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About Just Reading and Writing English 1 Course

Do you want to be able to talk easily with people who speak English? Welcome to our course. There are 6 units in the course, English speaking writing, and reading course, and each one covers a different topic: feelings, staying healthy, learning, college, cultural differences, and cities.

From this course, you’ll know how to read and write in English well enough to use it in your daily life. In the videos, our teachers and friends from places like the United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, Australia, and Columbia will help you learn. Are you all set? Let’s go!

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Just Reading and Writing English 1 Quiz Answers

Week 01: Just Reading and Writing English 1 Coursera Quiz Answers

Test 1-3

Why does Madison feel nervous?

  • She is afraid that she might fail in the test she took.
  • She is worried about her having no time to prepare for the test.
  • She is very tired for preparing her test.

Does Graham love to chat with friends in a cafeteria?

  • Yes, he often meets Fabian in this cafeteria.
  • Yes, he can never stay home alone.
  • Yes, he doesn’t like to stay home alone, and would like to meet new people.

From the dialogue between Liam and Jessica, we know that _____.

  • Liam thinks Prof. Wang’s lecture is a nightmare
  • Liam likes Prof. Wang’s lecture very much.
  • Prof. Wang is a popular teacher both Jessica and Liam like

Michael’s father is angry because _____.

  • his father lost his bag in the supermarket
  • his mother has just lost her bag
  • Michael has failed his math test again

Why can Jason hide his feelings of happiness and anger?

  • He does not get on well with his friends.
  • He is trained to be a gentleman.
  • He wants to keep his own secret.

Test 1-4

What did Lily do on the weekend?

  • She played badminton with her friends.
  • She went to the countryside with her friends.
  • She took an English class.

How does Mike feel about his weekend?

  • It was tiring but fun.
  • It was boring.
  • It was terrible.

Why does Kirk feel bad today?

  • He had a quarrel with the waiter over the bill.
  • At lunch someone spilled their drink on him.
  • He couldn’t find anyone to help him.

What made Kirk most mad about that guy?

  • The guy cut in front of him.
  • The guy just walked away without apologizing.
  • The guy bumped into him and spilled his Coke all over him.

What does Jennifer think Kirk should do?

  • Stop and yell at him.
  • Ask someone else for help.
  • Just keep calm and carry on.

Kirk believes that ________________.

  • if no one queues up, everything will be a mess.
  • everyone in a hurry does not need to queue up.
  • being in a hurry is an excuse for breaking the rules.

What does Kirk mean by saying “they also add color to my shirt”?

  • They make my shirt look cool.
  • They make my shirt pretty.
  • They make my shirt dirty.

What is the favor Katherine asks of Christine?

  • To analyze the data for her presentation.
  • To give her creative ideas for her presentation.
  • To do the presentation for her.

When will Katherine give her presentation?

  • The day after tomorrow.
  • Today.
  • Tomorrow.

How long did it take Christine to help Katherine analyze the data last time?

  • All weekends.
  • All night.
  • All day.

What does Katherine promise to do next time?

  • She will come to Christine earlier.
  • She will never ask Christine to do this again.
  • She will do this herself.

Test 1-5

How does Joyce control her bad feelings, such as loneliness, anxiety or anger?

  • She always goes to the library.
  • She always gets busy with other things.
  • She always goes jogging in the playground.

What is the best way of controlling our feelings?

  • To talk to oneself.
  • To talk to parents.
  • To talk to friends.

What did Jason do when he was in high school and was down or upset?

  • He would find some really tough math or physics problems to do.
  • He would go to the dormitory and have a nice rest.
  • He would do both mentioned above.

How does Zheyu get over of his stress?

  • He abuses both his mind and body.
  • He often screams and shouts in the playground and then jogs for five kilometers until he is tired out.
  • He abuses his mind but not abuse his body.

What is Jason’s suggestion for Zheyu?

  • Zheyu needs to choose the proper time to avoid scaring the kids on the playground.
  • Zheyu needs to choose the proper time and place.
  • Zheyu needs to choose the proper time to scare the kids on the playground.

How does Christine always finish so quickly?

  • She makes a list of things she needs to do and prioritize.
  • She never plans and just does whatever comes to her.
  • She plans and turns to people for help.

How does Katherine deal with a plan?

  • She gives up on it quickly.
  • She works hard towards it.
  • She changes her plan quickly.

What is Katherine’s problem with assignments?

