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Hello Technocrats, Today we are going to share Hootsuite Social Marketing Certification Course Exam Answers. This certification course is totally free of cost✅✅✅ for you and available on Hootsuite Academy.

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By taking this course you’ll develop foundational social marketing skills to grow followers, engagement, and business results.

Designed and produced in consultation with social media marketing strategists and practitioners, our industry-recognized Social Marketing Certification Course give marketers practical skills they can implement and start seeing results right away.

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  • Industry-recognized certification that demonstrates your expertise with the essential elements of social marketing to clients and employers.
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Get your Hootsuite Social Marketing Certification by passing a 60-question online exam,  testing your knowledge of the core principles of social media marketing.

The exam is based exclusively on the Social Marketing training videos in this course – which cover everything from creating a social media strategy and optimizing profiles to social content marketing and audience building.

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Hootsuite Social Marketing Certification Course Exam Answers

Q.1 – You have just uploaded a 4 minute video clip into your InstagramTV (IGTV) channel. You’ve added hashtags in the description to support discoverability. What’s another tactic you could have used to surface this video to your followers? (Type 1)

(A) Send the video via Direct Message to all your followers

(B) Use the IGBoost feature to put paid advertising spend behind the IGTV video

(C) Use relevant keywords in ALL caps in the IGTV video description

(D) Share the video as a Story

Q.2 – If you encounter a question on social media channels to which you don’t have an answer, what is the best way to respond?

(A) dismissively – if you don’t know the answer to a question, it’s likely not an important concern

(B) honestly – explain you don’t have an answer, but that you’ll get back to them with it

(C) vaguely – it’s best to avoid admitting to customers that you don’t know the answer

(D) confidently – it’s best to take your best guess at an answer, and convey it with confidence

Q.3 – Which of the following would best be used to make your Instagram Story more discoverable?

(A) Adding hashtags and keywords.

(B) Using metatags and a description.

(C) Adding keywords and pins.

(D) Using branded templates and metadata.

(E) Adding a location and hashtags.

Q.4 – A benefit of using Google Ads Experience is the ___________ option, which automatically manages an ad after initial set-up by determining the most relevant targeting options.

(A) smart campaign

(B) search campaign

(C) Automation triggers

(D) video campaign

(E) universal app campaign

Q.5 – Brand voice/persona should be developed after your social strategy has been implemented for 6 months to see what kind of voice/persona occurs naturally.

(A) True

(B) False

Q.6 – Once you’ve onboarded a participant into the brand advocacy program, focus on keeping and growing their commitment and cultivating enthusiasm. At the start, check in periodically to make sure your new advocate is engaged and committed. ______________ check ins are a good rhythm.

(A) 1, 3, 6 month

(B) 30, 60, and 90 day

(C) 5, 15, 60 day

(D) 3, 6, 9 month

Q.7 – Let’s say you’re looking to increase the visibility of your company blog. What, in addition to SEO tactics, could you do to make it easy for people to organically find your previously published posts?

(A) Link internally to previously published blog posts

(B) Paid Boost via Google AdWords for underperforming posts

(C) None of these

(D) Embed pixels into all old blog posts

(E) Hire a skywriter and graffiti artist

(F) Email a blog link to all captured leads

(G) Republish old articles with different headlines

Q.8 – When optimizing your YouTube page, use_______________________ for grouping together relevant videos so viewers progress naturally from video to video, thus generating more views through their session.

(A) recommended content

(B) Libraries

(C) Suggestions

(D) Playlists

(E) cascades

Q.9 – When editing a photo in the Instagram app, which filter would you use to darken the edges of the photo so the viewer’s eye is drawn to the centre?

(A) Highlights

(B) Sharpen

(C) Vignette

(D) Structure

(E) Focus Tool

Q.10 – When composing photos to share on your social channels, a best practice is to balance the elements of your photo along 3 sections. This is described as:

(A) Triplets

(B) Asymmetry

(C) 3X3

(D) Symmetry

(E) The Rule of Thirds

Q.11 – A practical benefit of ________________is that it requires little in the way of resources which can be helpful for organizations that don’t have a dedicated content team, but that still want to position themselves as trusted advisors in their industry.

(A) Auto-Generated Content

(B) Created Content

(C) Promoted Content

(D) Amplified Content

(E) Curated Content

(F) Verified Content

Q.12 – When announcing an employee advocacy program, it’s important to reinforce why sharing content on behalf of an employer is in the employee’s self-interest. Employee advocates can showcase their engagement by sharing content that portrays the organization in a positive light, thereby ________________________.

(A) getting more followers on their social channels

(B) differentiating themselves as a dedicated performer within the organization

(C) portraying the organization as a great place to work benefiting from brand rub

(D) supporting the organization’s business interests

(E) displaying the degree of their brand affinity

Q.13 – Which of the following IS a component of a social media strategy?

(A) Designing email campaigns

(B) Organization of networking events

(C) Crisis Management Plan

(D) Prospecting Strategy for Sales Leads

(E) Website Maintenance

Q.14 – Since a business cannot follow their Facebook followers directly, it’s important to build a community and demonstrate customer care by _______________.

