Free NFTs Giveaway For Everyone By Reddit

The "top community builders" on Reddit will receive free Non-fungible-tokens (NFTs) through airdrop for their contributions. 

Redditors can choose from four new Collectible Avatar styles.

Redditors cFour sorts of NFTs are being supplied for free: Aww Friends, Drip Squad, Meme Team, and The Singularity. an choose from four new Collectible Avatar styles.

These NFTs are also available on the OpenSea NFT marketplace; the Singularity collection sells for just over $15, while Drip Squad artefacts are for over $42.

Follow the steps to get Free NFTS from Reddit:

Go To Reddit Home Page.

Login now at Reddit from Desktop(from pc) or desktop mode(in phone)

If qualified, scroll down to see a banner.

Click the link to choose themes. Then, style your avatar. Following this, you can mix and match and style your avatar.

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