  • She postpones doing it until the day it is due.
  • She finishes it too quickly.
  • She does not do it at all.

What is Christine’s suggestion for Katherine?

  • Relax first and then hurry.
  • Just relax and try best.
  • Hurry first and then relax.

For what did Jennifer leave for weeks?

  • A party in Hong Kong.
  • A course in Hong Kong.
  • A seminar in Hong Kong.

According to Cindy, what happened a few weeks ago?

  • Jennifer showed Cindy how to manage her time more efficiently.
  • Jennifer went to work out with Cindy.
  • Jennifer started doing Zumba.

What does Jennifer congratulate Cindy on?

  • For having more free time.
  • For not postponing everything to the last minute any more.
  • For looking absolutely amazing.

What happens to Cindy every time after she finishes Zumba classes?

  • She looks tired but relaxed.
  • She sleeps better, feels better and works more efficiently.
  • She eats well and looks fit.

What sort of exercises does Jennifer like most?

  • Badminton.
  • Running.
  • Volleyball.

What did Jennifer and her friends establish?

  • A volleyball team.
  • A group called “Running for Life”.
  • A Zumba club.

Test 1-6

Why do Amanda and Zheyu feel very down today?

  • They are worried about interviews.
  • They are worried about homework.
  • They are worried about exams.

Which test do students NOT need to take at the end of high school in the United States?

  • GRE.
  • SAT.
  • ACT. 

Based on the conversation, what else will determine which university an American high school student can attend besides exam scores?

  • Income of the student’s family.
  • Social status of the student’s family
  • High school grades and participation in extracurricular activities.

Why does Amanda think students in Canada are so lucky?

  • They have no big national exams for entering a university.
  • They have very easy exams.
  • They have many good universities.

In which of the following countries do you have to choose the major you want to study before entering a university?

  • Canada.
  • The United Kingdom.
  • The United States.

In which of the following countries can you usually change your major after entering the university?

  • France
  • China
  • The United States.

According to Mr.Davis, what can be a problem for students all around the world?

  • Stress.
  • Grades.
  • Exams.

What is Mr. Davis’s suggestion for Amanda and Zheyu to achieve their dream?

  • Study hard for exams.
  • Keep their eyes on the prize and work hard.
  • Strike a balance between work and life.

Test 1-7

Why is the student coming for the teacher?

  • He missed several classes due to illness
  • He quarreled with his classmates.
  • He was often stressed when he faced an academic problem.
  • He was stressed about the college entrance examination.

According to the student, which two subjects do most students have difficulties studying?

  • History
  • Mathematics
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Chinese
  • English

What suggestions does the teacher provide for the student to improve his English?

  • Watch some online TV shows in English.
  • Practice more on academic writing.
  • Listen to American radio podcast.
  • Find a language partner

What are the differences between high school life and university life in America?

  • In high school, students have more free time.
  • In university, students have fewer classes.
  • In high school, students cannot play video games or soccer with others.
  • There are no differences.

According to the teacher, what should the student do in order to reduce his stress?

  • Ask his parents for help.
  • Manage his time and schedule well.
  • Find a psychiatrist.
  • Study very hard.

Test 1-10

What can be a way to develop your emotional intelligence as well as an opportunity to learn more about yourself?

  • Learning about your feelings
  • Making a list of your feelings
  • Locking up your feelings

If you give someone your undivided attention, it means that __________________________.

  • you are distracted by something else
  • only part of your attention is given to that person
  • all of your attention is focused on that person

She is used to the world throwing stones—she knows how to protect herself. But can she figure______how to open______and trust again?

  • out…out
  • up…up
  • out…up

Which of the following bad feelings is NOT mentioned in this unit?

  • Homesick.
  • Angry.
  • Jealous.
  • Worried.
  • Stressed.
  • Upset.
  • Frustrated.
  • Anxious.
  • Lonely.
  • Down.
  • Mad.

What are some ways mentioned in this unit to control one’s bad feelings? [Check all that apply]

  • Have some black chocolate.
  • Jog until feeling tired out.
  • Find tough math or physics problems to do.
  • Turn to other concerns.
  • Buy oneself a gift.
  • Take a warm bath.
  • Tell oneself to calm down.
  • Listen to music.
  • Scream and shout in the playground.

