Developing AR/VR/MR/XR Apps with WebXR, Unity & Unreal Coursera Quiz Answers 2022 [💯Correct Answer]

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About Developing AR/VR/MR/XR Apps with WebXR, Unity & Unreal Course

This third course helps students figure out what advanced XR needs are by looking at physical and digital prototypes. It also teaches them how to tell the difference between major technical concerns, estimate development costs, and plan the research that is needed to move XR forward.

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Developing AR/VR/MR/XR Apps with WebXR, Unity & Unreal Quiz Answers

Week 01: Developing AR/VR/MR/XR Apps with WebXR, Unity & Unreal Quiz Answers

XR Development Approach Quiz Answers

Q1. Which of the following things should you do before starting the development of your XR application? Choose all that apply.

  • Create digital prototypes to test interactions for implementation feasibility
  • Construct personas to make it clear who you’re designing for and who you’re not designing for
  • Create physical prototypes to explore interactions without technical constraints
  • Create storyboards and wireframes to flesh out design ideas

Q2. Which of the following statements are correct about WebXR, Unity, and Unreal? Choose all that apply.

  • WebXR is an emerging web standard designed to bring XR content to the web.
  • Unity has native support for XR and is the de facto standard for creating XR apps.
  • Unreal provides increasing support for XR but was not originally designed to be an XR tool.
  • WebXR is a JavaScript library that can be used in A-Frame to display XR content.
  • Unreal is a Unity plugin that can be used to create XR experiences.

Q3. Which of the following statements best describe A-Frame? Choose all that apply.

  • A-Frame provides the richest XR experience of all the XR platforms presented in this course
  • A-Frame is a toolkit for creating VR and AR applications
  • A-Frame is based on web standards and supports WebXR

Q4. Which of the following statements are true about Unity? Choose all that apply.

  • Unity provides a rich ecosystem for developing XR applications
  • Unity is the de-facto standard for creating cross-platform XR applications
  • Unity is often considered better than Unreal when it comes to high-quality visuals

Q5. Which of the following 3D transforms would spin a cube around its vertical axis?

  • rotation = (0,360,0)
  • rotation = (360,0,0)
  • rotation = (0,0,360)

Q6. Which of the following statements best describes what raycasting is?

  • In 3D, raycasting is a technique to determine which object is selected.
  • In 3D, raycasting is a technique to travel from one location to another.
  • In 3D, raycasting is a technique to copy one 3D position vector to another.

Q7. Which of the following best describes a 3D mesh?

  • The material or texture of a 3D model that determines its visual appearance.
  • The geometry or skin of a 3D model that describes its structural build.
  • The skeleton or rig of a 3D model that specifies its movement for animations.

Q8. What is required for creating immersive VR applications?

  • Environmental understanding including light estimation and object recognition
  • Environmental design including lights, physics, and spatial sound

Q9. Choose three (3) reasons why designing a VR application is potentially more difficult than designing traditional web or mobile applications.

  • There are many more degrees of freedom for user interaction.
  • There are lots of standard user interface widgets to choose from.
  • There is a need for multi-sensory interaction to make it immersive.
  • There are major differences between VR devices.

Q10. What are the main differences between 3D and 360? Choose all that apply.

  • Unlike 360 content, 3D objects have width, height & depth.
  • Unlike 360 content, 3D scenes are immersive.
  • Unlike 360 content, 3D objects react to light and physics.

Developing VR Applications Quiz Answers

Q1. Which of the following statements is true about VR content? Choose all that apply.

  • 3D models are the characters of your story.
  • Lights are required for rendering and creating atmosphere.
  • The environment is vital for presence and immersion.
  • There is no virtual reality without actual 3D models.

Q2. Which of the following are common VR interaction techniques? Choose all that apply.

  • Using the motion controllers as virtual hand proxies to activate objects
  • Casting rays from the motion controllers to activate objects
  • Typing text using a physical keyboard

Q3. Which of the following methods for object placement would make an object diegetic (perceived as part of the story)? Choose one (1).

  • Placing the object in world space (anchored in a fixed position in the 3D world)
  • Placing the object in a menu (showing them when the menu is active).
  • Placing the object in screen space (attached to the user’s gaze/heads-up display)

Q4. Which of these two (2) choices would be a best practice when designing a VR environment in stages?

