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About Boosting Productivity through the Tech Stack Course

This course will show you how to boost productivity by implementing technology that streamlines your SDR workflow. You’ll be introduced to a variety of best-in-class sales software that will assist you in achieving the best results — every time. By the end of the course, you will be confident in developing foolproof outreach strategies for engaging with prospective customers.

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Boosting Productivity through the Tech Stack Quiz Answers

Week 01: Boosting Productivity through the Tech Stack Coursera Quiz Answers

Practice Quiz – Turbocharging the Workflow through Tech Answers

Q1. Sales tools allow for organization, efficiency, and volume. What are the most common tools SDRs leverage in their role?

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Sales Intelligence
  • Data Enrichment
  • Sales Engagement
  • All of the above

Q2. The goal of integrating tech tools is to create a seamless process – from prospecting an account -> to organizing prospects into a CRM -> to uploading prospects into a cadence -> to executing outreach. Which tools represent prospecting an account -> to organizing prospects into a CRM

  • Salesloft -> LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator -> Salesforce
  • Salesforce -> ZoomInfo
  • None of the above

Q3. In addition to the tools that SDRs use in their day to day tech stack, there are also a wide variety of tools available to increase productivity and enhance workflows that aren’t sales specific. What are some of these tools that you might use as an SDR?

  • Calendar tool such as Google Calendar
  • Project tracking tool such as Trello or Monday
  • Content creation tool such as Canva
  • Writing and grammar tool such as Grammarly
  • None of these are tools I might use as an SDR
  • All of these are tools I might use as an SDR

Q4. Business is global, and as an SDR you may find yourself working across multiple time zones. This is where a message scheduling tool such as Boomerang can come into play. Aside from the 24/7 global business economy, what are some of the reasons you may want to schedule an email to be sent at a different time?

  • To hit an executive’s inbox right at 7pm on Sunday when CEOs are in email mode
  • To send middle-of-the-night emails to prospects on the other side of the planet, so that they’ll see the message first thing in the morning
  • To schedule a check-in message to go out ot a prospect who is interested but requests you reach out at a later time
  • All of the above

Graded Quiz – Building Your Tech Stack Answers

Q1. Which tool below can an SDR leverage when writing emails in order to reduce grammatical mistakes and help make your writing more clear and concise?

  • Salesforce
  • Grammarly
  • Google Calendar
  • ZoomInfo

Q2. Which of the following lists accurately describes a sample SDR tech stack?

  • Salesforce, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Discover Org, SalesLoft
  • Salesforce, a CRM, a Customer Database, an Information Repository
  • SalesCorp, LinkedOn, Discover Borgs, SalesSoft
  • SalesCorp, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, PointDrive, Amplitude

Q3. Which type of tool is NOT commonly leveraged by SDRs?

  • Sales Engagement
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Internet Security Management
  • Info/Data
  • Prospecting/Leads

Q4. Why is it important to time block your schedule?

  • To preserve your time from disappearing due to demands outside the core duties of your role
  • To ensure you allot enough time for prospecting and outreach, based on the sales activity math you’ve done using the SDR Waterfall
  • To focus activities on the days and times when you can have the most impact (cold calling or emailing golden hours)
  • All of the above

Q5. What should you do if your company doesn’t have one of the main SDR tools?

  • Throw your hands up and sigh in despair
  • Research free alternatives that could close the gap for the short-term, and put together a plan for your manager that examines the pros and cons of purchasing the necessary software
  • Back to basics: time to get out the pens, pencils, and paper
  • Sign up for the tools on your own and pay for them out of your own pocket, making sure nothing comes in the way of you reaching quota

Q6. Which tools are involved in prospecting for and storing new leads?

  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Salesforce
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Salesloft
  • Salesloft and Salesforce
  • LinkedIn and Outreach

Q7. In any role, there are trade-offs that are made between budget and time. Because of this, you may not have the same sales tool stack that you trained on, or maybe your team hasn’t yet purchased a critical tool. How can you still set yourself up for success when you are missing a piece of the puzzle?