What are some ways mentioned in this unit to manage time efficiently? [Check all that apply]

  • Make a list of things one needs to do.
  • Hurry first and then relax.
  • Think about how much time it will take one to complete each task.
  • Leave some room on one’s schedule for flexibility and give oneself a break.
  • Focus on your most productive time of the day.
  • Clear your mind and refresh yourself to refocus.
  • Keep track of your progress.

What may NOT determine which university one can attend in the U.S. based on the conversations in this unit? [Check all that apply]

  • Participation in extracurricular activities.
  • Application essay.
  • Income of one’s parents
  • High school grades.
  • Score on SAT or ACT.
  • Impression one leaves at the interview.
  • Social economic status of one’s family

Week 02: Just Reading and Writing English 1 Coursera Quiz Answers

Test 2-3

Why doesn’t Betsy look so well?

  • She hasn’t been sleeping well recently.
  • She hasn’t been doing any physical exercise recently.
  • She hasn’t been eating well recently.

What does “insomnia” mean?

  • Lack of sleep.
  • Lack of vitality.
  • Loss of interest in food.

Why does Betsy suffer from lack of sleep?

  • She is anxious about taking a new course.
  • She is worried about her presentation.
  • She is stressed out by the final exams.

According to Professor Day, what does sleep affect?

  • It affects how we look.
  • It affects all parts of our life.
  • It affects how much we eat.

What is the old English proverb that Professor Day shares with Betsy?

  • Happiness is a good health and a bad memory.
  • He who has health has hope and he that has hope has everything.
  • Good health is above wealth.

According to Jaidee, how does Michael look?

  • He looks fit and happy.
  • His skin appears colorless.
  • He has some serious dark circles around his eyes.

What did Michael do on Friday?

  • He went swimming.
  • He had a math test.
  • He worked on his homework.

Which is NOT Jaidee’s suggestions for Michael?

  • Playing sports.
  • Listening to music.
  • Going to a movie.

What does Michael decide to do after listening to Jaidee’s suggestions?

  • He will take a short break or a holiday.
  • He will go to see a doctor.
  • He will go home and have a good sleep.

Who once said “A light heart lives long”?

  • Shakespeare.
  • Jaidee’s professor.
  • Jaidee
  • Test 2-4

Test 2-4

According to Kirk himself, how is he so energetic?

  • His personality.
  • Staying healthy.
  • Both above are mentioned.

Which is NOT mentioned by Kirk as one of his ways of staying healthy?

  • American football.
  • Eating vegetarian meals.
  • Doing regular exercise.

Which of the following has Kirk always loved since he was young?

  • Table tennis.
  • Running.
  • American football.

What healthy habits does Jessica have?

  • She tries to go fishing.
  • She tries to go mountain-climbing.
  • She goes running a few times a week.

Where has Jess been?

  • Japan.
  • Hong Kong.
  • Taiwan.

What does Jess dislike about her trip?

  • The people.
  • The scenery.
  • The food.

What cannot Jess stand?

  • Raw fish.
  • Vegetable.
  • Sushi.

What does the Japanese emphasize in their diet?

  • The quality of the food.
  • The freshness of the food.
  • The safety of the food.

What does Liam mean by “I have such a sweet tooth”?

  • “I have a bad tooth.”
  • “I love sweet food.”
  • “My tooth tastes sweet.”

Which is NOT recommended by Jess to Liam to see in Japan?

  • The desserts.
  • The healthy diet.
  • The scenery.

Test 2-5

How does Jennifer look thinner than before?

  • She is suffering from insomnia.
  • She is on a diet.
  • She is stressed out.

What does Kirk think is not good?

  • Lose some weight and slim down a bit.
  • Eat chocolate once in a while.
  • Never be satisfied with one’s weight.

What is NOT Kirk’s suggestion for people who are already unhealthy to lose weight?

  • A good mood is good medicine.
  • Healthy eating is a good place to start.
  • Daily exercise can contribute a lot.

What does Jennifer mean by saying “I’m really craving chocolates now”?

  • “ I cannot eat chocolate now.”
  • “ I want to eat chocolate very much now.”
  • “ I dislike chocolate now.”

What seems to be working for Jennifer who just starts dieting?

  • To keep a balanced diet.
  • To cut out soda and replace it with diet coke.
  • To do exercise every day.

What does Jennifer find unbelievable at the end of her conversation with Kirk?

  • Kirk used to weigh twice as much as he does right now.
  • Eating chocolate once in a while won’t be that bad.
  • Her weight will go up again.

