How to Manage a Remote Team Coursera Quiz Answers 2022 | All Weeks Assessment Answers [💯Correct Answer]

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About How to Manage a Remote Team Course

This course is ideal for current managers, executives, and human resource professionals who wish to learn how to lead and support a scalable, high-performing remote team. GitLab is one of the largest remote-only organizations in the world; experts from across the company will guide you through in-depth lessons for leaders, people managers, and HR professionals on how to build, manage, and scale.

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How to Manage a Remote Team Quiz Answers

Week 01: How to Manage a Remote Team Coursera Quiz Answers

About Remote Work Quiz Answers

Q1. True or false: Remote workers tend to have a more flexible schedule.

  • True
  • False

Q2. There are many definitions of what it means to work remotely. The simplest definition of remote work is:

  • Work that is conducted by distributed teams across varying geographies and time zones.
  • Teleworking through the use of communication methods such as email, video chat, and instant message.
  • Work that can be done from any location.
  • Work that is done in a digital workplace that is hosted in a digital environment.

Q3. According to GitLab’s Remote Work Report, what was the top benefit of working remotely?

  • Lack of commute
  • Exercising
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Spending time with family

Q4. There are several key requirements you need to consider when transitioning to remote. Which requirement sends a clear signal to your team that a remote transition is underway?

  • Establishing a remote leadership team
  • Establish a handbook
  • Establish a communication plan
  • Establishing a remote infrastructure

Building a Team Quiz Answers

Q1. True or false: To attract a global pool of candidates, post a remote job opportunity exactly the same as you would post it for local candidates to avoid bias.

  • True
  • False

Q2. What is the first step to preparing your recruiters to effectively hire for a remote role?

  • Recruiters should have remote experience, possibly including experience with hybrid-remote environments.
  • Recruiters should eliminate candidates that have never worked remotely before.
  • Recruiters should eliminate candidates who prefer micromanagement.
  • Recruiters should be prepared to assess culture fit first.

Q3. There are many changes that take place when moving to a fully distributed environment. Your People or HR team will likely experience the following change:

  • Procurement of digital human resource systems 
  • Outsourcing of the People team to third party vendors
  • Reduction in size of the People team
  • Expansion of the People team to handle multiple geographies

Q4. Select every interview question that is recommended for a remote job interview.

  • “What kind of events do you attend outside of work?”
  • “What excites you about working remotely over working in a traditional office environment?”
  • “Have you ever worked independently without direct supervision on a daily basis?”
  • “How do you switch off from work?”

Remote Work Best Practices Quiz Answers

Q1. True or false: Employees find themselves to be more productive in a remote environment.

  • True
  • False

Q2. True or false: To qualify as a remote worker, you must spend most of your time working from home.

  • True
  • False

Q3. Values that bind people are essential for remote teams. Why is it important to hire for values, instead of focusing on a candidate’s culture fit?

  • Helps to hire team members that socialize well together
  • Allows the team to hire team members that fit your values systems
  • New team members will easily fit into a rigid system of behavior and beliefs
  • Helps to prevent hiring team members based on personal bias

Q4. True or false: When hiring for a remote role, give preference to people with strong communication skill.

  • True
  • False

Q5. Nadia is working from home for the first time and lacks some of the basic office equipment needed to be productive. To make sure she is set up for success, what step should her manager take?

  • Advise Nadia to find a coworking space to work from.
  • Ensure Nadia knows that she can expense office equipment for her home office.
  • Tell Nadia to spend her own money on office equipment.
  • Advise Nadia to set up her home office similar to a traditional office.

Q6. Select all the components that are important for a functional workspace.

  • Appropriate equipment
  • Decent noise control
  • A dedicated space they use all the time for work
  • Good lighting Good lighting

Q7. What is the most important thing you can do when onboarding a new team member remotely?

  • Give onboarding time, space, and focus.
  • Invite them to a high volume of calls their first week.
  • Assign an onboarding buddy.
  • Have the new team member dive into job-specific tasks.