  • AFrequently remind your manager that without the proper tools in place it’s unlikely that you will be able to reach quota
  • Ignore it – if you don’t have the tool there is surely a reason
  • Examine your process for workarounds, ask colleagues and teammates how they approach the problem, research available ways to solve for the issue, create a proposal that spells out the benefits associated with purchasing a new tool
  • All of the above

Q8. How might an SDR stay on top of news regarding the tools they use, their sales tech stack, and any new innovations that could help make their job easier?

  • Following and engaging SaaS thought leaders on digital media
  • Continually exploring and refining your workflow to make it more efficient and see where you could use augmentation
  • Reading tech news on sites like TechCrunch, and reading software review sites such as G2 Crowd
  • All of the above

Q9. As an SDR, using your time efficiently is the number one way to make yourself successful. Every SDR on the planet has 24 hours in the day; it’s how you use them that makes the difference. One of the best ways to increase your efficiency is by properly integrating tech tools into your day-to-day workflow. Which of the task/tool pairings below is reflective of an SDR’s tech stack?

  • Finding new prospects at a target company → LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  • Creating industry and role specific templates to use when automating outreach through cadences and sequences → Salesloft
  • Updating account information for a company and looking back at the past communication activity → Salesforce
  • All of the above

Q10. Tools aren’t nice to have – they can make the difference between reaching aggressive revenue targets and failing to lift a product off the ground. Companies with access to top-tier sales enablement tools grow 2x faster and see deals move at 5x the speed of their competitors. Which of the following is NOT part of the SDR tech stack?

  • DiscoverOrg/ZoomInfo
  • Salesforce
  • Outreach
  • Amplitude

Q11. True or False? The best SDRs deprioritize how to use tools throughout their workflow, automating core activities to leave additional time for places that need extra attention.

  • True
  • False

Q12. Why would you block out specific times to email your prospects?

  • To reach clients in different time zones at appropriate times
  • To hit executive inboxes on Sunday evening when CEOs are planning for the week ahead
  • To drop personalized notes first thing in the morning to get them on top of everyone’s morning email check
  • All of the above

Week 02: Boosting Productivity through the Tech Stack Coursera Quiz Answers

Practice Quiz – Using Salesforce with Strategy and Creativity Answers

Q1. Which CRM has a gleaming SF tower named after it, and is the highly popular tool of choice that helps sales teams around the world to collect, store, and organize their customer data?

  • Salesforce
  • Outreach
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Kubernetes

Q2. As an SDR, you will work every day to complete tasks in Salesforce, so it is important to become familiar with this key tool. Which of the following describes the correct use of Salesforce by an SDR?

  • Holding the ingredients in place while making a sandwich
  • Cleaning a new account by updating the contacts and associated information, in order to keep everything in the system up to date
  • Looking at the activity associated with a company to see when they last interacted with your sales team, and reading past emails to learn what problems were most pressing for the prospects at that organization
  • Logging the meetings you set for the month, so the SDR Manager can see progress towards quota, your AE knows what to prepare for, and Accounting knows that you need to get paid a bonus!!
  • Scheduling emails to be sent at a later date so that they hit CEO inboxes Sunday evening during prime executive communication time
  • All of the above
  • The second, third, fourth, and fifth answers are correct
  • The second, third, and fourth answers only are correct

Graded Quiz – Transforming the Sales Experience through AI Answers

Q1. True or False? A CRM gives every department insights into the business by providing a single, up-to-date, shared view of each customer.

  • True
  • False

Q2. Customer relationship management (CRM) software is used to organize, understand, and improve business relationships that generate revenue. What is the most widely used CRM?

  • Zoho
  • Oracle
  • Salesforce
  • Amazon Web Services

Q3. As a salesperson, which tools give you access to a tremendous amount of data, and offer a simple way to get information in front of potential customers?