(A) sharing lots of new content and promotional materials each day

(B) responding to questions and comments from customers on your Facebook post’s comment threads quickly and thoughtfully

(C) all of these

(D) requesting to follow your business’ Facebook followers from your own personal account

(E) sending each new follower a standardized, formal Facebook message to thank them

Q.15 – If you’re running a Facebook or Instagram campaign and need sophisticated targeting and budgeting options, which would be the best tool to use.

(A) Ad Experience

(B) Ads Dashboard on your Business Page

(C) Help Center

(D) Marketplace

(E) Ads Manager

Q.16 – Your profile picture should be easily recognizable, even at ________ size. Your _________ is usually the best choice.

(A) thumbnail; products page

(B) thumbnail; logo

(C) Pixel; landing page

(D) Billboard size; logo

(E) thumbnail; thumbprint

Q.17 – When pitching your budget to decision makers, focus on conveying two things: First, demonstrate ROI from the current year, and second:

(A) highlight shortcomings caused by lack of budget in the previous year.

(B) showcase your top performing content from the previous fiscal year.

(C) emphasize how much more efficient your team is with resources than the company as a whole.

(D) emphasize how much your team deserves, given how hard they work.

(E) showcase the value of the initiatives, campaigns, and goals you have in mind for the coming year.

Q.18 – You’re a social media manager for a hotel chain that’s planning a campaign to raise awareness about a new hotel location. Which of the following are examples of S.M.A.R.T. objectives that could support an awareness campaign like this? (PICK TWO)

(A) Schedule 2 tweets per day for 1 month, containing beautiful images of the region around the hotel.

(B) Experiment with 3rd Party Software Tools.

(C) Engage a certain number of local social media influencers to post about their experiences with the hotel in Q1.

(D) Boost 5 Facebook Posts about the hotel that are already performing well organically.

(E) Drive a certain number of mentions of a relevant branded hashtag in the first two 2 months following the opening.

Q.19 – Instagram lets you post photos as portrait, landscape, or square. Why is it a good idea to take your photos in the format/orientation you intend to post them in?

(A) Cropped images are deprioritized by Instagram’s algorithm.

(B) The resolution Instagram allows is lower when images are cropped.

(C) This practice makes photos easier to edit.

(D) So you can better compose all the elements in the shot.

(E) all of the options in this list

Q.20 – A good first step to connecting with influencers is to:

(A) Send a formal email explaining your product and asking them to share it with their networks

(B) Tweet each influencer you’d like to attract every day for a minimum of 3 weeks

(C) Wait until your product is successful and the influencers come to you

(D) Start building a relationship by engaging with the content they share

Q.21 – Let’s say you want to create an Instagram ad, and want a high degree of control over budget, targeting, and creative. Which is the best method/tool to use?

(A) Boosting Options in the Instagram App

(B) Google Ad Words

(C) LinkedIn Ads Manager

(D) Instagram Ads Manager

(E) Facebook Ads Manager

Q.22 – Identify the order of the elements below that most accurately reflects their relationship to each other.

(A) Departmental Goals, Organizational Goals, KPIs, Social Media Goals, Social Media Objectives

(B) Organizational Goals, Social Media Objectives, Social Media Goals, Social Tactics, Departmental Goals

(C) Social Tactics, Social Media Objectives, Social Media Goals, Departmental Goals, Organizational Goals

(D) Social Media Goals, Social Media Objectives, KPIs, Organizational Goals, Departmental Goals

(E) Organization Goals, Departmental Goals, Social Media Goals, Social Media Objectives, Social Media Tactics

Q.23 – The value of social advertising lies in the large audience size your company has the potential to reach and the ______________ social ad platforms offer.

(A) negative SEO benefits

(B) integration with print and TV campaigns

(C) finely tuned targeting capabilities

(D) collaborative relationships

Q.24 – A social media policy is intended to:

(A) mandate the required amount of social media promotion employees must do on the behalf of the company

(B) provide guidelines for appropriate and inappropriate use of social media by company employees

(C) outline what social media strategies and tactics that will be pursued in the coming year

(D) outline the ways in which sales and marketing activities will support social media initiatives in the coming year

Q.25 – Branded hashtags work best on the following platforms:

(A) Twitter and Pinterest

(B) Instagram and Twitter

(C) Facebook and Twitter

(D) Facebook and Instagram

Q.26 – When taking photos using your phone, why is it important to tap the subject of the photo on the screen before taking the picture?

(A) To properly bring the subject into focus.

(B) To balance the colours.

(C) To sharpen the background.

(D) To soften and enlarge the subject.

Q.27 – A best practice for optimizing your video content for Facebook engagement is to:

(A) place your CTA right at the beginning

(B) all the options in this list

(C) use the landscape format

(D) include captions and text overlays

(E) make videos longer, so followers can “lean back” to watch

Q.28 – If you have a Facebook Business page, you can also create and manage ______________ ads through the Facebook advertising platform.

(A) LinkedIn

(B) Tumblr

(C) Instagram

(D) Google+

(E) Pinterest

Q.29 – Which of these is NOT a best practice for sharing content on social media?

