Architecting with Google Kubernetes Engine: Foundations Coursera Quiz Answers 2022 | All Weeks Assessment Answers[Latest Update!!]

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Here, you will find Architecting with Google Kubernetes Engine: Foundations Exam Answers in Bold Color which are given below.

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About Architecting with Google Kubernetes Engine: Foundations Course

In this course, “Architecting with Google Kubernetes Engine: Foundations,” you get a preview of the layout and principles of Google Cloud, followed by an introduction to creating and managing software containers and an introduction to the architecture of Kubernetes.

This course on the fundamentals of Kubernetes from Google Cloud is a good start for anyone interested in the topics of containers and Kubernetes Engine in the cloud.

Please note there is a difference between Kubernetes and Google Kubernetes Engine. This course mostly focuses on Google Kubernetes Engine while touching on Kubernetes. Please make sure to read the contents of the course before taking it.

Course Apply Link – Architecting with Google Kubernetes Engine: Foundations

Architecting with Google Kubernetes Engine: Foundations Quiz Answers

Quiz 1: Cloud Computing and Google Cloud Quiz Answers

Q1. Which statements are true about cloud computing? Mark all that are true (2 correct answers).

  • Customers who need more resources can get them rapidly
  • Customers pay for the resources they use or reserve.
  • Cloud computing providers dedicate particular physical resources to particular customers.
  • Human intervention is required to stop using cloud resources once reserved, and payment continues until the change is confirmed.

Q2. Which of these Google Cloud compute services provides environments for the execution of code, in which users don’t have to worry about infrastructure management? Choose all that are correct (2 correct answers).

  • Cloud Functions
  • Compute Engine
  • Google Kubernetes Engine
  • App Engine

Quiz 2: Resource Management Quiz Answers

Q1. Within which of these Google Cloud geographic scopes are network latencies generally less than 1 millisecond? Choose all that are correct (2 correct answers).

  • Region
  • Multi-Region
  • Global
  • Zone

Q2. What type of resource is a Compute Engine virtual machine?1 point

  • Zonal
  • Regional
  • Multi-regional
  • Global

Q3. What is the base-level organizing entity for creating and using Google Cloud resources and services?1 point

  • Project
  • Region
  • Cluster
  • Folder

Quiz 3: Billing Quiz Answers

Q1. At what level in the Google Cloud resource hierarchy is billing set up?

  • Project
  • Folder
  • Organization
  • Individual users

Q2. Which type of quota resets at regular intervals?

  • Rate quotas
  • Allocation quotas

Quiz 4: Interacting with Google Cloud Quiz Answers

Q1. Which of these ways to interact with give you access to the gcloud and kubectl commands? Choose all that are correct (2 correct answers).

  • Cloud Shell
  • Cloud SDK
  • Console
  • Cloud Console mobile app

Quiz 5: Introduction to Google Cloud Quiz Answers

Q1. You are considering deploying a solution using containers on Google Cloud. What Google Cloud solutions are available to you that will provide a managed compute platform with native support for containers?

  • Google Kubernetes Engine Clusters
  • Compute Engine Autoscaling Groups
  • Cloud Functions
  • Container Registry

Q2. You are ready to start work building an application in Google Cloud. What Cloud IAM hierarchy should you implement for this project?

  • Create a new folder inside your organization and create projects inside that folder for the resources.
  • Create new projects for each of the component applications and create folders inside those for the resources.
  • Create a new organization for the project and create all projects and resources inside the new organization.
  • Create new projects and resources inside departmental folders for the resources needed by the component applications.

Q3. You are developing a new product for a customer and need to implement control structures in Google Cloud to help manage the Google Cloud resources consumed by the product and the billing for the customer account. What steps should you take to manage costs for this product and customer?

  • Configure the billing account at the product folder level in the resource hierarchy.
  • Configure the billing account for each project associated with the product.
  • Set up budgets and alerts at the project folder level for the product.
  • Configure quotas and limits for the product folders

Q4. You need to write some automated scripts to run periodic updates to the resources in your Google Cloud environment. What tools can you install in your own computers to allow you to run those scripts?

  • The Cloud SDK
  • The Google Cloud Console
  • The Cloud Shell
  • The Cloud Console Mobile app

Q5. One of the key characteristics of cloud computing is the concept of measured service. What is the primary customer benefit of the measured service aspect of cloud computing?

  • You pay only for the resources you consume.
  • You can get more resources as quickly as you need them.
  • You share resources from a large pool enabling economies of scale.
  • Resources can be allocated automatically.

