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HubSpot Digital Advertising Certification Exam Answers 2021

Q.1 – True or false: Digital advertising is a targeted, data-driven advertising strategy for reaching consumers online at every stage of the buyer’s journey.

(A) True

(B) False

Q.2 – What Is A Benefit Of Using Digital Advertising In Conjunction With Organic Marketing Efforts? Select All That Apply.

(A) Remarket to existing contacts and website visitors

(B) Use analytics to better understand your audiences across platforms

(C) Outperform your organic marketing efforts

(D) Optimize your ad content to perform its best across channels

Q.3 – Which Of The Following Is Not A Stage In The Buyer’s Journey?

(A) Decision

(B) Consideration

(C) Research

(D) Awareness

Q.4 – What Should Your Awareness Stage Ads Do?

(A) Address the problem your buyer persona is experiencing

(B) Question why your buyer persona cannot solve their own problem

(C) Present your business as the only solution that is right for your audience

(D) Focus on your competitive position in the marketplace

Q.5 – What Should Your Consideration Stage Ads Do?

(A) Promote generic, unbranded content

(B) Direct someone to a pricing page

(C) Include discounts to encourage immediate purchase

(D) Help your buyer persona solve their problem

Q.6 – What should your decision stage ads do?

(A) Tell your buyer persona why the other products or services available are bad

(B) Promote lead generation content offers

(C) Highlight the value of your company’s products or services

(D) Target only your existing customers

Q.7 – Scenario: You work for a company called PetSpot that sells animal supplies. Which of the following audiences would be the best to target on social media at the awareness stage of the buyer’s journey?

(A) People who have previously interacted with one of your digital ads

(B) A lookalike audience based on your existing customers

(C) People who have previously visited your website

(D) An audience based on people who have watched your company’s YouTube videos

Q.8 – Scenario: You work for a company called PetSpot that sells animal supplies. Which of the following keywords would be the best to use for paid search at the consideration stage of the buyer’s journey?

(A) “Different types of dog food”

(B) “How to teach a dog to sit”

(C) “Best animal rescues near me”

(D) “PetSpot animal supplies”

Q.9 – Which of the following is an example of a business’s “reasons to believe?”

(A) Sustainability

(B) Ethical sourcing

(C) Free shipping

(D) Charitable donation

(E) All of the above

Q.10 – Fill in the blank: A paid media plan is the bridge between your ______ and your business goal.

(A) ideas

(B) historical performance

(C) target audience

(D) conversion path

Q.11 – Which of the following is NOT one of the three elements of a marketing mix?

(A) Earned media

(B) Owned media

(C) Social media

(D) Paid media

Q.12 – Fill in the blank: You should use a target CPA bidding strategy when you have _____.

(A) an efficient CPA

(B) an inefficient CPA

(C) a big advertising budget

(D) a small advertising budget

Q.13 – Which of the following is NOT an ad targeting strategy?

(A) Contextual targeting

(B) Demographic targeting

(C) Audience targeting

(D) Behavioral targeting

Q.14 – With demographic targeting, you could reach people who:

(A) are between the ages of 25-49 located in Austria who speak German

(B) have visited your website before or are subscribed to your blog

(C) have searched for key terms in German related to marketing software

(D) have an interest in technology and read an online publication called Martech Today regularly

Q.15 – With behavioral targeting, you could reach people who:?

(A) are located in the Denver metro area and have a household income between $50,000 and $100,000

(B) have an interest in video games

(C) spent at least 5 minutes reading your most recent blog post

(D) spend a lot of time reading online news publications

Q.16 – With contextual targeting, you could reach people who:

(A) have conducted searches online for keywords related to startups and entrepreneurship

(B) are interested in startups and read articles on

(C) recently downloaded your Guide to Entrepreneurship lead generation content offer

(D) are located in the San Francisco Bay Area

Q.17 – What is the difference between pixel-based retargeting and list-based retargeting? Select all the apply.

