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Do you want to read and write better in English? Are you looking for English speaking writing and reading course?

Welcome to our course. The course consists of 6 units with different topics: education, manners, personal communication, the purpose of living, cultural studies, and life science. From this course, you will have a good knowledge of intermediate English reading and writing skills. We invite you to learn with our teachers and friends from different countries in the videos. Are you ready? Let’s go!

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Just Reading and Writing English 2 Quiz Answers

Week 01: Just Reading and Writing English 2 Coursera Quiz Answers

Test 1-2

Patrick woke early, meaning to _______ all day writing.

  • pay
  • cost
  • spend

New problems will ______ as we work on the old ones.

  • raise
  • arise
  • rise

The government has two options, to ______ spending or to increase taxes.

  • shrank
  • deflate
  • reduce

In considering men for jobs in this firm, _______ is given to those with some experience.

  • preference
  • alternative
  • option

Freshmen can apply for a _______ of 5000 dollars for living expenses.

  • scholarship
  • budget
  • tuition

This company has made a _______ to the Red Cross.

  • investments
  • stock
  • donation

Test 1-5

The author compares books to good friends of human beings.

  • True
  • False

Neither books nor friends will leave a person when he is in trouble.

  • True
  • False

It often happens that two persons become friends because they love the same book.

  • True
  • False

By mentioning two proverbs, the author wants to say that both books and dogs are faithful friends of human beings.

  • True
  • False

Good books contain wise words and golden thoughts.

  • True
  • False

Books with great thoughts can last forever, which isn’t the case with temples and statues.



The passage suggests that while reading a book we should play roles together with the author in order to understand better the essence of the book.

  • True
  • False

We can’t share the feeling of a writer because the time during which he lived may be quite different from ours.

  • True
  • False

Test 1-7

Comparative literature is equal to comparing passages. This statement is ( ).

  • True
  • False
  • Not mentioned

Comparative literature actually means ( ).

  • communications of different nations through the means of literature.
  • comparing of literatures only between two national passages.
  • comparison of literatures only between two national countries.

If you want to engage in comparative studies of literature, you have to ( ).

  • gain a wide range of knowledge
  • read philosophies only
  • read literatures only

Scholars of comparative literature usually do something from the very primary ( ).

  • serial comparison
  • linear study
  • parallel comparison.

Presently there are only two majors there in the department of foreign languages and literatures, one is ( ), the other is ( ).

  • German; English
  • Japanese; German
  • Japanese; English

Test 1-9

As there are abundant resources on the internet or in the library where should Songjian begin?

  • Try and assess his level.
  • Try the most difficult ones.
  • Try the easiest ones.

According to Lucky, how to make good use of magazines?

  • Read it word by word.
  • Recite the whole magazine
  • Find the ones that are really relevant to your interests.

Which magazine in the following is not mentioned in this dialogue?

  • Daily English
  • Entertainment Weekly
  • The Economist

Which newspaper in the following is not mentioned in this dialogue?

  • VOA
  • The Associated Press
  • The Guardian

Wikipedia is ( ).

  • a newspaper
  • a magazine
  • an online encyclopedia.

Which website in the following is not Lucky’s favorite websites?

  • Cracked.com
  • BBC
  • TV Tropes

Week 02: Just Reading and Writing English 2 Coursera Quiz Answers

Test 2-2

A good way of correct children’s behavior is to set a good example for them.

  • True
  • False

A child might become defensive whenever the correction sounds like an order.

  • True
  • False

Sitting down together with children gives parents a chance to share their joys and troubles with the children.

  • True
  • False

Rituals can be developed slowly over the years through shared experience and memory.

  • True
  • False

Good manners are rules which help to shape a child’s education and will become his or her second nature. In this way, they don’t have to be reminded over and over again.

  • True
  • False

Playing games together with children should be the time when parents can impart their values and morals by talking about rules.

  • True
  • False

Test 2-7

According to the dialogue, does Professor Chen agree with the old Chinese saying——the scholar is of no use?

  • Agree
  • Disagree
  • Not mentioned

From the conversation, the statement “Learning by reading and learning by practicing are independent form each other ” is True or False?

  • True
  • False
  • Not mentioned

According to Prof. Chen, the purpose of accumulating knowledge is to ( ).

  • gain wisdom to solve problems in daily life
  • make money in the future
  • gain respect from others

From Prof. Chen, as time changes, manners ( ).

