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Social Psychology Quiz Answers

Week 6: Social Psychology Coursera Quiz Answers

Quiz 1: Honors Assignment: Small Group Discussion

Question 1: To receive Honors credit, you must complete this brief questionnaire about your experience.

First, did you hold a discussion about the psychology of prejudice and social justice for at least 30 minutes with group of at least 4 people (including yourself)?

  • Yes
  • No

Question 2: Was your discussion online or in person?

  • Online
  • In person

Question 3: What was the date when your discussion took place? (If you can’t remember the exact date, please give your best estimate.)


Question 4: Approximately how long did your discussion last?

  • 30 minutes
  • 35 minutes
  • 40 minutes
  • 45 minutes
  • 50 minutes
  • 55 minutes
  • 60 minutes
  • 65 minutes
  • 70 minutes
  • 75 minutes
  • 80 minutes
  • 85 minutes
  • 90 minutes
  • 95 minutes
  • 100 minutes
  • 105 minutes
  • 110 minutes
  • 115 minutes
  • 120 minutes
  • Longer than 120 minutes

Question 5: What was the largest number of members that your group had at any one time (including you)?

  • 4 members
  • 5 members
  • 6 members
  • 7 members
  • 8 members
  • 9 members
  • 10 members
  • More than 10 members

Question 6: If your group used springboard questions provided by Professor Plous, which of the following sets were they drawn from? Check all that apply.

  • The Nature of Prejudice
  • Racism and Racial Inequality
  • Sexism and Gender Inequality
  • Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation
  • My group did not use the springboard questions that were provided

Question 7: If your group used springboards, how useful was it to have these discussion questions?

  • Very useful
  • Fairly useful
  • Not too useful
  • Not useful at all
  • My group did not use springboards

Question 8: Overall, how enjoyable was your group discussion?

  • Very enjoyable
  • Fairly enjoyable
  • Not too enjoyable
  • Not enjoyable at all

Question 9: Overall, how educational was your group discussion?

  • Very educational
  • Fairly educational
  • Not too educational
  • Not educational at all

Question 10: Would you suggest keeping this assignment as part of the class?

  • Yes, as an honors assignment
  • Yes, as a regular required assignment
  • No, I would not recommend keeping this assignment

Question 11: Did you learn anything valuable about social psychology from the discussion?

  • No, I didn’t
  • Yes, I did

Question 12: Did you learn anything valuable about yourself from the discussion?

  • No, I didn’t
  • Yes, I did

Question 13: Did you learn anything valuable about other people or cultures from the discussion?

  • No, I didn’t
  • Yes, I did

Question 14: What was the most valuable result of your group discussion? Please write one or two paragraphs describing the discussion and what you learned.


Week 7: Social Psychology Coursera Quiz Answers

Question 1: According to Robert Cialdini’s article on protecting the environment, there are two types of norms: _______ norms (which refers to what people typically do) and _______ norms (which refers to what people typically approve or disapprove).

  • individual; group
  • descriptive; injunctive
  • group; individual
  • injunctive; descriptive

Question 2: People who score high on a scale of _______ try to be what others expect them to be.

  • self-monitoring
  • social loafing
  • self-esteem
  • self-efficacy

Question 3: As mentioned in one of the video lectures, psychologists and psychology textbooks generally focus on two types of empathy: _______ (which involves perspective-taking) and _______ (which involves emotional matching).

  • self-serving; group-serving
  • central; peripheral
  • cognitive; affective
  • outrospective; cathartic

Question 4: Of the following factors, _______ is most often cited as “very important for a successful marriage,” according to research discussed in the lecture on romantic attraction and close relationships.

  • agreement on political issues
  • fair division of household chores
  • shared religious beliefs
  • adequate household income

Question 5: In a book-length study published by Robert Rosenthal and Lenore Jacobsen (1968) on the “Pygmalion effect,” Rosenthal and Jacobsen reported that certain students “bloomed” academically as a result of:

  • Teachers expecting them to perform well
  • Receiving more help from other students
  • Taking classes that are relatively small in size
  • Having a higher starting intelligence (IQ score)

Question 6: _______ refers to the belief that other people are paying more attention to our appearance and behavior than they really are.