(A) encourage employees to share content on their social profiles

(B) brainstorm headlines and captions that are clear and attention-grabbing

(C) incorporate visual content into your posts when possible vary your content

(D) use tools to pre-schedule or auto-schedule your messages

(E) re-post content frequently so it can be seen at the optimal times in every timezone

Q.30 – If you are regularly posting content to multiple social networks, an important rule of thumb is to _____________.

(A) none of the above

(B) tailor messages to the unique strengths of each platform, where possible

(C) post the message at differing times on each network to avoid being penalized by Google

(D) use exactly the same wording to maintain consistency of voice

(E) post a message on all platforms at the same time to make gathering metrics more accurate

Q.31 – You should use the 3 R’s, Relevance, Reach, and Resonance, to help you evaluate advocacy candidates. Resonance refers to ________________.

(A) the amount of interesting content, such as gifs, that they use

(B) the level of engagement they have with their audience

(C) the number of languages they can communicate in the amount of re-tweets they get

(D) the amount of times per day they post to social media networks

Q.32 – If you want to run a paid advertisement that appears across a wide variety of websites, videos, and mobile apps, your best choice is:

(A) Twitter Ad Cards

(B) Facebook Ads Manager

(C) Google Ads Experience

(D) YouTube’s Video Ads Manager

Q.33 – Which of these is NOT a best practice for increasing engagement on Pinterest?

(A) use video content whenever possible

(B) use Rich Pins to provide extra information

(C) include relevant keywords in your pin description

(D) use multiple boards around distinct and separate themes

(E) space your posts through the week

Q.34 – When engaging with your community, it’s important to keep your ___________ in mind and let it guide your response.

(A) brand’s voice and mission

(B) Personality

(C) sales pitch

(D) conversion goals

(E) organization’s KPIs

Q.35 – Instagram doesn’t offer many options for formatting your bio within the app, but there is a workaround for adding line breaks to your bio description to make it easier to read. Which of the following best describes this workaround?

(A) Draft your bio using the notes app on your device, then paste your formatted copy into the bio field.

(B) Hold down the shift key when you’re drafting your bio.

(C) Insert a period in its own line between two blocks of text.

(D) To start a new line in your bio, hit the space bar 5 times quickly.

(E) Insert a forward slash and backslash in between the blocks of text requiring a line break.

Q.36 – Public Twitter Lists are best used to follow:

(A) brand mentions

(B) Competitors

(C) industry influencers

(D) keywords

Q.37 – If you’re new to Twitter and want to grow your audience using paid advertisements, what campaign type would work best?

(A) Twitter Ad Card

(B) Conversion

(C) Awareness

(D) Followers

(E) Tweet Engagement

Q.38 – LinkedIn offers a type of paid advertising where a post is promoted in your target audience’s HomeFeed, but is NOT published on your LinkedIn Homepage.

(A) lead ads

(B) direct sponsored content

(C) dynamic content

(D) dynamic ads

(E) sponsored content

Q.39 – When broadcasting live on social, keep in mind that the best broadcasts are ones that feel like a conversation between brand and viewer. Unlike other forms of social video, you’ll get more views and engagement if your video ________________.

(A) uses unusual lighting and sound effects.

(B) is full of interesting transitions and editing techniques.

(C) includes a pdf attachment with details from the broadcast.

(D) is short and action packed.

(E) is longer and repeats key points.

Q.40 – _______________ let you segment your company offerings by target market and are a great way to focus on different products separately so you can modify positioning and messaging.

(A) LinkedIn Products and Services Tabs

(B) LinkedIn Featured Products

(C) LinkedIn Groups

(D) LinkedIn Showcase pages

Q.41 – A key tool to achieving your social marketing goals is a strong ___________ which acts as a game plan for coordinating, creating, and distributing your organization’s _________.

(A) ads platform; banner ads

(B) advocate relationship program; brand goals

(C) content strategy; content

(D) messaging interface; key messages

(E) none of these

(F) social media strategy; mission

Q.42 – _______________would involve serving messages and content organically through your organization’s official social channels.

(A) ARPU levers

(B) Owned tactics

(C) Conversion channels

(D) Top of Funnel media properties

(E) None of these

(F) All of these

Q.43 – On your Facebook Business page, which feature would you use to provide your followers with the ability to shop now, sign up, or contact your organization?

(A) instant conversion

(B) ‘featured likes’ column

(C) call-to-action button

(D) Like-gating

(E) third party app integration

Q.44 – With respect to content calendar for social media, why is it a best practice to keep a larger monthly calendar with general information about upcoming launches and big events that impact your content strategy, as well as a detailed weekly calendar with specific copy and assets?

(A) To prevent all of your content data from being stored in the same place.

(B) To allow for more accurate social media budgeting projections.

(C) To more easily track the ROI of your social media content program.

(D) To make keeping track of ad spend and budgeting easier and more efficient.

(E) To more easily identify the tools and vendors that will need to be engaged.

(F) To allow yourself flexibility to accommodate new social media trends that might appear unexpectedly.

Q.45 – Which of the following is NOT a reason an organization would use the Instagram Stories feature?

