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Google Marketing Platform product certifications identify qualified users who demonstrate the ability to perform critical tasks and workflows with Platform products. This certification exam is designed for users with hands-on experience, and will test on specific predetermined criteria aligned with critical job tasks.

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Q.1 – Which two Campaign Manager attributes can be used as filters in a dynamic feed? (select two)

(A) Placement ID

(B) Site ID

(C) Canonical geolocation

(D) Floodlight ID

Q.2 – What steps should be taken under Manage Data to upload a new feed to the Studio profile?

(A) Select an existing source and update the content with the new feed

(B) Select New Content, then Content source, and click “Start import”

(C) Select “New profile field” and enter a name in the text field

(D) Select New Feed and then click “Start import”

Q.3 – What are three benefits of filtering by creative dimensions? (select three)

(A) Lets dynamic campaigns scale as more creative sizes are added

(B) Allows for less columns which reduces the dynamic response data sent from the ad server to the creative

(C) Allows pulling preview sheets across all sizes without specifying the creative size in Step 5: Preview

(D) Easier to remove and add creative sizes in the feed

Q.4 – What is the Asset Library file size limit per upload for video files?

(A) 80MB

(B) 60MB

(C) 50MB

(D) 100MB

Q.5 – In what product are dynamic targeting keys created?

(A) Search Ads 360

(B) Studio

(C) Campaign Manager

(D) Display & Video 360

Q.6 – Which two methods can be used to build dynamic creatives for Studio? (select two)

(A) Hand-coded HTML + JavaScript

(B) Google Web Designer

(C) Adobe Edge Animate

(D) Libraries such as jQuery or CreateJS

Q.7 – When using creative dimension filtering, what steps must be taken to generate dynamic previews correctly?

(A) Enter the creative sizes as comma-separated values, select the corresponding creative sizes, and click “Apply”

(B) Enter one creative size, select the creative for that size, and click “Apply”

(C) Enter the creative size and click “Apply”

(D) Select all creative sizes and click “Apply”

Q.8 – To create a dynamic profile, what steps must be taken in the Dynamic Content section?

(A) Add the dynamic Enabler code from the Generate Code section to the creative

(B) Under the advertiser, click “New Profile,” update the name then click “Create”

(C) Assign the HTML5 creative files to the advertiser and click “Create Dynamic Profile”

(D) Go to Studio Campaign, upload a dynamic creative, and click “Save”

Q.9 – What dynamic strategy allows flight scheduling of dynamic creatives?

(A) Weighted rotation

(B) Campaign Manager Placement ID

(C) Start and end date scheduling

(D) Dynamic targeting keys

Q.10 – To preview a creative on a blank page, what option should be selected from the dropdown?

(A) Blank page

(B) Sample website

(C) Custom URL

(D) On screen

Q.11 – In the dynamic workflow after managing the data and rules, what is the next step to set up a dynamic creative?

(A) Generate the code

(B) Set up the reporting dimensions

(C) Publish the creative to Campaign Manager

(D) Review the preview sheet

Q.12 – Which two methods can be used to connect dynamic data to an element in the creative? (select two)

(A) Custom Floodlight variables

(B) Binding in Campaign Manager

(C) Binding in Google Web Designer

(D) Custom JavaScript

Q.13 – What does optimization prioritize when used for dynamic creatives?

(A) The best performing creative in Campaign Manager

(B) The best performing rows in the feed

(C) The best performing placement in Campaign Manager

(D) The best performing columns in the feed

Q.14 – To build an expanding creative, which three panels must be included in the HTML? (select three)

(A) Collapsed

(B) Auto-expand

(C) Main

(D) Expanded

Q.15 – When a user generates a dynamic preview and receives the error “Can’t show a preview because you haven’t set a default creative or your applied filters don’t match any feed rows,” what first step should be taken to troubleshoot the error?

(A) Retransform the feed

(B) Confirm the feed is complete with no warnings

(C) Check if the correct feed filtering parameters were applied in the preview panel

(D) Re-upload the feed

Q.16 – What are three benefits of using an existing Google Merchant Center feed for dynamic creatives in Studio? (select three)

(A) Ability to apply additional filtering logic to the Google Merchant Center feed

(B) Built-in abilty to use Google’s recommendation engine

(C) No row limit for the Google Merchant Center feed

(D) Updates to the Google Merchant Center feed are automatically synced in Studio

Q.17 – Which two columns are required in a feed? (select two)

(A) Clickthrough URL

(B) Unique ID

(C) Headline text

(D) Reporting label

Q.18 – Where is the dynamic path for an asset found?

(A) In the General Info section

(B) In the Creatives section

(C) In the Account Summary page

(D) In the Details section of the selected asset

Q.19 – What user access level allows read and write access to create or edit a dynamic profile and feed?

(A) Content Reader

(B) Dynamic Content User

(C) Content Owner

(D) Content Writer

Q.20 – Which types of assets can be used in Studio? (select two)

(A) .jpg

(B) .eps

(C) .png

(D) .tiff

Q.21 – What are two creative elements that can be dynamic? (select two)

(A) Ad border

(B) Clickthrough URLs

(C) Text

(D) Creative type

Q.22 – How many Studio profiles can a dynamic creative be linked to?