  • A CRM and Sales Engagement Platform
  • Outreach and LinkedIn
  • Salesloft and ZoomInfo
  • A Sales Intelligence tool and CRM

Q4. Complete the following sentence. If it’s not in Salesforce, ….

  • the tough get going
  • someone on the sales ops team is getting fired
  • it doesn’t exist
  • then hopefully it’s stored somewhere else

Q5. True or False? The following structure accurately depicts the daily work of prospecting and outreach:
After identifying the right companies and the right people using your ICP and Buyer Personas, new prospects are found using LinkedIn Sales Navigator, then their contact information is collected using a sales intelligence tool such as Zoominfo. When the profile is complete for this new prospect, it can be added to a CRM like Salesforce. After researching the company and prospect, then briefly personalizing the first email, a sales engagement tool such as Salesloft is used to launch an automated outreach sequence to that prospect.

  • True
  • False

Q6. What is the best way to think about the CRM platform for a sales team?

  • The dusty closet with all the ancient information
  • The best place to find old emails from months or years ago
  • The source of truth: if it’s not in the CRM it never happened
  • The analysis tool that predicts the future

Q7. True or False? As an SDR, completing tasks in Salesforce are very rare activities you’ll need to do on a daily basis, so it is important to not focus too much on your CRM.

  • True
  • False

Practice Quiz – Practicing with LinkedIn Sales Navigator Answers

Q1. While coveted paper lead lists, secured flash drives of names, and tiny books of contacts still play their part, the modern salesperson relies on modern tools to find the people that they can help. After receiving a list of target accounts from your AE, where would a salesperson begin their hunt for new prospects?

  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  • ZoomInfo
  • Facebook
  • Salesloft

Q2. As the two core activities that drive the SDR workflow, prospecting and outreach are performed consistently and in tandem, with the new prospects found each day dropped to the CRM, then launched into a personalized and industry specific outreach sequence. Which structure below correctly diagrams this work?

  • Prospects are found using LinkedIn Sales Navigator, then their contact information is collected using a sales intelligence tool such as ZoomInfo. When the profile is complete for this new prospect it can be added to a CRM like Salesforce. After researching the company and prospect, and briefly personalizing the first email a sales engagement tool (Outreach or Salesloft) is used to launch an automated outreach sequence to that prospect. 1 down, 29 to go!
  • Prospects are found in the CRM, then added to LinkedIn for Social Selling. Once a conversation is started the SDR uses a sales intelligence tool to find out why the prospect needs their product and then uses a market engagement tool to find the best channel to conduct their outreach on to set a meeting.

Q3. The new VP of sales rushes in – they need you to create a lead list to give to a group of new SDRs that are starting later that day – but you just finished training yourself! Armed with a few pieces of information, you know that you will be able to find the right companies and the right people using LinkedIn, then compile their contact info using a sales intelligence tool. What information do you need to find these prospects?

  • The MQL (Marketing Qualified Lead) Threshold, and Buyers Persona
  • The ARR (Annual Recurring Revenue) and Buyers Persona
  • The TAM (Total Addressable Market) and Buyers Persona
  • The ICP (Ideal Company Profile) and Buyers Persona

Q4. LinkedIn Sales Navigator is an invaluable tool for prospecting, finding those new potential buyers that may be interested in solving the problems that your product can address. LinkedIn is a valuable platform in others ways – how else might you use this tool?

  • To research each individual prospect so you have an idea of what they might care about when writing personalized and value driven emails
  • Following up-to-the minute company news, corporate gossip, and industry revelations
  • Connecting with prospects in a natural and genuine way using the chat function
  • All of the above

Graded Quiz – Optimizing Your Workflow with Data Enrichment Tools Answers

Q1. How can call analytics/call intelligence tools help SDRs be more efficient?

