LinkedIn Microsoft Excel Skill Assessment Answers (💯Correct)

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Here, you will find Microsoft Excel Quiz Answers in Bold Color which are given below. These answers are updated recently and are 100% correct✅ answers of LinkedIn Microsoft Excel Skill Assessment.

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LinkedIn Microsoft Excel Assessment Answers

Q1. Some of your data in Column C is displaying as hashtags (#) because the column is too narrow. How can you widen Column C just enough to show all the data?

  •  Right-click column C, select Format Cells, and then select Best-Fit.
  •  Right-click column C and select Best-Fit.
  •  Double-click column C.
  •  Double-click the vertical boundary between columns C and D.

Q2. Which two functions check for the presence of numerical or nonnumerical characters in cells?


Q3. If you drag the fill handle (lower-right corner) of cell A2 downward into cells A3, A4, and A5, what contents will appear in those cells?

  •  Jan, Jan, Jan
  •  Feb, Mar, blank cell
  •  Feb, Mar, Apr
  •  FEB, MAB, APR

Q4. If cell A3 contains the text THE DEATH OF CHIVALRY, what will the function =PROPER(A3) return?

  •  the death of chivalry
  •  The death of Chivalry
  •  The Death Of Chivalry

Q5. If the worksheet below, you want to use Data > Subtotal to show a subtotal value per sport. What must you do BEFORE applying the Subtotal function?

  •  Sort by the data in Column E.
  •  Format the data in Column D.
  •  Sort by the data in Column D.
  •  Format the data in Column E.

Q6. When editing a cell, what do you press to cycle between relative, mixed, and absolute cell references?

  •  Alt+F4 (Windows) or Option+F4 (Mac)
  •  Alt+Shift+4 (Windows) or Option+Shift+4 (Mac)
  •  Ctrl+Shift+4 (Windows) or Command+Shift+4 (Mac)
  •  the F4 (Windows) or Command+T (Mac)

Q7. You need to add a line chart showing a sales trends over the last 12 months and you have only a little space to work with. How can you convey the required information within a single cell?

  •  Add an image of the chart to a comment.
  •  Add a hyperlink to another worksheet that displays a chart when clicked.
  •  Add an image of the chart to the worksheet.
  •  Add a sparkline, a graphic that summarizes data visually within a single worksheet cell.

Q8. What is the best way to activate the Excel Help system?

  •  Right-click anywhere and select Help.
  •  Press F1 or click the Help tab in the ribbon.
  •  Press F10.
  •  all of these answers.

Q9. Which format will display the value 27,500,000 as 27.5?

  •  ##,###,,
  •  ###.0,,
  •  999.9,,
  •  ###,###.0,

Q10. When using Goal Seek, you can find a target result by varying _____ at most.

  •  three inputs
  •  four inputs
  •  two inputs
  •  one input

Q11. In the image below, which option(s) can you select so that the appropriate field headers appear in cells A4 and B3 instead of the terms Row Labels and Column Labels, respectively?

  •  Show in Tabular Form
  •  Show in Compact Form
  •  Show in Compact For or Show in Outline Form
  •  Show in Tabular Form or Show in Outline Form

Q12. A cell contains the value 7.877 and you want it to display as 7.9. How can you accomplish this?

  •  Use the ROUND() function.
  •  Click the Decrease Decimal button twice.
  •  In the cells group on the Home tab, click Format > Format Cells. Then cick the Alignment tab and select Right Indent.
  •  Click the Decrease Decimal button once.

Q13. Which formula is NOT equivalent to all of the others?

  •  =A3+A4+A5+A6
  •  =SUM(A3:A6)
  •  =SUM(A3,A6)
  •  =SUM(A3,A4,A5,A6)

Q14. Which custom format will make the cells in column A appear like the corresponding cells in column B?

  •  MMMM&”-“&YYYY
  •  M-YYYY

Q15. Which function returns a reference to a cell (or cell range) that is a specified distance from a base cell?