(A) So that posts don’t show on your main Instagram profile

(B) To allow in the moment posting and live broadcasting

(C) To share content in a separate section of the app

(D) To keep a permanent record of shared content

(E) To avoid cluttering the newsfeeds of your followers

Q.46 – What element of a crisis management plan defines the process that should unfold once an issue or crisis is identified? Hint: it also includes information about team members who should be engaged, when to pause publishing activities, and who decides when a crisis is over and normal social media operations can resume?

(A) Conditional (“If-Then”) Branches

(B) Decision Tree

(C) Venn Diagram

(D) None of these

(E) Flow Chart

(F) Hypothetical Imperatives

Q.47 – Why is it important for social media managers to share insights into the performance of content shared on social media channels with individuals or teams within the organization responsible for creating branded content?

(A) These insights show which networks content should be posted on.

(B) These insights ensure content is never repeated.

(C) These insights can influence new content being created.

(D) These insights prove what a great job you’ve done promoting content.

Q.48 – When drafting the bio section of a social profile, keep in mind that only the first ____________ will appear to customers in search engine results, so be sure to convey the most important information first.

(A) 140 characters

(B) 120 characters

(C) 200 characters

(D) 60 words

(E) 140 words

Q.49 – ________________ increase the efficiency and effectiveness of social marketing tactics. Examples include Upcontent, Right Relevance, BuzzSumo and Hootsuite.

(A) None of these

(B) Social Media Agencies

(C) HTML Markup Tools

(D) Native social networks

(E) 3rd Party Software Tools

(F) Social Marketing Consultancies

Q.50 – _______________ have become increasingly important because of the decline of organic views AND because of the overall increase in the volume of content being published on social channels.

(A) Earned Goals

(B) Top of Funnel Conversions

(C) Influencer Strategies

(D) Paid Tactics

(E) Enterprise Tactics

(F) Owned Strategies

Q.51 – The __________________ feature on Twitter is a great way to surface trending content, because it lets you save multiple searches using relevant keywords, hashtags, applicable sentiment.

(A) Influencer Search

(B) SearchLight

(C) Deep Search

(D) Meta Search

(E) Advanced Search

Q.52 – Content curation involves gathering and evaluating pieces of media from respected sources, and then sharing the most valuable gems with your audience. But modern social media professionals in larger organizations also need to gather, evaluate and share relevant content produced ___________.

(A) in other industries

(B) in print form

(C) within their organization

(D) by their competitors

(E) in previous decades

(F) none of these

Q.53 – When creating content for YouTube, keep your videos shareable, accessible, and discoverable by using:

(A) popular snippets from popular videos, and recognizable songs creative commons licensing and URL parameters

(B) high quality thumbnails, well written titles and descriptions, and relevant metatags

(C) all the options available to you under Monetization settings URL parameters, video cards, and clickable overlays

Q.54 – When dealing with negative sentiment, you should:

(A) Ignore it, the customer will probably forget about it

(B) Check to see if the customer’s problem is the company’s fault. If not, let them know

(C) Address it quickly, and take the conversation to private messaging as needed

(D) Ask your brand advocates to target the customers message with hostile replies

Q.55 – Which two of the following are not key components of a Social Media Content Strategy (PICK TWO):

(A) list of content-specific goals and objectives

(B) target audience identified by platform

(C) Brand Voice and Persona

(D) Specifications for Profile Optimization

(E) plans for the distribution of your content

(F) research and analysis of current content reception and strategy

Q.56 – Brand advocates are:

(A) dedicated fans with whom you should build closer relationships

(B) short terms employees brought on to create a large volume of positive online content about your brand

(C) paid members of the public, recruited and coached on what to say about your company in other online communities

(D) none of the above

Q.57 – Under Facebook’s Page settings, you can control whether the public can:

(A) tag your photos

(B) post to your page

(C) reach out to you via private message

(D) all of the above

Q.58 – On Instagram, a great way to track key influencers and brand advocates to ensure you’re engaging with their content is to:

(A) to Add the Instagram widget to the RSS feed in your Browser

(B) set up private Lists so you can better monitor their activity

(C) select “Turn on Post Notifications” for a user’s post, in the feed

(D) start a Notes document to keep track of their handles, and then make a point of visiting their profiles regularly

Q.59 – When editing photos within the Instagram app, which filter would best be used to intensify the colours of an image?

(A) Contrast

(B) Highlights

(C) Structure

(D) Saturation

(E) Brightness

Q.60 – What is a unique feature of an Instagram Business account versus a Personal Account?

(A) Your posts will be prioritized in your followers’ newsfeeds.

(B) You can include at least one contact option, in the form of an email, phone number, or street address.

(C) You can delete comments left on your posts.

(D) You receive 5 free boosted posts per month.

(E) They allow you to send private messages to your entire follower list.

Q.61 – A social media audit would typically NOT include:

(A) KPIs, goals and objectives for the coming year

(B) an itemized list of current social media networks and their activity rates

(C) information about what your competitors are doing

(D) follower counts per social network

Q.62 – On Instagram, what are Highlights?

(A) The most popular content, automatically curated from accounts you follow.

(B) The most popular, trending videos on IGTV.

(C) A collection of Stories, that you curate, that don’t disappear after 24 hours.

(D) An automatically generated collage that includes your most popular images for the previous 30 days.