(A) 2

(B) 1

(C) 3

(D) Unlimited

Q.23 – Which three creative types are allowed when using VPAID creatives? (select three)

(A) HTML5 non-linear

(B) Banner

(C) Interstitial

(D) Full-screen expanding

Q.24 – What’s the most efficient way to target one headline to 10 different audience IDs in a feed?

(A) Add 10 columns with a different audience ID in each column

(B) Add 10 rows and 10 columns with an audience ID in each row and column

(C) Add 10 rows with a different audience ID in each row

(D) Add 10 comma-separated audience IDs into one cell

Q.25 – What step must be taken before initiating a fullscreen expansion?

(A) Add a polite loader

(B) Establish a connection to your dynamic feed

(C) Determine the size of the screen

(D) Check that the Enabler has been initialized

Q.26 – How can a Studio profile be edited without impacting the live campaign?

(A) Create a new profile using the existing feed

(B) Edit the feed

(C) Create a draft version of the profile

(D) Retransform the feed

Q.27 – When should the dynamic creative be uploaded to Studio?

(A) AFTER creating the feed and Studio profile, but BEFORE publishing the profile

(B) AFTER creating the feed and publishing the Studio profile

(C) AFTER creating the preview sheet, but BEFORE creating the feed and Studio profile

(D) AFTER creating the feed, but BEFORE creating and publishing the Studio profile

Q.28 – To target multiple Campaign Manager IDs within one cell of a feed, what character is used to separate IDs?

(A) Semi-colon (“;”)

(B) Pipe (“|”)

(C) Comma (“,”)

(D) Percent sign (“%”)

Q.29 – Which three elements are required for a dynamic creative? (select three)

(A) Studio profile

(B) Dynamic content

(C) Asset Library

(D) Studio creative

Q.30 – Which two targeting types are supported in Studio for dynamic creatives? (select two)

(A) Geo-targeting

(B) Audience targeting

(C) Language targeting

(D) Device targeting

Q.31 – Which three components are available in Google Web Designer? (select three)

(A) Tap Area

(B) YouTube Video Player

(C) Maps

(D) Counters

Q.32 – What do “counters” measure in Studio?

(A) Length of time a video creative is played

(B) Number of times an action is taken within a creative

(C) Elapsed time interacting with a creative element

(D) Number of users that did not interact with a creative

Q.33 – What field type is used for data pass targeting in a dynamic profile?

(A) Remarketing Value

(B) Display & Video 360 Line Item Id

(C) Campaign Manager Site ID

(D) Custom value

Q.34 – Which two variables can be used to optimize the rotation of dynamic creatives? (select two)

(A) Designated weights

(B) Click-through rate (CTR)

(C) Click-through-conversion rate

(D) Impression-to-view rate

Q.35 – What feature allows users to create a dynamic field without needing to upload a feed?

(A) Constant matching

(B) Profile field

(C) Filter by feed row ID

(D) Feed scheduling

Q.36 – Which three feed types can be used for importing data into dynamic campaigns in Studio? (select three)

(A) Google Merchant Center



(D) Google Spreadsheets

Q.37 – In what section of Studio are creative images and videos stored?

(A) Assets

(B) Dynamic Content

(C) Admin

(D) Creative

Q.38 – Which two settings determine which dynamic content is selected by the ad server to send to the creative? (select two)

(A) Reporting dimensions in Studio

(B) Rotation options in Studio

(C) Targeting rules in Studio

(D) Code within the creative

Q.39 – When working on a profile with a ranked combination of rules, what feature should be used at the Manage Rules stage?

(A) Weighted rotation

(B) Optimized rotation

(C) Sequential rotation and prioritized rules

(D) Prioritized rules

Q.40 – When a feed contains a column of dynamic clickthrough URLs, what function will a hand-coded creative use?

(A) Enabler.clickthrough()

(B) Enabler.exitOverride()

(C) Enabler.exit()

(D) Enabler.exitOnQuery()

Q.41 – How can a dynamic preview sheet be removed from a Studio profile?

(A) Open the preview sheet and click “Undo”

(B) Delete the preview sheet

(C) Edit permissions to the preview sheet

(D) Archive the preview sheet

Q.42 – Which three rotation settings are available in Studio? (select three)

(A) Random

(B) Sequential

(C) Weighted

(D) Optimized

Q.43 – When should the code from “Step 4: Generate Code” be called by a hand-coded dynamic creative?

(A) BEFORE the Enabler has been initialized, and AFTER dynamic content is accessed

(B) AFTER the Enabler has been initialized, and AFTER dynamic content is accessed

(C) AFTER the Enabler has been initialized, but BEFORE dynamic content is accessed

(D) BEFORE the Enabler has been initialized and dynamic content is accessed

Q.44 – When an asset is selected in the Asset Library, which three attributes appear in the asset Details section? (select three)

(A) Asset dimensions

(B) A preview of the individual asset

(C) Creatives that use the asset

(D) Dynamic path

Q.45 – Which two types of creatives either float above a webpage or fill an entire mobile screen? (select two)

(A) Expandable creative

(B) Floating creative

(C) Interstitial creative

(D) Banner creative

Q.46 – When you have multiple images to support different creative sizes within a single profile, what action should be taken?