  •  INDEX
  •  MATCH

Q16. You’re working with columsn whose width and font-size should not be changed. Yet the columns are too narrow to display all the text in each cell. What tool should you use to solve the problem?

  •  Sparklines
  •  Wrap Text
  •  Fill Handle
  •  Centered Alignment

Q17. Of the four chart types listed, which works best for summarizing time-based data?

  •  pie chart
  •  line chart
  •  XY scatter chart
  •  bar chart

Q18. The AutoSum formulas in the range C9:F9 below return unexpected values. Why is this?

  •  The AutoSum formulas refer to the column to the left of their cells.
  •  The AutoSum formulas exclude the bottom row of data.
  •  The AutoSum formulas include the year at the top of each column in the calculation.
  •  The AutoSum formulas include their own cells, creating a circular reference.

Q19. The text filter in column A is designed to display only those rows where column A entry has a particular attribute. What is this attribute?

  •  The second character in the cell is 9.
  •  The number 9 appears one or more times within the cell.
  •  The cell is comprised of 9 characters.
  •  the number 9 apperars once and only once within the cell.

Q20. To ensure shapres and other objects are an equal left-to-right distance apart, select the shapes, click Page Layout > Align, and the click ____.

  •  Aligh Middle
  •  Distribute Horizontally
  •  Distribute Vertically
  •  Align Center

Q21. An organization chart, which shows the hierarchy within a compmay or oraginization, is available as _____ that is include with Excel.

  •  a 3D model
  •  SmartArt
  •  a Treemap chart
  •  a drawing object

Q22. You want to be able to restrict values allowed in a cell and need to create a drop-down list of values from which users can choose. Which feature should you use?

  •  Protect Worksheet
  •  Conditional Formatting
  •  Allow Users to Edit Ranges
  •  Data Validation

Q23. To round up a value to the nearest increment of your choice, such as the next five cents, what function should you use?

  •  MAX
  •  ROUND

Q24. Which function returns the largest value in the range H2:H30?

  •  =MAX(H2:H30)
  •  =MAXIMUM(H2:H30)
  •  =LARGE(H2:H30,29)
  •  =UPPER(H2:H30,1)

Q25. Which chart type can display two different data series as different series type within the same chart?

  •  XY chart
  •  clustered column
  •  bubble chart
  •  combo chart

Q26. In the image below, what does clicking the button indicated by the green arrow do?

  •  Hides or shows the formula bar.
  •  Selects all.
  •  Hides or shows the ribbon.
  •  Selects objects.

Q27. Which formula returns the value in cell A1 of the worksheet named MySheet?

  •  =MySheet!A1
  •  =MySheet_A1
  •  =MySheet&A1
  •  =MySheet@A1

Q28. In the worksheet below, you want to copy the formatting of cell A1 into cells B1:D1. Which approach (see arrows) accomplishes this the most efficiently?

  •  B
  •  C
  •  A
  •  D

Q29. Which formula correctly counts the number of numeric values in both B4:E4 and G4:I4?

  •  =COUNT(B4:E4&G4:I4)
  •  =COUNT(B4:E4,G4:I4)
  •  =COUNT(B4:E4 G4:I4)
  •  =COUNT(B4:I4)

Q30. After activating a chart, which sequence adds a trendline to the chart?

  •  In the Format group, select Trendline from the Insert Shapes list.
  •  Click outside the plot area and select Add Trendline
  •  Click inside the plot and select Forecast.
  •  Right-click a data series and select Add Trendline.

Q31. Which Excel add-in will help you find a target result by varying multiple inputs to a formula?

  •  Goal Seek
  •  Power Pivot
  •  Data Analysis
  •  Solver

Q32. What tool would you use to prevent the input in a cell of a date outside a specific range?

  •  Protect Workbook
  •  Watch Window
  •  Data Validation
  •  Filter

Q33. You want to apply subtotals per sport in the data below. What should you do before applying subtotals?

  •  Format the data in column E.
  •  Format the data in column D.
  •  Sort the data in column D.
  •  Sort the data in column E.