  • should be combined within different countries
  • should remain the same.
  • should also change.

Test 2-9

Does Lucky think it is necessary for Bingcong to learn about the manners before she goes abroad?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Not given

The statement “Many things that are considered normal here in China could also be considered normal in America” is True or False?

  • True
  • False
  • Not mentioned

In most western cultures, talking while your mouth is full is considered ( ).

  • very polite.
  • very rude.
  • to be normal

In America, if you spit out the bones on the table in a restaurant, the waiter will ( ).

  • come by and clean everything up.
  • ask you to pay extra fees for it.
  • get very angry at you for eating very sloppily.

According to Lucky, if he goes to some of the discount markets in China, the salespeople are often ( ) they are in the US or in Britain.

  • much more aggressive than
  • less aggressive than
  • the same as

Generally in western classrooms, whenever the professor asks students a question, ( ).

  • it’s just a custom
  • he’ll expect them to answer
  • it’s always a rhetorical question

Test 2-10

Who is the author of Jane Eyre?

  • Charles Dickens
  • Charlotte Bronte
  • Anna Sewell

The author first published her works, including her best known novel, Jane Eyre, under the pen name ( ).

  • Currer Bell
  • Lewis Carroll
  • Mark Twain

Which character in the following does NOT belong to this novel?

  • Helen
  • Mrs. Reed
  • Mr. Thoroughgood

Helen, Jane’s best friend, died of ( ).

  • fever
  • cancer
  • leukemia

The statement“Jane Eyre is just a love story” is True or False?

  • True
  • False
  • Not mentioned

The main character Jane Eyre is a strong-willed, modest, independent and ( ) woman.

  • negative
  • positive
  • unfortunate

According to the dialogue, which one in the following is NOT right?

  • Jane Eyre is in the representation of revolting social bias and being independent.
  • Jane Eyre represents women’s pursuit of happiness.
  • Jane Eyre is in the representation of being submissive.

Week 03: Just Reading and Writing English 2 Coursera Quiz Answers

Test 3-2

Thanksgiving, ( ) on the fourth Thursday in November, is time for far-flung families to join around a common table.

  • held
  • holding

Grown children brave the busiest travel season of the year to return to their ancestral nest, where they eat too much, drink too much, and ( ) year-old arguments as though they had never left home.

  • pick up
  • are picked up

The traditional meal centers around a roast turkey ( ) with breadcrumbs and sage, supplemented by a generous assortment of candied yams.

  • stuffed
  • stuffs

The goal is to eat so much that nobody can ( ), and then watch football on television.

  • move
  • move on

On this day it is ( ) to bow one’s head and give for life’s many blessings.

  • traditionally
  • traditional

However, most celebrants are actually silently giving ( ) that they only see their families once a year.

  • thankful
  • thanks

Test 3-5

She becomes the family breadwinner so that her husband can go to school.

  • True
  • False

She loses time at her job to give more attention to the children when they are sick. If necessary, she will even pay for the care of children.

  • True
  • False

She takes up any career she wants and hires someone to clean the house, iron and mend clothes.

  • True
  • False

She shares with her husband the responsibility for cooking good meals and bringing up children.

  • True
  • False

She listens to her husband when he wants to talk about his problems and keeps quiet about her own problems and does not make complaints about her duties.

  • True
  • False

She entertains her husband’s friends home and sees to it that the children do not bother them.

  • True
  • False

She gives up her career when her husband gets a job and wants her to stay at home.

  • True
  • False

She allows her husband to leave in order to marry a younger woman if he wants to but she refuses to take the responsibility for raising the children alone.

  • True
  • false

Test 3-7

Which one in the following is NOT Prof. Xie’s suggestion for students when they get along with professors?

  • Negotiate for higher grades if they need.
  • Address the professors by their first names.
  • Always avoid plagiarism and meet the deadline.
  • Ask professors questions as many as possible and challenge them in the class.

According to Prof. Xie, how to talk with classmates or friends, and how to get involved and feel part of a team in the daily life or in a group discussion or at a party?

  • Be direct, assertive, punctual and considerate.
  • Avoid personal questions, controversial issues and falling into the stereotypes.
  • Be ready to contribute and do in Rome as the Romans do.
  • Above all.

From the dialogue, when traveling abroad, for example in the United States, we’d better not ( ).

  • search on the internet for necessary information.
  • book everything in advance.
  • ignore the trivial things.
  • ask for help in difficult situations.

