Read WhatsApp Messages Without Opening them

Amazing WhatsApp Tricks:

WhatsApp is a popular instant messaging app used by billions worldwide.

Most Downloaded Messaging App Ever:

Platform users exchange bulk messages daily. WhatsApp's overwhelming amount of emojis and stickers add a fun element to messaging conversations.


If you want to read messages on What, here are some tips.


This one's for the lazy. Turning off 'Read Receipt' in privacy settings disables the blue tick. Nobody will know if you read it.

Read receipt

It's an easy trick. Slide down the notification bar to read messages. Sender won't know whether you read mail.


'WhatsApp Pop-ups' is another simple option, but it's rarely used. This feature shows WhatsApp popup notifications alongside message alerts. Choose Pop-up Notification in settings.

WhatsApp Pop-ups

Simply turn on Airplane mode and read incoming messages. Without the blue tick, you can read the complete message.

Airplane mode

Android phones have Widgets. You can read WhatsApp messages from the widget without opening the app.


WhatsApp introduces new features to improve user experience. WhatsApp, owned by Meta, is working on new privacy features.

User privacy

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