(A) Pixel-based retargeting is for anonymous site visitors, list-based retargeting is for existing contacts

(B) Pixel-based retargeting is for existing contacts, list-based retargeting is for anonymous site visitors

(C) Pixel-based retargeting relies on tracking pixels, list-based retargeting relies on forms and a CRM

(D) Pixel-based retargeting is more effective, list-based retargeting is less effective

Q.18 – Scenario: You want to target an audience that has previously viewed your product’s pricing page on your website. Which targeting strategy should you use?

(A) Behavioral targeting

(B) Audience targeting

(C) Retargeting

(D) Demographic targeting

Q.19 – Which of the following is NOT an ad copywriting best practice?

(A) Focus on value

(B) Use simple language

(C) Include conversational CTAs

(D) Use acronyms

Q.20 – Which of the following ad copy examples follows the best practices for simplifying language?

(A) “Looking for a new car insurance policy? Talk to a CISR today.”

(B) “Protect you and your loved ones with a car insurance policy made for the whole family.”

(C) “You drive your car on a regular basis during the course of the day. Protect yourself with affordable car insurance.”

(D) “You never know what things might happen while on the road. Get car insurance that you can trust.”

Q.21 – Fill in the blank: The goal of a concept ad is to increase _____.

(A) brand awareness

(B) engagement

(C) sales

(D) lead generation

Q.22 – Fill in the blank: The goal of a content ad is to increase _____.

(A) views

(B) sales

(C) brand awareness

(D) lead generation

Q.23 – Fill in the blank: The goal of a commerce ad is to increase _____.

(A) engagement

(B) sales

(C) views

(D) lead generation

Q.24 – True or false: The rule of thirds is the process of dividing an image into thirds, using two horizontal lines and two vertical lines, and positioning the most important elements inside the squares the lines create.

(A) True

(B) False

Q.25 – Following the rule of thirds helps you:

(A) draw attention to the most important elements of your ad creative

(B) make your ad creative pop by using contrasting colors

(C) use imagery of people that is representative of your target audience

(D) turn one concept into three ad creatives

Q.26 – What is conversion rate optimization (CRO)?

(A) A metric used to quantify the number of digital views or engagements of a piece of content, usually an advertisement, digital post, or a web page

(B) The process of increasing the percentage of website visitors who take a desired action

(C) A reporting strategy that allows marketers and sales teams to see the impact that marketers made on a purchase or sale

(D) The process by which an anonymous website visitor becomes a known lead

Q.27 – What are best practices for optimizing your conversion path? Select all that apply.

(A) Align your ad creative and copy to your landing page

(B) Always use a pop-up form to increase conversions

(C) Collect as much information as possible in your form or checkout process

(D) Remove the navigation from your landing page

Q.28 – A Facebook core audience is based on:

(A) location, demographics, interests, behavior, and connections

(B) the number of years a person has been on Facebook

(C) people who have already expressed an interest in your business

(D) new people who share the characteristics of your existing audience

Q.29 – Which of the following metrics does Facebook use to rate the expected performance of your ads? Select all that apply.

(A) Quality

(B) Engagement

(C) Conversion

(D) Relevance

Q.30 – What is the benefit of advertising in Instagram Explore?

(A) It costs less money to advertise in Explore so advertisers can see better performance

(B) Fewer advertisers run ads in Explore so there is less competition

(C) People in Explore are in the mindset to discover content from creators they don’t follow

(D) More people view content in Explore than they do in their own feed

Q.31 – What is the best way to advertise on Instagram?

(A) Create ad campaigns in the Facebook Ads Manager

(B) Create ads from your Facebook Page and promote them on both Facebook and Instagram

(C) Promote posts and stories directly from your Instagram professional account

(D) Boost existing posts from your Facebook account

Q.32 – What do sponsored messages on Facebook Messenger allow you to do?

(A) Display messages in the Facebook News Feed to your audience

(B) Run story ads on Facebook Messenger

(C) Add a call-to-action in your Facebook ads to start a conversation with your business in Facebook Messenger

(D) Advertise to people who have interacted with your business on Facebook Messenger

Q.33 – What is one advantage of advertising on LinkedIn?