Which one in the following is NOT Prof. Xie’s suggestion for Chinese students if they want to be outstanding in their foreign studies?

  • Analysis and synthesis
  • Never be suspicious
  • Take the initiatives
  • Stay curious

Test 3-9

Which one in the following is not included in the basic things mentioned by Lucky in the conversation?

  • how old are you
  • where are you from
  • who you are

Why it can be a bit tricky sometimes to ask the foreigners what they are interested?

  • Things can be different from culture to culture
  • The difficulty in language
  • The difficulty in communication

According to Lucky, what is the most important while making friends?

  • being generous
  • being polite
  • stepping outside a little out of the comfort zone every now and then

Does Lucky think that participating in the clubs and interest groups on campus is a good way to meet people who have common interests?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Not mentioned

From Lucky’s point of view, humor is ( ).

  • independent from country to country
  • very cultural
  • very social

Does Lucky agree with the statement that “to be humorous is kind of a process of learning as well”?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Not mentioned

In Chinese, there are a lot of jokes that rely on characters which have ( ).

  • the same sound or the same tone.
  • the same tone
  • the same sound Upgrade to submit

Test 3-10

Who is the author of Little Women?

  • Louisa May Alcott
  • Anna Sewell
  • Charlotte Bronte

The author is an American novelist and poet best known as the author of the novel ( ).

  • Jane Eyre
  • Little Women
  • Black Beauty

Which one in the following is not the sequel of this book?

  • Little girls
  • Little Men
  • Jo’s Boys

The novel follows the lives of four sisters— ( ) —detailing their life from childhood to womanhood.

  • Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy Smith
  • Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy May
  • Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy March

It is said that the author was deeply influenced by ( ) when she wrote this book.

  • Henry David Thoreau.
  • Nathaniel Hawthorne
  • Ralph Waldo Emerson

Among the four sisters, Jo, as the leader sister, loves ( ) for the pleasure and income it brings.

  • writing
  • dancing
  • singing

Among the four sisters, Amy, as the youngest sister, dreamed of becoming a ( ).

  • great writer
  • great musician
  • great artist

Week 04: Just Reading and Writing English 2 Coursera Quiz Answers

Test 4-2

My younger sister was ( ) by the sight of the horseman.

  • horribly
  • horrible
  • horrified

It was a ( ) day in that town when the orders came to close down the mine.

  • sorrowful
  • sorrowfully

Test 4-5

Jet planes usually fly very fast; ( ), they have made the world a much smaller place.

  • consequently
  • but

Travel in space can be very exciting; ( ), it can also be boring and lonely at times.

  • or
  • nevertheless

A foreign student who reads only 200 words a minute is reading at about half the speed of a native speaker of English; ( ) , he takes about twice as long to read the same assignment.

  • therefore
  • but

Jane had not realized how long the magazine was ( ) how difficult it was to read.

  • or
  • as long as

Certain materials whose resistivity is not high enough to classify them as good insulators, ( ) is still high compared with the resistivity of common metals, are known as semi-conductors.

  • or
  • but

Test 4-7

Which one in the following is Prof. Lv’s suggestion for students’ future career and design at Tsinghua?

  • carry on with studies
  • be a trainee in a company
  • find a job immediately

From Prof. Lv’s personal experience, if you want to have a better education, you’d better ( ) .

  • have a job for 3 years first
  • finish all the education at a time
  • go abroad

In the US, if you have certain years of working experience and return to university to do your graduate degrees, people would think that ( ).

  • you would appreciate the opportunities more
  • you would learn to be more responsible
  • you know what exactly you want
  • all above

From Prof. Lv’s personal experience, especially for women, for girls, it would be better if they could finish their graduate studies ( ).

  • before they get married
  • before they have baby
  • before they go abroad

Which one in the following is the best to conclude Prof. Lv’s view on students’ thinking it unnecessary to learn English?

  • Use it as a personal interest.
  • It helps a lot when going on a travel.
  • Various information helps you to develop your personality, to form your opinion and your attitudes
  • All above.

Test 4-9

According to Lucky, what does “lifelong learning” mean?

  • It means that you do the same thing you would do for preparing for like TOEFL.
  • It means that you attempt to learn things for pretty much everything you do.
  • It means that you sit down with a vocabulary list and try to memorize a bunch of words.
    • Which country in the following is NOT mentioned by Lucky when he talks about speaking English?
  • America
  • England
  • Africa

From Bingcong’s view, what can language convey?