  • The spotlight effect
  • The illusion of transparency
  • Impact bias
  • Self-serving attributions

Question 7: Philip Zimbardo developed a model of deindividuation in which certain “input variables” lead to certain “output behaviors.” Which factor below is an input variable in Zimbardo’s model?

  • Frustration
  • Unhappiness
  • Boredom
  • Anonymity

Question 8: Research using the experimental procedure developed by Solomon Asch in the 1950s has found that conformity levels are highest among people living in:

  • Individualist cultures—especially men
  • Individualist cultures—especially women
  • Collectivist cultures—especially women
  • Collectivist cultures—especially men

Question 9: In Shelley Taylor and Susan Fiske’s (1978) study on the effects of salience, observers sat near two actors who held a conversation. The results of this study showed that when observers were seated facing an actor, they tended to rate that person as being more _______ than the other actor.

  • intelligent, knowledgeable, and educated
  • influential, or causal, in shaping the conversation
  • physically attractive and desirable as a friend
  • kind, compassionate, and generous

Question 10: If you want survey results to be representative of a particular population, it’s best to use _______ to make sure that everyone in the population being studied has an equal chance of being included in the research.

  • mundane realism
  • random assignment
  • demand characteristics
  • random sampling

Question 11: According to Professor Plous, the best available evidence suggests that if Stanley Milgram’s controversial research on obedience could be conducted today, the level of obedience found would probably be _______ what Milgram found in the 1960s.

  • much lower than
  • somewhat lower than
  • somewhat higher
  • approximately the same as

Question 12: In a study on obedience, Charles Hofling and his associates (1966) found that when an unknown doctor asked nurses to administer twice the maximum dose of an unknown drug, _______ nurses obeyed the doctor’s order. Hofling et al. also found that when other nurses and student nurses were asked to predict whether they would follow the doctor’s order in such a situation, _______ predicted that they would refuse.

  • very few; very few
  • very few; nearly all
  • nearly all; nearly all
  • nearly all; very few

Question 13: As explained by Professor Jerry Harvey in an assigned video, the Abilene Paradox occurs when group members are in _______ with one another and _______.

  • agreement; fear separation from the group
  • conflict; believe they’re smarter than other group members
  • agreement; believe they’re smarter than other group members
  • conflict; don’t care about the needs of other group members

Question 14: Although the Stanford Prison Experiment is a classic study in social psychology, it took place before modern-day ethical guidelines. Indeed, if Professor Plous were to propose a “Wesleyan Prison Experiment” identical to the original study, his university’s Institutional Review Board (IRB) would reject the proposal, because modern IRBs never approve studies that:

  • Do not allow participants to choose their role (prisoner or guard)
  • Lead people to behave in ways that they later regretted
  • Do not obtain “informed consent” from the participants
  • Generate negative emotions among participants

Question 15: Correlational research is very useful, but it cannot tell us with certainty whether a score on one variable tends to:

  • Increase when the score on another variable increases
  • Remain unchanged when the score on another variable increases
  • Decrease when the score on another variable increases
  • Cause a change in the score on another variable

Question 16: Professor Dumbledore wants to randomly assign 40 students in equal numbers to live in one of four dormitories: Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, or Slytherin. If Professor Dumbledore uses Research Randomizer, the best approach would be to generate _______ in which 1=Gryffindor, 2=Hufflepuff, 3=Ravenclaw, and 4=Slytherin.

Note: An example of a set with unique numbers is 4, 2, 1, 3, and an example with non-unique numbers (in which some numbers repeat) is 2, 2, 4, 1.