(A) Advertising on LinkedIn is often less expensive than advertising on Facebook

(B) You can target audiences with unique demographics, like job title and industry

(C) LinkedIn has more ad types than any of the other social media platforms

(D) You can advertise to a highly engaged audience that interacts with more ads than organic content

Q.34 – What type of company would be most likely to find success advertising on Pinterest?

(A) An accounting firm

(B) A fashion brand

(C) A marketing technology company

(D) A government agency

Q.35 – What is one ad type that is unique to Snapchat?

(A) Story ads

(B) Image ads

(C) Sponsored messages

(D) AR lenses

Q.36 – What is the difference between a brand keyword and a non-brand keyword?

(A) A brand keyword is more expensive, a non-brand keyword is less expensive

(B) A brand keyword receives less traffic, a non-brand keyword receives more traffic

(C) A brand keyword has more variations, a non-brand keyword has fewer variations

(D) A brand keyword includes a brand’s name, a non-brand keyword does not include a brand’s name

Q.37 – What is one benefit of running search ads for brand keywords?

(A) They always appear first in the search results, above other ads

(B) They protect your traffic if a competitor bids on your brand keywords

(C) They see a higher click-through rate than non-brand keywords

(D) They are significantly less expensive than search ads for other keywords

Q.38 – Fill in the blank: A keyword set to ______ match type will display your ad when the search term contains any or some combination or variations of the words in your keyword, in any order.

(A) phrase

(B) negative

(C) exact

(D) broad

Q.39 – If you have a keyword set to broad match, but you want to select specific keywords that must be included in the search query for your ad to be displayed, what would you use?

(A) A negative keyword

(B) A phrase keyword

(C) A broad match modifier

(D) A phrase match modifier

Q.40 – If you want to exclude your ad from being shown on searches containing a specific keyword, what would you use?

(A) A negative keyword

(B) A phrase keyword

(C) A broad match modifier

(D) A phrase match modifier

Q.41 – Which of the following represents an exact match keyword?

(A) “dog treats”

(B) [dog treats]

(C) dog treats

(D) -dog treats

Q.42 – Which of the following represents a phrase match keyword?

(A) +smart tv

(B) -smart tv

(C) [smart tv]

(D) “smart tv”

Q.43 – What symbol would you use to add a broad match modifier?

(A) /

(B) ^

(C) +

(D) –

Q.44 – What symbol would you use to add a negative keyword?

(A) /

(B) ^

(C) +


Q.45 – What elements should be included in your search ad copy? Select all that apply.

(A) Questions

(B) Keywords

(C) A call-to-action

(D) Analogies

Q.46 – Scenario: You work for H.Bloom, a flower delivery company. You are running a paid search ad for the keyword “flower delivery” that directs to the landing page below. The goal of this ad is to drive leads. What would you do to potentially improve the ad’s performance? Select all that apply.

(A) Remove the H.Bloom logo from the landing page

(B) Add the keyword “flower delivery” to the landing page

(C) Remove the header navigation from the landing page

(D) Move the form to the bottom of the landing page

Q.47 – What is the benefit of including ad extensions in your search ads?

(A) Take up more space in the SERPs

(B) Improve click-through rate

(C) Provide more value to potential customers

(D) All of the above

Q.48 – What is ad rank?

(A) A value used to determine your ad position

(B) The maximum amount of money you’re willing to pay for a desired action on your ad

(C) A set of related ad groups often used to organize categories of products or services you offer

(D) The amount/number of advertising dollars you spend to acquire one new customer

Q.49 – Fill in the blank: Automated bidding is powered by _____.

(A) HTTP cookies

(B) virtual reality

(C) machine learning

(D) ad tracking

Q.50 – What enables buyers of digital advertising inventory to manage multiple ad exchanges through one interface?

(A) Advertising platform

(B) Demand-side platform

(C) Keyword manager

(D) Targeted advertising manager

Q.51 – What ad tracking method should you use to retarget people on social media who have visited your website?

(A) UTM parameters

(B) Tracking pixels

(C) HTTP cookie

(D) Demographic targeting

Q.52 – A/B testing (split testing) is the process of:

(A) collecting data and user insights on the performance of online advertising campaigns

(B) running marketing experiments to see which version of an ad connects better with your audience

(C) quantifying the number of digital views or engagements of a piece of content

(D) finding and analyzing search terms that people enter into search engines

Q.53 – If your business has a short buying cycle, which attribution model should you use?