  • They break down the balance of speech between the salesperson and the prospect as you aim for the Golden Ratio of 40/60
  • They help track the use of filler words such as um, err, and like
  • They single out objections so you can practice handling the common and repetitive ones
  • All of the above

Q2. When building a lead list, what should be the bare minimum of information you collect about each prospect?

  • Company, Name, Title
  • Company, Name, Title, Email
  • Company, Name, Title, Email, Phone
  • Company, Name, Title, Email, Phone, LinkedIn

Q3. Data enrichment tools can:

  • Help teams facilitate machine learning by allowing teams to capture more information from broader sources and use that to inform their process
  • Add more specificity to the data that sales teams already have, like adding detail to a contact record
  • Allow sales teams to upload information from their CRM directly into their sales enablement platforms, helping them be more efficient
  • Help sales teams filter out duplicate information like repeated contacts or leads
  • The first, second, and fourth answers are correct

Q4. Call analysis tools help sales teams ________ and _________.

  • Identify how often prospects pick up the phone / record their sales conversations faster
  • See their conversion metrics / measure the number of calls made
  • Discover what is or isn’t working in their call process / gain insight into their market
  • None of the above

Q5. True or false? Salespeople that are actively engaged on social networks talk to more prospects, set more meetings, and make more money than their single channel counterparts.

  • True
  • False

Q6. True or false? Identifying the ICP (Ideal Customer Profile) and Buyer Persona helps you find the right companies and the right people before conducting outreach.

  • True
  • False

Q7. True or false? More data insights allow sales and marketing teams to better predict when a customer is ready to buy or show interest in solutions. This ultimately helps SDRs craft strong outreach and enhance their lead lists.

  • True
  • False

Q8. Which of the following is NOT an example of a data enrichment tool?

  • Optimizely
  • Discover Org
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  • ZoomInfo

Q9. Once an AE hands over a list of target accounts, where would a salesperson begin their hunt for new prospects?

  • Reddit
  • SalesLoft
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  • None of the above

Q10. True or false? ZoomInfo can help find contacts at specific companies and upload leads lists with specific people to cadences or CRMs.

  • True
  • False

Q11. Which of the following activities are supported by intelligence tools in the sales process?

  • Learning about a company’s market, funding rounds, org structure, or tech stack
  • Researching contact information for prospects and leads
  • Breaking down the stages of a discovery call and the call script to identify areas that could improve
  • All of the above

Practice Quiz – Using Sales Engagement Tools Like a Pro Answers

Q1. True or False? Sales engagement tools, due to their high volume approach and ability to focus directly on leads at specific companies, only work well with account based sales strategies and aren’t helpful with other sales methodologies.

  • True
  • False

Q2. In our modern, tech-heavy sales environment, it’s easy to gain conflicting accounts, information, or definitions on tools, terminology, and techniques. So, in its most basic form, what is sales engagement for SDRs and salespeople?

  • The process of research, connection, nurturing, relationship building and deal closure with your prospects
  • Tools and platforms that help with aggressive outreach and closing as many deals as fast as possible
  • The automation of manual tasks, and sales outreach processes to improve sales rep efficiency

Graded Quiz – Strategize, Interact, and Track with Sales Engagement Tools Answers

Q1. How are sales engagement tools useful to the SDR?

  • They allow you to track metrics from open rates to click and replies
  • They automate the outreach process, allowing you to spend time on other activities
  • They communicate with the CRM to automatically updates notes, account information, or a prospect’s status
  • They help with designing and evolving messaging over time and measuring its effectiveness in setting meetings
  • All of the above
  • Only the first, second, and third answers are correct

Q2. Which of the following is an example of Sales Engagement tools?

  • Salesforce
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Q3. The process of research, connection, relationship building and deal closure with your prospects is referred to as ___________.

  • Churning
  • Sales engagement
  • Tech investing
  • Growth mindset

Q4. Why is the functionality offered by sales engagement tools valuable to an SDR?