What has Michael got in the math mid-exam?

  • Passing scores.
  • High scores.
  • Maximum scores.

What does Michael mean by “I am on the top of the world”?

  • “I am the most successful in the world.”
  • “I am the tallest in the world.”
  • “I am extremely happy.”

Which one of the following is the closest in meaning to the idiom “keep an even keel”?

  • Work harder if you want to do better.
  • Be confident as confidence is the mother of success.
  • Keep a well balanced mood as extreme happiness may have a negative influence.

Why did Tian Yuan’s two classmates quarrel today?

  • They argued about the space to store their books.
  • They argued about who was the toughest in the class.
  • They always hated each other.

Which of the following is NOT Tian Yuan’s idea for resolving “classmate conflicts”?

  • You can tell the teacher to be the judge.
  • Communication is very important.
  • Classmates should learn to be tolerant of each other.

According to the passage, what can therapy offer?

  • Medicine for mental illness.
  • Just a person to talk to.
  • Support at difficult times.

Seeing a therapist means

  • You’re crazy and want to ask your teacher for help.
  • You’re sick and need to go to the hospital immediately.
  • You need help in dealing with emotions and stressful situations.

If a teen thinks that therapy could help, who might he or she NOT ask to find a therapist?

  • A doctor.
  • A teenage friend.
  • A parent.

Test 2-6

What did Zheyu do this morning?

  • He rode the bike.
  • He went swimming.
  • He ran for two hours.

How does Amanda and Zheyu go to school every day?

  • They take bus or subway.
  • They ride bicycles.
  • They drive cars.

Which is NOT mentioned by Glenn as the way that North American people stay healthy?

  • Taking up running or cycling as a hobby.
  • Joining a gym to exercise.
  • Eating no junk food.

What is true about the popular diet called Atkins diet?

  • One can sign up for meals delivered by mail.
  • One can eat as much meat as one wants.
  • One can only eat bread, rice, noodles, or potatoes.

What can you do according to Glenn if you feel too depressed to move?

  • Healthy diets.
  • Yoga and meditation.
  • Exercises.

In the past, what could people who had mental health problems do?

  • They just had to fight by themselves.
  • They could tell people about their problems.
  • They could go to see doctors and other specialists.

Test 2-9

What is NOT mentioned in this unit as a way to keep physically healthy?

  • Leave enough time for sleep.
  • Have a balanced diet.
  • Do regular physical exercise.
  • Get a physical check-up every year.

What is NOT mentioned in this unit as a way to achieve mental health?

  • Have a short break or holiday.
  • Go to a movie or a concert.
  • Get along with our classmates, teachers and parents.
  • Go to find a therapist.
  • Relax yourself and always look on the bright side of life.
  • Have a positive attitude towards life.
  • Know how to lower your level of stress.
  • Yoga and meditation.

Which of the following belong to junk food? [Check all that apply]

  • Burgers.
  • Chips.
  • Milk.
  • Rice.
  • Pizza.
  • Sushi.
  • Fried chicken.
  • Raw fish.

How may insomnia affect one’s life according to the conversations between professor Day and Betsy? [Check all that apply]

  • One might get some serious physical problems.
  • One may feel dizzy all the time.
  • One may look older than one’s biological age.
  • One may not be able to enjoy one’s food, drink and life.
  • One may get some serious dark circles around one’s eyes.

According to Jessica, the old saying “Laugh out of the other side of your mouth” means

  • A joyful heart is good medicine.
  • Once joy reaches its peak, next is sorrow.
  • A day without laugh is a day wasted.

In which of the following situations may therapy NOT in the position to help teens?

  • Be dealing with family problems such as alcoholism, addiction or divorce.
  • Want to build self-confidence or figure out ways to make more friends.
  • Be dealing with a learning problem.
  • Being badly injured physically and in a coma.
  • Feel sad, depressed, worried, shy, or just stressed out.
  • Be dealing with problems like managing anger or coping with peer pressure
  • Be dieting or overeating for too long and it becomes a problem.
  • Want to get rid of a habit such as smoking, spending too much money, or getting hooked on websites

Week 03: Just Reading and Writing English 1 Coursera Quiz Answers

Test 3-5

More than half of the books written every year all over the world are translated into English.

  • True
  • False

According to the author, the meanings of English words are always in agreement with their spelling.

  • True
  • False

The meaning of the word “hamburger” comes from the combination of the meanings of the words ham and burger.