  • pronunciation
  • the culture of people who use it
  • grammar

From the dialogue, we know that no matter what you are learning, studying is a good way to ( ).

  • make your brain and body healthy
  • make you become wealthy
  • make you be happy

What did Lucky do when he was learning Chinese?

  • he signed up for language exchange website
  • he asked his personal tutor for help
  • he watch the Chinese TV series everyday

Test 4-10

Who is the author of Gulliver’s Travels?

  • Jonathan Swift
  • Charlotte Bronte
  • Louisa May Alcott

The author is regarded by the Encyclopedia Britannica as ( ).

  • the father of British literature
  • the foremost prose satirist in the English language
  • the greatest satirist

Gulliver’s Travels is ( ) .

  • a satire on human nature.
  • a parody of the “travelers’ tales” literary subgenre.
  • both the two above

Among the following works, which is not Swift’s work?

  • A Story of Books
  • A Tale of a Tub
  • A Modest Proposal

From the dialogue, we know that Swift’s best known full-length work is ( ).

  • The Battle of the Books
  • Gulliver’s Travels
  • Drapier’s Letters

In this novel, Gulliver travelled to ( ).

  • Lilliput, Brobdingnag, Laputa and Glubbdubdrib.
  • Lilliput, Brobdingnag, and Glubbdubdrib.
  • Lilliput, Brobdingnag, and Laputa

From the conversation, we know that Eve really appreciates the vivid description of ( ) in this novel.

  • the Yahoos
  • the Brobdingnagians
  • the Houyhnhnms

Week 05: Just Reading and Writing English 2 Coursera Quiz Answers

Test 5-2

What is the difference between Barbie and Fulla?

  • Fulla is a version of Barbie from the Islamic world.
  • Fulla is totally different from Barbie.
  • Fulla is younger than Barbie, and more popular.
  • Barbie is mysterious and popular, while Fulla is not so popular.

In this text, the sign by his Chinese friends refers to ( ).

  • one’s birthday
  • Traffic signals
  • Zodiac sign
  • cultural model of people

Why do people talk about one’s zodiac sign?

  • Some animals may bring prosperity to their families.
  • People do not want to ask private questions.
  • It may influence your future.
  • It is a more polite way for asking one’s age.

The difference between Western zodiac and the Chinese zodiac is that ( ).

  • the western signs are associated with animals
  • the western signs cannot indicate one’s age
  • the Chinese signs are related to one’s characters

Which of the following statements is true? In China, one’s zodiac sign may decide ( ).

  • whom to choose as one’s business partners
  • when one needs to get married
  • when one needs to travel
  • one’s success, misfortune, personality, or career prospects

Which of the following are the basis of Chinese theoretical framework?

  • yin and yang, the five elements, and the 12 zodiac animals.
  • Confucians and his beliefs.
  • the Chinese philosophy.
  • the ancient emperors in different dynasty.

Which of the following beliefs are typical in China?

  • Goat and tiger are often considered less powerful.
  • The right combination of animals can bring prosperity to their families.
  • Horse is a symbol for power, strength and wealth.
  • The match of their zodiac animals is the basis of business collaboration.

Test 5-3

In terms of intelligence, we often say a good artist is a(n) ______.

  • intelligent brain
  • well-educated person with many talents
  • scientist with an intelligent brain
  • well-informed person with a broad view

Intelligence tests are popular because ______ to check how much intelligence people possess at a certain time.

  • it is an interesting way
  • that makes us puzzled
  • that’s the best way
  • that will give more complex information

Which of the following statements is true, according to the discussion?

  • The useless knowledge is not important, for it does not help reasoning.
  • A person’s IQ score is closely related to his culture.
  • A person with low IQ score may be actually clever.
  • IQ test may test only the useless knowledge

We estimate one’s intelligence by checking how much a person ______.

has learned in the past

is engaged in the activity

is told the best way of doing the task

is going to learn in the future

According to Abbas, besides high IQ, ______ skill is also the secret of achieving great career success.

  • curiosity
  • reasoning
  • problem-solving
  • personal

Abbas is currently working on an interpretive aid which is used in ______.

  • psychology evaluation
  • emotional changes among women
  • calculation of human errors
  • probability evaluation

Test 5-6

Which one in the following is not the suggestion on writing academic paper?

