Positioning: What you need for a successful Marketing Strategy Coursera Quiz Answers 2022 [💯Correct Answer]

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About Positioning: What you need for a successful Marketing Strategy Course

Positioning is the most important part of any marketing plan, and you must get it right. No matter if you start with a clearly defined target group or a different value proposition, you will still need to end up with a clear segment or segments on which to build your marketing plan.

In this course, the second in our Marketing Strategy Specialization, IE professor Ignacio Gafo will walk you through the key steps of this important marketing process. He will start with the basics you’ll need and help you decide how to segment the market and market your product. The course then looks at the most important market trends you will see and gives you a set of skills that you can use right away.

There are interviews with people who work in the field and videos shot in public places where we ask people how they feel about this important idea. After taking this course, you’ll know exactly where to put your product and which market segment you’ll try to reach.


  • Market Segmentation
  • Marketing Process
  • Positioning (Marketing)
  • Value Proposition

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Positioning: What you need for a successful Marketing Strategy Quiz Answers

Week 1 Quiz Answers

Quiz 1: Marketing process and Positioning

Q1. When analyzing the market from the value perspective, which of the following ones,is the correct order?

  • Understand Value, Create Value, Capture Value and Deliver Value
  • Understand Value, Create Value, Deliver Value and Capture Value
  • Create Value, Understand Value, Deliver Value and Capture Value
  • Create Value, Understand Value, Capture Value and Deliver Value

Q2. When talking about Customers, which of the following ones is/are NOT included?

  • Purchasers
  • Final users
  • Potential customers
  • Internal customers
  • Dealers
  • Prescriptors or Influencers
  • People who don´t belong to our target

Q3. Which of the following ones is the right process when analyzing the market?

  • 5 C´s Analysis, Segmentation and Targeting, 4 P´s analysis, Value Proposition, and implement marketing plan
  • 5 C´s Analysis, Segmentation and Targeting, Value Proposition, 4 P´s analysis, and implement marketing plan
  • 5 C´s Analysis, 4 P´s analysis, Segmentation and Targeting, Value Proposition, 4 P´s analysis, and implement marketing plan

Q4. After we finish the 5 C´s analysis, the next step is to…

  • Define our positioning and strategy
  • Analyze the product, price, place and promotion
  • Stop here and evaluate if we can be competitive

Q5. When positioning, what is/are the right approche to start?

  • Create a product, have a solid value proposition, and then identify your target.
  • Identify your target, get to know their needs, then create a product and solid value proposition to satisty them.
  • None of the ones above.
  • Both of the ones above.

Quiz 2: Marketing process and Positioning

Q1. Which of the follow statements is/are false:

  • The Marketing process should always start with the market assessment.
  • The positioning is the core of the Marketing process for it defines the target group and what we are going to sell to that target group and is the basis upon which we build the marketing mix.
  • The Marketing process changes when comparing business to business and business to consumer.
  • Unless you have a clear positioning your Marketing plan will not work.

Q2. Which of the following is/are true?

  • The market assessment should cover what is happening in the category in the major countries.
  • The market assessment should cover what is happening in the category in the market where you are competing.
  • The market assessment needs to focus on those elements of the context that are relevant for the target group and market we are reaching out.
  • The market assessment should incorporate the customers, the company, the competitors, the collaborators and the context (political, environmental, social and technological factors).

Q3. Which of the following statements is/are true:

  • The positioning should always start with the differentiation.
  • If you are dealing with a start up, you do not need to start with a clearly defined target group.
  • The positioning can start with a clearly defined target group or with differentiation. Both work!
  • As per today, positioning is not really relevant for you cannot really differentiate yourself.

Q4. Why is positioning a must have for defining your marketing strategy?

  • Because it is defined by our Marketing Mix.
  • Because the marketing mix will follow up after the positioning has been defined. When doing so we will make sure that the marketing mix is consistent with that positioning.
  • Because it defines your target group and value proposition, which are going to be the basis of your marketing strategy and marketing plan.
  • Because it is connected to corporate strategy and every single company gets it right.

Q5. Please select the right answer: The success of Starbucks is…

  • Based on combining an outstanding value proposition for a mass undifferentiated market.
  • A combination of brand image and market segmentation, great coffee and speed.
  • Pure Branding and PR.
  • The result of a well defined marketing strategy leveraged on a relevant positioning.

Q6. Please select the right answer: Marketing has evolved significantly…

  • Therefore, they key lies in following up the latest market trends.
  • Therefore, the key lies in being selective, incorporating every new technology and creating an appealing brand.
  • However, the marketing principles remain the same. What has changed are the tools we have but basic concepts like positioning are still applicable.
  • However, only some of the marketing principles remain the same. This is the case of positioning.

Q7. Please choose the right answer/s: When we have our positioning properly defined…

  • Marketing is done and Sales will follow up with the execution.
  • We are not done. Next step will consist of defining a consistent marketing mix and work on its execution.
  • We are done: We have come up with a sustainable competitive advantage that will make the difference if properly executed.
  • We have to move ahead with the marketing mix implementation and track the market changes to check if it really works.

Positioning: What you need for a successful Marketing Strategy Week 2 Quiz Answers

Quiz 1: Segmentation and targeting

Q1. Which of the following criteria is commonly used by organizations to structure its sales department?

  • Behavioral segmentation
  • Geographic segmentation
  • Psychographic segmentation
  • Demographic segmentation

Q2. Which of the following criteria can be very precise in terms of providing a deep customer insight but can be hard to work with in real life?

  • Geographic segmentation
  • Behavioral segmentation
  • Psychographic segmentation
  • Demographic segmentation

Q3. Which of the following criteria explains what customers are really doing and can help us to predict future behaviors?

