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About Reviews & Metrics for Software Improvements Course

This course covers techniques for monitoring your projects in order to align client needs, project plans, and software production. It focuses on metrics and reviews to track and improve project progress and software quality.

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Reviews & Metrics for Software Improvements Quiz Answers

Module 1: Assessment (Graded) Answers

Q1. An essential part of meeting the goals of software development (the right product, done right, and managed right) involves tracking, reviewing, and evaluating both the product and the process used to create that project in a way that is transparent to everyone on the project. This is also known as _____.

  • reviewing a product.
  • validating a product.
  • verifying a product.
  • monitoring

Q2. Maria is working on creating a software app for a small business that will help them set up time sheets for their employees. She wants to make sure the project is on the right track. Which of the following are forms of feedback she could use to accomplish this goal? (Choose two answers)

  • continuing to work until the client says something
  • a user study
  • gathering suggestions from clients and team members
  • creating an alternative app with the same goal as this one

Q3. A development team wants to verify the product they are working on. Which of the following is a way they could obtain verification?

  • surveys
  • unit tests
  • frequent demos
  • user studies

Q4. Lucy and her team are finishing a sprint on their software project, and are preparing for their sprint review meeting. Unfortunately, one of the features they had hoped to finish in this sprint does not work. One of Lucy’s team members suggest they create a sample for their client demonstration that is hard coded to work with specific input values, so they can still show what the feature will do when it is finished. What should Lucy do and why?

  • Lucy should contact the clients and ask them if they would still like to come to the sprint review meeting in light of the unfinished features.
  • Lucy should cancel having the sprint review meeting, because there is not enough to present clients.
  • Lucy and her team should create the hard coded sample so clients are in a better position to give feedback.
  • Lucy and her team should present their product with only its finished features. This means the feature that was not finished this sprint should not be demonstrated. Only features that meet the definition of done should be demoed.

Q5. A meeting that takes place at the end of a sprint, and allows the development team to demonstrate their product and gain feedback from stakeholders is what kind of meeting?

  • A daily stand-up.
  • A Daily Scrum.
  • A sprint retrospective meeting.
  • A sprint review meeting.

Q6. Cleo is working on a project developing a piece of software to help translators create subtitles for short digital movies. In their last sprint, Cleo and her team finished a feature of their software that time-stamps videos into segments for translation. What are some important events she should expect from the sprint review meeting (Choose three answers)?

  • The product owner approves of the time-stamp feature and removes it from the product backlog.
  • The translation software is demoed so stakeholders can see videos being segmented into time-stamps.
  • One development team member speaks for the entire team during the meeting.
  • Stakeholders offer feedback on the time-stamp feature – they believe it would be improved if the time-stamp was larger on the screen.

Q7. Young Hae is conducting a user study on a new graphing software she has created. She has asked users to navigate the software as they would like, while she observes them in a computer lab. Young Hae is only gathering observational notes on how enjoyable users find the product, and no data of numerical value. This type of user study uses primarily ______ measures, and assess the usability element of _______.

  • objective, satisfaction
  • subjective, satisfaction
  • objective, efficiency
  • subjective, effectiveness

Q8. Many companies have developed their own methods for producing the right product. The company that expanded on the four stages of understand, explore, prototype and evaluate to include sponsor users, hill statements, and playbacks is _____.

  • Google
  • IBM
  • Intuit
  • Apple

Module 2: Assessment (Graded) Answers

Q1. List the types of software peer reviews in order from the least formal types of reviews to most formal types of reviews:

  • software walkthrough, software inspections, and software technical reviews
  • software walkthroughs, software technical review, and software inspections
  • software inspections, software walkthroughs, and software technical reviews
  • software inspections, software technical review, and software walkthroughs

Q2. The peer review techniques that involve assessing requirements based on the criteria of: ambiguity, consistency, and completeness are (Choose two that apply):

  • eliciting requirements
  • software walkthrough
  • requirements inspection
  • requirements technical review

Q3. Some common reasons software projects may avoid using metrics include (select all that apply):

  • lack of industry standards
  • there are too many metrics to choose from
  • lack of time
  • lack of knowledge on the use of metrics

Q4. The Goal, Question, Metric paradigm helps alleviate the following issues surrounding metrics (Choose two that apply):