  • Start with 360 or 3D primitive shapes as placeholder content to plan the scene visually and spatially
  • Start with the final 3D models at the correct location, orientation, and scale

Q5. Which of the following are examples of explicit interactions? Choose all that apply.

  • The user performs a hand gesture to activate an object.
  • The user briefly gazes at an object while looking for something else.
  • The user issues a speech command to activate an object.
  • The system triggers an action based on the current time of day.

Q6. Which of the following menu designs is not recommended for VR? Choose one (1).

  • Heads-up: attached to the user’s head gaze
  • Controller-based: attached to the tracked motion controller
  • Hand: attached to the tracked hand
  • Fixed: anchored in the world

Q7. What are common techniques to reduce motion sickness when traveling in VR? Choose all that apply.

  • Using menus or teleportation areas/hotspots to instantly transport users to a specific target location
  • Reducing peripheral vision to allow the user to continuously walk towards the target
  • Asking the user to take a break after traveling a lot in VR
  • Fading to black to quickly transition the user towards the target

Q8. Which of the following techniques are required for object manipulation in VR? Choose all that apply.

  • Object recognition to detect the type of object
  • Raycasting and hit-testing for far manipulation
  • Collision detection for near manipulation

Q9. Which of the following are required to make VR experiences more immersive? Choose all that apply.

  • Increasing the degrees of freedom that can be tracked
  • Using realistic 3D models
  • Providing haptic feedback such as vibration of the motion controllers
  • Playing ambient sound and audio feedback when users interact with objects

Q10. What are good strategies when developing more complex VR scenes? Choose all that apply.

  • Continue to add new features to the same VR scene until the final design is reached
  • Create a mockup of the VR scene with simulated interactions before implementing them in code
  • Compose the VR scene from foreground, midground, background layers

Developing AR Experiences Quiz Answers

Q1. Which of the following statements are correct about AR displays? Choose all that apply.

  • Head-worn AR means using a form of glasses to see the AR world directly and always
  • Marker-less AR means using the AR device as a lens into the AR world
  • Marker-based AR means using a fiducial marker as a portal into the AR world
  • Monitor-based AR means using a monitor as a mirror into the AR world

Q2. Which of the following statements are correct about marker-less AR systems as far as environmental understanding is concerned? Choose all that apply.

  • They implement scene understanding to provide classification labels for recognized environmental features such as walls and windows
  • They implement plane detection to provide the location and size of detected surfaces
  • They implement object recognition to provide detailed descriptions of all physical objects in the environment
  • They implement spatial mapping to provide a point cloud for depth sensing and occlusion rendering

Q3. Which of the following are key design issues when creating AR applications? Choose all that apply.

  • Navigating social and ethical concerns when collecting and processing data about the user’s surroundings.
  • Making the virtual content accessible to users with special needs.
  • Adapting the interactions to a broad range of AR devices including less powerful devices.

Q4. How would you explain how marker-based tracking works at a technical level? Choose one (1).

  • The system tracks salient visual features in the environment over a sequence of camera frames to estimate the 3D positions and calculate the camera pose which could have observed them.
  • The system analyzes each camera frame to segment out the marker and identify key components that allow it to estimate the pose.

Q5. What are potential benefits of using marker-based as opposed to marker-less AR? Choose all that apply.

  • Marker-based AR provides a simple way to support co-located experiences around a shared marker.
  • Marker-based AR can be used to simulate detecting objects and people in the environment.
  • Marker-based AR can be used for rapid prototyping by simulating interactions using markers.
  • Marker-based AR is compatible with less powerful, low-end devices.

Q6. What are two (2) advantages of using marker-less AR compared to marker-based AR?

  • The user is free to move around at room or world scale.
  • There is no need for instrumentation of the user or environment.
  • There are fewer equity and privacy concerns for users.

Q7. Which of these are key design considerations when adapting VR scenes to smartphone-based AR? Choose all that apply.

  • How controller- or hand-based interactions should be adapted for touch and speech input
  • Position and size of virtual objects and how they fit into and blend with the user’s environment
  • Whether the AR experience should be tabletop, room, or world scale
  • Whether AR users will be able to see the main virtual objects or whether the spatial layout needs to be adapted to fit the smaller field of view

Q8. What are key design differences between hand-held and head-worn AR experiences? Choose all that apply.

