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Higher Than 75 Marks

Hello Programmers/Coders, Today we are going to share solutions of Programming problems of HackerRank of Programming Language SQL. At Each Problem with Successful submission with all Test Cases Passed, you will get an score or marks. And after solving maximum problems, you will be getting stars. This will highlight your profile to the recruiters.

In this post, you will find the solution for Higher Than 75 Marks in SQL-HackerRank Problem. We are providing the correct and tested solutions of coding problems present on HackerRank. If you are not able to solve any problem, then you can take help from our Blog/website.

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Introduction To SQL

SQL stands for Structured Query Language. SQL is used to create, remove, alter the database and database objects in a database management system and to store, retrieve, update the data in a database. SQL is a standard language for creating, accessing, manipulating database management system. SQL works for all modern relational database management systems, like SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, etc.

  • It is a standard language for Relational Database System. It enables a user to create, read, update and delete relational databases and tables.
  • All the RDBMS like MySQL, Informix, Oracle, MS Access and SQL Server use SQL as their standard database language.
  • SQL allows users to query the database in a number of ways, using English-like statements.

Link for the ProblemHigher Than 75 Marks SQL – Hacker Rank Solution

Higher Than 75 Marks SQL – Hacker Rank Solution


Query the Name of any student in STUDENTS who scored higher than  Marks. Order your output by the last three characters of each name. If two or more students both have names ending in the same last three characters (i.e.: Bobby, Robby, etc.), secondary sort them by ascending ID.

Input Format

The STUDENTS table is described as follows:

Higher Than 75 Marks

 The Name column only contains uppercase (AZ) and lowercase (az) letters.

Sample Input

Higher Than 75 Marks

Sample Output



Only Ashley, Julia, and Belvet have Marks > . If you look at the last three characters of each of their names, there are no duplicates and ‘ley’ < ‘lia’ < ‘vet’.

Higher Than 75 Marks SQL – Hacker Rank Solution

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