Cloud Computing Foundations Coursera Quiz Answers 2023 [💯% Correct Answer]

Hello Peers, Today we will share all week’s assessment and quiz answers of the Cloud Computing Foundations course launched by Coursera, free of cost✅✅✅. This is a certification course for every interested student.

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About Cloud Computing Foundations Course

In this course, you will learn how to build foundational Cloud computing infrastructure, including websites involving serverless technology and virtual machines.

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Cloud Computing Foundations Quiz Answers

Week 01: Cloud Computing Foundations Coursera Quiz Answers

Quiz 01: Confirming Free Tier Cloud Accounts

Q1. I have created my free tier account with Amazon Web Services (AWS).

  • Yes
  • Not yet

Q2. I have created my free tier account with Microsoft Azure.

  • Yes
  • Not yet

Q3. I have created my free tier account with Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

  • Yes
  • Not yet

Week 02: Cloud Computing Foundations Coursera Quiz Answers

Quiz 01: Effective Technical Communication Quiz

Q1. A former startup engineering manager mentions that often “Agile” project management alone is not enough to ship a minimum viable product (MVP). What could help?

  • Aggressive Management with frequent daily check-ins
  • Rockstar Developer
  • DevOps Best Practices

Q2. What is an example of repeatable technical documentation?

  • Jupyter Notebook with C:\ path to load data
  • Jupyter Notebook loading data from publicly accessible URL
  • Jupyter Notebook with 3rd party library imports

Q3. What is an advantage of a hosted Jupyter Notebook like CoLab versus a self-hosted Jupyter?

  • The notebooks are always faster
  • It runs any language
  • The notebook runtime is portable

Q4. Which of the following traits is a characteristic of an effective team?

  • A powerful boss
  • A clear, elevating goal
  • Tight deadlines

Q5. What are the advantages of using a spreadsheet to plan out a project?

  • This means the project is an “agile” project that uses “scrum”
  • A spreadsheet will show you exactly what is going to happen as you move your project forward.
  • Easy to create three month plan week by week

Q6. What is an example of a project management Anti-Pattern?

  • Setting weekly goals
  • Skipping weekly demos
  • Doing initial planning and scoping

Q7. What is an example of a “Triple Threat” skill to improve hireability?

  • Using a recruiter
  • Getting Certified
  • Applying to many jobs

Q8. What is one advantage of the Markdown language for documentation?

  • The format is easy to work with
  • It compiles to C code
  • It requires JavaScript

Q9. What is an example of critical thinking building block skill?

  • Watching Television
  • Reading a Social Media Newsfeed daily
  • Reading “slow” content in the form of books

Q10. What is an example of pseudoscience?

  • The moon landing was faked
  • Vaccines limit the spread of diseases
  • Calculus is the study of infinity

Week 03: Cloud Computing Foundations Coursera Quiz Answers

Quiz 01: Cloud Onboarding Quiz

Q1. What is Continuous Integration?

  • A tool made by a Big Tech company?
  • A Unit Test
  • Automatic testing

Q2. What is an advantage of a Cloud-based development environment?

  • Free
  • Does not require internet access
  • Deep integration

Q3. What is GitHub Actions?

  • A monitoring service
  • A SaaS (Software as a Service) Continuous Integration (CI)
  • Billing system

Q4. What problem does a Makefile solve?

  • Consistent way to run commands
  • Continuous Integration
  • Deployment

Q5. What can an Azure Cloud Shell be used for?

  • Computational problems
  • Storing big data
  • Running Azure commands

Q6. What is Continuous Delivery (CD)?

  • Automated Load Testing
  • A new employee called “Release Manager”
  • A process that ensures code is always in a deployable state

Q7. What GCP service provides an interactive prompt to run commands?

  • Google Cloud Shell
  • Tensorflow
  • Google App Engine

Q8. Why use Continuous Delivery (CD) to deploy?

  • Increase velocity
  • Can eliminate most project management
  • Do not need to test anymore

Q9. What type of testing can uncover usability bugs in software?

  • Functional Testing
  • Load Testing
  • Unit Testing

Q10. What does linting do?

  • Checks Syntax
  • Unit Testing
  • Load Testing

Week 04: Cloud Computing Foundations Coursera Quiz Answers

Quiz 01: Cloud Service Model Quiz

Q1. Which is an example of a Cloud delivery model?

  • Data Center
  • Web Framework
  • PaaS

Q2. What is an advantage of a static site?

  • Uses Python
  • Uses PHP
  • Serverless

Q3. What is an appropriate use case for a Virtual Machine?

  • PaaS applications
  • Try out an idea
  • Static Site

Q4. What type of service is Google App Engine (GAE)?

  • IaaS
  • PaaS
  • MaaS

Q5. What is AWS Lambda?

  • Virtual Machines
  • IaaS
  • Serverless Technology

Q6. What does Comparative Advantage mean for Cloud computing?

  • Buy low sell high
  • Focus on your strengths
  • Do everything well

Q7. What is Elastic Beanstalk?

  • PaaS offering on GCP
  • PaaS offering on Azure
  • PaaS offering on AWS

Q8. What is a Spot Instance?

  • A low-powered Virtual Machine
  • A high-powered Virtual Machine
  • A Virtual Machine you bid on like an auction

Q9. What is a Function as a Service (FaaS)?

  • AWS Lambda
  • AWS EC2
  • AWS Elastic Beanstalk

Q10. What is Amazon S3?

  • Streaming Service
  • Object Storage
  • Block Storage

Week 05: Cloud Computing Foundations Coursera Quiz Answers

Quiz 01: DevOps Principles Quiz

Q1. What is the use case for Infrastructure as Code (IaC)?

  • Consistent infrastructure
  • Human QA for Ops
  • Monitoring

Q2. What is DevOps?

  • A plugin for the build server
  • Combination of best practices for both Development and Operations
  • Something only the scrum master can implement

Q3. What is Terraform?

  • IaC
  • FTP
  • CGI

Q4. What is MLOps?

  • A monitoring solution
  • DevOps best practices applied to Machine Learning
  • A job title

Q5. What type of technology is Hugo

  • Static Website Generator
  • Container
  • Virtual Machine

Q6. Why use a lint deployment process?

  • Compile code
  • Catch bugs before they deploy
  • Speed up code

Q7. Why is Python a good language for DevOps?

  • Microservices apps
  • Monolithic apps
  • Web frameworks

Q8. What is a Continuous Delivery Pipeline?

  • A series of steps in a build process
  • VM
  • IaC

Q9. Why is Flask useful in a Machine Learning engineering project?

  • DevOps friendly Microservice framework
  • It is heavily Object Oriented (OO)
  • It has an admin interface

Q10. Why are Python functions so powerful for Microservices?

  • They create objects
  • They are multi-threaded
  • They are easy to use as Microservices

More About This Course

Welcome to the first course in the Building Cloud Computing Solutions at Scale Specialization! In this course, you will learn how to build foundational Cloud computing infrastructure, including websites involving serverless technology and virtual machines. You will also learn how to apply Agile software development techniques to projects which will be useful in building portfolio projects and global-scale Cloud infrastructures.

This course is ideal for beginners as well as intermediate students interested in applying Cloud computing to data science, machine learning and data engineering. Students should have beginner level Linux and intermediate level Python skills. For your project in this course, you will build a statically hosted website using the Hugo framework, AWS Code Pipelines, AWS S3 and GitHub.


  • Github
  • Devops
  • Cloud Computing


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