LinkedIn Microsoft Power BI Skill Assessment Answers 2021 (💯Correct)

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Here, you will find Microsoft Power BI Quiz Answers in Bold Color which are given below. These answers are updated recently and are 100% correct✅ answers of LinkedIn Microsoft Power BI Skill Assessment.

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LinkedIn Microsoft Power BI Assessment Answers

Q1. A dataset that includes _ can be used to create a map visualization. (Select all that apply.)A. house numbers, street namesB. geospatial dataC. city names, country namesD. longitude, latitude

  •  A, B, C, D
  •  A, C, D
  •  B, C, D
  •  D

Q2. How do you create a chart visual in the Power BI Desktop Report view? (Select all that apply.)
A. Click New Visual on the Home tab.B. Select a chart visual in the Visualizations pane.C. Click New Visual on the Data Tools tab.D. Select a field that contains values.

  •  A, B, or D
  •  B or D
  •  B orC
  •  A or B

Q3. What daily sales number does this DAX measure formula calculate?

  •  running total sales in each month that starts over each month
  •  total sales for the entire month
  •  running total in entire year for the entire month
  •  rolling average over 12 months of sales

Q4. You are creating a report in Power BI Desktop and want to restrict the data to records where Country=”Canada”. To accomplish this, what do you need to create?

  •  a directive
  •  a custom column
  •  an indexed column
  •  a parameter

Q5. What is the primary benefit of using visualizations such as line charts, bar charts, and column charts?

  •  They are easier to create than other visualizations.
  •  They require fewer resources than more complex visualizations.
  •  They are also used in Excel, so they feel familiar to users.
  •  They are free to use.

Q6. In Power BI service, deleted pages are available after deletion until

  •  midnight of the day on which they are deleted
  •  the next billing cycle
  •  you empty the Recycle Bin
  •  the report has been saved

Q7. You need to add a required color to a bar chart. How can you add an exact color value to an existing bar chart?

  •  Click the color in the visual (e.g., the bars) and right-click to select the color.
  •  You cannot select custom colors in a bar chart or related visual.
  •  Select the value closest to this color from the color formatting options.
  •  Enter the hex value into the color formatting options.

Q8. The Excel function IF is nearly the same as which DAX function?

  •  IF
  •  IFX
  •  IFS

Q9. Consider the Power BI extract, transform, and load process (ETL). During this process, data is read and then

  •  stored in S#### QL Server
  •  written to an OLAP cube
  •  assigned a data type
  •  sorted by primary key

Q10. Power BI’s Publish to Web option allows you to embed visualizations within _____. (Select all that apply.)
A. blog postsB. email messagesC. web sitesD. text messages

  •  A,C
  •  C
  •  A, B, C
  •  A, B, C, D

Q11. What can you do within the Power BI Desktop #### Query Settings pane? (Select all that apply.)
A. Rename a query step.B. Delete a query step.C. Delete from one query step to the end.D. Reorder the steps.

  •  B, C, D
  •  A, B, C, D 
  •  A, B, D
  •  A, B, C

Q12. After you enter text in the #### Q&A box or O&A visual, Power BI will \_ your data to create a list of appropriate visualizations.

  •  filter and group
  •  sort and filter
  •  sort, filter, and group
  •  sort and group

Q13. You just deleted a dashboard in the Power BI service and want to get it back. What should you do?

  •  Press Ctrl+Z. 
  •  Select Undo from the toolbar.
  •  You cannot undo the deletion of a dashboard.
  •  Recover it from the Recycle Bin.

Q14. You have a sales data source and want to relate the tables. The table that contains sales transactions is a _____ table that contains product information is a _ table .

  •  dimension; fact
  •  lookup; data
  •  data; lookup
  •  data; supporting

Q15. When you are creating a formula in the Power Query Editor, what does IntelliSense provide a list of? (Select all that apply.)A. columnsB. tablesC. functionsD. data sources

  •  B,C
  •  A, C, D
  •  C,D
  •  A, B, C

Q16. You want to delete a dataset but the Power BI service will not let you. What is the most likely cause?

  •  A tile on your dashboard contains data from that dataset.
  •  The dataset is already being used in a published app.
  •  A report contains data from that dataset.
  •  The dataset is in your workspace.

Q17. One of your data columns includes the city, state, and postal code line of a mailing address. You need to separate the fields so you can access the geospatial elements for a map visualization. What transformation should you apply?

  •  Replace values
  •  Split column
  •  Modify data type
  •  Best fit geospatial

Q18. Formatting options within a visualization depend on what?

