Google Sheets – Advanced Topics Coursera Quiz Answers 2023 [💯% Correct Answer]

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About Google Sheets – Advanced Topics Course

In this lesson, you will learn about some of the most advanced formulae and functions that Google Sheets has to offer. You will investigate the process of formula creation by making use of functions, and you will also learn how to reference and evaluate your data in a Google Sheet.

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Google Sheets – Advanced Topics Quiz Answers

Week 01: Google Sheets – Advanced Topics Coursera Quiz Answers

Quiz 1: Advanced formatting in a Google Sheet

Q1. Yousef is reviewing his store inventory. He wants his Google Sheet to visually identify cells where the store’s flour inventory fell below 100 bags. What does he need to do in order for Google Sheets to do this automatically? Select the correct response.

  • He can highlight the range with the flour inventory, open the Format menu, then select Conditional formatting
  • He can highlight the cells with flour inventory, open the Format menu, then select Alternating colors
  • He can highlight the cells with flour inventory, open the Data menu, then select Named ranges
  • He can highlight the column with flour inventory, open the Data menu, then select Create a filter

Q2. Seroja wants to ensure consistency when preparing sales and inventory reports. How can she automatically apply the same formatting every time she creates a new monthly reporting spreadsheet? Select the correct response.

  • She can open the Data menu, select Data validation, then create rules that set the colors of each cell in the sheet. Each month, she can run the Data validation on her new sheet
  • She can open the Format menu, select Theme, then choose an option from the panel. Each month, she can use the same Theme
  • She can select the cell range, open the Data menu, then select Protected sheets and ranges. Each month, she can copy the Protect range to her new spreadsheet
  • She can select a cell range, click the Paint format button, then select a different range in order to copy the formatting

Quiz 2: Advanced formulas and functions

Q1. Thomas sends “South America forecast report” to On the Rise partner owner Seroja Malone. Seroja wants to create a data validation rule to ensure that Column C only includes sales from the month of June. What does she need to do? Select all that apply.

  • She can right click on Column C, select Data validation, select Add criteria, and choose Text equals June. Then, select Save
  • She can create a custom formula that includes the range “June sales”
  • She can open the Data menu, select Data validation, choose Column C, select Add criteria, and choose Text equals June. Then, select Save
  • She can ask Thomas to apply a custom filter to Column C

Q2. Seroja selects the cell H30. It contains the following formula: =H1+H8. She copies the contents from H30 to cell I30. What happens to the formula? Select the correct response.

  • The formula automatically updates to =I1+I8
  • The formula stays as =H1+H8
  • You cannot copy a formula, only numeric values
  • The formula automatically updates to =$H1+$H8

Q3. Seroja determines that she does not want the formula in cell H30 to change from =H1+H8 when she copies it to cell I30. What does she need to do to keep the formula constant when copy pasting? Select the correct response.

  • She can turn it into an absolute reference by changing the formula to =$H1+$H8
  • She can select the freeze pane
  • She can make it auto update by selecting absolute reference in the reference panel
  • You cannot copy a formula, only numeric values

Quiz 3: Analyze and report

Q1. On the Rise store owner Yousef Amadi is analyzing monthly sales data from his Fort Lauderdale store. He’d like to see the data visually by converting it into a bar chart. What does he need to do? Select the correct response.

  • He needs to select More Options, then select Chart, then choose Bar Chart
  • He needs to select the range of cells to include, open the Insert menu, select Chart, then choose Bar Chart
  • He needs to open the Data menu, click Create Chart, and follow the instructions to select a range and configure the chart
  • He needs to select the range of cells to include, open the Tables and Charts menu, select Chart, then choose Bar Chart

Q2. Yousef creates a bar chart. Next, he wants to move the chart to the top left of the screen. What does he need to do? Select the correct response.

  • He cannot move the chart once it’s been inserted
  • He should open the Insert menu and select Move
  • He should click and drag the chart
  • He should select Move chart and insert the final screen coordinates

Q3. Yousef realizes there is an error in the data and wishes to edit the chart. How does he do this? Select the correct response.

