New Samsung Mouse Will Run Away From You

To promote Work Life Balance, Samsung Launched Balanced Mouse, which will run away from you, if you over work.

The main concept behind is to promote a work life balance for workers that makes them heavily stict at work.

This Mouse Helps you to do your work, achieve your task at a quicker pace.

The company claims this mouse will take care of your work life balance.

But How Does The Balance Mouse Achieve This?

Balance Mouse has a Unique Mouse like design with the ears in white color, while the whole mouse gets a dual tone finish.

In fact the concept video shows, the person is actually working overtime, something that the Balance mouse doesn't appreciate.

This Gadget tries to run away from the person just like a real mouse (or rat), and you will unable to hold the mouse, and the mouse breaks into different components

The Video has been focussed on the South Korean Market, where people tends to work for a long hours, which is not ideal for a person's work life balance.

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