(A) First and last

(B) First-touch

(C) Linear

(D) Simple decay

Q.54 – If you want to know which marketing effort is attracting people to your brand, which attribution model should you use?

(A) Linear

(B) First-touch

(C) Last interaction

(D) Simple decay

Q.55 – In what order should the steps to conduct a marketing experiment be completed?

(A) Make a hypothesis, collect research, choose measurement metrics, create and execute the experiment, analyze the results

(B) Choose measurement metrics, collect research, make a hypothesis, create and execute the experiment, analyze the results

(C) Analyze the results, make a hypothesis, choose measurement metrics, create and execute the experiment, collect research

(D) Collect research, choose measurement metrics, make a hypothesis, analyze the results, create and execute the experiment

Q.56 – Scenario: You want to run an A/B test for an ad campaign. Which of the following are examples of what you could experiment with?

(A) Creative

(B) Audiences

(C) Landing pages

(D) All of the above

Q.57 – Based on the data below, which is the most effective advertising campaign? (Type 1)

Based on the data below which is the most effective advertising campaign

(A) Campaign 1 because it drove more leads

(B) Campaign 1 because it has a lower lifetime value

(C) Campaign 2 because it has a greater return

(D) Campaign 2 because it has a higher CPA

Q.58 – Based on the data below, which is the most effective advertising campaign? (Type 2)

Based on the data below which is the most effective advertising campaign 2

(A) Campaign 1 because it has a greater return

(B) Campaign 1 because it drove more leads

(C) Campaign 2 because it has a greater return

(D) Campaign 2 because it drove more leads

Q.59 – Based on the data below, what is the return on ad spend (ROAS) for the campaign? (Type 1)

Based on the data below what is the return on ad spend ROAS for the campaign

(A) $2.50

(B) $5

(C) $7.50

(D) $10

Q.60 – Based on the data below, what is the return on ad spend (ROAS) for the campaign? (Type 2)

Based on the data below what is the return on ad spend ROAS for the campaign 2

(A) $3

(B) $4

(C) $5

(D) $6

Q.61 – Which metric best helps you convey the value of your advertising strategy?


(B) Reach



Q.62 – Fill in the blank: The difference between digital advertising and organic marketing on social media platforms is that digital advertising is _____ and organic marketing is _____. Select all that apply.

(A) paid; not paid

(B) for ecommerce only; for all businesses

(C) more targeted; less targeted

(D) unhelpful; helpful

Q.63 – How often should you evaluate your paid media budget?

(A) Weekly

(B) Monthly

(C) Quarterly

(D) Annually

Q.64 – Where should you allocate the majority of your paid media budget?

(A) New advertising channels that you haven’t advertised on before

(B) Brand campaigns across advertising channels

(C) Video production

(D) Proven efforts that drive your main KPIs

Q.65 – Which of the following is NOT an automated bidding strategy?

(A) Maximize conversions

(B) Maximize views

(C) Target ROAS

(D) Target CPA

Q.66 – Fill in the blank: Retargeting an example of _____ targeting.

(A) contextual

(B) demographic

(C) audience

(D) behavioral

Q.67 – Which ad creative best practice(s) are displayed in the example below? Select all that apply.

(A) Contrasting colors

(B) Seasonal theme

(C) The rule of thirds

(D) None of the above

Q.68 – Which ad creative best practice(s) are displayed in the example below? Select all the apply.

(A) The rule of thirds

(B) Contrasting colors

(C) Seasonal theme

(D) None of the above

Q.69 – Which ad types are available on social media platforms? Select all that apply.

(A) Lead ads

(B) Message ads

(C) Video ads

(D) Search ads

Q.70 – A Facebook custom audience is based on:

(A) the number of connections a person has on Facebook

(B) new people who share the characteristics of your existing audience

(C) people who have already expressed an interest in your business

(D) people who recently created a Facebook account

Q.71 – A Facebook lookalike audience is based on:

(A) people who have already expressed an interest in your business

(B) new people who share the characteristics of your existing customers

(C) the number of years a person has been on Facebook

(D) people who have viewed your social media posts but not interacted with them

Q.72 – Where do ads appear on YouTube? Select all that apply.