  • 40 sets of 4 unique numbers ranging from 1 to 4
  • 10 sets of 4 non-unique numbers ranging from 1 to 4
  • 40 sets of 4 non-unique numbers ranging from 1 to 4
  • 10 sets of 4 unique numbers ranging from 1 to 4

Question 17: Manuela used to love mountain climbing, and she would often describe mountain climbing as “the safest fun there is.” After a widely publicized mountain climbing accident in her country, however, Manuela decided that the chances of death were too high to continue mountain climbing. Manuela’s change in perception is most likely a function of:

  • The misinformation effect
  • Mundane realism
  • Regression toward the average
  • The availability heuristic

Question 18: When Juan’s boyfriend broke up with him, Juan thought he’d be too upset to date anyone for at least a year. A month later, however, Juan began dating someone he met at a local coffee shop. Juan’s overestimation of how long it would take him to recover emotionally is an example of:

  • Misattribution
  • Attitude inoculation
  • Impact bias
  • Social facilitation

Question 19: Susie wants to earn a Course Certificate in this class, so she cheats and thinks to herself, “Everyone else is probably cheating too, so I’m not doing anything wrong.” Social psychologists would say that Susie’s overestimation of cheating is an example of:

  • The false uniqueness effect
  • Self-handicapping
  • Defensive pessimism
  • The false consensus effect

Question 20: Barnabus is a door-to-door salesperson. After he persuades Emerson to buy a set of kitchen knives, he mentions that there is a $10 charge called the “sales completion fee.” Instead of refusing, Emerson agrees to pay the extra fee. Social psychologists refer to the compliance tactic that Barnabus used as the:

  • Knife-in-the-back technique
  • Door-in-the-face technique
  • Low-ball technique
  • Foot-in-the-door technique

Question 21: If you’re like most of the people studied by social psychologist Michael Norton, you’ll experience the greatest happiness by:

  • Spending $20 on concert tickets for yourself
  • Spending $5 on a coffee for yourself
  • Depositing $20 in a bank savings account for your future
  • Spending $5 on a coffee for someone else

Question 22: Lois is concerned about climate change and wants to persuade her son and daughter to each buy an electric car that emits less carbon than a gas-powered car. If her son doesn’t care about climate but her daughter does, Lois should use _______ with her son and _______ with her daughter.

  • attitude inoculation; yellow fever inoculation
  • a one-sided appeal; a two-sided appeal
  • a two-sided appeal; a one-sided appeal
  • demand characteristics; complementarity

Question 23: Luna chose to attend her cousin’s high school graduation ceremony instead of her best friend’s 21st birthday party. Bored at the ceremony, Luna thought to herself, “I don’t think the party would have been much fun anyway.” Luna’s thought was most likely a result of:

  • Predecisional dissonance
  • The planning fallacy
  • Postdecisional dissonance
  • Informed consent

Question 24: Suppose Gitanjali lays out four cards in front of you, each with a drawing of a fruit on one side and an animal on the other side, and the cards facing up show a bright red apple, an orange, a dog, and a cat. Gitanjali then tells you that any card with a red fruit on one side has a dog on its opposite side. Which of the four cards are potentially capable of showing that Gitanjali is wrong?

  • All four of the cards
  • Only the card showing an apple
  • Only the card showing an apple and the card showing a cat
  • Only the card showing an apple and the card showing a dog

Question 25: Suppose that 10 years from now, Coursera has grown so large that it’s become a country with its own team playing in the World Cup. In a match against Italy, the teams are tied with one minute left in the game, and Coursera’s star player scores a goal that leads Coursera to win. Which statement made by the Italian goalie would show counterfactual thinking?

  • “Oh, well—I never wanted to win in the first place!”
  • “We’re still the better team!”
  • “If only I had been a little faster, we’d have won!”
  • “It is all my fault that we didn’t win!”

