Unknown Facts about Max Verstappen 

Max Verstappen is a famous racing driver from Belgium and the Netherlands. He won the Formula One World Championship in 2021

Here are some Interesting facts about Max Verstappen

yGrows in a racing family

Max Verstappen grew up around racing. Jos Verstappen, his father, raced in Formula 1 and Le Mans.

Sophie Kumpen, Verstappen's mom, was also an avid racer. At 16, she raced Formula A and finished 9th.

Here are some Verstappen Rule

Verstappen joined Toro Rosso, renamed AlphaTauri, at age 16, making him ineligible for the Belgian Grand Prix.

Max's first Formula One race was in March 2015, when he was 17 years old. But he had no licence.

Due to this, "The Verstappen Rule" says that drivers must be 18 to race in Formula 1.

fifa fan

The F1 driver known as 'crgboy007' was ranked 21st in FIFA Ultimate Team in January 2019, according to FIFA Futwiz.

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