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HubSpot CMS For Marketers Certification Exam Answers 2021

Q.1 – When deciding on naming conventions for your CMS assets, what do you need to make sure of?

(A) The names are descriptive.

(B) You and your team agree on a single system.

(C) You stick to it.

(D) All of the above

Q.2 – What happens when you clone a landing page in HubSpot?

(A) HubSpot creates a duplicate draft version of the page and adds the word “Clone” at the end of the original name.

(B) HubSpot creates a duplicate published version of the page and adds the word “Clone” at the end of the original name.

(C) HubSpot creates a new draft page so that you can recreate the page from scratch.

(D) HubSpot creates a draft version of the page which replaces the original version.

Q.3 – True or false? You can upload files in bulk into the HubSpot file manager.

(A) True

(B) False

Q.4 – True or false? The HubSpot CMS includes a standard SSL certificate for your website.

(A) True

(B) False

Q.5 – True or False? A website’s design is solely about looks.

(A) True

(B) False

Q.6 – What are the five key characteristics of a good website user experience?

(A) Useful, Intuitive, Consistent, Accessible, Appealing

(B) Useful, Accessible, Interesting, Optimized, Intuitive

(C) Useful, Consistent, Appealing, Mobile-Friendly, Engaging

(D) Useful, Accessible, Optimized, Personalized, Appealing

Q.7 – Choose all that apply. Which methods can you use to research your user’s goals on your website?

(A) Surveys

(B) Email

(C) Heat-mapping

(D) Card sorting

Q.8 – How can you take advantage of the mere-exposure effect on your website?

(A) Use the same navigation in both your header and footer

(B) Create consistency across your website’s visual and written content

(C) Use muted colors accentuated by bright accent colors across your website

(D) Make sure to have ample whitespace to focus the attention of the user

Q.9 – On the website shown in this image, what could this business do to improve the user experience of their website?

(A) Use no more than two different font families

(B) Focus the page on answering one question and one call-to-action

(C) Balance bright accent colors with muted colors or neutrals

(D) Increase the number of items in the navigation menu

(E) A and B

Q.10 – True or False? In the HubSpot CMS, website pages and landing pages are the same thing.

(A) True

(B) False

Q.11 – In the page editor in the HubSpot CMS, pages are organized by:

(A) Sections, columns, rich text blocks

(B) Sections, rows, columns, modules

(C) Columns, rows, forms, images

(D) Themes, templates, modules

Q.12 – In the HubSpot CMS, where do you go to change a page’s meta description?

(A) The Contents tab

(B) The Pages dashboard

(C) Account settings

(D) The Settings tab

Q.13 – What is the primary purpose of a topic cluster content strategy?

(A) To create more engaging blog content for your audience

(B) To generate more leads from your blog

(C) To attract more visitors to your website through your blog

(D) To rearrange your site architecture into clusters of related content

Q.14 – What can you add to a blog post to determine what content will show up on the short form version of that post on your blog’s homepage?

(A) Read more separator

(B) Call to action

(C) Personalization token

(D) Paragraph break

Q.15 – True or False? You can add a featured image to your blog post which will appear in social media posts.

(A) True

(B) False

Q.16 – Which tool in HubSpot helps you establish thought leadership in search engines using a topic cluster content strategy?

(A) Landing pages

(B) Analytics


(D) Social

(E) Email

Q.17 – How do you build relevance and authority for your website?

(A) Build relevance by creating high-quality content people want to read. Build authority by building high-quality backlinks.

(B) Build relevance by creating backlinks. Build authority by using keywords throughout your content.

(C) Build relevance by telling people about your content so that they can find it and link to it. Build authority by creating high-quality content people want to read.

(D) Build relevance by adding alt text to your images. Build authority by starting a topic cluster.

Q.18 – Where in HubSpot can you go to improve the on-page SEO of a blog post?

(A) Your blog settings

(B) The optimize tab in the blog post editor

(C) The blog template in the design tools

(D) Your blog dashboard

Q.19 – True or false? The recommended settings for canonical URLs are enabled by default in the HubSpot CMS and cannot be edited.

(A) True

(B) False

Q.20 – What is the SEO purpose of adding links throughout your content?

(A) Links to your product pages will boost your sales, as well as drive traffic to those pages.

(B) Adding affiliate links throughout your content will drive more revenue for your business.

(C) Links help establish you as a trustworthy source and drive traffic to your other content.

(D) Links tell Google that your content is popular and that people are sharing it on social media.

Q.21 – What is the purpose of a sitemap?

(A) To plan out the information architecture of your website before going live

(B) To help search engine crawlers determine the structure of your website so that they can crawl it more intelligently

(C) To raise your domain authority by linking together all the pages of your website

(D) To track the performance and traffic of your live pages and blog posts

Q.22 – Choose all that apply. Technical optimizations you can make to your website in the HubSpot CMS include:

(A) Customizing your sitemap.

