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About the program

Rural Action’s Zero Waste program promotes the development of a waste-free economy. In a waste-free economy, product development prioritises the conservation of natural resources, product development includes ways to facilitate and encourage consumer post-processing, repairs, recycling or composting, and all disposal into human, planetary and local economies. We support this policy with general education on waste minimization and recycling, waste testing of businesses, schools and organizations, non-waste events, public enterprises, and the implementation of the Athens-Hocking Zero Waste Program.

Taking the Zero Waste Pledge shows that the institution, whether business, school or organization, is committed to using natural resources wisely, growing its environmental knowledge, and supporting the local economy by improving waste minimization, recycling, recycling, and composting.

Pledge Benefits

  1. The waste management system in your facility aims to reduce waste, increase recycling and assist with compost systems (if available).
  2. Tips for getting rid of Zero and leadership.
  3. Research, as needed, to find solutions to the specific waste problems you may have at your disposal.
  4. Opportunity to choose points of promise that you think could be implemented well next year. (Frequent selection of promoters for the first time includes staff training in Recycling Do’s and Don’ts and graphic labels to help guide waste disposal options, recycling, and compost bins. Rural Action can help with this.)
  5. Social media promotions that let your community know about you and the steps you are taking to reduce and manage waste in your area.
  6. The Zero Waste Wife Agreement used for display.
  7. Potential reduction in your waste costs.
  8. One-year business membership in Rural Action.

Steps to Trust Zero Waste

  1. You contact us at about getting a Zero Waste Pledge.
  2. We are sending you a pollution research email to complete.
  3. We meet with you and navigate through current pollution plans at your facility.
  4. We do research on your waste.
  5. We compile a waste assessment report that measures and fits what we have learned. It highlights what goes well with your current disposal practices and offers suggestions for improvement.
  6. According to the report, you choose three waste disposal goals that you promise to use next year.
  7. You get social media promotion with Rural Action, your logo placement on the Zero Waste Pledgers web page, the Zero Waste Pledge Certificate outlining your preferred collateral terms (also linked to the pledger page), and you get the Zero Waste Pledge window decision.
  8. Rural Action assists your establishment to achieve your defined goals by providing hands-on support.
  9. One year later, we have a follow-up meeting to review your spread and set new goals for the future.

Any establishment (business, school, or organization) can take a Zero Waste Pledge no matter how close or far it is to a proper landfill. We take it as a journey. We encourage periodic renewal of security over the years. In this way, new additional targets can be selected that facilitate the establishment of the closest movement to obtaining non-permanent waste over time.

Fees for standard Zero Waste Pledge services (as described above) for schools and small organizations / businesses are a one-time fee of $ 100. Additional services may be allowed per hour. Fees for these facilities of large institutions with a complex image of waste are received by the hour and Rural Action.

For more information, you can watch the video,

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