Alternating Characters in Algorithm | HackerRank Programming Solutions | HackerRank Problem Solving Solutions in Java [💯Correct]

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Introduction To Algorithm

The word Algorithm means “a process or set of rules to be followed in calculations or other problem-solving operations”. Therefore Algorithm refers to a set of rules/instructions that step-by-step define how a work is to be executed upon in order to get the expected results. 

Advantages of Algorithms:

  • It is easy to understand.
  • Algorithm is a step-wise representation of a solution to a given problem.
  • In Algorithm the problem is broken down into smaller pieces or steps hence, it is easier for the programmer to convert it into an actual program.

Link for the ProblemAlternating Characters – Hacker Rank Solution

Alternating Characters – Hacker Rank Solution


You are given a string containing characters  and  only. Your task is to change it into a string such that there are no matching adjacent characters. To do this, you are allowed to delete zero or more characters in the string.

Your task is to find the minimum number of required deletions.


Remove an  at positions  and  to make  in  deletions.

Function Description

Complete the alternatingCharacters function in the editor below.

alternatingCharacters has the following parameter(s):

  • string s: a string


  • int: the minimum number of deletions required

Input Format

The first line contains an integer , the number of queries.
The next  lines each contain a string  to analyze.


  • Each string  will consist only of characters  and .

Sample Input


Sample Output



The characters marked red are the ones that can be deleted so that the string does not have matching adjacent characters.

Alternating Characters – Hacker Rank Solution
import java.util.Scanner;

 * @author Techno-RJ
public class AlternatingCharacters {
	public static void main(String[] args) {
		Scanner sc = new Scanner(;
		int n = sc.nextInt();
		for (int i = 0; i < n; i++) {
			String tmp =;
			int count = 0;
			for (int j = 1; j < tmp.length(); j++) {
				if (tmp.charAt(j - 1) == tmp.charAt(j)) {

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