(B) Adding links between topic cluster content.

(C) Customizing your robots.txt file.

(D) Enabling Google AMP.

(E) Requiring HTTPs for your domains.

Q.23 – What is the first question you should ask before you start gathering and analyzing data about your website?

(A) “How is my website currently performing in search engine results pages?”

(B) “How much traffic is my website getting from different channels?”

(C) “What is the highest-impact page on my website currently?”

(D) “What is my main goal for my website and what metrics can I track to help me achieve it?”

Q.24 – True or False? You can only use one type of smart rule per module.

(A) True

(B) False

Q.25 – What tool can you use to segment your contacts database?

(A) Contact properties

(B) Lists

(C) Landing pages

(D) All of the above

Q.26 – Choose all that apply. Which of these tools are included for free with CMS Hub?

(A) Forms

(B) Conversations

(C) Ads

(D) Calls-to-action

(E) Workflows

Q.27 – True or False? Every page published in the CMS is created using a template.

(A) True

(B) False

Q.28 – How do CMS developers use themes?

(A) Themes enable developers to create a site-wide content editing experience for marketers

(B) Themes enable developers to use the tools and technologies they prefer

(C) Themes prevent marketers from making side-wide design changes to their websites

(D) Themes are built by marketers to help developers understand their business’s branding

Q.29 – Choose all that apply. What are the different types of templates in the HubSpot CMS?

(A) Page templates

(B) Website templates

(C) Blog templates

(D) System templates

Q.30 – Fill in the blank: Theme modules are _______.

(A) designed specifically to work within your theme

(B) included by default in the HubSpot CMS

(C) built by developers for a specific purpose

(D) downloaded from the asset marketplace

Q.31 – Where can you view all of your downloaded templates and modules?

(A) Your Account Settings

(B) Website Pages dashboard

(C) Purchased tab of the Asset Marketplace

(D) Settings tab of the page editor

Q.32 – True or False? Every page must be created using its own unique template.

(A) True

(B) False

Q.33 – True or False? Your theme is your source of truth for your website’s design.

(A) True

(B) False

Q.34 – True or False? You need to know CSS to make any style changes to your pages.

(A) True

(B) False

Q.35 – The purpose of the Contents tab in the page editor is to:

(A) Display a list of all the content modules on your page in the order they appear

(B) View and edit your theme settings

(C) Add new modules to your page

(D) Rearrange the order of modules on your page

Q.36 – True or False? Once you remove a section, row, column, or module from your page you cannot undo it.

(A) True

(B) False

Q.37 – True or False? You should use a different theme for every page on your website.

(A) True

(B) False

Q.38 – What is a topic cluster?

(A) A targeted cluster of relevant content that covers a specific topic in depth

(B) A collection of blog posts that addresses a series of related questions

(C) A comprehensive page that covers a topic in great detail

(D) A series of emails covering a specific topic that are used to generate leads

Q.39 – Where can you view data about an individual blog post’s performance in HubSpot?

(A) In the Performance tab of that blog post

(B) On your Marketing dashboard

(C) In a contacts attribution report

(D) In the Optimize tab of the blog post editor

Q.40 – Which of these data points is not tracked on the Performance tab of a blog post?

(A) Entrances

(B) Submissions

(C) Engagement type

(D) Referral source

(E) Revenue

Q.41 – The purpose of a robots.txt file is to:

(A) list the pages on a website to manage the content that’s shown to search engines

(B) instruct search engines on how to handle duplicate content

(C) instruct search engine bots on how to crawl the pages on a website

(D) tell HubSpot the user agent of a visitor’s browser

Q.42 – Fill in the blank. Backlinks are links ________.

(A) from other websites to your website

(B) from your blog posts to your website pages

(C) from your website to other websites

from your pillar page to your subtopic content

Q.43 – What is the most important thing you can do to ensure your content ranks highly in search engines?

(A) Add H1 headers to all of your pages and blog posts

(B) Create high-quality content that’s relevant to searchers’ needs

(C) Optimize your content for your primary long-tail keyword

(D) Generate backlinks between your website and other credible sites

Q.44 – Fill in the blank. HubSpot analysis found that the ideal length for blog posts is ____ words.

(A) 3000

(B) 2100

(C) 900

(D) 500

Q.45 – Which of these is not a recommended best practice for writing blog post titles?

(A) Keep it under 70 characters

(B) Include your primary long-tail keyword

(C) Use engaging words

(D) Write it in the form of a question

Q.46 – Why is it important to avoid unnatural repetition of words in your blog post title, meta description, and URL?