Q.63 – In Instagram Stories, you can add up to 10 text hashtags, to support discoverability. What are two techniques you could use the maximum number of hashtags while avoiding a cluttered look? (PICK TWO)

(A) Use line breaks to hide them at the bottom of the post’s description.

(B) Include them only in the Story’s metadata.

(C) Place a sticker overtop to hide them.

(D) Camouflage them by colour matching the text with a background colour.

(E) Add them to a comment in the comments section of the Story.

Q.64 – When running an employee advocacy program, eventually you’ll need to pull data to demonstrate the program’s effectiveness. Which of the following is not a common metric that program managers will look at?

(A) % decrease in cost per click and cost per impression

(B) social reach, which is a measure of the volume of content being shared to all different social networks

(C) website traffic resulting from employee shares, which can be measured through the use of UTM links

(D) new employee recruitment and sales leads generated

(E) advocate engagement, which is measured by weekly and monthly active participants

Q.65 – Cover photos have a prominent location in your social media profiles, so you should use this space strategically – for example, it’s a great place to ____________________.

(A) announce new product releases or generate interest in upcoming events

(B) put your company logo

(C) display a professional headshot

(D) serve up Display Ads

(E) highlight CTAs (Call-to-Action)

(F) showcase Buy Buttons for new products

Q.66 – When drafting your social media posts, always aim to end them with a clear:

(A) buy now button

(B) call for attention

(C) outline of a product or service

(D) cry for attention

(E) call-to-action

Q.67 – When plotting out the content mix for your upcoming social media publishing schedule, promotional content about your organization shouldn’t exceed _______________ of your overall content mix.

(A) Roughly half your content

(B) None

(C) Roughly 2/3rds

(D) Roughly 1/3rd

Q.68 – A social media manager for Athene Suites Hotels has gathered hundreds of vacation photos submitted by followers of the organization’s Instagram account. The best of these photos will be posted on the channel in an upcoming campaign that celebrates customers. Which term best describes these photos:

(A) Visually Curated Media

(B) Follower Based Content

(C) User-discovered Media

(D) User-generated content

(E) Audience curated images

Q.69 – When thinking about influencers you’d like to attract to your brand’s community, what is the most important criteria to think about?

(A) Their sum total of followers, friends etc.

(B) Someone whose remuneration requirements are within the allotted budget in your social media strategy

(C) Someone who has expressed distaste for your competitors

(D) Someone who can contribute their trusted insight to your community

Q.70 – Carrying out social media marketing without a ______________ could result in posts that are unbalanced in tone, subject matter, or purpose. Organizations without this plan will find it more difficult to achieve social media goals and maintain an effective cadence with their posts.

(A) Influencer Strategy

(B) Advocate Strategy

(C) Content Strategy

(D) Paid Strategy

(E) Earned Strategy

Q.71 – The key question you want to keep in mind while undertaking a social media audit is: “What value is your organization adding to your customers through social media now vs. _______________?”

(A) the value your customers are providing to you

(B) the value you want to be adding

(C) the number of followers you gain per quarter

(D) the amount you spent acquiring them

(E) the maximum revenue you can extract from customers in exchange

Q.72 – When it comes to creating video for your social channels, which of the following is NOT a best practice?

(A) When editing, consider adding subtitles or descriptive text to your videos.

(B) Film in landscape mode generally, but portrait mode when filming for Instagram Stories or Snapchat

(C) Since video will be consumed on mobile, record videos using mobile as well.

(D) Invest in professional video editing tools such as Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere

(E) Shoot your video from different angles, and film additional “B-roll” footage

Q.73 – Why should Social Media managers begin the budgeting process for their social marketing program well before final budget numbers are settled?

(A) Because there will likely be other projects that arise and it’s important to leave yourself enough time to complete a budget before the end of Q4.

(B) So that you can get your budget requests in early so that your requests are prioritized over other teams.

(C) Because social managers are often overwhelmed with tactics and campaigns at the end of the year.

(D) Vacations around Thanksgiving and Christmas often make it difficult to get the data needed in time for final budget submissions.

(E) To make the most persuasive and data-driven case possible for influencing how much will be awarded.

Q.74 – A key part of running a business blog is ensuring its content is easily discoverable. Make sure all your posts are ________________ by incorporating keywords into the title, subheadings, and body of your post, as well as the URL.

(A) Flesch-Kincaid Optimized

(B) None of these

(C) SEO friendly

(D) Black Hat Optimized

(E) Net-Neutral

(F) Search Boosted

Q.75 – Which of these is NOT a best practice for increasing engagement on LinkedIn posts?

(A) post content regularly

(B) name the professions you want to target in the post’s copy

(C) include 10+ hashtags in your posts

(D) add visual content to your posts

(E) upload your videos directly into LinkedIn

Q.76 – Your social content strategies should vary by network. For example, your post frequency and volume can be much larger on _________ than other networks. This makes ___________ a great place to post the same piece of content multiple times and recycle evergreen content.

(A) LinkedIn

(B) Instagram

(C) Twitter

(D) Facebook

(E) MySpace

Q.77 – If you’re editing a photo in the Instagram app, and need the bright areas of the image to be brighter without affect the dark areas, which filter would you use?