  • You can manage higher volumes of email and call outreach in an organized fashion
  • Calls, notes, and emails can all be worked on within the platform, minimizing wasted time and making your outreach efforts more efficient
  • Campaigns / cadences / sequences can be automated to send on weekends, early mornings, or over the span of weeks and months
  • All of the above

Q5. A consistent and efficient approach to outreach is critical to building a pipeline of activity that will net you responses and meetings. How might a sales engagement tool help with this process?

  • Finding the phone numbers and addresses of new prospects
  • Finding information about the company, contacts, and past communication to help you intelligently craft an engagement strategy
  • Managing message delivery, campaign coordination, and open/click/reply statistics
  • All of the above

Q6. After 3 months as an SDR, you’ll be familiar with your tech stack and outreach processes as you begin to create a personalized sales system that works for you. As a core piece of the puzzle, your sales engagement software will be a constantly open window. How do you use these tools like a pro?

  • Create one-off email templates for most of the emails you send, because personalization is more important than volume
  • Continually refine your approach and A/B test using the highest performing subject lines, email templates, and media content to boost prospect engagement rates
  • Create low touch, infrequent nurture campaigns to keep “not right now” prospects in your pipeline
  • All of the above
  • Both the second and third answers are correct

Q7. Looking at Sales Metrics or the SDR Activity Waterfall, creating and sticking to an efficient and repeatable outreach process is the way that new sales reps become top SDRs. What are some concrete strategies for effective sales engagement?

  • Build multi-touch cadences and don’t give up! It takes upwards of 20 touches to convert a cold prospect into a response – but most reps only try 5 times!
  • Be numbers driven. You need to send a large volume of outreach to set enough meetings to reach quota each month. You also want to carefully follow, track, and iterate on what is working – making you continually more effective
  • Leverage a multi-channel approach. Play to your strengths, but also remember that well-built sales engagement campaign involves cold calls, emails, social media messages, and a creative element
  • All of the above
  • Both the second and third answers are correct

Q8. What are some of the basic functions of a sales engagement tool?

  • Creating and sending automated, multi-touch, multi-channel sales outreach campaigns
  • Centralizing the work of an SDR as calls can be made using the software, notes taken on each conversation, and emails created and sent directly, without having to shift to a different window
  • Managing a library of templates and sequences, and tracing performance data for each one of them
  • All of the above

Week 05: Boosting Productivity through the Tech Stack Coursera Quiz Answers

Practice Quiz – Basic Principles of Social Selling Tools Answers

Q1. In the new age of human interaction and technology it is common that your prospects will have some sort of presence on social media, whether it be LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc. The importance of adopting social selling practices into your outreach strategy is that they can significantly increase _________________ which can positively impact the potential number of qualified opportunities you produce for the business.

  • CRM
  • Management meetings
  • Pipeline volume
  • Calls and emails

Q2. It is very important to develop strategies when researching and connecting with prospects on social media networks. One main strategy that has been proven to show success is establishing content relevant to your field. Which content strategy below represents a great way to attract interest from prospects?

  • Keeping prospects aware of how close or far you are to your quota goal
  • Sharing success stories from your other customers
  • Connecting with as many people at your prospect’s company as possible and sending a mass email showcasing product features

Q3. Building your brand is applicable and beneficial to whatever point you’re at in life, whether it be recently graduating college and starting your career, transitioning into another role/industry, or simply establishing yourself in your current position. It’s all an opportunity to share your story, skillset, what makes you unique, and what value you can bring to a client, employer and/or peers. A great foundation for brand building is LinkedIn, as it’s a professional directory that provides you the opportunity to connect with any member. What are some best practices in building your brand on LinkedIn?

  • Optimizing your profile for search
  • Having a professionally shot profile photo
  • Using every description as an opportunity to highlight accomplishments, data and impact
  • All of the above

Practice Quiz – Using Social Selling Like a Pro Answers

Q1. Becoming a modern sales pro takes hard work, dedication, and an appreciation for effective tool use. When conducting outreach, it is important to build and create strong, value driven messaging. This emphasis on the customer and their needs does not shift as the channel changes from email to social media. What are some tips for creating leverage with prospects by using social selling?