  • True
  • False

Although the word “sweetbread” is the combination of the words sweet and bread, in fact, sweetbread isn’t sweet at all.

  • True
  • False

The word “ring” in the sentence “… boxing rings are square” means an enclosed space for boxing.

  • True
  • False

Ham- has the same meaning in both hamburger and hammer.

  • True
  • False

When we go on studying English words we come to find that, if the singular form of a noun contains –oo, its plural form contains –ee.

  • True
  • False

The author implies that English is not worth learning as it is a language that drives you crazy.

  • True
  • False

From the passage we can infer that, as English is such a crazy language, there are no results to follow and, therefore, there is no way to learn it well.

  • True
  • False

The author’s style in this passage can best be described as persuasive.

  • True
  • False

Test 3-7

Which one is the advice given by Professor Chen for people who teach themselves in the world of literature?

  • Teaching literature by watching adapted films
  • Teaching literature with the way of MOOC
  • Teaching literature by reading novels

From the dialogue, which is one of the advantages of teaching by way of MOOC professor Chen mentioned?

  • It is convenient so that learners could choose what they like to learn at any time in any place.
  • It is free so that learners could choose what they like to learn without the consideration of cost.
  • They would cut it into small pieces and that would be quite easy for students to remember what the teachers have been teaching.

Which one is not the suggestion given by Professor Chen for non-English majors who want to have a better understanding of English literature?

  • Have the idea that we are human beings that should know something about humanity
  • Just read novels.
  • Take any time that they could seek or have in their daily life.
    • What is NOT one of the biggest differences brought by Internet on people learning behavior?
  • more convenient that we can get very quick access to literature
  • less difficult to gain something new of literature
  • no longer go to library

Test 3-9

What’s not the advice given by Lucky for remembering new words?

  • Keep down a notebook of new words you have covered
  • When run into a new word, after looking it up, reread that sentence and see how it works in that sentence.
  • When run into a new word, do not look it up in dictionary.

According to Lucky, which one in the following is the first we should notice when taking notes?

  • Pay attention to the spelling
  • Focus on the meaning.
  • Go for the pronunciation

From their dialogue, what should we do to remember different meanings of an English word?

  • See it in contexts
  • Memorize the meanings one by one by heart
  • Just look at it in a dictionary

Which is the good way given by Lucky to remember words?

  • write for many times
  • memorize word lists in a book
  • expose to that word very often

Which is not Lucky’s suggestion for the best way to learn new words?

  • learn new vocabulary lists and dictionaries
  • talk to native speakers
  • learn from a book, a magazine, TV show, movie

According to the dialogue, which is NOT the way given by Lucky to remember long words?

  • write for many times
  • guess what it means before you even have looked it up in a dictionary
  • being more familiar with this kind of word stems

Test 3-10

Who is the author of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland?

  • Charlotte Bront
  • Anna Sewell
  • Charles Lutwidge Dodgson

Which one in the following is the sequel of this book?

  • Through the Looking-Glass
  • The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
  • The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is written in ?

  • 1864
  • 1865
  • 1866

This charming story mainly happened__________.

  • in a rabbit hole
  • on the bank of a river
  • under a hedge

The title of chapter 1 “Down the Rabbit-Hole” has become a popular term for ?

  • playing with the rabbit
  • going on an adventure into an unknown place.
  • being trapped in a rabbit-hole

Week 04: Just Reading and Writing English 1 Coursera Quiz Answers

Test 4-2

I think we’d better deal with the two points ________.

  • separate
  • separately
  • separation

Lions are ______ animals – they live in groups.

  • social
  • society
  • socially

There is a _____ to teach the children when they are in hospital.

  • tutor
  • trainer
  • guide

Christmas is not much of a _____ holiday now.

  • public
  • religious
  • annual

Social security benefits provide the main _____ of elderly people’s income, folllowed by a pension from a former employer.

  • material
  • resource
  • source

The children play while two teachers _____ to make sure they are safe.

  • supervise
  • manage
  • train

Test 4-5

Oxford is special because of its beauty, history, and first-class education.

  • True
  • False

The oldest buildings at Oxford and Cambridge have a history of four hundred years.

  • True
  • False

The oldest buildings at Oxford and Cambridge have a history of four hundred year.

  • True
  • False

Colleges like Wolfson offer only graduate courses.

