Django Features and Libraries Coursera Quiz Answers 2022 | All Weeks Assessment Answers [💯Correct Answer]

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About Django Features and Libraries Course

In this course, you’ll learn how to use Django to make web apps that end users can use. You will learn how Django handles cookies, sessions, and authentication.

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Django Features and Libraries Quiz Answers

Week 01: Django Features and Libraries Coursera Quiz Answers

Quiz 1: Cookies and Sessions

Q1. What part of a Django application handles session management?

  • Views
  • Templates
  • Middleware
  • Models

Q2. Where are cookies stored?

  • In the database
  • In the Python code
  • In elasticache
  • In the browser

Q3. Which protocol determines how cookies are sent back and forth?

  • CSS
  • ORM
  • HTTP
  • HTML
  • SQL

Q4. Which of the following Python structures is most like cookie storage?

  • set
  • database connection
  • dictionary
  • Template
  • list

Q5. Any server can read any cookie from any other server.

  • True
  • False

Q6. What kind of cookies are deleted when the browser is closed?

  • Inverse cookies
  • Encrypted cookies
  • Bitcoin cookies
  • Session cookies

Q7. What is the method you call in a Django view to set a cookie?

  • request.setCookie()
  • response.cookie.set()
  • response.set_cookie()
  • $_COOKIES[]

Q8. How many times do you need to set a cookie for it to persist across a number of incoming requests?

  • On every response to a POST request
  • On every non-anonymous request
  • Once
  • On every request

Q9. What is the typical approach to making a session identifier?

  • Compute an MD5 hash of the user’s email address
  • Use the logged-in user’s email address
  • Start at 1 and add 1 for each new session (like a primary key)
  • Choose a large random number

Q10. Where is session data typically stored in a Django application?

  • In JavaScript variables
  • In the browser
  • In the server
  • On the end user’s hard drive

Q11. How do you set a key of ‘abc’ to the value ‘test’ in the session in a Django application?

  • request.session.get(‘abc’, ‘test’);
  • request.session[‘abc’, ‘test’];
  • request.session[‘abc’] = ‘test’;
  • $_SESSION[‘abc’] = ‘test’;

Week 2: Django Features and Libraries Coursera Quiz Answers

Quiz 1: Login and Authentication

Q1. Which came first?

  • Login
  • Session
  • Cookie

Q2. Which came second?

  • Login
  • Cookie
  • Session

Q3. Which best describes the Django functionality that puts up the login form?

  • Application
  • Model
  • TemplateTag
  • Middleware

Q4. Which best describes the Django functionality that supports sessions?

  • Model
  • TemplateTag
  • Application
  • Middleware

Q5. What happens when the user passes a login check?

  • A cookie is set
  • Information is added to the session
  • A new record is added to the auth_group table
  • A new record is added to the auth_user table

Q6. What string is returned by:

x = django.urls.reverse('login')

in dj4e-samples?

  • /login
  • /accounts/login
  • /dj4e-samples/login
  • nigol

Q7. What is the purpose of the next parameter on a login or logout URL?

  • It moves to the next item in a linked list
  • It advances the iteration variable in a for loop
  • It tells the authentication system where to go after the action is complete
  • It indicates which record to start with in a list that exceeds the length of the page

Q8. What is the value in a Django template to print out the current logged-in user’s email address?

  • user.rmail
  • user.address

Q9. In a Django template, what is stored in the request.path variable?

  • A string indicating the path to the ‘parent’ folder
  • A list of breadcrumbs of recently visited URLs
  • The actual table name of the model that is currently in use
  • The URL of the currently executing request

Q10. What is the default name of the template that Django will load when presenting the user with a login screen?

  • auth/auth.html
  • home/login.html
  • registration/login.html
  • autos/login.html

Q11. What variable do you check in a Django view to see if this request is from a logged-in user?

  • request.authenticated
  • request.user.auth
  • is_authenticated.view
  • request.user.is_authenticated

Q12. What Django class does a class-based view need to extend to indicate that the view can only be accessed by logged-in users?

  • MustLoginView
  • AutoLoginView
  • LoginRequiredMixin
  • AutoRedirectView

Week 3: Django Features and Libraries Coursera Quiz Answers

Quiz 1: Django Forms

Q1. Which of the following is NOT a benefit of using the Django forms capability?

  • You can add complex form validation rules to your application
  • You reduce the amount of HTML you need to generate
  • You can easily create attractively styled forms
  • Database portability
  • You can have a mapping layer between your models and templates

Q2. What happens when a Create form is submitted and Django forms detects a validation error?