  • He should select the More options button in the right corner of the chart, then choose Edit chart
  • He should correct the data and the chart will update automatically
  • He should select Charts, then select Edit chart
  • He should select Tools, then choose Edit chart

Q4. Yousef wants to share the chart with the On the Rise team. What are some of his options? Select all that apply.

  • He can publish the chart to web
  • He can link the chart to a Google Doc
  • He can share the chart with a link
  • He can embed the chart on a website via embed code

Q5. Kaina Gao is reviewing a Google Sheet with thousands of cells of data from the On the Rise marketing team. It’s suggested she use a pivot table to summarize the data. Why would this be beneficial? Select all that apply.

  • The pivot table will automatically show the most important data
  • The pivot table will make it easy to display different data summaries
  • The pivot table will make creating a report simple
  • The pivot table will make efficient analysis of the data

Quiz 4: Populate data using a Google Form

Q1. Sherrie is working on a Google Sheet named “On the Rise Hiring Questionnaire”. She wants to turn the Sheet into a Google Form. How does she do this? Select the correct response.

  • She can open Google Forms, select Import, then choose “On the Rise Hiring Questionnaire”
  • She can open the Google Sheet “On the Rise Hiring Questionnaire”, then select Export, then select to Google Sheets
  • She can download the Google Sheet, then open it in Google Forms
  • She can open the Google Sheet “On the Rise Hiring Questionnaire”, then open the Tools menu, then click Create a Form

Q2. Sherrie has converted her content into a Google Form. She would like to add a new question. What does she need to do? Select the correct response.

  • Type a ? followed by the question text
  • Choose Add question from the floating toolbar to the right of the question card
  • Right-click anywhere in the form and select Add question
  • Click the Options button and select Add a new question

Q3. Sherrie wants to distribute the form so applicants can easily respond. What are some of her options? Select all that apply.

  • She can share the form link on Facebook
  • She can embed the form on
  • She can share the form link on Twitter
  • She can share the form by email

Q4. Many applicants have completed and submitted the Form. Sherrie wants to review their responses and choose top candidates to interview. How can she view the responses of each applicant, one at a time? Select the correct response.

  • She can select the Responses tab, then the Data tab
  • She can select the Responses tab, then the Individual tab
  • She can select the Responses tab, then the Summary tab
  • She can select the Responses tab, then the Question tab

More About This Course

This course expands upon a few of the ideas that were introduced in a previous Google Sheets training session.

You will learn how to apply themes in Google Sheets, as well as how to alter those themes, and you will investigate the various conditional formatting possibilities.

Excel spreadsheets have the capacity to store millions of calculations, numbers, and words. Without a summary or some kind of representation, making sense of all of that data can be a challenging task. This course examines the various choices for displaying data that are available in Google Sheets. These options include charts and pivot tables.

Google Forms are web-based questionnaires that may be used to collect information and offer the possibility of performing speedy data analysis. By either transferring the data that has been collected in a Form to a spreadsheet or building a Form based on an already existing spreadsheet, you will investigate the relationship between Forms and Sheets.

WHAT It Is That You Will Find Out

  • Utilize more complex formatting options within a Google Sheet.
  • Utilizing Google Sheets, you can carry out calculations and visualise data.
  • Build a survey using Google Forms and assemble the results.
  • Utilizing Google Sheets, find solutions to difficult business problems.


Hopefully, this article will be useful for you to find all the Week, final assessment, and Peer Graded Assessment Answers of the Google Sheets – Advanced Topics Quiz of Coursera and grab some premium knowledge with less effort. If this article really helped you in any way then make sure to share it with your friends on social media and let them also know about this amazing training. You can also check out our other course Answers. So, be with us guys we will share a lot more free courses and their exam/quiz solutions also, and follow our Techno-RJ Blog for more updates.

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