  • It prevents the use of ineffective metrics
  • It helps ensure that what is being measured is understood and valuable
  • It makes it quicker to use a metric
  • It can be used to make a metric into an industry standard

Q5. Gabriela is working on a piece of software that will help a concert venue sell tickets. The clients would like to provide customers with free shipping of tickets if they spent over $250.00. Gabriela will use this number in her code to change shipping to $0.00 – if the number is under $250.00, then the customer has to pay for shipping. The number $250.00 is an example of:

  • a measure
  • a goal
  • a metric
  • an indicator

Q6. Examples of desirable properties of metrics include (Choose two that apply):

  • consistent in the use of units and dimensions
  • simple and computable
  • stakeholders approve of it
  • reduces hours

Q7. The popular uptime metric measures in percentages how long a product is “up” and available to users. What requirement does this measure?

  • performance
  • reliability
  • product success
  • maintainability

Q8. Which of the following are properties of defect analysis? (Choose three that apply)

  • defect analysis helps highlight subsystems which may need more focus from the development team, if the subsystem has reached a software barrier
  • defect analysis can help determine when a product is ready for release, as it helps determine how many errors developers can expect to find in their code based on previous defect densities
  • defect analysis assesses the quality of a product by analyzing the number of errors in the product
  • defect analysis is most useful after a product has been released, and the new defect density can be determined

Module 3: Assessment (Graded) Answers

Q1. The daily meeting meant to synchronize the development team and discover any impediments to work is known as the ________.

  • Morning Stand-Up
  • Daily Scrum
  • Software Walkthrough
  • Status Meeting

Q2. Thomas and his development team finished enough user stories in his last sprint to add up to 12 story points. The sprint before that, Thomas and his team finished 15 story points, which they had expected to finish again. What was the actual velocity of their most recent sprint?

  • 12 story points / sprint
  • 15 story points / sprint
  • 13 story points / sprint
  • 14.5 story points / sprint

Q3. Previous velocities can be used as an estimate for how much work will be done in the next sprint. What potential factors may influence the outcome of the actual velocity of the sprint (select two that apply)?

  • A previous velocity may affect this velocity.
  • Bugs may occur which affect how long it takes to finish tasks.
  • The team may experience a learning curve and accomplish this sprint much more quickly.
  • Actual velocities should always be stable.

Q4. Lola takes a look at the release burndown chart her team has created for their project. She knows for a fact that her team has been working hard on a number of tasks. However, she sees that for the past four sprints, the bars on the release burndown chart have stayed the same – no story points have been finished. What is likely happening?

  • No one has updated the release burndown chart.
  • Too many new user stories are being started before old ones are completed.
  • The team should count hours instead of story points.
  • The team is not working.

Q5. When more tasks are added to a sprint than are completed or removed, this can increase in work hours or story points increasing over time instead of decreasing. This is an example of _____.

  • burning across
  • burning change
  • burning down
  • burning up

Q6. Sam and her development team are working on a project. They estimate all the user stories of the project add up to 100 story points. In their first sprint, they finish 15 story points, and they mark this change on their release burndown chart. However, the team removed a feature at the beginning of Sprint 2 from the project, resulting in the removal of 5 story points. How could this be represented in an adjustable floor?

  • Five story points would be added to the top of the bar representing Sprint 2.
  • Five story points would be removed from the top of the bar representing Sprint 2.
  • Five story points would be removed from the bottom of the bar representing Sprint 2, so the bar seems to start above the x-axis.
  • Five story points would be added to the bottom of the bar representing Sprint 2, so the bar starts below the x-axis.

Q7. A burndown chart which marks the days worked on the x-axis, and the total effort on the y-axis and represent a single sprint is known as:

  • an iteration burndown chart
  • an adjustable floor burndown chart
  • a release burndown chart
  • a line burndown chart

Q8. Clara and her development team are using a whiteboard task board to help them with their iteration burndown. On day twelve, three tasks were moved on the task board to the done column. These tasks were 9 hours, 2 hours, and 12 hours. Another task that took 5 hours was moved into the verify column. How can this information help Clara update the iteration burndown?