  • Create a strong personal brand that supports your professional activities
  • Stay active! Share articles, tips, tricks, hacks, and stories. Anything your market, buyers, and industry would find relevant
  • Be genuine. Have a real conversation. Recognize that people are busy. Don’t lead with business, lead with curiosity.
  • All of the above

Q2. As the heart of modern social sales activities, LinkedIn is the professional social network of choice. Not only is it the best place to find prospects, it is becoming a top channel to interact with them as well. As you craft an engaging presence on the site, it’s important to analyze your actions and create with the audience in mind. What are some good tips to keep in mind as you begin to build your own presence on LinkedIn?

  • A professional picture. Profiles with photos get up to 5x more views – and you want your prospects to click on you!
  • Targeted tagline. This is your personal, digital, elevator pitch. If you could sum up your work in 5 words, this is where it goes. Give people a brief look into the window of your world.
  • A compelling “About Me”. No one wants to read a narrative of your life story or list off buzzword accomplishments. This is a chance to share your real self, why you love what you do, and what gets you up in the morning (also your favorite ramen place). Be an actual, genuine person.
  • All of the above

Q3. There are numerous facets of the LinkedIn platform that can be employed to engage a prospect. Messages and emails, targeted ads, publishing posts, company pages, and sharing files with PointDrive. One of the tools that the site uses to examine the potential of a profile is its SSI or Social Selling Index. This, and other similar tools, can help a seller to:

  • Provide insight into the gaps that may exist in your online persona
  • Uncover opportunities for improvement
  • Suggest how to find more success with social selling
  • All of the above
  • Only the first and second answers are correct

Q4. True or false? Salespeople that are actively engaged on social networks talk to more prospects, set more meetings, and make more money than their single-channel counterparts.

  • True
  • False

More About This Course

This is the fourth course in the Salesforce Sales Development Representative Professional Certificate program. To successfully complete the course, you must have completed Course 1: Groundwork for Success in Sales Development, Course 2: Foundations for Confident Interviewing, and Course 3: Conversational Selling Playbook for SDRs.

This course will show you how to boost productivity by implementing technology that streamlines your SDR workflow. You’ll be introduced to a variety of best-in-class sales software that will assist you in achieving the best results — every time. By the end of the course, you will be confident in developing foolproof outreach strategies for engaging with prospective customers.

Course 4 of the Sales Development Representative (SDR) Professional Certificate will prepare you for a career in the non-technical side of the technology industry.

You will be able to do the following by the end of the course:

  • Examine and navigate the tech stack, as well as stay current on the latest tech tools used in the tech sales workforce. – Understand the fundamental principles of customer relationship management (CRM) tools, as well as how to effectively use them as part of your workflow.
  • Find prospects and optimize your workflow by using sales intelligence tools.
  • Create foolproof outreach strategies for engaging with prospective customers. Use social media and video to find and connect with prospects.

You should have the following skills to be successful in this course:

  • The ability to communicate verbally and in writing in a way that is accessible and understandable to a wide range of people (you do not need to be formal or refined).
  • Fundamental computer literacy (you must be able to use a word processor, web search, and email)
  • Experience with social media platforms such as LinkedIn – Ability, and willingness to learn new technology tools
  • Drive for personal and professional development – Desire for feedback and coaching – Completion of previous courses in this training


  • Examine and navigate the tech stack, as well as stay current on the latest tech tools used in the tech sales workforce.
  • Understand the fundamental principles of customer relationship management (CRM) tools and how to effectively use them as part of your workflow.
  • To find prospects and optimize your workflow, use sales intelligence tools.
  • Create foolproof outreach strategies to engage with potential customers.


  • Prospecting
  • video prospecting
  • Sales Development
  • sales engagement
  • Customer Relationship Management Software


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