Q8. As a leader, transitioning from a colocated environment to a distributed one, there are many shifts in HR tactics you’ll need to facilitate. Select all of the HR practices that support remote readiness.

  • Install employee monitoring software on company machines and tools.
  • Develop a comprehensive HR tech stack.
  • Transparency is vital.
  • Offer a mental wellness support plan with counseling benefits.
  • Create a set of best practices for scheduling meetings across time zones.

Week 02: How to Manage a Remote Team Coursera Quiz Answers

Communication Quiz Answers

Q1. When working asynchronously, it is important to use ____________ communication.

  • Low-context
  • High-context

Q2. Asynchronous communication is the art of…

  • Communicating and moving projects forward without the need for additional stakeholders to be available at the same time your message is sent.
  • Two or more parties exerting effort to be in the same place (either physically or virtually) at the same time.
  • Always having a call to finalize project details.
  • Using only verbal communication.

Q3. Practicing iteration means:

  • Working on multiple projects at once
  • Having a low level of shame
  • Sharing work that is in draft
  • Only sharing work that is perfect

Personal Development and Leadership Quiz Answers

Q1. Feedback should be given___________________.

  • Anytime and in real time
  • Annually
  • Twice per year
  • A few weeks after the relevant event

Q2. True or false: Hybrid calls, with some participants remote and others in an office together, should be avoided.

  • True
  • False

Q3. Remote workers need to be ______________ about where they want to go in their career than colocated employees.

  • More proactive
  • More patient

Q4. True or false: If you have good communication and documentation strategies, it becomes much easier to implement strong project and task management.

  • False
  • True

Managing Remote Teams Quiz Answers

Q1. True or false: When you work asynchronously, you have to answer messages right away.

  • True
  • False

Q2. Tactics that can be used to support effective meetings include:

  • Allow people to RSVP “no” or stop participating if the meeting isn’t relevant or valuable to their work
  • Make meetings optional, but record them for later viewing.
  • Every meeting has a written agenda.

Q3. True or false: Early-stage startups are less likely to need a strong documentation strategy.

  • True
  • False

Q4. When assessing your team’s performance, what you really want to know is:

  • What are the minute-to-minute activities of individual employees?
  • What programs are my team members using?
  • How well are my team members contributing to business goals?
  • How much time are my team members spending on their computers each day?

Q5. True or false: OKRs help with collaboration because there’s a transparent understanding of objectives.

  • True
  • False

Q6. Which of the below practices are part of good project management?

  • Refining and vetting issues
  • Redundancy of information
  • Not documenting everything
  • Label hygiene

Q7. Remote teams should aim to __________ their tool stack.

  • Minimize and streamline
  • Maintain
  • Expand

Q8. Leaders should be advocates of ________________.

  • Employees taking time away after they are burned out.
  • Paid time off (PTO).
  • Leadership modeling excellent attendance and responsiveness, with few days off.
  • Working evenings and weekends, since remote work allows schedule flexibility.

Remote Adaptation Quiz Answers

Q1. The process of adopting remote practices is _____________.

  • Best suited for smaller teams and organizations
  • Standardized and predictable
  • Best if executed quickly and efficiently
  • Different for every organization

Q2. The process of going remote requires:

  • Adopting a new mindset
  • Hiring only people who have remote work experience
  • No strategy since plans may change along the way anyway
  • Intentionality

Q3. The most difficult remote structure to implement and maintain is _______.

  • All-remote
  • Remote allowed
  • Hybrid-remote
  • Remote-first

Q4. Afua has been a successful manager at a colocated organization. Her company has just transitioned to a remote-first team structure. What is a likely problem that Afua might experience?

  • Increased cost of sourcing new hires
  • Communication and management is a bit more difficult
  • Traditional business practices are easily transferable
  • Greater diversity

Q5. True or false: An organization in the asynchronous phase of remote adaptation is characterized by a centralized, single source of truth documentation system that is easily accessed and kept up to date.