  •  the visualization you are formatting 
  •  the editor you use
  •  the visualization group
  •  your permissions

Q19. What tool can you use in Power BI Desktop to reduce data?

  •  report editor
  •  Power Query Editor
  •  dashboard
  •  data modeler

Q20. What is NOT a valid data connection type for Power BI Desktop?

  •  Azure data
  •  file data
  •  relationships data
  •  database data

Q21. Which data type can be uploaded directly to

  •  Excel files
  •  comma-separated value (CSV) files
  •  Power BI Desktop files
  •  all of these answers

Q22. What does Power BI Premium provide?

  •  Power BI Report Server
  •  report sharing without a per-user licens
  •  all of these answers
  •  dedicated capacity for your company

Q23. You have a report in Power BI service and want to save the state of a report page for easy access. What feature helps you do this?

  •  views
  •  filters
  •  bookmarks
  •  slicers

Q25. What should you do to increase the readability of a report?

  •  all of these answers
  •  Remove unnecessary field labels.
  •  Select the most appropriate visualization.
  •  Use borders.

Q28. What does My Workspace on include?

  •  Visualizations and a fields list
  •  Toolbars and preferences
  •  Workbooks and visualizations
  •  Dashboards and reports

Q30. You have a treemap visualization that groups by sales territory. To allow users to further analyze data for a specific territory, what filter should you apply?

  •  Visual level
  •  Page level
  •  Drillthrough
  •  Expand down

Q31. Facebook, Twilio, GitHub, and MailChimp are all examples of Power BI _____.

  •  online services
  •  Wiki data sources
  •  database data sources
  •  File data sources

Q32. When you use Publish to Web in the Power BI service, who can view your published content?

  •  everyone in your environment
  •  anyone on the internet
  •  everyone in your organization
  •  only you

Q33. The iterator functions SUMX and AVERAGEX are used to perform calculations _____.

  •  for Power BI mobile apps
  •  in Power BI service rather than Power BI desktop
  •  in the context of a record
  •  for very large datasets

Q34. In Power BI Desktop Model view, what type of join will yield all results from Table 1 and any matching results from Table 2?

  •  Right Outer Join
  •  Left Outer Join
  •  Left Inner Join
  •  Right Inner Join

Q35. What is NOT a built-in Power BI visual?

  •  Power KPI
  •  funnel chart
  •  waterfall chart
  •  ArcGIS map

Q36. You want to combine several CSV files into a single data file after you connect a folder. What must be true about these CSV data files? (Select all that apply.)
A. They must be stored in the same folder. B. They must have the same schema. C. They must have the same file type. D. They must have no duplicate data rows.

  •  B, C
  •  A, B, C
  •  A, B, D
  •  B, C, D

Q37. If you delete a dateset in the Power BI service, what happens to the dashboards and reports supported by the dataset?

  •  They will be stored as static dashboards and reports.
  •  They will be deleted.
  •  They will be converted to image files.
  •  Nothing—they will be unchanged.

Q38. Which DAX function compares a column of values in Table A with a similar column in Table B, and returns the values the are not found in Table B?


Q39. Your data model includes two related tables, Customers and Orders. To determine the number of customers that have placed orders, create a measure on the _____ table using the _____ function.

  •  Customers; COUNT
  •  Orders; COUNT
  •  Customers; DISTINCTCOUNT

Q40. Power BI works best with tables that are _____,

  •  short and wide
  •  long and skinny
  •  short and skinny
  •  long and wide

Q41. You have two columns of numerical data and want to create a visual to help determine if there is a relationship between them. What kind of chart is designed to do this?

  •  bar chart
  •  bubble chart
  •  line chart
  •  scatter chart

Q42. In the report editor, which task can you NOT accomplish using drag and drop?

  •  Add more information to a visualization.
  •  All of these tasks can be done with drag and drop.
  •  Create a new visualization.
  •  Rearrange and resize visualizations.

Linkedin Microsoft Power BI Training, Quiz and Exam Answers Latest 2021 

Question: Apps for the Power Platform are available from where?Answer: AppSource

Question: How can a user create a refreshable data source?
 by storing their file in the cloud

Question: How can a user view their uploaded data immediately in Power BI?
 by clicking “View Dataset”

Question : You;ve loaded a sample dataset that includes reports and dashboards. If you later delete the sample dataset, Power BI will also _____.
 delete the reports and dashboards

Question : What is an additional step a user must take in order to bring in data directly from a file that was not created in Excel, a CSV file, or Power BI desktop?
 Get the data into Excel, a CSV or Power BI desktop model.