  • True
  • False

Different colleges at the University of Oxford have more in common than they are different.

  • True
  • False

There are women students at all the colleges of Oxford now.

  • True
  • False

The Bodleian Library is highly regarded by many who work at Oxford.

  • True
  • False

Students in private colleges take courses similar to those offered at Oxford.

  • True
  • False

Test 4-7-1

According to Professor Lv Zhongshe, which of the following factors is the most important in the foreign experience?

  • getting alone well with native people
  • academic study
  • being independent

Which of the following statements is not true, when we look at the differences between Chinese and western education?

  • In western countries, you need to do lots of reading on your own
  • In Chinese education, the teacher is responsible for almost everything
  • Learning autonomy is not important at all in western countries.

To go abroad for exchange or for a degree study, students need to do the following except for_____?

  • writing down the notes to answer questions in the exams
  • attending classes
  • getting to know the local people and get to understand the culture

Exchanging or studying abroad is a good experience for the young generation not for that _____.

  • they could learn how to live, how to be responsible, how to be independent
  • they could make more money in the future
  • they could learn the academic things in the universities or in class

Which one in the following is not suggested by Prof. Lv for the preparations of the life in foreign countries?

  • Copy other people’s ideas or main contents from their books or from their research articles without acknowledging them
  • If the teacher gave you assignments, make sure that you have to read the assignments.
  • Be a little bit earlier to make sure that you could submit your paper before the deadline.

Test 4-7-2

According to the dialogue, when you go abroad, you need to do the following, except for _______.

  • studying
  • learning how to wash clothes
  • learning how to cook

From Yuzhou’s exchange experience in Heidelberg, students from other countries or the teachers would like to _____.

  • just concentrate on themselves
  • hear you very much.
  • ignore the foreign students

Which one in the following is not a must for Yuzhou when he was in Heidelberg?

  • cook for himself, buy vegetables and meat in the supermarket.
  • employ a personal tutor
  • care about the bills he has to pay

According to the dialogue, most Chinese students would go after ranking, they would pick up the best universities. What does “the best universities”mean here?

  • the top 20 or top 50 universities
  • the top 5 universities
  • the top 10 universities

According to the dialogue, ranking is important, but ranking is not everything. A student needs to think ______.

  • if the program is chosen by most students
  • if the program is from the best universities
  • if the program suits him

Test 4-9

Which one in the following is not the suggestion given by Lucky for English listening?

  • more like a muscle, so you have to train it actively otherwise it doesn’t actually grow
  • improve it in a single night by going over a long list of words
  • listen to radio shows, watch TV shows, watch video programs
  • listen to native speakers speaking English

When Bingcong found it boring to listen to some news, Lucky suggests her to ( )?

  • play the news again and again and do the dictation
  • listening to the news for many times
  • focus on things that she finds interesting

Some students spend half an hour each day practicing listening, while others may only practice listening once a week, and still others may take like one to two hours. According to Lucky, which method is better?

  • Both methods are good.
  • Practicing every day for a shorter period of time
  • Practicing listening for two hours every week.

In the conversation, Bingcong mentioned that she still has trouble understanding what people are talking about even though she keeps practicing every day. Which reason is not mentioned by Lucky?

  • They just speak too fast and you’re just not used to that speed.
  • They use words that you’re not familiar with.
  • Because of poor English listening ability.

From the conversation, what should Bingcong do in a situation full of jargons and specialized words when she communicates with people from different cultural backgrounds?

  • Ignore the jargons.
  • Ask simple questions.
  • Ignore the specialized terms.

Test 4-10

What’s the pen name of the author Samuel Langhorne Clemens?

  • Lewis Carroll
  • Mark Twain
  • Currer Bell

Which one in the following is the sequel of this book?

  • The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
  • Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland
  • Through the Looking-Glass

Mark Twain enjoyed the fame being known as__________.

  • the father of American literature
  • the father of British literature
  • the second Lincoln in the history of American literature

Which of the following doesn’t fit in with Tom?

  • He is a good student.
  • He often escapes the school.
  • Both of his parents died when he was young.

Which of the following is NOT true?

  • Tom Sawyer prefers fishing to going to school.
  • The whole story represents what Twain did or wishes he did during his childhood.
  • The story is about Mark Twain’s personal experience.

Week 05: Just Reading and Writing English 1 Coursera Quiz Answers

Test 5-2

You’ll have to improve your driving () if you want to pass your test.