(A) Highlights

(B) Contrast

(C) Fade

(D) Saturation

(E) Brightness

(F) Colour

Q.78 – Tools like Hootsuite Amplify can make running an employee advocacy program easier by allowing you to ______________.

(A) monitor program participation

(B) monitor metrics like most shared content or most active advocate

(C) provide company news and content that can be shared to advocates social networks with a single tap

(D) give advocates daily updates of relevant news articles that they should share

(E) none of these

(F) all of these

Q.79 – One benefit to having an employee advocacy program is that social network algorithms generally ____________.

(A) all of the above

(B) prioritize messages from organizations over those sent by individuals

(C) prioritize messages sent by individuals when they are formally linked to organizations with verified accounts

(D) Boost the SEO rankings of organizations whose employees regularly share their content

(E) none of the above

(F) prioritize messages from individuals over those sent by organizations

Q.80 – Identifying and defining _______________for the calendar year is essential when planning your social media activity.

(A) Retweets

(B) social media policy

(C) all of the above

(D) key dates and timelines

(E) brand voice

Q.81 – What are the length restrictions when posting video content to the main feed of your Instagram account?

(A) 1 second to 15 seconds

(B) 3 seconds to 60 seconds

(C) 2 seconds to 5 minutes

(D) 1 second to 30 seconds

(E) 5 seconds to 2 minutes

Q.82 – LinkedIn offers a unique type of paid advertising, where you can send targeted, customized messages to users’ LinkedIn inboxes, where it appears alongside other direct messages. This ad type is called:

(A) Inbox Conversions and Awareness

(B) Sponsored InMail

(C) Personalized Messaging

(D) Direct Message Ads

(E) Dynamic Ads

Q.83 – You should keep the information on your LinkedIn profile fairly sparse so people are compelled to navigate to your website for more information about your company.

(A) False

(B) True

Q.84 – Social media tactics tend to fall into 3 categories:

(A) Paid, Owned, Earned

(B) Aimed, Taught, Bought

(C) Earned, Borrowed, Acquired

(D) Earned, Influenced, Purchased

Q.85 – An example of an “earned” social media tactic:

(A) generating positive conversations on social around your products or services

(B) sparking word of mouth recommendations from previous customers

(C) forging mutually beneficial influencer relationships

(D) all of the above

(E) encouraging employees to amplify your organization’s social content on their personal social channels.

Q.86 – If you’re using paid advertisements on Twitter, and want more people to see your tweets, what’s the best campaign type to use:

(A) Conversion

(B) Twitter Ad Card

(C) Followers

(D) Tweet Engagement

(E) Awareness

Q.87 – In order to cement positive relationships with your brand advocates on Twitter, you should:

(A) engage with their online content and give public shout outs to recognize their support

(B) empower them to unfavorably review competitors products in a public form (e.g., Yelp)

(C) provide an honorarium for each positive mention they make about your brand

(D) offer to employ negative SEO practices to help them move their business interests forward

Q.88 – Community building on LinkedIn by organizations with LinkedIn Pages can be grouped into three main categories:

(A) Hosting Live networking events with LinkedIn Live, coordinating in-person events with LinkedIn’s Invites feature and publishing industry relevant blog articles.

(B) Building LinkedIn Groups, leveraging the ‘Threads’ feature in Direct Messages, and hosting Live networking events with LinkedIn Live.

(C)Using targeted advertising to boost Likes on your published content, interacting in the comments section of content published by your competitors, publishing Thought Leadership pieces in the LinkedIn Blog.

(D) Establishing an employee network, growing followers of your LinkedIn Page, and building active LinkedIn Groups.

Q.89 – To grow your community on Twitter, it is suggested that you should:

(A) Tweet everyone you know in your industry who might like your products

(B) Follow every person who has ever mentioned your company name

(C) Monitor conversations related to your industry and follow people whose interests align with what your community offers

(D) Twitter should not be used for community building

Q.90 – A social media content calendar should be broken down into 2 major sections: Your __________ which could contain items such as campaign starts, influencer takeovers, and new blog posts, and a more fine-grained ______________ which could be a detailed schedule of every post for each of your social networks.

(A) larger monthly calendar; weekly calendar

(B) industry calendar; weekly schedule

(C) weekly calendar; post-by-post spreadsheet

(D) content strategy; hourly schedule

(E) social media strategy; evergreen content list none of these

Q.91 – Instant Experience is a paid advertising feature on Instagram, configured to show media, display a storefront, complete a form, or explore lifestyle images with tagged products. To use Instant Experience, you’ll need to create your ad in _____________.

(A) Facebook

(B) Google Ads

(C) the Instagram app

(D) Instagram Desktop

(E) Hootsuite Ads

Q.92 – Social media objectives should:

(A) flow from, and directly support, social media tactics

(B) adhere to the S.M.A.R.T. framework (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Resourced, Time-bound)

(C) adhere to the CCAF framework: context, challenge, activity, feedback

(D) be finalized early, so marketing goals can be designed around them

(E) be independent of competing marketing and organizational goals

Q.93 – The best method for determining future social media targets is to establish benchmarks. You can do this by __________________.