  • Try to find specific vocabulary of your own field that you are researching on
  • Avoid words that you would use with your friends and your family
  • Avoid formal vocabulary
  • Avoid colloquial vocabulary

Which one in the following is not the advice given by Alex on how to use specific academic vocabulary?

  • Use online dictionaries and paper dictionaries.
  • Use academic papers that have been published, peer reviewed from Google, Bing or Baidu after double checking the sources.
  • Use search engines about the most trusted source.
  • Use corpus of academic papers.

Which one is not mentioned by Alex on how to use specific grammar for the academic papers?

  • Avoid being colloquial.
  • Avoid strong and universal statements.
  • Avoid being professional.
  • Avoid abbreviations.

According to Alex, as long as you continue reading academic papers, you will get familiar with ______ and ______.

  • introductory short essay; grammar
  • key vocabulary; grammar
  • conversational language; grammar
  • absolute statements; religious beliefs

Test 5-8

In this part, Ms. Yang invited four of her students, ______ to talk about ______.

  • Jiehan, Alex, Abbas and Huanrui; how to communicate with people verbally and non-verbally
  • Jiehan, Alex, Abbas and Billy; how to communicate with people verbally and non-verbally
  • Jiehan, Alex, Abbas and Billy; how to communicate with people verbally
  • Jiehan, Alex, Abbas and Huanrui; how to communicate with people non-verbally

As for Abbas, what does he think is the most important thing to know when go abroad?

  • local language.
  • official language
  • table manners
  • local customs

For Alex, when he’s talking to any Chinese person that doesn’t know English, he has to ______.

  • buy some translation tools
  • transmit to that person some emotion
  • learn Chinese immediately
  • ask other Chinese people for help

In _____, nodding your head up and down means “yes”, while in some parts in ______, this motion can mean “no.” But in ______, nodding your head is a polite way to say “I heard you.”

  • the United States; Greece and Turkey; southeast Asia and China
  • the United States; southeast Asia and China; Greece and Turkey;
  • Greece and Turkey; the United States; southeast Asia and China
  • Greece and Turkey; southeast Asia and China; the United States;

Week 06: Just Reading and Writing English 2 Coursera Quiz Answers

Test 6-2

Boys and girls are different in developmental process. Which of the following statement is true?

  • The physical development of girls is faster than that of boys.
  • The brain development of girls is faster than that of boys.
  • The mental development of boys is faster than that of girls.
  • The psychological development of boys is faster than that of girls.

Researchers used technologies such as MRI to study _____ and _____ of human brain for boys and girls at different stages.

  • the structure; size
  • the structure; function
  • the composition; role
  • the chemistry; volume

People with different educational experiences may develop different ______.

  • characteristics
  • personalities and abilities
  • language proficiency
  • friendship

Many producers usually want to produce and design TV series to cater for different audience. What does “cater for” mean here? ______.

  • pursue
  • provide food and drink for an occasion such as a wedding or a party
  • provide all the things people need or want for free

Test 6-3

Which of the following is not mentioned in this dialogue? The differences in adolescence and adult are the differences in ______.

  • my attitudes towards my parents
  • thoughts, ways of doing things
  • ways of doing things, attitudes towards her parents
  • my attitudes towards my teachers

When we are ______, we might begin to disagree with a lot of people, including our parents.

  • kids
  • teenagers
  • adults
  • seniors

When I was a teenager, I will NOT pay attention to ______.

  • fashionable dress
  • my appearance
  • my attitude towards others
  • fancy hairstyles

Why do her parents think she is very immature?

  • Those who are keen on fashion and appearance will not study well.
  • Her parents are ignorant about fashion.
  • Her parents think her future may be ruined if she is superficial.
  • They want her to pay more attention to her study.

The phrase “think twice before they take actions” most likely means ______.

  • think long and hard
  • think aloud
  • think big
  • think too much

When adolescents complain that “parents just don’t understand”, they are, in comparison, not as _____ and ____ as adults.

  • mature; rational
  • considerate; mature
  • reasonable; energetic
  • creative; mature

Test 6-6

In this part, Alex discusses with Ruoqi on _____ and _____.

  • plagiarism; how to avoid it by quoting
  • plagiarism; how to avoid it by paraphrasing and summarizing
  • paraphrasing; how to do it by summarizing
  • summarizing; how to do it by paraphrasing

According to Alex, plagiarism is taking someone else’s _____ as your own in your academic paper.