  • The form is re-displayed with the error messages
  • A 403 (Not authorized) is sent back to the browser
  • The form is re-displayed with the incorrect data and error messages
  • The record is deleted form the database
  • The form is re-displayed with the incorrect data

Q3. You cannot use a Django form unless it is connected to a Django Model.

  • True
  • False

Q4. How do you indicate that you want to display a form using the Crispy library in a template?

  • form.as_table
  • form.as_crispy
  • form|crispy
  • csrf_token

Q5. What does the fields=”all” statement do in the Meta section of a Django form class?

  • Indicates that none of the model fields are to be saved
  • Indicates that all of the underlying model fields should be in the form
  • Indicates that the owner field is not supposed to be shown to the user when the form is displayed

Q6. In what method in a view class would you expect to see “” to save data from an incoming form?

  • dispatch()
  • post()
  • get()
  • get_queryset()

Q7. What utility method simplifies the code needed to load the old model data when processing an update request?

  • load_try_except()
  • render_to_template_with_check()
  • contitional_render_404()
  • get_object_or_404()

Week 4: Django Features and Libraries Coursera Quiz Answers

Quiz 1: One to Many

Q1. What is the primary value add of relational databases over flat files?

  • Ability to execute JavaScript in the file
  • Ability to store data in a format that can be sent across a network
  • Ability to quickly convert data to HTML
  • Ability to scan large amounts of data quickly
  • Ability to execute Python code within the file

Q2. Which of the following is NOT a good rule to follow when developing a database model?

  • Model each “object” in the application as one or more tables
  • Never repeat string data in more than one table in a data model
  • Use integers as primary keys
  • Use a person’s email address as their primary key

Q3. If our user interface (i.e., like iTunes) has repeated strings on one column of the UI, how should we model this properly in a database?

  • Put the string in the first row where it occurs and then NULL in all of the other rows
  • Encode the entire row as JSON and store it in a TEXT column in the database
  • Put the string in the last row where it occurs and put the number of that row in the column of all of the rest of the rows where the string occurs
  • Make a table that maps the strings in the column to numbers and then use those numbers in the column
  • Put the string in the first row where it occurs and then put that row number in the column of all of the rest of the rows where the string occurs

Q4. Which of the following is the label we give a column that the “outside world” uses to look up a particular row?

  • Logical key
  • Primary key
  • Remote key
  • Local key
  • Foreign key

Q5. What is the label we give to a column that is an integer and is used to point to a row in a different table?

  • Primary key
  • Local key
  • Foreign key
  • Remote key
  • Logical key

Q6. What is a simple rule that captures much of the concepts of “database normalization”?

  • Every SELECT statement must use a JOIN clause
  • Do not point to a primary key more than once
  • Don’t replicate string data in a column
  • Don’t use any non-standard SQL statements

Q7. What is the SQL keyword that reconnects rows containing foreign keys with the corresponding data in the table that the foreign keys point to?

  • JOIN

Q8. If we are following the default convention in Django, which of the following column names would be used for a foreign key in table “abc” that is pointing to a primary key in table “xyz”?

  • id
  • xyz_id
  • abc_id
  • abc_xyz_id

Q9. If we are following the default convention in Django, which of the following column names would be used for a primary key in table “xyz” that is pointed to from a foreign key in table “abc”?

  • abc_id
  • xyz_id
  • id
  • abc_xyz_id

Q10. Which of the following model field types is used for a foreign key?

  • OneToManyKey
  • ForeignKey
  • RemoteKey
  • OneToManyField

Q11. What does an “on_delete=models.CASCADE” clause imply in a Model field in Django?

  • When rows in a child table are deleted, the primary key of the corresponding row in the parent table is set to NULL.
  • When a row in the parent table is deleted, all the rows in a child table that point to that row via a foreign key are deleted.
  • Whenever a row is deleted, it is moved into a table named “CASCADE”.
  • Whenever a row is deleted from the table, the other rows are scanned to insure that the logical key is unique and any duplicates are removed.

Q12. When you add an index to a field in a database table, how are performance and storage affected?

  • Read performance is the same, insert performance is faster, and no extra storage is required
  • Read performance is faster, insert performance is slower, and extra storage is required
  • Read performance is the faster, insert performance is faster, and extra storage is required
  • Read performance is faster, insert performance is the same, and no extra storage is required

Week 5: Django Features and Libraries Coursera Quiz Answers

Quiz 1: Owned Rows

Q1. Why do we insist on producing a delete confirmation screen?

  • Because Django would not be able to delete the data
  • Because a POST request cannot modify data
  • Because a GET request should never modify data
  • To make sure that there are no JavaScript errors

Q2. Which of the following methods is called first in the Django generic list view?

