Apple’s Steve Jobs explained the keys to effective marketing

Watch the Viral Video Here:

A video of Steve Jobs went viral on social media a day after his Apple-1 Computer prototype sold for roughly $700,000.

In it, Jobs is heard addressing an audience and talking about what marketing means to him and how good marketing practises revived Apple.

“To me, marketing is about values.

It’s a complicated and noisy world, and we’re not going to get a chance to get people to remember much about us.

So we have to be really clear about what we want them to know about us,” Jobs says in the video.

Lauding Nike for having one of the best marketing strategies in the world, he says, “Remember Nike sells a commodity, they sell shoes.

“Comparing it with Apple’s marketing strategy, Steve Jobs said, “The Apple brand has clearly suffered from neglect… Apple spends a fortune on advertising.. you’d never know it.

He then revealed how Jobs fired the brand’s marketing firm and how he created “award-winning advertising” with the new agency.

Apple’s Steve Jobs explained the keys to effective marketing

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