Question :Which of these methods can be used to create a new report that can be saved in Power BI?

  • A;.Copying and editing an existing report
  • B.  Downloading a Power BI report from SharePoint and re-uploading
  • C.  Using fields from a dataset to create visualizations
  • D.  Creating a visualization in Paint or Paint 3D and uploading to Power BI

Question : The data you selected for visualization includes geospatial data, so Power BI created a map. You wish to present your data in columns and rows. What should you do?
Answer: Select the visualization then click on the Table visualization

Question : What do geospatial visualizations require?
geospatial data (latitude, longitude)

Question: How can a user change the criteria by which values are sorted within a column (highest value -> lowest vs. lowest value -> highest)?
Click at the top of the column.

Question : How does a user create a dashboard?
Take visualizations from reports and pin them as tiles.

Question : Which statement about formatting visualizations is true?
 Different visualizations will have different formatting options available.

Question : You are creating a sales report. The first page includes some visualizations illustrating national sales. Why might you choose to add a second page to this report? 

  • A. You have more national sales visualizations than fit well on page
  • B. You need 10 visualizations, and only 6 are allowed per page
  • C. The report will include regional sales visualizations.
  • D. Reports are limited to one page. 

Question :You have just deleted Page 1 of your report. When is it permanently deleted?
when you save the report

Question: Which users have the ability to apply a filter to all pages of a report?
report creator/owner

Question: After you’re finished working with a visualization’s interaction settings, what is best practice?
 Turn off Editing Interactions.

Question : If a print a report from Power BI Service using Export, the print job will include _____.
: the current page

Question: One attribute of Power BI reports is that they are _____.
 printable and exportable by users

Question: How can a dashboard creator make a dashboard easier to view on a mobile phone?
Create a phone view for the dashboard.

Question: Why would you pin a live report page to a dashboard? (choose more than one)

  • A. to force users to access the dashboard through the report
  • allow users to cross-filter the visualizations as they would in the report
  • the visualizations will automatically update when the report updates
  • that filters added to the report are propagated to the dashboard

Question: Which choices are valid ways to create a dashboard?
A.Go to Dashboards and select Create
B.Create a dashboard from existing content
C.Select New Dashboard from a SharePoint list
D. Create a dashboard using visualizations from a report 

Question : When can a user create a mobile view?      
after they’ve pinned a tile to the dashboard

Question: When will a user see their default dashboard?
 immediately upon opening Power BI

Question: You use Add a Tile to add content that doesn’t come from Power BI. Using Add a Tile you can add text boxes, streaming content, and what else? (choose more than one)

  • A. Images from the web
  • B. Images from your computer
  • C.Video from YouTube
  • D.Web content for which you have a URL

Question: What is an easy way to have Power BI keep a user up to date on the status of critical values in their dashboards?
 Set alerts.

Question : If a user wishes to subscribe another user to a dashboard or report, what do they need?
editing permissions to that dashboard/report

Question: How can a user keep a visual generated as a result of a Power BI Q& session?
Pin it to their dashboard.

Question: What is the primary difference between creating a new workspace in Power BI vs a classic workspace?
 A new workspace does not automatically generate an Office 365 group.

Question: What are the four roles available in Power BI workspaces?
 viewers, contributors, members, admins

Question: In order to share within their organization, a user needs at least _____.
a Power BI Pro license

Question : Which option or options are available as a choice in the app workspace? 
OneDrive Business

Question : What must be included when publishing an app? (choose one or more)
D.Owner’s profile photo

Question : What is generated when you click “Publish”?
 a link that can be sent in email, and an HTML link that can be pasted into a blog or website

Question: Which is true regarding publishing to the web?
Some items, like Arc GIS visualizations, cannot be published

Question : How can a user find out who has access to a report or dashboard?
 Go to their workspace, click the Share button and choose Access.

Question: What can you NOT do from the Power BI mobile app?
Remove a tile from a dashboard.

Question: Use _____ to display your Power BI report in presentation mode with live filtering.
 Power BI app for Windows 10

Question : Which workspaces does a user have access to in the Power BI mobile app?
 all workspaces

Question : Power BI Mobile can be downloaded onto _____.
 mobile devices, smartphones, tablets

Question : What does the mobile app’s Quick Access tab display?
 Reports and dashboards

Question :If a user wishes to work with multiple data sources and connect them through relationships, which tool is best suited?
Power BI Desktop

Question : If a user wishes to create a dashboard, where tool must they use?
A.Power BI Desktop
B.Power BI Service
C.Power BI Mobile

Question: Why might a user wish to start their reports in Power BI Desktop vs Power BI Service?
 Reports started in Power BI Desktop are “portable” and can be worked on in Power BI Service.