  • words, ideas, data, conclusion
  • words, ideas, methodology, research
  • words, ideas, data, references
  • words, ideas, data, research

Which one in the following is NOT mentioned by Alex to avoid plagiarism?

  • List the sources.
  • Show in papers that we are borrowing that idea.
  • Never borrow ideas from others.
  • Keep track of everything borrowed from another author.

From Alex, we know that _____ can help to keep track of the reference?

  • some classmates
  • some websites
  • some professors
  • some software

To avoid plagiarism through paraphrasing and summarizing, which of the following statements is NOT right?

  • When you summarize some author’s idea, you do not want to write the whole paragraph for a whole paper of some other authors’ words.
  • A good summary cannot be more than one third of the original work.
  • Focus on the key points of the ideas when summarizing
  • Write exactly what the other author wrote.

Test 6-8

In this part, Ms. Yang and her students talk about the big news about _____.

  • spindle nuclear transfer
  • in vitro fertilization
  • the world’s first baby born from the DNA of 3 parents
  • test-tube baby

The baby carrying the DNA of three parents is an experimental specimen, aiming at ______.

  • innovating in the field of life science
  • eliminating genetic diseases in newborns
  • having more babies
  • having babies with genetic modification

According to Alex, a “test-tube baby” refers to ______.

  • in-vitro degradation
  • in vitro fertilization
  • in-vivo fertilization
  • in-vivo degradation

From Huanrui, we know that _____ has the highest success rate of test-tube baby, about _____.

  • China; 40%-70%
  • China; 30%-40%
  • the United States; 70%-80%
  • the United Kingdom; 30%-80%

According to Jiehan, Robert Edwards was awarded 2010’s Nobel Prize in Physiology for the development of ______.

  • in vitro fertilization
  • in vivo fertilization
  • the structure of DNA
  • the gene therapy

From Alex, we know that the baby born with the DNA of three parents is involves in a procedure called _____.

  • spindle nuclear transfer
  • energy degradation
  • spindle nuclear degradation
  • energy transfer

Genetically, the baby forming the DNA of 3 parents means that the baby has _____ mothers and _____father.

  • zero; three
  • two; one
  • three; zero
  • one; two

Week 07: Just Reading and Writing English 2 Coursera Quiz Answers

测验 Vocabulary and Structure 1

Please do not ______ to call me if you have any question.

  • pause
  •  mind
  • reserve
  • hesitate

She tried to ______ her fears to her mother.

  • communicate
  • quote
  • understand
  • give

He ______ his wife as a beauty, though others found her plain.

  • regarded
  • reckoned
  • considered
  • counted

The story she has just told ______ me of an experience I had several years ago.

  • reflects
  • reminds
  • refers


We must ______ that the experiment is controlled as rigidly as possible.

  • secure
  • insure
  • ensure
  • assure

He was not as active as I had ______ him to be.

  • expected
  • inspected
  • recognized
  • objected

Only the Chinese have successfully ______ giant pandas and raised so many of their babies.

  • bought
  • expanded
  • reared
  • adapted

After two weeks without rain, the crop quickly ______ the little rain that fell last night.

  • grasped
  • absorbed
  • flooded
  • dropped

No doctor could cure the baby ______ her heart disease.

  • of
  • about
  • with
  • from

When he heard the sad news, he ______ completely.

  • broke down
  • broke up
  • broke out
  • broke away

测验 Vocabulary and Structure 2

The project has to be stopped if problems keep ______ like this.

  • rising
  • arising
  • arriving
  • raising

It is not always easy to ______ how the elections will turn out.

  • account
  • tell
  • predict
  • remark

To keep society in good order, it is necessary that everybody ______ the laws.

  • concede
  • admit
  • obey
  • accept

They were planning to provide a free medical care scheme that would ______ both the rich and the poor.

  • contribute
  • affect
  • benefit
  • recover

I remember seeing him at a party, but I can’t ______ exactly where it was.

  • recall
  • know
  • restore
  • recognize

The wall was built to ______ the road from being washed away by the sea.

  • guard
  • promise
  • defend
  • barrier

Employees with strong growth are happy only when the tasks to be performed are clearly ______.





The new bridge will ______ the island to the mainland.

  • join
  • unite
  • combine
  • link

Modern means of communication may keep us well ______ of things going on in the world.

  • informed
  • related
  • reported
  • learned

Although they are identical twins their parents can easily ______ between them.

  • differ
  • identify
  • distinguish
  • select

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