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HubSpot Service Hub Software Certification Exam Answers 2021

Q.1 – True or false? Your customer journey map should be written from the perspective of your customer.

(A) True

(B) False

Q.2 – True or false? Your leadership team should be the ones to create the customer journey map.

(A) True

(B) False

Q.3 – True or false? You should only include four stages in your customer journey map.

(A) True

(B) False

Q.4 – True or false? Customer journey maps are only useful for customer-facing individuals.

(A) True

(B) False

Q.5 – True or false? When setting up your Conversations email inbox, you should connect your personal email.

(A) True

(B) False

Q.6 – True or false? The only way to move tickets to different stages is manually.

(A) True

(B) False

Q.7 – True or false? Most people prefer using self-service compared to phone support.

(A) True

(B) False

Q.8 – True or false? It’s a best practice to send your NPS survey to customers monthly.

(A) True

(B) False

Q.9 – True or false? You could use an NPS survey to assess overall sentiment of your employees.

(A) True

(B) False

Q.10 – True or false? When writing custom feedback surveys, use a variety of open-ended and closed-ended questions.

(A) True

(B) False

Q.11 – True or false? Customer effort score is measured on a three-point scale.

(A) True

(B) False

Q.12 – Your manager wants to know who your primary persona is. The best feedback survey to use is:

(A) Net promoter score

(B) Custom feedback survey

(C) Customer effort score

(D) Customer satisfaction survey

Q.13 – Which of the following is NOT a stage in HubSpot’s feedback framework?

(A) Improve the customer experience

(B) Establish listening posts

(C) Collect customer feedback

(D) Understand customer sentiment

Q.14 – What is an advocate?

(A) Someone who gives you a score of 9 or 10 on your NPS survey

(B) Someone who helps you generate more business

(C) Someone who gets paid for advertising your brand.

(D) An employee on your marketing team

Q.15 – If you want to know what your customer thinks about their sales experience, which feedback survey should you use?

(A) Customer effort score

(B) Customer satisfaction survey

(C) Net promoter score

(D) Customer advocacy score

Q.16 – You should use custom feedback surveys when you want to understand ________.

(A) overall customer sentiment.

(B) how easy it was to solve a problem.

(C) the satisfaction of a particular milestone.

(D) something that’s not covered in industry standard surveys.

Q.17 – Which of the following is NOT an example of an advocacy action?

(A) Writing a case study about a customer

(B) Paying your customer to leave you a good review regardless of their actual experience.

(C) Writing a blog post about a customer

(D) Asking a customer to write you a Yelp review

Q.18 – All of the following are reasons to collect feedback EXCEPT:

(A) To save money

(B) To learn who your advocates are

(C) To understand what your customers think of you

(D) To know what to improve upon

Q.19 – How often should a customer effort score survey be used?

(A) After every support interaction

(B) Quarterly

(C) Monthly

(D) After every milestone

Q.20 – Which of the following is NOT a step when establishing listening posts?

(A) Define your customer journey

(B) Align survey methods and goals

(C) Collect feedback

(D) Analyze feedback

Q.21 – All of following are appropriate ways you can encourage folks to fill out your feedback surveys EXCEPT:

(A) Offer incentives like a five dollar gift card

(B) Keep your surveys short and to the point

(C) Email customers daily until they fill out the survey

(D) Offer surveys via multiple channels

Q.22 – Which survey asks the following question: How easy was it for you to handle your issue?

(A) Customer effort score

(B) Net promoter score

(C) Customer satisfaction survey

(D) None of the above

Q.23 – Fill in the blank: You should use NPS instead of customer satisfaction survey when you want to understand __________.

(A) Ease of completing a task

(B) Overall satisfaction vs. satisfaction at a particular moment

(C) Satisfaction at a particular moment vs. overall satisfaction

(D) Impact of a bug or outage

Q.24 – Fill in the blank: Reach out to your ______ to ask them to complete advocacy actions.

(A) promoters

(B) detractors

(C) passives

(D) marketing team

Q.25 – Fill in the blank: You should use a customer effort score instead of a customer satisfaction survey when you want to understand __________.

(A) Ease of completing a task

(B) Overall satisfaction vs. satisfaction at a particular moment

(C) Satisfaction at a particular moment vs. overall satisfaction

(D) Impact of a bug or outage

Q.26 – True or false? You can edit the NPS question in HubSpot.

(A) True

(B) False

Q.27 – Fill in the blank: When responding to a customer, you should use an email template to______.

(A) answer a generic question

(B) answer a complicated question

(C) insert a knowledge base article

(D) transfer the email

Q.28 – All of the following are reasons to @ mention someone on a ticket record EXCEPT:

(A) To escalate a ticket

(B) As an FYI

(C) To transfer ticket ownership

(D) To email the customer

Q.29 – What is a snippet?

(A) A reusable text block

(B) An email template

(C) The bit of text on a ticket record

(D) A ticket

Q.30 – Fill in the blank: Creating a customer journey map will help you identify the journey from customer to ______.

