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Link for the ProblemRepeated DNA Sequences– LeetCode Problem

Repeated DNA Sequences– LeetCode Problem


The DNA sequence is composed of a series of nucleotides abbreviated as 'A''C''G', and 'T'.

  • For example, "ACGAATTCCG" is a DNA sequence.

When studying DNA, it is useful to identify repeated sequences within the DNA.

Given a string s that represents a DNA sequence, return all the 10-letter-long sequences (substrings) that occur more than once in a DNA molecule. You may return the answer in any order.

Example 1:


Example 2:

Output: ["AAAAAAAAAA"]


  • 1 <= s.length <= 105
  • s[i] is either 'A''C''G', or 'T'.
Repeated DNA Sequences– LeetCode Solutions
Repeated DNA Sequences Solution in C++:
class Solution {
  vector<string> findRepeatedDnaSequences(string s) {
    unordered_set<string> ans;
    unordered_set<string_view> seen;
    const string_view sv(s);

    for (int i = 0; i + 10 <= s.length(); ++i) {
      if (seen.count(sv.substr(i, 10)))
        ans.insert(s.substr(i, 10));
      seen.insert(sv.substr(i, 10));

    return {begin(ans), end(ans)};
Repeated DNA Sequences Solution in Java:
class Solution {
  public List<String> findRepeatedDnaSequences(String s) {
    Set<String> ans = new HashSet<>();
    Set<String> seen = new HashSet<>();

    for (int i = 0; i + 10 <= s.length(); ++i) {
      final String seq = s.substring(i, i + 10);
      if (seen.contains(seq))

    return new ArrayList<>(ans);
Repeated DNA Sequences Solution in Python:
class Solution:
  def findRepeatedDnaSequences(self, s: str) -> List[str]:
    ans = set()
    seen = set()

    for i in range(len(s) - 9):
      seq = s[i:i + 10]
      if seq in seen:

    return list(ans)
  • Time: O(10n) = O(n)O(10n)=O(n)
  • Space: O(10n) = O(n)O(10n)=O(n)

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