(A) extrapolating data from past efforts to estimate future success

(B) summing the anticipated revenue accruing from this year’s social media objectives

(C) taking your organization’s net revenue and dividing it by revenue directly attributable to social media channels

(D) asking competitors to share their analytics reports so that you have a frame of reference

(E) making an educated guess based on the phases of the moon

(F) Upload benchmark reports from Google Analytics into your organization’s CRM

Q.94 – ______________________ are a YouTube feature that show up at the end of your video and can be used to lead visitors to a landing page once they have finished watching it.

(A) Caption Files

(B) Channel Trailers

(C) Metatags

(D) Video Cards

(E) Landing Page Re-directs

Q.95 – Which of the following statements describes a best practice regarding your Facebook page profile picture?

(A) Keep your profile picture consistent

(B) Change it every day to keep your followers interested

(C) Change once a week and use random images to create visual interest

(D) Change it strategically to match your current campaigns

Q.96 – The Facebook page moderation feature:

(A) none of the above

(B) prevents a user from posting too many comments on your wall

(C) prevents comments that contain certain words from being posted

(D) prevents a user from expressing negative sentiment about your brand

Q.97 – Organizations should have a Crisis Management Plan for social media. This plan should identify the keywords, hashtags, etc. that should be continually monitored, to proactively identify external issues before they spiral into a crisis. This component of a Crisis Management Plan is referred to as a _________.

(A) Social Surveillance Best Practices

(B) Social Search Streams

(C) Social Media Monitoring Strategy

(D) Brand Awareness

(E) Social Media Listening Techniques

Q.98 – Scope, Process for Creating and Updating Documentation, Approvals + Operational Considerations, Social Media Policy, and Education and Training are the 5 constituent parts of what?

(A) Social Media Objectives

(B) Social Media Policy

(C) Social Media Strategies

(D) Social Media Governance

(E) Social Media Guidelines

Q.99 – Let’s say you’re a Social Marketer, and you’re about to start curating content for your organization. You’re looking for tools that will help make this job more efficient and effective. Which of the following is NOT a feature you would generally look for in such a tool?

(A) Provides content insights into what’s performing best in your industry

(B) Search for relevant conversations happening on Twitter

(C) Receive lists of content and Twitter Influencers

(D) Search for popular articles that are trending on social

(E) List of topics to avoid sharing

Q.100 – Your Social Media Content Strategy should flow naturally from your _________________________.

(A) Internal Requests

(B) Social Media Management Platform

(C) Content Creation Bandwidth

(D) Social Media Strategy and objectives

(E) Content Curation Tools and Tactics

Q.101 – Private Twitter Lists are a great way to _________.

(A) engage with industry influencers

(B) maintain lists of relevant keywords

(C) use relevant industry Twitter accounts to influence your SEO

(D) keep up with competitors’ content without publicly following them

Q.102 – To take full advantage of your Twitter Media Gallery, ensure that you’ve uploaded a minimum of:

(A) 6 photos or videos

(B) 8 videos and 3 photos

(C) 2 private Twitter lists

(D) 1 Tweet button to each of your web properties

Q.103 – On Snapchat, a great way to generate buzz and encourage your followers to amplify your brand, is by creating image overlays referred to as __________.

(A) Auto-Enhance

(B) Photo Layers

(C) LensFilter

(D) Image Boost

(E) Map lenses

(F) Brandfilters

(G) Geofilters

Q.104 – When it comes to content marketing on social media, research is the key to understanding what content will resonate with your audience. Begin by looking at your Social Media Audit, and then use network-specific tools such as_______________ and ________________to identify your audience demographics by network.

(A) Twitter Demographic Analytics; Facebook Geo-Targets

(B) Snapchat Biographies; Twitter Lists

(C) Facebook’s Audience Insights; Twitter Analytics

(D) Instagram Stories; LinkedIn Demographics

(E) Instagram Market Insights; Twitter People Metrics

(F) Instagram Post-Locator; Facebook People Manager

Q.105 – Before launching a paid social advertising campaign it’s best to have:

(A) a very niche audience, an idea of what you want the campaign to achieve, and one high quality ad

(B) clear business objectives, a well defined target audience, multiple ad variations

(C) multiple business objectives, a large audience, multiple ad variations

(D) at least three marketing objectives that need to be supported in order to take advantage of volume pricing

Q.106 – Individual Instagram Stories have a limit of 15 seconds for video content. However, using Instagram’s segments tool, you can record a longer video. The Segments tool then automatically splices this longer video into 15 second segments, that will play consecutively for your viewers. To do this, simply:

(A) Upload the longer video into the bulk uploader.

(B) Add the longer video segment into a branded template.

(C) Hold down the record button for the duration of your take.

(D) Enable ‘Segments’ under ‘Story Settings’.

Q.107 – You are taking photos for Instagram, using your phone’s camera, and lighting conditions are not optimal (too bright or too dark). What is the best way to compensate for this, before taking your photo?

(A) Turn HDR off and enable the flash.

(B) Turn on the manual focus and adjust the contrast setting.

(C) Tap on your subject and adjust the exposure slider onscreen.

(D) Enable the 4K feature which will automatically adjust brightness.