(A) It is a signal that search engines use to detect spam.

(B) It creates a confusing user experience for your blog RSS readers.

(C) It will prevent your blog post from being crawled and indexed by search engine bots.

(D) It is not a best practice for a topic cluster content strategy.

Q.47 – Where can you find your website and traffic analytics reports in HubSpot?

(A) Reports > Reports

(B) Reports > Dashboards

(C) Reports > Analytics Tools

(D) Page Performance

Q.48 – True or False? Using your traffic analytics report, you can see the source of traffic to your website.

(A) True

(B) False

Q.49 – What is the first-touch attribution model?

(A) Singles out the first touchpoint as the most recent visit.

(B) 100% of the credit is assigned to the page that originally drove a visitor to your site.

(C) Gives credit to the touchpoint where a conversion directly occurred.

(D) Assigns a weighted percentage of the credit to the most recent touch points.

Q.50 – True or False? When building a contact attribution report, the metric you choose will be the information displayed on the y-axis.

(A) True

(B) False

Q.51 – True or False? If you’re using assets from the marketplace, both the folder structure and names will be determined by the provider.

(A) True

(B) False

Q.52 – Which of these is not a content status in HubSpot?

(A) Draft

(B) Scheduled

(C) Published

(D) Updated

(E) Archived

Q.53 – Choose all that apply. Which of these pieces of content should be archived and unpublished?

(A) Landing pages for expired offers

(B) Product pages for products you no longer sell

(C) Event pages for events that have passed

(D) Blog posts that aren’t optimized for search engines

Q.54 – Which of these characteristics is not available to use in smart content?

(A) Device type

(B) Referral source

(C) Preferred language

(D) Contact list membership

(E) Email address

Q.55 – What is a buyer persona?

(A) A realistic representation of your current customers based on their prior purchases and NPS scores

(B) A semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer based on real data and some select educated speculation

(C) A detailed profile of one of your existing customers with real data and quotes from them

(D) A fictional representation of your ideal customer based on your gut feelings and intuition about who needs your products and services

Q.56 – True or False? Adding someone’s name to a page is effective personalization.

(A) True

(B) False

Q.57 – Which of these segments is a good place to start with your personalization efforts?

(A) Your social media followers

(B) Accounts you want to target

(C) All visitors to your site in the past 60 days

(D) Your buyer personas

Q.58 – How is a visitor’s country determined for smart content?

(A) The language set in the visitor’s browser

(B) The user agent

(C) The visitor’s IP address

(D) The country property in your CRM

Q.59 – True or False? You can have unlimited smart rules per module.

(A) True

(B) False

Q.60 – Jill is a marketer at The Green Thumb, a plant nursery that delivers plants to your doorstep. Her main buyer persona is young women who want to add greenery to their apartments but don’t know how to properly take care of plants. On The Green Thumb’s website they have the page “Which Plant Is Right For You?” that shows all the plants they offer and what environments they are suited for. How can Jill personalize this page to better target her buyer persona?

(A) Add a “Recommended” tag to plants that are easy to take care of and well-suited for apartment living

(B) Include more detailed descriptions of the genus and species of each plant

(C) Replace the images of each plant with a video showing close-ups and giving a 360-degree view of the plant

(D) Remove plants that require lots of care from the page, so buyers won’t be tempted to purchase them

Q.61 – On the website shown in this image, what could this business do to improve the user experience of their website? (Version 2)

(A) Use muted colors or neutrals to balance bright accent colors

(B) Include a navigation menu at the top of the page

(C) Include a video to increase visitor engagement

(D) Use whitespace to focus the attention of the user

(E) A and B

Q.62 – Choose all that apply. Where in HubSpot can you use folders to organize your CMS assets?

(A) File manager

(B) Forms

(C) Themes

(D) Landing pages

Q.63 – Choose all that apply. At a high level, which metrics should you be tracking about your website performance?

(A) Where your visitors are coming from

(B) Which visitors are marketing qualified leads

(C) What content your visitors are engaging with

(D) Which pages your visitors are landing on

Q.64 – Choose all that apply. Which of the following should you add to your blog post to generate leads?

(A) A text call-to-action at the top of your post

(B) An image call-to-action at the bottom of your post

(C) A featured image for sharing your post on social media

(D) A form so readers can subscribe to your blog

Q.65 – Where in the HubSpot CMS can you edit your website’s header and footer?

(A) In the design manager

(B) In your account settings

(C) In the page editor

(D) None of the above

Q.66 – What is the final step you should take before publishing a page?

(A) Preview the page

(B) Add a canonical URL

(C) Make sure you only have one H1 header

(D) Schedule the page to publish at a later date and time

(E) Share it on social media


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