  • technician
  • technique
  • technology

The two things are said to be ( ).

  • related
  • relative
  • to relate

Test 5-5

According to a pioneer in nonverbal communication, only () percent of our communication is verbal.

  • 30 to 35
  • 10 to 15
  • 20 to 25

In the United States, nodding your head up and down means ().

  • I heard you
  • yes
  • no

In ancient Rome, when the emperor puts his thumb up, it means that ( ).

  • a kind of insulting
  • he wants to spare someone’s life
  • everything is all right

In the Soviet Union, raising your clasped hand above your head is a sign of ( ).

  • friendship
  • I’m the champion
  • I’m the winner

In ( ), holding your hand up with the thumb and index finger in a circle and the other three fingers spread out means “Everything is O.K.”.

  • Belgium
  • the United States
  • France

Americans usually feel comfortable when speaking with someone if the distance between them is about () inches to arm’s length.

  • fourteen
  • sixteen
  • eighteen

If you look down when talking to an American, he or she may feel that you are ( ).

  • absent-minded
  • ignorant
  • afraid

Test 5-7

What does “weather-speak” mean?

  • The speaker doesn’t want to talk with you.
  • The speaker is interested in talking about the weather.
  • It is a form of code to strike a conversation with other people.

What does “nosy parker” refer to?

  • Somebody who parks a car.
  • Parking lot.
  • A person too curious about other’s private issues.

What does “couch potato” mean?

  • Someone who likes to spend a lot of time sitting or lying on the couch watching television
  • A kind of potato.
  • A potato put on the couch.

What does the phrase “a big wheel” by American young people?

  • A slang expression for a very important person or VIP for short.
  • A wheel big in size.
  • A great event.

Test 5-9

According to their conversation, when we stay at home watching a TV show or a movie, the steps to practice our English do NOT include ( ).

  • do the dictation directly
  • pause every couple of minutes and look at the subtitles on the screen
  • listen to how an actor is pronouncing it

According to Lucky, what is the most valuable skills when you are learning a second language?

  • The ability to “wing it” — getting around without using the exact word
  • Talk with a native speaker
  • Use the exact word to describe what is in your mind

What does “wing it” usually imply?

  • One may have practiced a lot but he forgets about it while he talks.
  • One speaks without getting much preparation.
  • One knows beforehand what he is going to say.

Test 5-10

Who is the author of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn?

  • Anna Sewell
  • Mark Twain
  • Charlotte Bront

What’s the original name of Mark Twain?

  • Lewis Carroll
  • Samuel Langhorne Clemens
  • Currer Bell

The escaping slave mentioned in this novel is ().

  • Tim
  • Tom
  • Jim

According to Eve, the best part of this novel is ()?

  • the vivid plots.
  • the description of the historical background.
  • the characterization of the main characters of Huckle and Tom.

Week 06: Just Reading and Writing English 1 Coursera Quiz Answers

Test 6-2

Marvin was too _______ to fall asleep.

  • excited
  • exciting

Shelly is the _______ of several successful films.

  • product
  • producer
  • production

Test 6-5

Why did Samuel John say when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life?

  • Because he lived in London.
  • Because he thought that London is the best in the world
  • Because Samuel John thought that London could offer everything in life.

What have been built in London since the 20th century?

  • skyscrapers
  • the Telecom Tower
  • an arts center
  • all above

Being the “world’s capital”, has London changed completely?

  • No.
  • Not mentioned
  • Yes.

The description of the River Thames–From the sky, the Thames River looks like a ribbon, which is curvaceous and decorative with a score of bridges–is True or False?

  • True
  • False

What is the name of the tower clock?

  • Great Ben
  • Big Clock
  • Big Ben

Test 6-7

As a retired person, which place in UK does Prof. Lv like most?

  • Stratford-Upon-Avon
  • London
  • Cambridge
  • Oxford

What impresses Prof. Lv most in London?

  • the old underground without lifts or elevators
  • the beggars
  • Passers-by’s offering help

When Prof. Lv talked with people from Purdue University to employ foreign teachers, Prof. Lv surprised the foreigner a lot by that ( ).

  • the good conditions
  • she even know that they have to pay their mortgage.
  • the high salary

From Prof. Lv’s perspective, in negotiating and doing business with foreigners, it’s not a right or wrong thing, it’s more like ( ).