Q.108 – When taking photos for your social channels (e.g., Instagram) you can add depth, by using roads, buildings, or bridges to create a pathway that leads the viewer’s eye to a single spot. This is best described as:

(A) 3D Technique

(B) planar scaling

(C) depth illusion

(D) grid planing

(E) leading lines

Q.109 – If you are creating an Instagram Story, with the purpose of gathering audience insights, which would be the best feature to use?

(A) Story Insights

(B) Branded templates

(C) Geo-targeting

(D) Audience Insights plug-in

(E) A question sticker or poll

Q.110 – When it comes to building community, which of the following is not a form of engagement?:

(A) discussions around shared content

(B) customer support queries

(C) geo-targeted posts and tweets

(D) responding to positive and negative sentiment

Q.111 – Partnerships with complementary business whose audience shares values with yours are:

(A) not recommended because of the potential for future market overlap

(B) an efficient way seize market share from competitors

(C) risky and unstable because businesses frequently pivot their community strategies

(D) a powerful way to grow your community

Q.112 – When you’ve been successful in building a community that is well-acquainted with your brand and products it can become self-monitoring. This means when a question arises:

(A) community members may pipe in with an answer, thereby reducing the resources you dedicate to customer support

(B) it’s an indication that your community building efforts were not as robust as they could have been

(C) you can rely on the community space to provide answers, moderate discussions and correct any misinformation without supervision

(D) it should be viewed as a qualified sales lead and funnelled immediately to the sales team

Q.113 – Research shows that most Facebook users are on mobile, and engagement declines dramatically with longer posts. A rule of thumb, you should aim to write posts that are around ________.

(A) 140 characters

(B) 280 characters

(C) 50-60 characters

(D) 480 characters

Q.114 – Which of these is NOT a part of a Social Media Strategy?

(A) Social Media Audit

(B) Budget, Tactics, and Tools

(C) Social Media Goals and Objectives

(D) Crisis Management Plan

(E) Prospecting Strategy for Sales Leads

Q.115 – When optimizing your social media profiles, be sure to provide a consistent business description across all channels. Brainstorm a handful of essential and _____________ keywords that describe your company, and incorporate them into the copy of your About sections.

(A) Networked

(B) Trademarked

(C) SEO-friendly

(D) Multi-syllabic

(E) Backlinked

Q.116 – You have just uploaded a 4 minute video clip into your InstagramTV (IGTV) channel. You’ve added hashtags in the description to support discoverability. What’s another tactic you could have used to surface this video to your followers?

(A) Use the IGBoost feature to put paid advertising spend behind the IGTV video.

(B) Send the video via Direct Message to all your followers.

(C) Use relevant keywords in ALL caps in the IGTV video description.

(D) Enable automatic publishing of a 60-second preview of the video in your feed.

Q.117 – To place a video ad over YouTube videos, which option would you choose?

(A) A video ad card through Twitter Ads

(B) A video campaign through YouTube’s Creator Studio

(C) A video campaign through Google Ad Experience

(D) A video ad-type through Facebook Ads Manager

Q.118 – Instagram allows you to include clickable links in the following area(s):

(A) website field

(B) custom location and website fields

(C) website and bio fields

(D) website field, captions, comments, and username field

Q.119 – To ensure your brand is being represented in the best light on Instagram, and to discover content from your customers, you should keep an eye on _____________.

(A) Your Instagram Insights metrics

(B) Your connected business accounts section

(C) Trending Instagram hashtags such as #TBT posts

(D) The comments section of boosted posts

(E) Photos in which your organization has been tagged

Q.120 – When buying an ad for Instagram or Facebook, begin by selecting the ___________ that most closely matches your business needs.

(A) ‘Tactic’

(B) ‘Automation Triggers’

(C) ‘Objective’

(D) ‘Mission’

(E) ‘Strategy’

Q.121 – When running a paid ad on Facebook, which of the following is NOT a placement option.

(A) the Feed

(B) Stories

(C) in-stream videos

(D) Messenger

(E) Marketplace

(F) the right hand column

(G) Facebook Groups

Q.122 – When planning out your YouTube publishing schedule, stick to _______________ ______________, as well as a predictable publishing schedule so your subscribers know when to look forward to your next video and what to expect.

(A) re-sharing curated content

(B) a flashy production style and highly variable publishing times a variable length and production style

(C) self-promotional content

(D) a consistent length and production quality

Q.123 – Shared content can be categorised into two main categories: Curated, which is content gathered from trusted sources relevant to your industry, and ________________, which is content produced within your organization including items like blog articles, white papers, infographics, guides, and visuals.

(A) Published

(B) Curated

(C) Created

(D) Amplified

(E) Promoted

(F) Verified

Q.124 – Let’s say you’re evaluating a customer of your organization as a potential brand advocate. In addition to the three R’s, what’s another criteria you could use to determine whether this person would represent your organization well?

(A) brand affinity

(B) political values

(C) influencer connections

(D) brand rub

(E) number of followers

(F) all of these

Q.125 – Brand Advocacy programs should contain 4 components: Program goals, criteria for selection, a plan for onboarding, and finally, ____________.

(A) a database of advocate’s social media handles and passwords

(B) a metrics and Reporting Game Plan

(C)a compensation plan for advocates

(D) a plan for continued engagement

(E) a geographic advocate acquisition strategy


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