(A) In the subscriptions bar

(B) In the search results

(C) Before a video

(D) During a video

Q.73 – What can you most easily accomplish by advertising on TikTok?

(A) Lead generation

(B) Sales

(C) Brand awareness

(D) Conversions

Q.74 – Fill in the blank: A keyword set to _____ match type will display your ad if the search term includes that keyword, or a very close variation.

(A) broad

(B) exact

(C) specific

(D) negative

Q.75 – Fill in the blank: A keyword set to _____ match type will display your ad if the search term contains the same order of the words, but it can also contain additional words.

(A) negative

(B) phrase

(C) broad

(D) specific

Q.76 – Which of the following represents a broad match keyword?

(A) wall art

(B) “wall art”

(C) wall +art

(D) -wall art

Q.77 – True or false: Quality score is an algorithm that scores each of your search ads on spelling and grammar.

(A) True

(B) False

Q.78 – How many ad extensions should you include in your search ads?

(A) 2

(B) 3

(C) 5

(D) All that are available

(E) As many as many as make sense for your business

Q.79 – What enables web publishers and digital out-of-home media owners to manage their advertising inventory?

(A) Demand-side platform

(B) Data management platform

(C) Advertising platform

(D) Supply-side platform

Q.80 – What’s the difference between first-party cookies and third-party cookies?

(A) First-party cookies are generated by visiting any website, third-party cookies are generated by downloadable apps

(B) First-party cookies are generated when you launch an ad campaign, third-party cookies are generated when you launch any other marketing campaign

(C) First-party cookies are generated by your own website, third-party cookies are generated by websites other than your own

(D) First-party cookies tell you information about what websites a person visits, third-party cookies tell you information about what social media platforms a person uses

Q.81 – What ad tracking method should you use to identify which marketing campaign referred traffic to your website?

(A) HTTP cookie

(B) Behavioral targeting

(C) Tracking pixels

(D) Tracking URLs

Q.82 – What is an attribution model?

(A) The rule, or set of rules, that determines how credit for sales and conversions is assigned to touch points along conversion paths

(B) A code that gets generated and stored on a website visitor’s computer when they visit your site

(C) An online advertising method in which marketers place ads on search engine results pages (SERPs)

(D) The use of artificial and machine learning to buy ads in real-time, instead of going through human negotiations and pre-set prices

Q.83 – Scenario: Your business wants to advertise to a local audience. Which targeting strategy should you use?

(A) Retargeting

(B) Contextual targeting

(C) Behavioral targeting

(D) Demographic targeting

Q.84 – True or false: An organic marketing strategy is reliant on your followers, while social media advertising allows you to target new audiences.

(A) True

(B) False

Q.85 – Which of the following goals are options available for advertising on Twitter? Select all that apply.

(A) Engagement

(B) Website clicks

(C) Sales

(D) App downloads

Q.86 – From top to bottom, what should your search account structure hierarchy look like?

(A) Campaigns, ad groups, keywords

(B) Ad groups, campaigns, keywords

(C) Keywords, campaigns, ad groups

(D) Keywords, ad groups, campaigns

Q.87 – Select all that apply. The problem with early online advertising was that ads were:

(A) Not targeted

(B) Disruptive

(C) Hidden

(D) Inexpensive

Q.88 – Scenario: You work for a company called PetSpot that sells animal supplies. The best audience to target on social media at the decision stage of the buyer’s journey would be people who:

(A) have expressed an interest in dogs

(B) meet the demographic profile of your buyer persona

(C) have liked your posts on social media

(D) have added items to their cart, but did not complete their purchase

Q.89 – Scenario: You want to target an audience that visits popular marketing websites, such as Marketing Land and Ad Age. Which targeting strategy should you use?

(A) Pixel-based retargeting

(B) List-based retargeting

(C) Contextual targeting

(D) Behavioral targeting


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