Q34. When you sort a list of numerical value into ascending or descending order, the value in the middle of the list is the _____.

  •  mode
  •  modulus
  •  average
  •  median

Q35. Which format setting does not change the background appearance of a cell?

  •  Cell style
  •  Fill color
  •  Pattern style
  •  Font color

Q36. In Excel, what do most formulas begin with?

  •  :
  •  =
  •  (
  •  *

Q38. You need to determine the commission earned by each Sales Rep, based on the Sales amounts in B3:B50 and the Commission rate specified in cell A1. You want to enter a formula in C3 and copy it down to C50. Which formula should you use?

        A                                 B                                        C
18.5%2018 Commission
2Sales Rep2018 SalesComenion Earned
3Jordan Hinton$123,938.00
4Lilah Douglas5594,810.00
5Karyn Reese$235,954.00
6Chiquita Walsh$684,760.00
  •  =$A1*B3
  •  =$A$1*B3
  •  =A1*$B3
  •  =A1*B3

Q39. If you start a date series by dragging down the fill handle of a single cell that contains the date 12/1/19, what will you get?

  •  a series of consecutive days following the initial date
  •  a series of days exactly one month apart
  •  a series of days identical to the initial date
  •  a series of days exactly one year apart

Q40. To discover how many cells in a range contain values that meet a single criterion, use the ___function.

  •  COUNT

Q41. Of these four chart types, which works best for summarizing time-based data?

  •  pie chart
  •  XY scatter chart
  •  bar chart
  •  line chart

Q42. Your worksheet has the value 27 in cell B3. What value is returned by the function =MOD (B3,6)?

  •  4
  •  1
  •  5
  •  3

Q43. For an IF function to check whether cell B3 contains a value between 15 and 20 inclusively, what condition should you use?

  •  OR(B3=>15,B3<=20)
  •  AND (B3>=15,B3<=20)
  •  OR(B3>15,B3<20)
  •  AND(B3>15, B3<20)

Q44. Which of these functions returns the largest value within the range H2:H30?

  •  =MAXIMUM (H2:H30)
  •  =MAX(H2:H30)
  •  =LARGE (H2:H30, 29)
  •  =UPPER(H2:H30,1)

Q45. Which format setting does not change the background appearance of a cell?

  •  Fill color
  •  Font Color
  •  Pattern Style
  •  Cell Style

Q46. The charts below are based on the data in cells a3:g5. The chart on the right was created by copying the one on the left. Which ribbon button was clicked to change the layout of the chart on the right (missing answers)?

  • [ ]
  • [ ]
  • [ ]
  • [ ]

Q47. Cell A20 displays an orange background when its value is 5. Changing the value to 6 changes the background color to green. What type of formatting is applied to cell A20?

  •  Value Formatting
  •  Cell Style Formatting
  •  Conditional Formatting
  •  Tabular format

Q48. What does this formula do? =Sum(Sheet1:Sheet4!D18)

  •  It adds data from cell D18 of Sheet1 and cell D18 of Sheet4
  •  It adds data from cell A1 of Sheet1 and cell D18 of sheet4
  •  It adds all data in the range A1:D18 in Sheet1, Sheet2, Sheet3, and Sheet4
  •  It adds data from all D18 cells in Sheet1, Sheet2, Sheet3 and 4


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Is this Skill Assessment Test is free?

Yes Microsoft Excel Assessment Quiz is totally free on LinkedIn for you. The only thing is needed i.e. your dedication towards learning.

When I will get Skill Badge?

Yes, if will Pass the Skill Assessment Test, then you will earn a skill badge that will reflect in your LinkedIn profile. For passing in LinkedIn Skill Assessment, you must score 70% or higher, then only you will get you skill badge.

How to participate in skill quiz assessment?

It’s good practice to update and tweak your LinkedIn profile every few months. After all, life is dynamic and (I hope) you’re always learning new skills. You will notice a button under the Skills & Endorsements tab within your LinkedIn Profile: ‘Take skill quiz.‘ Upon clicking, you will choose your desire skill test quiz and complete your assessment.

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