  • It lets Clara know that the user story is not complete yet, and cannot be used towards the iteration burndown chart.
  • 23 hours can be removed from the start of day thirteen.
  • 23 hours can be removed from the start of day twelve.
  • 28 hours can be removed from the start of day thirteen.

Module 4: Assessment (Graded) Answers

Q1. Marcus and his development team have finished a project for their client, and have decided to reflect on the work that was finished over the project in order to identify improvements and lessons the team learned. This process is formally known as ______ .

  • Sprint retrospective
  • Postmortem
  • Postpartum
  • Project retrospective

Q2. Which of the following is not a use for a retrospective?

  • Reflecting on what went badly in a project.
  • Reflecting on what went well in a project.
  • Smoothing over any disagreements amongst team members.
  • Identifying defects in the code of a product.

Q3. Elements of a safe environment include (select two that apply):

  • time boxed meetings that will not interfere with developer work
  • team members who reflect often on their work
  • lack of negative responses from peers or management
  • open communication

Q4. Holly works on a team where she feels very supported. Whenever she makes a suggestion for the project, her team members are always enthusiastic. She feels not only that she can contribute, but that she actively wishes to help make the product the best one possible. Holly works in a __________.

  • dysfunctional team culture
  • safe environment
  • open culture
  • functional team culture

Q5. Chibuzo is leading the project retrospective by helping the development team create a safe environment for discussion, and also to help guide discussion so tough issues are not ignored. In light of this, Chibuzo’s role is _________.

  • experienced developer
  • Scrum master
  • outside facilitator
  • consultant

Q6. Project retrospective meetings can take up to three days. Kerth (2001) has compared this to a three course meal, where each course refers to a meal. These courses are, in order:

  • readying course, past course, future course
  • past course, readying course, future course
  • past course, main course, future course
  • readying course, main course, future course

Q7. Examples of retrospective exercises from Kerth (2001) include (select two that apply):

  • “functional team culture” exercise
  • “improvements” exercise
  • “emotions seismograph” exercise
  • “artifacts contest” exercise

Q8. A question that an outside facilitator could ask on a pre-work handout for a retrospective exercise could be:

  • What emotions do you feel as you think about this meeting?
  • What advice would you give to another team working on a similar project?
  • Which team member did you enjoy working with the most on this project?
  • What did you dislike the most working on this project?

Course Assessment (Graded) Answers

Q1. Monitoring is an important part of meeting the goals of software development. This can involve (select three correct answers):

  • using metrics to measure certain aspects of a project.
  • tracking, reviewing, and evaluating the product and process of software development.
  • gathering requirements from clients.
  • verifying and validating a product.

Q2. Different forms of feedback include (choose three answers):

  • Results from a user study informing how to improve a product
  • Gathering criticisms which improve how workers communicate with each other
  • Selecting the roles workers will have on a project
  • Suggestions and criticisms that help a project decide how to move forward among different alternatives

Q3. The Agile Manifesto principle, “Our highest priority is to satisfy the customer through early and continuous delivery of valuable software” highlights the importance of a software product that satisfies stakeholders. This is in line with the concept of:

  • monitoring
  • validation
  • metrics
  • verification

Q4. Francis and his team are coming up on the end of their current sprint. He is preparing to demonstrate the product in the upcoming sprint review meeting, in order to gain stakeholder feedback. What are some important points Francis should remember for the client demonstration? (Choose two answers)

  • The product should be demonstrated on the platform it was meant for.
  • Clients really appreciate having colourful slides during demonstrations.
  • The product demonstrated should be authentic – only features that meet the definition of done should be demonstrated.
  • If feedback is particularly lively, it is alright if the sprint review meetings goes over the allotted time provided for the meeting.

Q5. Sprint review meetings are an opportunity for the development team to _________, while sprint retrospective meetings allow the development team to _________.

  • demonstrate a product; re-evaluate the project process
  • demonstrate a product; gain client feedback on the product
  • re-evaluate the project process; demonstrate a product
  • reflect on other products; re-evaluate the project process

Q6. What are the three main events of a sprint review meeting? (Choose three answers)

  • Product and feature approval
  • Product demonstration
  • Stakeholder feedback
  • Outlining the meeting

Q7. Uwe has developed a user study to test the game he has developed. He has provided his sample users with a set of goals to accomplish in the game, and has recorded how long it takes his users to reach those goals. Why is this data not enough on its own to assess all the qualities of usability?