  • True
  • False

Q6. When leaders begin to ask “what if we didn’t do things the way we’ve always done them?” this is a sign that the organization is ready to enter the ____________ phase of remote adaptation.

  • Skeuomorph
  • Intentionality
  • Functional
  • Maturity

Q7. For an organization to reach maturity, it should master certain remote-specific practices:

  • Remote-specific security protocol
  • Leadership and management transparency
  • Limited access to leadership
  • Command and control management

Q8. An organization has been engaged in a remote transition for several months, when they identify an unplanned and unexpected risk. What is the best approach to this?

  • Recruit more employees with remote work experience
  • Communicate proactively with team members and make small, iterative changes to the transition plan
  • Scrap the remote transition plan as too risky
  • Stick to pre-planned strategy regardless of the situation

Q9. As a leader transitioning a co-located organization to remote, what are some of the ideas you can implement to reassure employees and get their buy-in?

  • Invest in education, conferences and meetups
  • Reimburse equipment for every employee ahead of the transition
  • Have team members complete GitLab’s Remote Certification
  • Host Ask Me Anything sessions to get feedback and answer questions

Culture and Values for Distributed Teams Quiz Answers

Q1. Culture is a system of values and beliefs, which guides people to act in certain ways through establishing ________________.

  • norms and shared assumptions
  • ways of working
  • hierarchy and strict roles
  • communication practices

Q2. Burnout and overwork are __________ in a remote environment.

  • the result of not staying on task
  • less common
  • inevitable
  • more common

Q3. True or false: A strong company culture is a natural result of having a strong business strategy.

  • True
  • False

Q4. Which of the following statements is true?

  • Values are actionable ideas that are easily tied to behaviors.
  • Values are easy-to-understand concepts that your team can learn and remember.
  • All of the above
  • The direct result of creating an effective value is that team members understand how their actions can uphold it.

Q5. Values are not:

  • Vague or general ideals
  • Guiding principles that your team can use to make decisions
  • A code of conduct or a substitute for HR regulations
  • Strict rules or guidelines

Q6. HR professionals should be able to advise on how values will be perceived ____________, and your advisory board can advise on how they will be perceived ____________.

  • by team members … in your industry
  • on social media … from a legal standpoint
  • at other companies … by potential new hires

Q7. The greatest resource for determining your values are the ___________ who make up your organization.

  • executives
  • people
  • tasks
  • culture

Q8. Because your values should support your _______________, they can be reassessed in that context.

  • leadership
  • business strategy
  • PTO policy
  • project management practices

More About This Course

Implementing a work-from-home policy is only one component of remote management. In this course, you will learn and apply best practices for remote work, create a policy for remote work, and prepare your team for success.

This course is ideal for current managers, executives, and human resource professionals who wish to learn how to lead and support a scalable, high-performing remote team. GitLab is one of the largest remote-only organizations in the world; experts from across the company will guide you through in-depth lessons for leaders, people managers, and HR professionals on how to build, manage, and scale.

This course will enable you to: –

  • Lead in a remote environment –
  • Develop a remote organizational culture and practices
  • Evaluate the readiness and preparation of teams and managers for remote work. –
  • Develop a foundational strategy for executing a remote transformation.

You will create a real or hypothetical strategic plan to transition a team to remote operation as the final project for this course. You will evaluate the remote maturity and infrastructure of your organization, as well as determine the optimal team structure for remote operations, including whether to use an all-remote or remote-friendly model. You will outline plans for your organization’s documentation, education, leadership, and equipment or resource requirements.

This is an intermediate-level course designed for students with prior experience managing or leading individuals. You should have at least one year of management experience to succeed in this course. There is no remote experience required.


  • To Manage a remote environment as a leader
  • Build a remote organizational culture and practices
  • Assess the preparedness of teams and managers for remote work.
  • Develop a foundational strategy for carrying out a remote transformation.


  • Business Transformation
  • Business Strategy
  • Leadership And Management
  • Human Resources (HR)
  • Remote work


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