(A) employee

(B) promoter

(C) renewal

(D) marketer

Q.31 – You should include all of the following stages in your customer journey map EXCEPT:

(A) First impression

(B) Delighted value

(C) First value

(D) Intended value

Q.32 – Fill in the blank: When creating a customer journey map, you should map out what your customer is ______ and ________.

(A) Feeling and thinking

(B) Doing and looking for

(C) Doing and feeling

(D) Doing and planning to do

Q.33 – Which report(s) do you use to decide which knowledge base articles to write?

(A) Average ticket response time

(B) Average ticket response time by rep

(C) Ticket volume by category

(D) All of the above

Q.34 – Which of the following is a benefit of phone support?

(A) It’s cheaper for your company.

(B) Customers can get immediate help for complicated issues.

(C) In general, customers prefer phone support to any other type of support.

(D) All of the above

Q.35 – All of the following are benefits of email support EXCEPT:

(A) It’s immediate

(B) It provides a paper trail

(C) You can insert screenshots and gifs

(D) It’s conversational

Q.36 – When should you consider using a chatbot?

(A) If human bandwidth is a constraint

(B) If the cost of making a mistake is low

(C) If you get a lot of standard questions

(D) All of the above

Q.37 – A service level agreement is a(n)

(A) Ticket pipeline

(B) Commitment between a service provider and a client

(C) Understanding of the amount of time it takes a company to solve a problem

(D) Agreement between two competing companies

Q.38 – A help desk does all of the following EXCEPT:

(A) Streamline intake

(B) Provide feedback

(C) Improve experiences with reporting

(D) Triage customer issues

Q.39 – In terms of customer support, what does triage mean?

(A) Gathering support inquiries

(B) Responding to support inquiries

(C) Reporting and analyzing on support inquiries

(D) Categorizing and routing support inquiries

Q.40 – Fill in the blank: The primary goal of a customer journey map is to ______.

(A) understand the process from becoming a prospect to a customer

(B) ensure your customers continue to buy from you

(C) know the location of your customers

(D) build empathy

Q.41 – The extended value stage is when you _______.

(A) offer your customer more than they were expecting.

(B) renew your customer’s account customer renews with you.

(C) prolong your onboarding process.

(D) give the customer what they want.

Q.42 – How often should you revisit your customer journey map to ensure it’s kept up to date?

(A) Whenever you get an influx of new customers

(B) When your business practices change

(C) Quarterly

(D) Whenever you get negative feedback

Q.43 – A customer journey map is a representation of:

(A) the stages a customer goes through with your company

(B) where your customers physically are

(C) how your prospects become your customers

(D) how your customers renew

Q.44 – In terms of a customer journey map, what does intended value refer to?

(A) When customers expectations are exceeded

(B) The customers first experience

(C) When the customer feels confident they will get what they expect

(D) When the customer got what they expected

Q.45 – Which of the following is an appropriate knowledge base title?

(A) What are the ins and outs of HubSpot?

(B) How do I create a custom feedback survey?

(C) So you wanna build a chatbot…

(D) How to create, send, troubleshoot, and analyze a campaign

Q.46 – The HubSpot knowledge base tool can do all of the following EXCEPT:

(A) Offer related articles to readers

(B) Restrict knowledge base articles

(C) Add videos to articles

(D) Suggest articles to be written

Q.47 – In order to assess customer service agent performance, which of the following reports should you look at?

(A) Ticket close total by rep

(B) Ticket totals over time

(C) Ticket totals by source

(D) Knowledge base article views

Q.48 – Fill in the blank: A knowledge base is a ______.

(A) blog about a product or service

(B) collection of articles about a product or service

(C) place where customers can contact a company’s support team

(D) collection of reviews about a product or service

Q.49 – With Service Hub, you can complete all of the following tasks EXCEPT:

(A) Gather intake

(B) Route tickets

(C) Monitor all social media

(D) Respond to support inquiries

Q.50 – True or false? A knowledge base is a type of self-service.

(A) True

(B) False

Q.51 – The four key moments to keep in mind when customer journey mapping are: First impression, ___________, intended value, extended value

(A) expected value

(B) first value

(C) second impression

(D) extended impression

Q.52 – An example of an extended value milestone is when a customer:

(A) gets the outcome they expected

(B) renews their account

(C) gets more than they expected

(D) tells their network about your product or service

Q.53 – How often should you edit your knowledge base articles?

(A) Any time you get negative feedback on an article

(B) Monthly

(C) Whenever products or service change pertaining to the article

(D) Quarterly

Q.54 – Which of the following is NOT an appropriate way to categorize your knowledge base articles?

(A) By persona

(B) By product or service

(C) By author

(D) By customer stage

Q.55 – True or false? Through ticket automation, you can move a ticket from one stage to another based on an email response.

(A) True

(B) False

Q.56 – Which of the following is a benefit of live chat?

(A) It’s an easy way to answer complicated questions.

(B) It’s immediate.

(C) It’s easy to convey tone.

(D) All of the above

Q.57 – You can do all of the following from a ticket record EXCEPT:

(A) Make a call

(B) Send an email

(C) Create an internal task for yourself or a colleague

(D) Start a video chat

Q.58 – Fill in the blank: With ticket ________, you are able to edit ticket properties according to which team owns the ticket.