  • Uwe should gather more information over a long period of time, in a longitudinal study, so he has more data to assess usability.
  • It is a subjective measure of usability that only informs how satisfied users were playing the game.
  • This user study actually assesses all the qualities of usability.
  • It is an objective measure of usability that can inform Uwe about the effectiveness and efficiency of his game, but may not tell him much about how satisfied users were playing the game.

Q8. Apple is known for using the method _______ to produce the right product, while Google is known for using the method _____ to reach the same goal.

  • Design Sprint, 10-to-3-to-1
  • Design Sprint, Follow-me-home
  • 10-to-3-to-1, Design Thinking
  • 10-to-3-to-1, Design Sprint

Q9. Software walkthroughs, software technical reviews, and software inspections share the following traits (Choose two that apply):

  • They are software peer reviews
  • They help identify defects in a product early
  • Certain stages of the review are repeated
  • They involve a recorder who documents identified issues

Q10. Requirements criteria used in both the peer review techniques of requirements inspection, and requirements technical review include (Choose two that apply):

  • simple
  • ambiguity
  • feasible
  • completeness

Q11. Putri is working with a development team which has chosen to use the metric lines of code or LOC. Putri knows this is an ineffective metric. What reasons could Putri present his manager to illustrate this? (Choose three that apply)

  • Different programming languages can influence the lines of code, even for the same feature.
  • It takes too much time to count all of the lines of code created by a project.
  • The number of lines of code it takes to create a feature is not related to the quality of that feature.
  • It may encourage developers to write more lines of code than they would otherwise to seem more productive.

Q12. The Goal, Question, Metric paradigm suggests that:

  • Questions must be used to find the goals of a metric
  • Metrics do not need planning before their use
  • Questions can be good indicators of software failure
  • The right metric will help answer questions about a clearly defined goal

Q13. Carter has been counting the number of defects found in a product every week through bug reports. The defects/week is an example of:

  • an indicator
  • a question
  • a measure
  • a metric

Q14. Horatio has been keeping track of his development team’s output by measuring the number of story points per sprint. Halfway through the project, the client requests that Horatio start to measure the team’s productivity by using hours per sprint. Horatio explains to his client that this is not a good idea, because it breaks which desirable property of a metric?

  • It is specific to the project.
  • It is not consistent as a unit.
  • It is not simple.
  • It is not objective.

Q15. The popular metric of _______ is used to measure the non-functional requirement of ______.

  • uptime ; performance
  • response time ; reliability
  • uptime ; reliability
  • complexity metrics ; performance

Q16. Jill has been working on some software to help her perform colour analysis on photographs. She calculates the defect density of her code pre-release. 400 defects were found in a total of 100,000 lines of code. In the post-release, however, 600 defects were found. Although her total was 10 defects per thousand lines of code, what strategies could Jill use to help lower her high post-release defect numbers? (Choose two that apply)

  • It doesn’t matter, because the overall defect density is within industry average.
  • Jill could perform more pre-release testing.
  • More experienced developers could be brought onto the team, who may be able to catch these problems easier.
  • Jill could compare this defect density against that of other subsystems.

Q17. Which of the following are properties of the Daily Scrum meeting (select two that apply)?

  • They are a time when impediments to work are highlighted.
  • They are time-boxed meetings.
  • They are status meetings.
  • Product owners are required to attend.

Q18. The “goal velocity” for a sprint, usually based upon previous similar sprints in the past, is known as the _______.

  • story point measure
  • velocity planning
  • estimated velocity
  • actual velocity

Q19. Over time, sprint velocities tend to become more and more stable. This is likely because (choose two that apply):

  • At the beginning of a project, the development team is still learning to work together, so velocities will change.
  • Development teams have consulted with other workers.
  • If the development team is following Agile principles, then a sustainable development pace should develop.
  • Development teams learn how to count story points better.

Q20. Release burndown charts can help a development team visualize (Choose two that apply)

  • defects in a product
  • how many sprints it will take to finish a project
  • the work completed and left to finish
  • what metrics to use in a project to monitor progress

Q21. The name for two processes that occur when burndowns do not stay on target are _______ and ________.

