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Hello Programmers/Coders, Today we are going to share solutions to the Programming problems of LeetCode Solutions in C++, Java, & Python. At Each Problem with Successful submission with all Test Cases Passed, you will get a score or marks and LeetCode Coins. And after solving maximum problems, you will be getting stars. This will highlight your profile to the recruiters.

In this post, you will find the solution for the Department Highest Salary in SQL-LeetCode problem. We are providing the correct and tested solutions to coding problems present on LeetCode. If you are not able to solve any problem, then you can take help from our Blog/website.

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Link for the ProblemDepartment Highest Salary– LeetCode Problem

Department Highest Salary– LeetCode Problem


Table: Employee

| Column Name  | Type    |
| id           | int     |
| name         | varchar |
| salary       | int     |
| departmentId | int     |
id is the primary key column for this table.
departmentId is a foreign key of the ID from the Department table.
Each row of this table indicates the ID, name, and salary of an employee. It also contains the ID of their department.

Table: Department

| Column Name | Type    |
| id          | int     |
| name        | varchar |
id is the primary key column for this table.
Each row of this table indicates the ID of a department and its name.

Write an SQL query to find employees who have the highest salary in each of the departments.

Return the result table in any order.

The query result format is in the following example.

Example 1:

Employee table:
| id | name  | salary | departmentId |
| 1  | Joe   | 70000  | 1            |
| 2  | Jim   | 90000  | 1            |
| 3  | Henry | 80000  | 2            |
| 4  | Sam   | 60000  | 2            |
| 5  | Max   | 90000  | 1            |
Department table:
| id | name  |
| 1  | IT    |
| 2  | Sales |
| Department | Employee | Salary |
| IT         | Jim      | 90000  |
| Sales      | Henry    | 80000  |
| IT         | Max      | 90000  |
Explanation: Max and Jim both have the highest salary in the IT department and Henry has the highest salary in the Sales department.
Department Highest Salary– LeetCode Solutions
Department Highest Salary Solution in SQL:
select d1.Name as Department, e1.Name as Employee, e1.Salary as Salary
from Employee e1, Department d1, 

(select d.Id as Id, e.Name as Employee, max(e.Salary) as Salary
from Employee e, Department d
where e.DepartmentId = d.Id
group by d.Id) as a

where e1.DepartmentId = d1.Id and d1.Id = a.Id and a.Salary = e1.Salary

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