(A) editing

(B) records customization

(C) views

(D) pipelines

Q.59 – With ticket ______, you are able to filter down your tickets

(A) views

(B) editing

(C) stores

(D) records customization

Q.60 – When setting up your knowledge base in HubSpot, you need to connect your _______.

(A) help desk

(B) domain

(C) brain

(D) Conversations inbox

Q.61 – True or false? It’s a good idea to write your knowledge base titles as questions

(A) True

(B) False

Q.62 – True or false? Experiencing lower ticket volume is a good indicator that your knowledge base is working well.

(A) True

(B) False

Q.63 – True or false? You should only ask a customer to become an advocate over the phone.

(A) True

(B) False

Q.64 – True or false? Regardless of how long it takes, you should respond to every single customer feedback survey you receive.

(A) True

(B) False

Q.65 – According to the prioritization matrix, customer issues that are high impact and high cost should be prioritized:

(A) Today

(B) Tomorrow

(C) Next week

(D) Next year

Q.66 – How do you calculate NPS?

(A) Percentage of promoters minus percentage of passives

(B) Percentage of promoters minus percentage of detractors, divided by percentage of passives

(C) Percentage of promoters minus percentage of detractors

(D) Percentage of promoters

Q.67 – All of following are appropriate ways you can encourage folks to fill out your feedback surveys EXCEPT:

(A) Offer incentives like a five dollar gift card

(B) Keep your surveys short and to the point

(C) Email customers daily until they fill out the survey

(D) Offer surveys via multiple channels

Q.68 – Scenario: Your boss wants to assess how customers feel after a technician visited their home. Which survey should your boss use?

(A) Net promoter score

(B) Customer satisfaction survey

(C) Customer acknowledgment survey

(D) Customer effort score

Q.69 – In HubSpot, help desk is comprised of all of the following tools EXCEPT:

(A) Reporting

(B) Automation

(C) Knowledge base

(D) Tickets

Q.70 – When should a company create multiple customer journey maps?

(A) If they sell to multiple personas that go through different processes

(B) If they sell multiple products or services

(C) If they have multiple customer-facing teams

(D) Never

Q.71 – When should you use multiple ticket pipelines?

(A) If your tickets go through different stages

(B) If you provide multiple products or services

(C) If you have multiple customer service agents

(D) If your tickets have different priorities

Q.72 – Fill in the blank: With HubSpot’s help desk, you can streamline and manage your intake within ______.

(A) conversations or tickets

(B) your email client

(C) knowledge base

(D) your website

Q.73 – All of the following are stages of troubleshooting EXCEPT:

(A) Understand the issue

(B) Find relevant context

(C) Diagnose the problem

(D) Ask for help

Q.74 – Which of the following is NOT a best practice when creating knowledge base articles?

(A) Use questions as titles

(B) Use bullet points

(C) Use a casual tone

(D) Use screenshots and GIFs

Q.75 – You should use a call-out in a knowledge base article to:

(A) draw the reader’s attention to an important detail

(B) tell your reader what articles to read next

(C) host Q&As

(D) ask the reader for feedback

Q.76 – True or false? You should only reach out to your detractors.

(A) True

(B) False

Q.77 – An example of an intended value milestone is when the customer expected to get her fridge fixed, ________.

(A) and her fridge is fixed.

(B) and her fridge and sink are fixed.

(C) and the repair person arrives.

(D) but the repair person didn’t show up.

Q.78 – True or false? A visitor can start a conversation with a chatbot, and then that chatbot can transfer the conversation to a human.

(A) True

(B) False

Q.79 – True or false? Knowledge base articles should be casual, personable, and anecdotal.

(A) True

(B) False

Q.80 – You want to understand how your customer support team is performing. The best feedback survey to use is:

(A) Customer effort score

(B) Customer satisfaction survey

(C) Net promoter score

(D) Customer leadership score

Q.81 – Intake is how you _____.

(A) respond to support inquiries

(B) receive support inquiries

(C) triage support inquiries

(D) acknowledge support inquiries

Q.82 – An example of a customer using self-service is when they:

(A) live chat with an employee

(B) Search for their inquiry and finds an article

(C) Search for their inquiry and ends up calling the company

(D) emails with an employee

Q.83 – True or false? You should write new knowledge base articles every day.

(A) True

(B) False

Q.84 – True or false? Even if you have different products or services, you should try and keep them on the same customer journey map if the customer journey is similar.

(A) True

(B) False

Q.85 – True or false? Each team within your company should have their own customer journey map.

(A) True

(B) False

Q.86 – Which of the following is an example of when you should use a restricted knowledge base?

(A) If you only want your customers, not prospects, to access your information

(B) If you don’t want your competitors to access your information

(C) If you only want your customers to see the articles once

(D) A&B

(E) None of the above

Q.87 – Which of the following tools is NOT included in HubSpot’s Service Hub?

(A) Help desk

(B) Customer feedback surveys

(C) Project management

(D) Knowledge base

Q.88 – What’s a good NPS score?

(A) Varies by industry

(B) Anything positive

(C) 10 or above

(D) 20 or above


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