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SEMrush PPC Fundamentals Exam Answers 

Q.1 – How do you get charged with PPC?

(A) You pay when a user clicks on your ad that leads to your website.

(B) You pay when a user clicks on your ad that leads to your website and makes a purchase.

(C) You pay when ads are shown to a user.

Q.2 – Which is NOT true about display advertising?

(A) It brings traffic with the strongest buyer’s intent.

(B) Display traffic is both cheaper and more plentiful.

(C) Your target audience for display advertising is not limited to the number of people looking for you on the web.

Q.3 – True or false? An effective PPC strategy should consider the ads themselves; the steps that users take on your website in order to convert to clients is not a part of this strategy.

(A) True

(B) False

Q.4 – Which part of the sales funnel has the most users?

(A) The beginning

(B) The end

(C) Same number throughout

(D) The middle

Q.5 – Which step in the decision making funnel do most people fit in.

(A) Action

(B) Desire

(C) Interest

(D) Awareness

Q.6 – What does tracking performance down a sales funnel enable you to do? Choose 3 answers.

(A) A/B test different variations of stages along the funnel.

(B) Understand the cost for each of the conversions along the funnel.

(C) A/B test different ads for highest CTR.

(D) Know how much to pay per click.

Q.7 – More sales copy helps sell to users that are:

(A) Higher up on the decision making funnel (first becoming aware)

(B) Lower on the decision making funnel (ready to take action and buy)

(C) To both groups

Q.8 – How do you get more meaningful statistics without spending more money? Choose 3 correct answers.

(A) Limit your advertising to fewer products

(B) Focus on fewer users

(C) Add keywords

(D) Target fewer keywords

Q.9 – With search advertising, what are advertisers competing with each other for?

(A) Higher conversion rate

(B) Number of ad clicks

(C) Ad position

Q.10 – Google Ads hierarchy, from largest to smallest, is:

(A) MCC -> Account -> Campaign -> Ad Group

(B) Campaign -> Account -> MCC -> Ad Group

(C) Account -> MCC -> Campaign -> Ad Group

Q.11 – What are Google Search Partners?

(A) Websites that belong to Google.

(B) Websites that aren’t Google properties, but have a search box which delivers Google’s search results.

(C) Advertising agencies that manage Google search campaigns.

Q.12 – The negative exact keyword ‘-[beach chair]’ will exclude the following search term:

(A) beach chair

(B) best beach chair

(C) best beach chairs

(D) beach chairs

Q.13 – Fill in the blank: It is important to take into consideration the decision making funnel when conducting keyword research so that you focus on more actionable words that will help you deliver a __________CTR with Google and ________ better.

(A) Maximum, show up

(B) Higher, convert

(C) Lower, sell

Q.14 – Which two statements are not true about Google Ads Keyword planner?

(A) It helps forecast the search volume.

(B) It gives keyword ideas.

(C) It is only available in your current location.

(D) It is a not free tool.

Q.15 – True or false? A feature that the SEMrush Keyword Magic Tool offers which the AdWords Keyword Tool lacks is the ability to list attributes along side roots.

(A) True

(B) False

Q.16 – What is the primary metric for determining a winning ad?

(A) Lowest cost per click

(B) Clicks


(D) Ad position

Q.17 – What does PLA stand for?

(A) Priority Listing Ad

(B) Paid Listing Ad

(C) Product Listing Ad

Q.18 – True or false? Uploading a CSV of your data feed from your computer will allow you to set an automated schedule.

(A) True

(B) False

Q.19 – Fill in the blank. Display advertising allows you to reach users at the ___________ stage of the decision making funnel.

(A) Action

(B) Awareness

(C) Desire

(D) Interest

Q.20 – True or false? Frequency capping sets limits on how many times the same person can see an ad.

(A) True

(B) False

Q.21 – How many ad sizes are there on the GDN?

(A) 30

(B) 10

(C) 20

(D) 25

Q.22 – Which example of display targeting is NOT one that targets users by content?

(A) Targeting Topics

(B) Placement Targeting

(C) Remarketing

(D) Contextual Targeting

Q.23 – Fill in the blank. The best practice for a/b testing two different calls to action for a __________ad is to test banners that are __________in every way, with the exception of the call to action.

(A) text, different

(B) text, identical

(C) banner, identical

(D) banner, different

Q.24 – Ads for Universal App Campaigns are created:

(A) Automatically in the Merchant Center.

(B) In the Google Ads UI.

(C) Automatically from the Google Play store listing.

Q.25 – True or false? It is important to track in-app actions to optimize for users that are engaged in completing valuable actions within the app, not app installs.

(A) False

(B) True

Q.26 – How much budget should you set when launching your Universal App campaigns?

(A) 50 times that of your target cost per installation.

(B) The most you’re willing to lose to gather stats until you’re profitable.

(C) 25 times that of your target per cost installation.

Q.27 – If a keyword has a 2% conversion rate, and the value of a conversion is $100, what is the value per click of that keyword?

(A) $0.2

(B) $0.002

(C) $0.02

(D) $2

Q.28 – Which is not an example of a dimension?

(A) Visitors

(B) Days of the week

(C) Cities

(D) Devices

Q.29 – Conversion Optimizer works by:

(A) Automatically adjusting bids keywords as well as other dimensions in a campaign

(B) A/B testing your landing page for higher conversion rates

(C) Automatically finding targeting that will be more likely to convert into users

(D) Running your campaign during hours where users will be more likely to convert

Q.30 – True or false? Your campaign should be limited by its budget setting when you want to limit losses on unprofitable campaigns that are being optimized.

(A) False

(B) True

Q.31 – True or false? Building an attribution model helps you to attribute appropriate credit to multiple marketing channels that contributed to a single sale.

(A) False

(B) True

Q.32 – When you have dedicated landing pages, who is the home page meant to serve?

(A) Both groups

(B) Users that already know who you are

(C) Users that do not know you

Q.33 – Which is NOT a consequence of the situation when you DON’T bid on your brand name?

(A) Losing sales from people that are ready to buy, but research you first.

(B) Losing users who are specifically searching for your brand.

(C) Losing positions in organic SERP.

Q.34 – Fill in the blank. Branded SEO is _______ because SEO is about being _______ and nobody is more _______ for your brand than you are.

(A) easy, visible, visible

(B) easy, relevant, relevant

(C) complicated, relevant, irrelevant

(D) expensive, top-ranked, relevant

Q.35 – How should Remarketing lists be segmented? Choose two options.

(A) Number of visitors to your landing page.

(B) Value of the users on the list.

(C) Different ad messages that could work best with them.


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