Quiz 6: Introduction to Containers Quiz Answers

Q1. Which of these problems are containers intended to solve? Mark all that are correct (3 correct answers),

  • Applications need a way to isolate their dependencies from one another.
  • Packaging applications in virtual machines can be wasteful.
  • It’s difficult to troubleshoot applications when they work on a developer’s laptop but fail in production.
  • Some developers need parts of their applications to be Linux-based while other parts are Windows-based.

Quiz 7: Containers and Container Images Quiz Answers

Q1. Why do Linux containers use union file systems?

  • To efficiently encapsulate applications and their dependencies into a set of clean, minimal layers
  • To control an application’s maximum consumption of CPU time and memory
  • To control what an application’s ability to see parts of the directory tree and IP addresses
  • To give a container its own virtual memory address space

Q2. What is significant about the topmost layer in a container? Choose all that are true (2 correct answers).

  • An application running in a container can only modify the topmost layer.
  • The topmost layer’s contents are lost when the container is no longer running.
  • Reading from or writing to the topmost layer requires special privileges.
  • Reading from or writing to the topmost layer requires special software libraries.

Quiz 8: Introduction to Kubernetes Quiz Answers

Q1. When you use Kubernetes, you describe the desired state you want, and Kubernetes’s job is to make the deployed system conform to your desired state and to keep it there in spite of failures. What is the name for this management approach?

  • Declarative configuration
  • Imperative configuration
  • Virtualization
  • Containerization

Q2. What is a stateful application?

  • An application that requires data to be stored persistently
  • A web front end
  • An application that is not containerized

Quiz 9: Introduction to Google Kubernetes Engine Quiz Answers

Q1. What is the relationship between Kubernetes and Google Kubernetes Engine?

  • Google Kubernetes Engine is Kubernetes as a managed service.
  • Google Kubernetes Engine is a closed-source variant of Kubernetes.
  • Kubernetes and Google Kubernetes Engine are two names for the same thing.

Q2. What is the name for the computers in a Kubernetes cluster that can run your workloads?

  • Nodes
  • Control Planes
  • Containers
  • Container images

Q3. Which of the following supports scaling a Kubernetes cluster as a whole?

  • Google Kubernetes Engine
  • Kubernetes
  • Compute Engine

Quiz 10: Containers and Kubernetes in Google Cloud Quiz Answers

Q1. You are choosing technology for deploying applications, and you want to deliver them in lightweight, standalone, resource-efficient, portable packages. Which choice best meets those goals?

  • Containers
  • Virtual Machines
  • Executable files
  • Hypervisors

Q2. You are classifying a number of your applications into workload types. Select the stateful applications in this list of applications. Choose all responses that are correct (2 correct responses).

  • A shopping application that saves user shopping cart data between sessions.
  • A gaming application that keeps track of user state persistently.
  • Web server front end for your inventory system.
  • Image recognition application that identifies product defects from images.

Q3. Google Compute Engine provides fine-grained control of costs. Which Compute Engine features provide this level of control?

  • Fully customizable virtual machines
  • Per-second billing
  • Managed instance groups
  • Billing budgets and alerts
  • Autoscaling groups

Q4. You are developing a new solution and want to explore serverless application solutions. Which Google Cloud compute services provide serverless compute resources that you can use with containers?

  • App Engine
  • Compute Engine
  • Google Kubernetes Engine
  • Cloud Functions

Q5. You are deploying a containerized application, and you want maximum control over how containers are configured and deployed. You want to avoid the operational management overhead of managing a full container cluster environment yourself. Which Google Cloud compute solution should you choose?

  • Google Kubernetes Engine
  • Compute Engine
  • App Engine
  • Cloud Functions

Quiz 11: Kubernetes Concepts Quiz Answers

Q1. What is the difference between a pod and a container?

  • A pod contains one or more containers.
  • A container contains one or more pods.
  • Pods and containers are two names for the name thing.

Quiz 12: The Kubernetes Control Plane Quiz Answers

Q1. Which control plane component is the only one with which clients interact directly?

  • kube-apiserver
  • etcd
  • kube-scheduler
  • kube-controller-manager

Q2. Which control plane component is the cluster’s database?1 point

  • etcd
  • kube-apiserver
  • kube-scheduler
  • kube-controller-manager

Q3. What is the role of the kubelet?

  • To serve as Kubernetes’s agent on each node
  • To maintain network connectivity among the Pods in a cluster
  • To interact with underlying cloud providers

Quiz 13: Google Kubernetes Engine Concepts Quiz Answers

Q1. In GKE clusters, how are nodes provisioned?

  • As Compute Engine virtual machines
  • As abstract parts of the GKE service that are not exposed to Google Cloud customers

Q2. In GKE, how are control planes provisioned?