Question 26: Maya is part of a six-student group trying to make her college campus more environmentally sustainable. To be most productive, her group will probably do best if members work:

  • The whole time in pairs (two-person subgroups)
  • Briefly in pairs and then work longer as a group
  • The whole time together as a single group
  • Briefly as a group and then work longer on their own

Question 27: When Irma sees her child Horace start to steal an apple from a grocery store, she’s privately amused but slaps Horace on the hand to teach him that it’s wrong to steal. In social psychological terms, this slap is a form of:

  • Hostile aggression
  • Evaluation apprehension
  • Instrumental aggression
  • Displacement

Question 28: Niu explains his failing grade of “F” on a biology test as the result of the exam room being too hot (a situational explanation), but a classmate says it’s because Niu is “dumb as an ox” (a dispositional explanation). What social psychological dynamic would account for the gap between their opinions?

  • Attitude inoculation
  • Behavioral confirmation
  • Self-handicapping
  • Actor-observer differences in attribution

Question 29: Nancy, a White college student, claims that “all Asians are smart and hardworking.” This statement illustrates a bias that social psychologists call:

  • Hindsight bias
  • Impact bias
  • Ingroup bias
  • Outgroup homogeneity bias

Question 30: Suppose the Coursera University Advisory Board is considering whether to recommend allowing a robot to teach a course on robotics. Each board member initially thinks the idea is probably worth trying, but after openly sharing their views and weighing both negative and positive aspects of the idea, all board members become even more supportive of the idea than they were originally. This shift in support is best explained by:

  • Group polarization
  • The Abilene Paradox
  • The foot-in-the-door technique
  • Groupthink

Question 31: The group-serving bias involves a tendency to make _______ attributions for outgroup members’ positive behaviors and _______ attributions for outgroup members’ negative behaviors.

  • situational; situational
  • situational; dispositional
  • dispositional; situational
  • dispositional; dispositional

Question 32: In their pioneering research on bystander intervention, Bibb Latané and John Darley found that in general, people were most likely to help a stranger in an emergency when they:

  • Were not sure whether the person needed help
  • Were the only person present
  • Scored high on a measure of masculinity
  • Scored high on a measure of femininity

Question 33: As Professor Plous mentioned in his lecture entitled The Triggers of Aggression, research on _______ suggests that simply seeing a weapon can increase the chances that someone will behave aggressively.

  • the mere exposure effect
  • the availability heuristic
  • displacement
  • priming

Question 34: On the whole, suicide terrorists are more likely than other people to be:

  • Angry
  • Fatherless
  • Friendless
  • Unemployed

Question 35: Research on the catharsis hypothesis suggests that playing violent video games is usually:

  • An effective way to reduce both aggression and anger
  • An effective way to reduce aggression but not anger
  • An effective way to reduce anger but not aggression
  • Not an effective way to reduce aggression or anger

Question 36: In his study of attitudes and behavior, Richard LaPiere (1934) found that: (1) _______ of the American business owners he surveyed said they would serve Chinese customers, and (2) _______ of the proprietors actually served the Chinese couple with whom LaPiere traveled.

  • very few; very few
  • nearly all; nearly all
  • very few; nearly all
  • nearly all; very few

Question 37: The findings in Leon Festinger and Merrill Carlsmith’s (1959) well known $1/$20 cognitive dissonance experiment suggest that participants in the $1 condition _______ carrying out the experimental tasks _______.

  • disliked; and later rated them negatively
  • enjoyed; and later rated them positively
  • enjoyed; but later rated them negatively
  • disliked; but later rated them positively

Question 38: As mentioned in the assigned reading, playing video games instead of studying the night before an important exam is an example of:

  • Social loafing
  • Defensive pessimism
  • Self-handicapping
  • The sleeper effect

Question 39: In his conformity research using a line judgment task, Solomon Asch found that when experimental participants were faced with _______ incorrect answer, participants conformed in the direction of the incorrect answer on _______ of the critical trials.

