20 Killed, Several Injured During Ganpati Visarjan

Mahasrashtra Police Announced, 20 Died, Several Injured During Ganpati Immersion, accross Mahasrashtra.

A total of 20 people lost their lives, in different states, police confirmed on Saturday.

Out of 20, 14 died via drowning, 4 died in road accidents, 1 woman died during Aarti, when trees fell down on her and 1 person by falling into cemented surface.

Police claimed electric shocks injured 12 persons during the Ganpati immersion procession.

5 person injured due to tree fallen on a Ganpati pandal and a car during heavy rains in Kolbad, Thane.

Thousands of people attended the Ganpati Visarjan ceremony in Pune, Mumbai, Nashik, and Thane on Friday.

Almost 3,000 Lord Ganesha idols were immersed by Saturday morning, police reported.

In 2020 and 2021, i.e. covid-19 year, celebrations were muted due to social distancing, and rules and regulations