Free NFTs Giveaways By Reddit To Everyone in 2022

Reddit has announced that it will give free Non-fungible-tokens (NFTs) to “top community builders” for their contributions to their Reddit communities. Redditors who meet the requirements can select from four new types of Collectible Avatars.

Free NFTs include the Aww Friends NFT, the Drip Squad NFT, the Meme Team NFT, and The Singularity NFT. The OpenSea NFT marketplace also features these NFTs; the Singularity collection goes for a little over $15, and Drip Squad collections fetch over $42.

Find out how to get a free NFT here!

  • Visit Reddit’s front page by pressing #. Always use a desktop computer.
  • Sign in now to Reddit
  • For those who meet the requirements, a banner will appear below.
  • If you follow the link, you can select from a variety of topics. Now you may customize your character by selecting different clothing and accessories.

Hint: You can also acquire an NFT on your mobile device, but you’ll have to access it in desktop mode.

Also, Reddit now has a means for users to buy with cryptocurrency using Community Points. The Reddit Community Points system is a way for users to rank one another. The most active members of a subreddit’s community can be easily identified by looking at their reputation scores, which are shown next to their usernames.

Community Points are stored on the Arbitrum Nova blockchain, so users’ reputations follow them everywhere they go on the Internet.

Decentralized, self-sustaining blockchain technology enables us to continue our efforts to strengthen communities and provide innovative uses of Reddit. FTX allows us to execute this at scale,” explained Niraj Sheth, a Staff Software Engineer at Reddit.

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