  • burning across and burning down.
  • burning up and burning across.
  • burning up and burning down.
  • burning across and burning off.

Q22. Huang and his development team have been using a release burndown chart to keep track of their progress on a project. However, some requirements have changed on the project, leading to a number of tasks being added. Which of the following are the best ways Huang could illustrate these changes in the burndown chart? (Choose two that apply)

  • Huang could add bars above the work remaining bars, demonstrating completed work.
  • Huang could start a new chart from scratch.
  • Huang could extend the bars of the burndown chart below the bottom axis, to demonstrate added story points.
  • Huang could just make a note in the current burndown chart of changes that occurred.

Q23. An iteration burndown chart differs from a release burndown chart in that it (choose two that apply):

  • generally uses working days on the x-axis instead of sprints
  • iteration burndown charts tend to be line charts.
  • iteration burndown charts are updated daily
  • tracks the completion of user stories and story points

Q24. Whiteboard task boards help a development team easily visualize (choose two that apply):

  • the stage that tasks of an iteration are at
  • the tasks that make up user stories that are to be finished in a sprint
  • if a release is on schedule
  • if an iteration is experiencing burning across

Q25. Mariko and her development team have finished a project. At the end of the project, they spent some time reflecting and discussing the project. They identified a number of ways the work done could be done better the next time. These identified ways of improving the project are __________.

  • a metric
  • what went well in the project
  • lessons learned
  • sprint retrospectives

Q26. Project retrospectives are a good time for the development team to address (select three that apply):

  • differences or disagreements due to personalities that happened over the project
  • what went right in a project
  • how to improve the next sprint
  • what went wrong in a project

Q27. Techniques that software project managers can use to create safe environments include (select two that apply)

  • building on an another team member’s original idea, and attributing the original idea back to the person who thought of it
  • providing feedback to team members through appreciation
  • agreeing with everything team members say
  • time-boxing meetings so they do not run too long

Q28. Qualities of a dysfunctional team culture include (select two that apply):

  • an environment where people feel they can contribute, but are not motivated to
  • competitive attitudes that focus on making one individual look good
  • shared ownership of a project
  • emphasis on production instead of improvement

Q29. Outside facilitators are responsible for (select two that apply):

  • making sure the end of the project “looks good”
  • ensuring team members all contribute in discussions
  • representing the needs and goals of clients
  • helping create safe environments for retrospective discussions

Q30. Craig has been working on a project that has only recently finished. He was working on creating an interactive timeline, but this was only a specialized and specific part of the project. He looks forward to hearing about what other developers worked on in the course. According to Kerth’s (2001) three day analogy for project retrospectives, which day and course should Craig expect to hear about other developers’ work on the project?

  • Day one, during the past course, when rules are set out for the retrospective.
  • Day two, during the past course, when the team is going over the lifecycle of the project.
  • Craig will have to make time on his own to discuss the work other team members were involved in, as this is not a part of a project retrospective.
  • Day one, during the readying course, when the team goes over highlights of the project to set up context for the rest of the retrospective.

Q31. Which of the following is not an example of an exercise that would take place in the past course?

  • “offer appreciations” exercise
  • “create a timeline” exercise
  • “artifacts contest” exercise
  • “mine for gold” exercise

Q32. Trevor is an outside facilitator who has been brought in on a project retrospective to help ensure discussions go well. He sends out a pre-work handout asking team members about their hopes for the retrospective, and concerns they might have. Why are these good questions to ask (select two that apply)?

  • these questions help developers reflect on what they might want to talk about
  • gathering answers helps Trevor identify general trends that may need to be discussed
  • these questions are actually not helpful for a retrospective meeting
  • these questions only focus on positive aspects of the project and retrospective

More About This Course

This course covers techniques for monitoring your projects in order to align client needs, project plans, and software production. It focuses on metrics and reviews to track and improve project progress and software quality.


  • Apply techniques to measure and visualize project progress
  • Integrate Agile review practices to increase project visibility
  • Reflect on lessons learned in software projects through retrospective exercises
  • Improve project and process quality through ongoing measurement


  • Software Metric
  • Agile Software Development
  • Software Project Management
  • Software Metrics


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