  • As Compute Engine virtual machines
  • As abstract parts of the GKE service that are not exposed to GCP customers

Q3. What is the purpose of configuring a regional cluster in GKE?

  • To allow applications running in the cluster to withstand the loss of a zone
  • To ensure that the cluster’s workloads are isolated from the public Internet

Quiz 14: Kubernetes Object Management Quiz Answers

Q1. In a manifest file for a Pod, in which field do you define a container image for the Pod?

  • spec
  • apiVersion
  • kind
  • metadata

Q2. What are Kubernetes namespaces useful for? Choose all that are correct (2 correct answers).

  • Namespaces let you implement resource quotas across your cluster.
  • Namespaces allow you to use object names that would otherwise be duplicates of one another.
  • Namespaces partition Linux kernel resources.
  • Namespaces make resources more secure,

Q3. What is the purpose of the Deployment object?

  • To ensure that a defined set of Pods is running at any given time.
  • To launch one or more Pods and ensure that a specified number of them successfully run to completion and exit.
  • To launch one or more Pods on a time-based schedule.

Quiz 15: Kubernetes Controller Objects Quiz Answers

Q1. What is the purpose of a Service? Choose all that are true (2 correct answers)

  • To provide a load-balancing network endpoint for Pods
  • To allow you to choose how Pods are exposed
  • To allow you to put constraints on Pods’ resource consumption
  • To provide a way to inspect and diagnose code running in a Pod

Q2. If you are deploying applications in your Pods that need persistent storage, which controller type should you use?

  • StatefulSet
  • Deployment
  • DaemonSet
  • ReplicaSet

Quiz 16: Kubernetes Architecture Quiz Answers

Q1. You are designing an application, and you want to ensure that the containers are located as close to each other as possible, in order to minimize latency. Which design decision helps meet this requirement?

  • Place the containers in the same Pod.
  • Place the containers in the same cluster.
  • Place the containers in the same Namespace.
  • Give the containers the same labels

Q2. Which Kubernetes component does the kubectl command connect to in order to carry out operations on a cluster?

  • kube-apiserver
  • kube-dns
  • kube-scheduler
  • kube-controller-manager

Q3. You have deployed a new Kubernetes Engine regional cluster with four machines in the default pool for the first zone and left the number of zones at the default. How many Compute Engine machines are deployed and billed against your account?

  • Ten. (Four nodes are deployed in the first zone and three nodes are deployed in two other zones because you selected the defaults.)
  • Twelve. (Four nodes are deployed in each of three zones. A control plane node is deployed in each zone but it is not billed against your account.)
  • Fifteen. (Four nodes and a single control plane are deployed to each of the three zones. A control plane node is deployed in each zone and it is billed against your account.)
  • Sixteen. (Four nodes are deployed in primary and secondary zones in two regions, for a total of 4 zones and 16 nodes. A control plane node is deployed in each zone but it is not billed to your account.)

Q4. You need to ensure that the production applications running on your Kubernetes cluster are not impacted by test and staging deployments. Which features should you implement and configure to ensure that the resources for your production applications can be prioritized?

  • Configure Namespaces for Test, Staging and Production and configure specific Kubernetes resource quotas for the test and staging Namespaces.
  • Configure Namespaces for Test, Staging and Production and configure specific Kubernetes resource quotas for the Production Namespace.
  • Configure resource requests for Test, Staging and Production and configure specific Kubernetes resource quotas for the Production Namespace.
  • Configure labels for Test, Staging and Production and configure specific Kubernetes resource quotas for the Production Namespace.

Q5. When configuring storage for stateful applications, what steps must you take to provide file system storage inside your containers for data from your applications that will not be lost or deleted if your Pods fail or are deleted for any reason?

  • You must create Volumes using network based storage to provide durable storage remote to the Pods and specify these in the Pods.
  • You must mount NFS Volumes on each container in the Pod that requires durable storage.
  • You must export the data from your applications to a remote service that preserves your data.
  • You must create Volumes using local Storage on the Nodes and mount the Volumes inside your containers to provide durable storage.

Q6. You have a new logging and auditing utility that you need to deploy on all of the nodes within your cluster. Which type of controller should you use to handle this task?

  • DaemonSet
  • Deployment.
  • StatefulSet
  • ReplicaSet

Q7. You want to deploy multiple copies of your application so that you can load balance traffic across them. How should you deploy this application’s Pods to the production Namespace in your cluster?

  • Create a Deployment manifest that specifies the number of replicas that you want to run.
  • Create separate named Pod manifests for each instance of the application and deploy as many as you need.
  • Deploy the Pod manifest multiple times until you have achieved the number of replicas required.
  • Create a Service manifest for the LoadBalancer that specifies the number of replicas you want to run.


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