  • setup()
  • get_queryset()
  • get()
  • render_to_response()
  • startup

Q3. Which method do we override in the Django generic list view to keep users from making changes to rows they don’t own?

  • setup()
  • get()
  • get_queryset()
  • render_to_response()
  • startup

Q4. What does OwnerUpdateView do if a user tries to delete a record that does not belong to them?

  • It redirects the user to
  • It returns a 404 (not found error)
  • It puts out an error message in the JavaScript console
  • It stops and fails with an error log message

Q5. What template variable indicates the current logged-in user?

  • user
  • tsugi.user
  • article.owner
  • myarts.owner
  • request.user

Q6. What is the name of the model that Django uses to store User objects?

  • django.users
  • settings.AUTH_USER_MODEL
  • settings.USERS
  • DjangoUsers
  • Users

Q7. What is the database relationship between the Article model and User model?

  • Many-to-Many
  • One-to-Many
  • One-to-One
  • Zero-to-Zero

Q8. In in the myarts sample code, what is the purpose of the “fields” class-wide value?

  • To make the listed fields un-editable
  • To list the fields that will be autosaved
  • To double-check that model fields are not missing
  • To limit the model fields displayed in the form

Q9. For a data model named Frog, what is the generic Edit View convention for the template used when editing a Frog object?

  • frog_modify.html
  • frog_edit.html
  • frog_update.html
  • frog_form.html

Q10. In the OwnerCreateView class, what method is overridden to set the “owner” field to the current logged-in user?

  • LoginRequiredMixin
  • form_valid()
  • save(commit=False)
  • add_owner()

Q11. In OwnerUpdateView, how do we make sure that the current logged-in user cannot retrieve any rows that don’t belong to them?

  • We retrieve all the objects and throw away the non-owned objects
  • We add a model filter
  • We call the method of the same name in the super class
  • We intercept the SQL and add a WHERE clause

Q12. In OwnerUpdateView, which is the “super” or “parent” class?

  • SuperUpdateView
  • UpdateView::Super
  • UpdateView
  • OwnerUpdateView
  • get_queryset()

Q13. When a generic edit view is receiving POST data, which of the following steps is done first?

  • get_query_set()
  • first_post()
  • clean()
  • pre_post()
  • form_valid()

Week 6: Django Features and Libraries Coursera Quiz Answers

Quiz 1: Many to Many

Q1. A one-to-many relationship in a data model involved two database tables. How many tables are involved in representing a many-to-many relationship?

  • 2
  • 4
  • 3
  • 1
  • 5

Q2. If you were looking at a link in a data model diagram, which of these would represent a many-to-many relationship?

  • 0..* — 1..*
  • 2 — 2
  • 1 — 1
  • 0 — 0
  • 1 — 0..*

Q3. In Django, what type of field is used to represent a many-to-many relationship?

  • models.ForeignKey
  • models.ManyToManyRelationship
  • models.IntField
  • models.ManyToManyField
  • models.ThroughKey

Q4. Which of the following is NOT a common name for the additional table needed to represent a many-to-many relationship between two tables?

  • Lookup table
  • Through Table
  • Junction Table
  • Association Table
  • Join Table
  • Bridge Table

Q5. In when you want to explicitly model a Junction table, what is the attribute in the two lined table models used to indicate which Junction table to use to connect the two tables?

  • on_delete
  • join_through
  • junction
  • through
  • join

Q6. What kind of model fields will be found in every Junction table?

  • models.CharField
  • models.JunctionFields
  • models.ManyToManyField
  • models.OutboundKeys
  • models.ForeignKey

Q7. If you have a many-to-many relationship between books and authors and you are inserting a new author for a book, which of the following orders of operations will work?

  • insert the book, insert the connection, insert the author
  • insert the connection, insert the author, insert the book
  • insert the book, insert the author, insert the connection
  • insert the connection, insert the book, insert the author

Q8. You should never have any fields other than keys in a Junction table.

  • True
  • False

More About This Course

In this course, you’ll learn how to use Django to make web apps that end users can use. You will learn how Django handles cookies, sessions, and authentication. You will add navigation to your applications and look at easy ways to change the way Django applications look and feel. You will start making a simple application for a classified ads website. This will help you learn how to deal with many of the problems and techniques you will face when making websites. You will also learn how to move an app from the development stage to the production stage.


  • Explain what Django sessions are and how cookies help sessions work.
  • Use Django’s built-in login features and manage login users in views.
  • Explain what a one-to-many model is and how to show links in a database.
  • Create, edit, and delete form flow inside of a generic edit view


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