  • There are fewer social and ethical concerns with head-worn AR displays
  • Physical size of hand-held AR displays varies more than the field of view of head-worn AR displays
  • Tracking capabilities of head-worn AR displays are usually more advanced

Q9. What tips and tricks would you give someone designing marker-based AR applications? Choose all that apply.

  • Smaller markers are harder to detect and track continuously .
  • Markers that blend more with the environment are better for tracking.
  • Marker size determines the scale of the AR experience.

Q10. What tips and tricks would you give someone designing marker-less AR applications? Choose all that apply.

  • Incorporate light and shadow into the AR scene to better blend with the environment in the absence of light estimation.
  • There is little value in prototyping the experience using VR or marker-based AR.
  • Provide a matching visual preview before placing the AR content in the environment.

Special Topics Quiz Answers

Q1. What is the main idea behind procedural generation for VR? Choose one (1).

  • The system compresses content so that the user can already access the VR experience even before the full content has finished loading.
  • The system generates content algorithmically, for example, as the user changes their virtual or physical location.

Q2. How does redirected walking enable VR users to travel larger virtual spaces than can fit into the user’s real-world physical space?

  • While walking, the user receives explicit walking directions in VR so that the user adjusts their route to make better use of available physical space.
  • While walking, the user receives unnoticeable visual cues through manipulations of the VR scene, causing the user to compensate for scene motion by redirecting themselves without realizing this.

Q3. What are potential benefits of custom VR motion controllers?

  • Common VR controllers have a generic shape optimized for grip but are lacking the haptic feedback consistent with any virtual objects users may grasp in VR.
  • Common VR controllers assume able-bodied users but may not be accessible to users with motor impairments.
  • Custom VR controllers are always easier to track than common VR controllers.

Q4. Which steps are required for semantic understanding of the physical world as seen by an AR device? Choose all that apply.

  • Spatial mapping to create a mesh from the physical world in the form of a dense 3D point cloud
  • Object recognition to segment and extract objects from the mesh and assign classification labels
  • Mesh skinning to extract a texture from a sequence of camera frames that captured the 3D reconstructed area

Q5. What are key issues that require advanced techniques to support accessibility? Choose all that apply.

  • The system needs to describe the world to a user like a human would.
  • The system needs a lot of disk space and memory to store all the environmental data.
  • The system needs to perceive the physical world like a human would.

Q6. Why is text input a problem in VR/AR applications? Choose all that apply.

  • Virtual keyboards are usually not very efficient in VR or AR.
  • Physical keyboards are usually not assumed to be part of the VR/AR setup.
  • It is actually not a problem due to the advances in speech recognition.

Q7. Why are sensing and input still key issues in XR research? Choose all that apply.

  • Current applications still only have limited understanding of a user’s environment and intent.
  • Better sensing and input techniques are required to better assist users with impairments.
  • Users will always feel that something is missing from the XR experience otherwise.

Q8. What makes XR as a research topic particularly difficult? Choose one (1).

  • It requires a lot more reading of research papers.
  • It requires a lot of programming and development.
  • It requires a combination of UX, programming, and research skills that is rare.

Q9. When asking who we are designing for, what would be a better question to ask in research? Choose one (1).

  • Would it be cool to have this?
  • How can we design with them?
  • What would they pay to have this?

Q10. Which of the following are important design ethics questions? Choose all that apply.

  • What is the role and responsibility of the XR designer?
  • What happens when users misuse our design for unintended purposes?
  • What if users can’t tell what’s real and what’s virtual anymore?
  • How do we hold XR designers and developers accountable?

More About This Course

This third course in the XR for Everyone specialization is about building XR experiences from a technical point of view.

The course gives students a more technical understanding of XR technologies and the tools they need to confidently work on XR development.

It goes through the stages of development for both virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) projects and shows the main platforms for XR development as well as the most important methods and tools.

This third course helps students figure out what advanced XR needs are by looking at physical and digital prototypes. It also teaches them how to tell the difference between major technical concerns, estimate development costs, and plan the research that is needed to move XR forward.

This course also has an honors track that helps students implement 3D, VR, and AR scenes in WebXR using A-Frame and Unity and helps them make a development plan with clear milestones and deliverables.


  • Using WebXR or Unity, you can make simple and immersive VR scenes.
  • You can use WebXR or Unity to make AR scenes with or without markers.
  • Learn the basic ideas and methods for using XR in advanced applications.
  • When making XR apps, think about ethics, accessibility, and privacy.


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