  • the good conditions you can provide
  • the appropriateness in your communication
  • the high profits

Prof. Lv suggested that if you go abroad, then you have to ( ).

  • respect the local culture
  • mind your own business
  • ignore the cultural differences

From Yu Zhou’s experience in Heidelberg, he also thinks that ( ) is really important.

  • communication between people
  • studying hard
  • being independent

In Germany, the students tend to ( ) to show their appreciation.

  • applause
  • whistle
  • shake their hands on the table

At the end of their dialogue, Prof. Lv suggested Yu Zhou to ( ).

  • see the world and to explore more about other cultures and visit as many nations as possible.
  • study in Peking University
  • stay in his hometown

Test 6-9

In China, when Lucky talk to his professor, he should address him by ( ).

  • his first name
  • his last name
  • his last name and then Laoshi

In America, when Lucky talk to his professor, he would address him by ( ).

  • Dan
  • Mr. Connors
  • Dr. Connors

In America, when people are in a restaurant and want someone to come serve at their table, they just ( ).

  • say “waiter, get over here”.
  • say “Fuwuyuan, get over here”.
  • call them by their name

In China, if you receive a compliment, like “the T-shirt looks really good on you”, you will probably say ( ).

  • oh, thank you
  • really? thank you.
  • No, it’s just a common t-shirt

In America, if you receive a compliment, like “oh you’re so pretty”, you’re supposed to just say ( ).

  • no, it’s not like that
  • oh not I’m not, I’m so ugly
  • oh, thank you

Test 6-10

Who is the author of Oliver Twist?

  • Mark Twain
  • Charles Dickens
  • Charlotte Bronte

The author was regarded as ( )?

  • the second Lincoln in the history of American literature
  • the greatest novelist of the Victorian era
  • the father of British literature

Which plot of this novel has been incorporated into many English textbooks?

  • On the Road to London
  • Oliver’s asking for more porridge
  • The Workhouse

Dickens thought highly of Nancy and comments on her ( ).

  • the last drop of pure water in a dry well full of weed
  • the most unfortunate girl
  • the kindest girl

Week 07: Just Reading and Writing English 1 Coursera Quiz Answers

Vocabulary and Structure 1

We were lost at sea, at the ______ of wind and weather.

  • cost
  • expense
  • mercy
  • service 

She is one of those women who always ______ the latest fashions.

  • keep up
  • keep up with
  • catch up
  • come up with

I would like to ______ my appreciation for your cooperation

  • receive
  • indicate
  • impress
  • express

His instructions were too difficult to understand, so he had to ______ them.

  • terrify
  • satisfy
  • simplify
  • classify

I think he visited us just to ______ his new car.

  • lay out
  • show up
  • show off
  • lay down

He was ______ to steal the money when he saw it lying on the table

  • tempted
  • intended
  • attracted
  • expected.

Compiling a dictionary ______ much time and patience.

  • costs
  • use
  • spends
  • takes

He applied for a temporary job to finance his education and was ______ the position for his rich experience in teaching

  • granted
  • supplied
  • presented
  • qualified

He was ______ admission of the restaurant for not wearing a tie.

  • granted
  • appealed
  • acquired
  • denied

The importance of fitness should not be ______ because it is not developed in a day.

  • withdrawn
  • stressed
  • relaxed
  • overlooked

Vocabulary and Structure 2

I must congratulate you ______ your design for the new building.

  • with
  • on
  • for
  • to

As to how to improve one’s language skills, it is important that you ______ it every day.

  • speak
  • imitate
  • illustrate
  • express

What he ______ was that you didn’t tell the truth.

  • implied
  • restricted
  • communicated
  • demanded

Could you ______ reasons and examples for your answer?

  • specify
  • quantify
  • qualify
  • satisfy

The driver was caught ______ the speed limit on the road and got a speeding ticket.

  • surpassing
  • exceeding
  • passing
  • remaining

I am ______ to hear that my son doesn’t work well.

  • annoyed
  • anxious
  • expected
  • relieved

Unexpectedly the light ______ and we were left in darkness.

  • went out
  • put out
  • turned out
  • burn out

Students are ______ to stay out after midnight.

  • limited
  • forbidden
  • permitted
  • prevented

For a moment he did not know how to _____.

  • reply
  • comment
  • behave
  • answer

Lincoln’s success ______ a popular American belief that every child can dream of becoming president.

  • fixes
  • arouses
  • raises
  • fits

We will Update These Answers Soon.

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