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Introduction To Algorithm

The word Algorithm means “a process or set of rules to be followed in calculations or other problem-solving operations”. Therefore Algorithm refers to a set of rules/instructions that step-by-step define how a work is to be executed upon in order to get the expected results. 

Advantages of Algorithms:

  • It is easy to understand.
  • Algorithm is a step-wise representation of a solution to a given problem.
  • In Algorithm the problem is broken down into smaller pieces or steps hence, it is easier for the programmer to convert it into an actual program.

Link for the ProblemCats and a Mouse – Hacker Rank Solution

Cats and a Mouse – Hacker Rank Solution


Two cats and a mouse are at various positions on a line. You will be given their starting positions. Your task is to determine which cat will reach the mouse first, assuming the mouse does not move and the cats travel at equal speed. If the cats arrive at the same time, the mouse will be allowed to move and it will escape while they fight.

You are given  queries in the form of , , and  representing the respective positions for cats  and , and for mouse . Complete the function  to return the appropriate answer to each query, which will be printed on a new line.

  • If cat  catches the mouse first, print Cat A.
  • If cat  catches the mouse first, print Cat B.
  • If both cats reach the mouse at the same time, print Mouse C as the two cats fight and mouse escapes.


The cats are at positions  (Cat A) and  (Cat B), and the mouse is at position . Cat B, at position  will arrive first since it is only  unit away while the other is  units away. Return ‘Cat B’.

Function Description

Complete the catAndMouse function in the editor below.

catAndMouse has the following parameter(s):

  • int x: Cat ‘s position
  • int y: Cat ‘s position
  • int z: Mouse ‘s position


  • string: Either ‘Cat A’, ‘Cat B’, or ‘Mouse C’

Input Format

The first line contains a single integer, , denoting the number of queries.
Each of the  subsequent lines contains three space-separated integers describing the respective values of  (cat ‘s location),  (cat ‘s location), and  (mouse ‘s location).


Sample Input 0

1 2 3
1 3 2

Sample Output 0

Cat B
Mouse C

Explanation 0

Query 0: The positions of the cats and mouse are shown below: image

Cat  will catch the mouse first, so we print Cat B on a new line.

Query 1: In this query, cats  and  reach mouse  at the exact same time: image

Because the mouse escapes, we print Mouse C on a new line.

Cats and a Mouse – Hacker Rank Solution
import java.util.Scanner;

 * @author Techno-RJ
public class CatsAndAMouse {
	public static void main(String[] args) {
		Scanner in = new Scanner(;
		int q = in.nextInt();
		for (int a0 = 0; a0 < q; a0++) {
			int x = in.nextInt();
			int y = in.nextInt();
			int z = in.nextInt();
			int a = Math.abs(x - z);
			int b = Math.abs(y - z);
			if (a == b) {
				System.out.println("Mouse C");
			} else if (a > b) {
				System.out.println("Cat B");
			} else if (a < b) {
				System.out.println("Cat A");


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