Question : What does “Data View” show?
 all of the data in a dataset

Question: Reducing data with the Power Query Editor would not include which of these actions?
Hide rows with null values.

Question : As a general rule of thumb, data used in Power BI should be what? (choose more than one)

A.Longer rather than wider
B.Wider rather than longer
C.More columns than rows
D.More rows than columns

Microsoft Power BI Essential Training LinkedIn Learning Final Quiz Exam Answers 

Question 1: Your company is using Power BI to present information about service calls. At this point managers receive three service call reports created by different people using different datasets. You’ve been asked to create a consolidated overview. Which approach makes the most sense?

Answer: Create a dashboard using appropriate visualizations from all of the reports.

Question 2: How can a user resize a visualization?
Grab the visualization handle then drag until the desired size is reached.

Question 3:How much RAM is required by Microsoft to run Power BI?
 1 GB

Question 4:Which role would you assign to users in a workspace so they can copy reports, as well as view and interact with items such as dashboards and reports?

Question 5:When pinning a tile from dashboard B onto dashboard A, which theme is the default?
the theme from dashboard A

Question 6:What is true regarding visualizations and printing?
Not all visualization styles (including many custom visualizations) can be successfully printed/exported.

Question 7:What do all visualizations that are used to create reports with Power BI have in common?
They are based on the same data set. 

Question 8: If you unpivot data that is in a pivot table within the Power BI Desktop, what is shown?
the underlying rows of data

Question 9: How is a dashboard different from a report?
A dashboard is a single page and supports natural language queries; a report can be many pages and does not support natural language queries.

Question 10: What differentiates a CSV file from an Excel workbook?
 CSV files are strictly data, Excel workbooks can contain multiple worksheets and additional items like titles.

Question 11: If you no longer wish to have your embed codes available to the public and proceed to delete them, when will they be deleted?
 on the next scheduled update

Question 12: When you select a data source for your data, what will Power BI create?
a data set

Question 13: The dataset you’re using for a report comes from Excel. Which of these actions in Excel will improve the performance of Power BI Q& for users? 
A.Appropriate table names

B.User-friendly column names
C.Format dates as short dates
D.Sort and filter the data by key columns

Question 14: When users reset a report to its default, what happens to the report in Power BI?
 It will return to the report level filter or page level filters that the creator or owner applied when creating the report.

Question 15: What is true regarding data and Power BI Desktop vs. Power BI Service?
 A user can connect to more types of data using Power BI Desktop.

Question 16: Converting a table visualization to a slicer has what benefit?
It makes it easier to filter the report visualizations.

Question 17: Courtney wants to sign up for Power BI, but does not have an organizational email address. How should Courtney proceed with accessing Power BI?
Obtain and use a trial version of Office 365, which will have as its extension, and then proceed to sign up for Power BI.

Question 18: How can a user delete a visual from the gallery?

Answer: Select which visual they’d like to remove under the “Delete a Visual” dropdown.

Question 19: How can you scan a QR code using the scanner on your Power BI Mobile app?
 Align the code within the frame of the scanner display.

Question 20: QR code stands for what?
Quick Response Code

Question 21: The insights that Power BI gleans from a selected data set and presents to the user come in the form of _____.

Question 22: A free subscription to Power BI Pro lasts for how many days?

Question 23: How can a user remove a favorite item from their favorites list?
 Unmark it on the Favorites list.

Question 24: Reports in Power BI _____.
can include funnel charts, treemaps, geospatial maps, and a variety of different visualizations


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Is this Skill Assessment Test is free?

Yes Microsoft Power BI Assessment Quiz is totally free on LinkedIn for you. The only thing is needed i.e. your dedication towards learning.

When I will get Skill Badge?

Yes, if will Pass the Skill Assessment Test, then you will earn a skill badge that will reflect in your LinkedIn profile. For passing in LinkedIn Skill Assessment, you must score 70% or higher, then only you will get you skill badge.

How to participate in skill quiz assessment?

It’s good practice to update and tweak your LinkedIn profile every few months. After all, life is dynamic and (I hope) you’re always learning new skills. You will notice a button under the Skills & Endorsements tab within your LinkedIn Profile: ‘Take skill quiz.‘ Upon clicking, you will choose your desire skill test quiz and complete your assessment.

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