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SEMrush SMM Fundamentals Exam Answers

Q.1 – True or false? Repeatedly publishing blog posts targeting the exact same keywords isn’t a good strategy because all of these blog posts will compete with each other for indexing in search engines.

(A) False

(B) True

Q.2 – True or false? The LinkedIn blogging platform is available for both personal and business pages.

(A) True

(B) False

Q.3 – True or false? Embedding custom pixel to your website helps retarget people who should already have an affinity for you but for some reason have not converted to liking your page or engaging with your content.

(A) False

(B) True

Q.4 – True or false? Since salespeople operate from their personal profiles, they can engage and connect with anyone, and they should take advantage of this opportunity to expand their network and expose their company’s content to a larger audience.

(A) False

(B) True

Q.5 – True or false? You should use KPIs or metrics to determine your social media campaign’s success only if your business goal is sales.

(A) True

(B) False

Q.6 – Mark the true statement.

(A) Blogs are good for individuals but not for businesses

(B) Social media today represents the convergence of communication and information

(C) Social media is meant only for sharing personal content and maintaining personal relationships

Q.7 – What is the recommended number of social media channels to concentrate on for the purpose of A/B testing?

(A) One

(B) Two

(C) Three

(D) Four

Q.8 – Fill in the blank: Employee advocacy works better for ______ companies.

(A) C2B

(B) B2C

(C) B2B

Q.9 – What is the right order of steps in the Deming Circle?

(A) Plan, Action, Check, Do

(B) Plan, Do, Check, Action

(C) Do, Check, Plan, Action

(D) Plan, Check, Do, Action

Q.10 – What type of paid social will give you the possibility to measure ROI?

(A) Like or follow campaigns to achieve a desired number of followers

(B) Promote a product that can generate a new sale

(C) Boost your content so that it is seen by the desired number of your followers

Q.11 – What is the most effective way to send social signals via Twitter and to be noticed by someone whose tweets you share?

(A) Retweet their posts and mention them with their @username

(B) Like the post

(C) Follow them and mention them in a tweet using their real name

(D) Add them to one of your Twitter Lists

Q.12 – Which strategy do modern companies (especially startups) choose to get their product seen?

(A) Invest the majority of their money in traditional marketing channels like television, radio, magazines, etc.

(B) Bet on digital marketing and create stories that will help potential customers with their purchasing decision and be heard throughout the buyer’s journey

(C) Choose the digital media channel that seems to be the most popular at the time and focus on one channel

Q.13 – Which of the following ideas for posting on Instagram will help you create a visual voice for your brand? Choose three options.

(A) Share photos of people that use your products

(B) Post video ads for your product as Instagram Stories on a regular basis

(C) Publish good-looking stock pictures of your product

(D) Take photos of your employees and have them make selfies to humanize your brand

(E) Post plain photos of your product

(F) Analyze the most engaging types of photos on your competitor’s profiles

Q.14 – If you work for a sportswear company, what type of content should you publish in order to strengthen your company’s personal branding?

(A) Posts directly advertising your company’s goods

(B) Your personal content

(C) Posts about a healthy lifestyle

(D) Something that has no connection with your business

Q.15 – What can’t be done on Facebook?

(A) Advertising both your business and personal accounts

(B) Creating open groups to increase engagement

(C) Creating VIP closed communities to share special offers and special content

(D) Engaging the public with live stream video

Q.16 – What is the main idea of digital relationship marketing?

(A) Using email marketing to engage people who do not use the Internet for search

(B) Combining organic and paid social efforts

(C) Collaborating with people who share content that can help gain visibility for your company in the trusted news feeds of others

Q.17 – Why is audience retention in your YouTube analytics important?

(A) It helps you see the numbers of views and likes you have received

(B) It helps you understand your traffic sources

(C) It helps you analyze when people start to lack interest in your video content

Q.18 – Which of the following ways of measuring your social media results we call comparative metrics?

(A) The metrics that show you the difference of how many retweets you got for a certain post and likes that you got for another post

(B) The metrics that show you the difference between your and your competitors social media performance

(C) The metrics that show you the amount of generating website traffic or getting new leads on your website

Q.19 – Choose the right statements about hashtags on Instagram. Choose two options.

(A) It is advisable to use a mix of very popular, mildly popular and less popular hashtags

(B) You can add up to 35 hashtags to a publication

(C) 5-15 is the recommended number of hashtags for the post

(D) A hashtag only make sense in the post description but not in the comments

Q.20 – What is the name of the content manufacturing process in which you divide a single piece of content into multiple pieces that can be used on various social media channels?

(A) Content curation

(B) Creation of evergreen content

(C) Content repurposing

Q.21 – What statements are true about the content buckets approach? Choose two options.

(A) It is better to choose one channel and concentrate on promoting it

(B) You should align the weight of each content bucket with your business objectives

(C) Use feedback from how different content buckets perform on different social media channels to tweak your strategy

(D) You have to share the same weight between all your posts

Q.22 – Which social media network has the second highest amount of social media-generated website traffic after Facebook?

(A) Youtube

(B) Pinterest

(C) Twitter

(D) Instagram

Q.23 – FiIl in the blank: _______ are the most challenging group of people to work with if you don’t know them personally, but in order to achieve success through social media marketing they are potentially the most rewarding.

(A) Your employees

(B) Influencers

(C) Brand advocates

(D) Followers

Q.24 – Fill in the blanks: To determine which social media channels to spend time on, you should start with a social media audit. Then, you should analyze your competitors’ social media presence. Although you can’t get data on your _______, which is the most important, you can analyze your _______ rate and publishing _______ among other metrics.

(A) link clicks, engagement, frequency

(B) community size, conversion, quality

(C) engagement rate, conversion, frequency

Q.25 – What should we call an influencer with 543 followers?

(A) Micro Influencer

(B) Macro Influencer

(C) Nano Influencer

(D) Mini Influencer

Q.26 – What is the first step for a business that wants to start a social media program?

(A) Produce relevant and engaging content

(B) Link new and existing content with your own content as well as with other people’s

(C) Find the most appropriate social media channels and content mediums for your business

Q.27 – Which factors will help you to be seen despite the changing social network algorithms of any given social network? Choose four answers.

(A) Current performance of your post

(B) Historical performance of your posts

(C) Always using hashtags regardless of social network

(D) Your type of content

(E) Avoiding personal pages

(F) Recency of content

(G) Your follower-to-following ratio should be constant


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