  • three confederates who all gave the same; approximately one third
  • one confederate who gave an; nearly all
  • one confederate who gave an; approximately one third
  • three confederates who all gave the same; nearly all

Question 40: In Stanley Milgram’s famous obedience experiments in which a “teacher” was ordered by the experimenter to shock a “learner,” the level of obedience was highest when the teacher was physically _______ the experimenter and _______ to the learner.

  • distant from; distant from
  • distant from; close to
  • close to; distant from
  • close to; close to

Question 41: If two people, Prisoner A and Prisoner B, are trapped in a classic Prisoner’s Dilemma, the worst outcome for Prisoner A would occur if:

  • Both prisoners confess
  • Neither prisoner confesses
  • Prisoner B confesses and Prisoner A does not
  • Prisoner A confesses and Prisoner B does not

Question 42: As mentioned in the lecture on “thin slices,” research has found that people can detect a stranger’s ________ with better than chance accuracy when shown a black-and-white facial photo of the stranger for as little as a twentieth of a second.

  • religion
  • sexual orientation
  • birth month
  • political party membership

Question 43: According to the assigned reading “How Groups Intensify Decisions,” one effective way to prevent groupthink is by:

  • Assigning a “devil’s advocate” to encourage critical evaluation
  • Building a sense of internal cohesion among group members
  • Insulating the group from outsiders with dissenting viewpoints
  • Appointing a directive leader whom group members respect

Question 44: On average, the amount of genetic similarity is greatest between:

  • Two fruit flies
  • Two penguins
  • A White German and a Black South African
  • A chimpanzee and a human

Question 45: Compared with women, men tend to be _______ at falling in love and ________ at falling out of love.

  • slower; faster
  • slower; slower
  • faster; slower
  • faster; faster

Question 46: In John Darley and Daniel Batson’s study of seminary students who were about to give a speech, the factor that had the largest effect on whether students helped a needy man before the speech was whether:

  • Students were paid a large amount of money to deliver the speech
  • The speech was about the Parable of the Good Samaritan
  • The man coughed and groaned when students walked near him
  • Students were in a hurry to reach the place where they would speak

Question 47: Ronald Comer and James Laird (1975) found that when people who expected to _______ were later given a choice between eating the worm or judging the weight of different cups, most people chose to _______.

  • eat a dead worm; eat the worm
  • eat a dead worm; leave the study
  • eat a dead worm; do the weight discrimination task
  • do a weight discrimination task; eat the worm

Question 48: When negotiation expert William Ury speaks of “the third side” in a conflict, he’s referring to:

  • The educational establishment (e.g., teachers and administrators)
  • Mass media professionals (e.g., reporters and journalists)
  • Social media influencers (e.g., popular bloggers and YouTubers)
  • The surrounding community (e.g., friends of the people in conflict)

Question 49: In his replication of Stanley Milgram’s famous obedience studies, Jerry Burger (2009) examined whether women and men differed in how likely they were to deliver electric shocks to another person beyond 150 volts. He found that women were _______ men to continue beyond 150 volts.

  • 20 times more likely than
  • not significantly more likely than
  • 20 times less likely than
  • 5 times more likely than

Question 50: Researcher John Gottman has found that marriages are likely to remain happy and healthy as long as wives and husbands have at least _______ with each other for every _______ they have.

  • one positive interaction; negative interaction
  • two neutral interactions; negative interaction
  • two positive interactions; neutral interaction
  • five positive interactions; negative interaction

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Ever wonder why individuals behave as they do? This course, which contains over $1,000 worth of video and reading materials, provides answers based on the most recent social psychology research. Certificate-seeking students will also obtain a complimentary subscription to Social Psychology Network (


Each of us has been dealt a different hand in life, yet when it comes to human conduct, we all confront similar questions: What causes us to like one person and despise another? How do prejudices and disputes arise, and how can they be diminished? How can psychology science aid in protecting the environment? This course provides a brief introduction to classical and contemporary social psychology, including subjects such as decision making, persuasion, group behavior, personal attractiveness, and health-promoting variables.

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