdoor shopping area. There are a lot of people around and his wife is next to him. He is on the ground, appears pale and uncomfortable.

You approach the scene and everybody starts to respectfully move out of your way at your request.

As an EMT, which of the following are your first two priorities? Choose all that apply.

  • Your initial impression of the patient is “not sick”
  • The scene is relatively safe
  • The rest of your protective equipment includes gloves and eye protection at a minimum
  • You need to call for police back up right away

Q2. You find the patient awake, talking to his wife. You introduce yourself, ask if you can provide assistance and then check the patient’s pulse while you start talking to him. You note his pulse to be fast and his skin to be a little clammy. He goes on to give you the following information:

“I was walking around the market with my wife just now when I suddenly developed severe abdominal pain that felt like it ripped through to my back. The pain isn’t as bad now but is definitely still there. When the pain came on initially I got really light headed and had to sit down or else I thought I might pass out. I haven’t tried getting up.”

The patient provided a lot of information to you. What are some specific points on their history that you want to specifically ask given this patient’s abdominal pain? Choose all that apply

  • History of similar pain
  • Past surgical history
  • Location of pain
  • Last menstrual period

Q3. To fill in your SAMPLE history and OPQRST history you ask the patient some more questions and get the following answers.

“I have high blood pressure and take a medication called metoprolol for that. I have had my gallbladder taken out and a hernia repair in the past. I’m not allergic to anything. I had a normal lunch about an hour ago. My pain was most severe here (points, see picture) and that is where it still hurts. It still radiates to my back a little bit.”

WRNZWlDfEemo6BKcywtCxg 25b24c614ffb46a03890ef75443ee4d8 C3M4 Q3

What are the causes of pain you learned about associated with pain located where this patient is indicating? Choose all that apply

  • Gastroesophageal Reflux (GERD)
  • Aortic dissection
  • Appendicitis
  • Pancreatitis

Q4. Of the diseases that can cause pain listed in the prior question (pancreatits, GERD, Aortic Dissection, appendicitis). Which of these is immediately life threatening and what exam finding would raise your suspicion for it?

  • Pancreatitis, vomiting
  • GERD, blood in the stools
  • Aortic dissection, absent pulse in one foot
  • Appendicitis, pain with urination

Q5. You go on to complete your secondary assessment. You find the patient to have a normal exam of his head and chest. His heart is tachycardic and his breath sounds are clear. He has tenderness to light and deep palpation to the epigastrum and generally along the midline. The abdomen is a little distended and you notice some guarding. Distal pulses are present but the right one seems stronger than the left. You do not notice any penetrating trauma, you do not notice any bruising or other skin changes. Vitals signs are pulse 118, blood pressure 90/50, respirations 22.

Abdominal pain that doesn’t localize very well, is difficult to describe and usually cannot be pointed to with one finger usually refers to ________ pain

Q6. You are worried about this patient especially with the above vital signs so you initiate rapid transportation to the hospital.

Imagine a similar patient as above but with the following additional historical details:

If you had a similar patient to the presentation in the preceding questions but they endorsed a 2 day history of hematemesis and melena.

What additional detail in the patient’s history or exam would make you much more concerned about esophageal varices as the source of bleeding?

  • History of peptic ulcers
  • Epigastric pain
  • Jaundice
  • History of recent abdominal surgery

Q7. You are dispatched on a 39 yo patient with no known medical problems who called with right flank pain. He states it radiates to his right testicle. He has never had pain like this before. His vital signs are normal except for a heart rate of 110. He has also vomited once but no diarrhea. He cannot hold still he is in so much pain and it seems to come in waves.

What might be going on with this patient? Choose all that apply

  • Testicular torsion
  • Kidney stones/nephrolithiasis
  • Kidney injury
  • Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

Q8. You are called to a patient with a nosebleed who is also on xeralto. Please put in order the following steps of epistaxis control.

  1. Put pressure on the soft part of the nose
  2. Lean the patient forward
  3. Have the patient blow their nose
  4. Put on your gloves and eye protection
  5. Apply constant pressure for 5-10 minutes
  • 4,2,1,5,3
  • 4,2,3,1,5
  • 1,3,2,4,5
  • 4,5,1,2,3

Q9. You are called to a patient who states they are having severe pain all over but especially in their joints. They report that they have sickle cell disease and this feels like the last time that they had problems with their sickle cell. What can be associated with a sickle cell crisis you should evaluate for or ask about? Choose all that apply

  • Sleeping too much
  • Hypoxia
  • Certain foods
  • Recent infection

Q10. A 28 year old female is seen to pass out while walking down the street and bystanders call 911. The patient reports she is having significant abdominal pain on your arrival. She does not know when her last period was. She does not know if she is pregnant. Her heart rate is 90, blood pressure is 85/60, she is breathing 20 times per minute. She is alert and oriented. What is the most likely life threatening process that she could have based on this story?

  • Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)
  • Kidney stone
  • Ruptured ectopic pregnancy
  • Aortic dissection

More About This Course

In this course, you’ll learn how to evaluate and stabilize certain types of patients so they can be moved. By the end of this course, you will be able to:

(1) Identify the signs and symptoms associated with a patient in shock, to describe the major categories of shock, to assess a patient with signs of shock and formulate a plan for treatment to stabilize the patient for transport,

(2) Recognize a patient in cardiac arrest and describe the parts of high-quality CPR, such as how to use an AED, how to do good chest compressions, and how to give oxygen.

(3) Identify a patient who is under the influence of a drug of abuse or a toxicologic ingestion, evaluate a patient with a possible or known ingestion, and make a plan for treatment and stabilization for transport, including for a violent patient.

(4) Identify the symptoms associated with the most common environmental emergencies including hypothermia, hyperthermia, lightning strike and drowning, to assess patients with an environmental emergency and to describe initial treatment and stabilization for transportation and

(5) Know your patient’s story and think critically about his or her complaints and symptoms related to the digestive system, the kidneys, and the reproductive system.


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