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OCI Networking 101 Quiz Answers

Question: What are virtual cloud networks called in OCI?
Answer: VCN

Question: True or false: OCI subnets are tied to Availability Domains.
Answer: False

Question: How many DRGs can you have in an OCI Region?
Answer: 5

Question: True or false: Overlapping IPs are allowed when peering VCNs in OCI.
Answer: False

Question: In OCI you need to specify a _ when creating resources.
Answer: Compartment ID

Question: True or false: In OCI it’s easy to have full visibility and control of the networks built there using the OCI Console.
Answer: False

Question: The Oracle Azure networking partnership is available in all OCI and Azure regions.
Answer: False

Question: Service Gateways provide _ access from VCNs to Oracle Services.
Answer: Private

Question: Tenancy IAM metadata is bound to _______.
Answer: The home region

Question: True or false: Using OCI native networking resources alone, it’s easy to scale and set up secure connections with other Cloud Service Providers.
Answer: False


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