(A) Use a single image and Studio will resize automatically

(B) Create one feed per ad size

(C) Upload the images to Asset Library to generate the different creative sizes

(D) Create one feed and filter by creative dimensions

Q.47 – In what section of Studio can users create and manage dynamic profiles?

(A) Dynamic Content

(B) Assets

(C) Admin

(D) Creative

Q.48 – Which two preview types can be used to generate a dynamic preview? (select two)

(A) Filter by row ID

(B) Filter by reporting label

(C) Filter by dynamic criteria

(D) Filter by feed element name

Q.49 – What type of creative appears within a set of borders and doesn’t expand or cover a website’s content?

(A) Expandable creative

(B) Banner creative

(C) Floating creative

(D) Interstitial creative

Q.50 – What is the minimum number of exits required for a creative?

(A) 0

(B) 1

(C) 3

(D) 2

Q.51 – In what section of Studio can users upload and manage ad files?

(A) Admin

(B) Dynamic Content

(C) Assets

(D) Creative

Q.52 – Where are dynamic profiles located?

(A) In the Dynamic Content tab next to advertiser name

(B) In Advertisers under Advertiser association

(C) In the Creatives tab when viewing a dynamic creative

(D) In the Assets tab under Account Details

Q.53 – What method for using custom fonts is NOT supported for dynamic text?

(A) Fonts added to Asset Library and linked to a creative in Studio

(B) Fonts stored on a File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

(C) Fonts loaded from Google Fonts

(D) Any fonts uploaded with a creative in Studio

Q.54 – What values are included in the targeting column of a remarketing feed?

(A) Floodlight custom variable (“u-var”) values

(B) The advertiser’s cookie values

(C) Third-party cookie values

(D) Floodlight audience list IDs

Q.55 – What profile setting allows Studio to match more than one row on impression?

(A) Auto-filter

(B) Quantity

(C) Profile field

(D) Dependent selection

Q.56 – What action occurs when assets are uploaded to the Creative section?

(A) Assets are automatically resized

(B) Assets are copied to the Asset Library

(C) Creatives are delivered to Campaign Manager for trafficking

(D) Assets are shared across all advertisers in the Studio account

Q.57 – The HTML5 Enabler should be added to which tag in a creative’s HTML file?

(A) <body>

(B) <head>

(C) <div>

(D) <script>

Q.58 – What dynamic strategy uses a naming convention to replace numeric Campaign Manager IDs?

(A) Display & Video 360 line item filtering

(B) Data pass

(C) Dynamic targeting keys

(D) Remarketing

Q.59 – What feature can be used to target multiple columns in a feed one at a time?

(A) Feed priority

(B) Rotation priority

(C) Prioritized rules

(D) Trafficking rules

Q.60 – Which two data types are NOT supported as dynamic elements? (select two)

(A) Numerical fractions

(B) Decimal numbers

(C) HTML5 animations

(D) Text

Q.61 – Echo remarketing uses dynamic content from what source?

(A) Custom Floodlight variables

(B) Dynamic rules

(C) A feed

(D) The creative code

Q.62 – Which two capabilities are possible with dynamic preview sheets? (select two)

(A) Ability to download and share as a PDF file

(B) Bulk dynamic previews via .csv import

(C) Editing within the preview sheet

(D) External sharing to stakeholders without Studio access

Q.63 – What are two benefits of using dynamic creatives in Studio? (select two)

(A) Ability to test different sizes within one creative

(B) Ability to build and traffic only one creative per ad size

(C) Ability to test different content within one creative

(D) Ability to test different ad formats within one creative

Q.64 – Which two video formats can be built as Rich Media in Studio? (select two)

(A) Video Player-Ad Interface Definition (VPAID)

(B) In-banner video MPU

(C) Video Ad Serving Template (VAST)

(D) YouTube TrueView

Q.65 – What is the Asset Library file size limit per upload for non-video files?

(A) 15MB

(B) 5MB

(C) 10MB

(D) 20MB

Q.66 – What is the method most often used to define the dynamic content for a creative?

(A) Campaign Manager

(B) Spreadsheet

(C) Code within the creative

(D) External API

Q.67 – What tool makes it possible to preview a creative on a mobile device that’s linked to a Studio account?

(A) Google Web Designer

(B) QA Helper extension

(C) IAB VAST tag tool

(D) Creative Preview app

Q.68 – Which two options must be true to use open optimization? (select two)

(A) Only one row in the feed must be eligible to be served

(B) The dynamic feed must include a row with “optimize” in the cell

(C) More than one row in the feed must be eligible to serve

(D) In “Step 3: Manage Rules” rotation must be set to “Optimized”

Q.69 – What is the proper format for geo-targeting a location in a feed?

(A) Los Angeles,United States,California

(B) Los Angeles,California,United States

(C) Los Angeles,California

(D) Los Angeles,United States

Q.70 – In what section of Studio is user access managed?

(A) Admin

(B) Creative

(C) Assets

(D) Dynamic Content


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