GreyCampus Fullstack Development Foundation Program Exam Answers 2021 [Latest Updated]

GreyCampus: Fullstack Development Foundation Program Exam Answers: ✅✅✅ This program is aimed at giving you a clear understanding of intermediate-level concepts in full-stack programming. This program will enable you to develop a fully functional real-world web application based on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript with a step-by-step approach that puts into practice everything you learn as part of the free Bootcamp.

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Course NameFullstack Development Foundation Program
SkillJob Skill
No Of Projects2

GreyCampus – Fullstack Development Foundation Program Answers

1. Consider the below code: Identify the correct code in order to fetch the value entered in the username text field?

< body>
< form name=”register”>
Enter username < input value=”John” id=”name”
< /form>
< /body>

  • document.getElementById (“name”).value
  • document.getElementByName (“name”).value
  • None of the above

2. What among the following is appropriate when an event occurs when the user clicks on an element?

  • onclick
  • onchange
  • onkeyup
  • onblur

3. In general, event handler is nothing but a:

  • function
  • interface
  • event
  • handler

4. Which element is at the top of the DOM tree-structure?

  • Window Object
  • Document Object
  • Form Object
  • Form Control Elements

5. How are the objects organized in the HTML DOM?

  • Class-wise
  • Queue
  • Tree-structure
  • Stack

6. The “function” and ” var” are known as:

  • Keywords
  • Data types
  • Declaration statements
  • Prototypes

7. Which of the following index refers to “cat” in array [”apple”, “ball” ,”cat” , “dog”]

  • 2
  • 3
  • -1
  • 0

8. When we assign margin-left:auto and margin-right:auto to an element, where will the element be placed :

  • Left side of the page.
  • Right side of the page.
  • Centre of the page.
  • The element from the page will be removed.

9. What is the output of this code ?

function checkAge(age) {
if (age >= 18) { return true;}
else { return (‘underaged’); } }

  • True
  • Underaged
  • Undefined
  • False

10. Which of the following is/are conditional statement(s)?

  • while
  • if-else
  • switch-case
  • Both B&C

11. Which of these is called CSS universal selector?

  • . (dot)
  • $ (dollar)
  • # (hash)
  • (star)

12. What is the output of this code? function showMessage(from, text) { console.log( from + “: ” + text ); } showMessage(“Ann”);

  • Ann : false
  • Ann : no text
  • Ann : undefined
  • Ann : Hi

13. Functions are :

  • arrays
  • objects
  • lists
  • tags

14. Which one of the following is false?

  • “let” is an additional feature of ES6
  • “const” variables once declared is immutable
  • “let” variables can be updated
  • “var” variables cannot be re-declared

15. In a 3*3 grid , which code below will select the bottom right box from your perspective?

  • grid-column:2 grid-row:1
  • grid-column:3 grid-row:3
  • grid-column:2 grid-row:2
  • grid-column:1 grid-row:3

16. Which one of the following is introduced by grid layout as additional length unit?

  • px
  • em
  • fr
  • rem

17. To create a grid container we must declare display:grid or display:inline-grid :

  • True
  • False

18. Which of the following are flex-box container properties:

  • flex-direction
  • justify-content
  • align-content
  • All of the above

19. The web design is responsive when:

  • component size and component position is fixed irrespective of screen size
  • component size is flexible and component position is fixed
  • component size is fixed and component position is dynamic(flexible)
  • Both component size and component position is dynamic respective to screen size

20. Which of the following tag is used to attach an external CSS file to HTML file?

  • ‘img’ tag
  • ‘script’ tag
  • ‘link’ tag
  • ‘style’ tag


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