  • Behavioral segmentation
  • Geographic segmentation
  • Psychographic segmentation
  • Demographic segmentation

Q4. Which of the following is commonly used but usually needs to be combined with other criteria to optimize business results.

  • Behavioral segmentation
  • Geographic segmentation
  • Psychographic segmentation
  • Demographic segmentation

Q5. Please complete the following sentence: The best approach towards addressing a consumer market…

  • Is geographic segmentation
  • Is behavioral segmentation
  • Is demographic segmentation
  • Depends on your business objectives

Q6. Please complete the following sentence: Targeting is all about…

  • Selecting the segment you want to reach out, excluding the rest of the market segments
  • Selecting the segment or segments you want to reach out
  • Prioritizing some market segment or segments over others
  • Deciding on the customers to reach out with your sales promotions

Quiz 2: Segmentation and targeting 2

Q1. Please select the right answer/s: Mass Marketing…

  • Is not applicable any more.
  • Is only applicable to the luxury market.
  • Is usually applied when the market needs are homogeneous and relevant economies of scale could be attained.
  • Is about covering all market segments. The main objective is to stop competition from entering into the market.

Q2. Choose the right answer/s: Niche Marketing…

  • Takes place when you address a small market segment.
  • Is the opposite of Segment Marketing.
  • Is a similar concept that marketing of one to one.
  • Takes place when you address a market segment with a premium price.

Q3. Which ones of these statements is/are wrong?

  • Demographic segmentation is based on gender, age and location.
  • Behavioral segmentation considers how customers behave under different circumstances.
  • Psychographic segmentation consists of dividing the market based on personality, lifestyle and attitude.
  • Geographic segmentation divides the market based on location and gender.

Positioning: What you need for a successful Marketing Strategy Week 3 Quiz Answers

Quiz 1: Differentiation & positioning. Please fill out the following sentences:

Q1. Which of the following applies to differentiation levels:

  • Among competitors offering similar products.
  • Among the different products that different manufacturers are selling to different market segments.
  • Among the different products that the same manufacturer is selling to different market segments.
  • All of the ones above.
  • None of the ones above.

Q2. To be able to define properly the frame of reference, which of the following ones is/are NOT necessary to understand:

  • Our customer behavior
  • The strengths of the company
  • The consumer history
  • The weaknesses of the company
  • The context
  • None of the ones above
  • All of the ones above

Q3. Please complete the following sentece: The frame of reference is…

  • Subject to change and we may need to review again where we stand against competition.
  • Static, so we may not change it and from the start, get it right and know where we stand against competition.
  • Essential to be able to know what our target is.

Q4. Complete the sentence: Our points of difference are…

  • Those attributes that our customer wants and we share with our competition.
  • Those attibutes that our customer doesn´t want, our competitors don´t offer, and we do.
  • Those attributes that our customer wants, our competition offers and we don´t.
  • Those attibutes that our customer wants, our competitors don´t offer, and we do.

Quiz 2: Differentiation & value proposition

Q1. Choose the right one: When dealing with differentiation…

  • Emotional differentiation is more powerful than the functional one.
  • Functional differentiation is more powerful than the emotional one.
  • We need to consider what are the market preferences and the options available in the market.
  • We always need to combine functional and emotional attributes to stand out.

Q2. Please fill out the following sentences: The 3 circle model framework…(choose the best answer)

  • Only applies when we are launching a new product or service…
  • Is a proper reference to define what should be our basic characteristics to compete with and how to stand out over competition…
  • Is not valid when we are competing in a commoditized category…
  • Provides us with all we need to stand out over competition in a category…

Q3. Choose the right one: Successful differentiation…

  • Is about coming up with something relevant for our target group.
  • Is about coming up with something differential and relevant for our target group.
  • Is a combination of points of parity and points of proximity.
  • Is about coming up with something differential and relevant for our target group they are willing to pay for.

Q4. When we define our value proposition…

  • We always need to consider the frame of reference.
  • We have to specify the market where we compete, the customers we are targeting and what is unique about us.
  • We have to specify the market where we compete, the customers we are targeting and our competitive advantage.
  • What is relevant is what the customers perceive about us. Competition will only be considered if it is intense.

Q5. Choose the right one or ones: If we want to decide on the differentiation applicable to this Miele vacuum cleaner…

  • We need to focus on its technical superiority over competitors.
  • A good approach would be defining first of all what the target group is we want to go for prior to defining the differentiation in itself.
  • What worked in other countries will surely work in our market.
  • An alternative approach would be to start analyzing its points of difference and then look for a potential target group for it.

Q6. Choose the right one or ones: If we continue with the previous example of the Miele vacuum cleaner…

  • In the case we have decided to address young parent with small kids, a differential and relevant value proposition for that target group could be:
  • Value for money.
  • Effectiveness in terms of bagging a pretty high percentage of dirt and allergens.
  • Performance.
  • Value for money and performance.

Positioning: What you need for a successful Marketing Strategy Week 4 Quiz Answers

Quiz 1: Positioning

Q1. Which of the following statements is/are NOT positioning?

  • What we believe it is.
  • What the general market perceives.
  • What the target believes it is.
  • What the target group we aim for, thinks about us.
  • What our target group in different markets, thinks about us.
  • What we communicate in our advertising.
  • What the target group we are aiming at, is perceiving.

Q2. Once the company has defined the positioning of its products and brand, it needs to work on how to communicate effectively that positioning to the market through the…

  • Differentiation.
  • Targeting and segmentation.
  • Positioning statement.
  • Value proposition.

Q3. Defining our positioning consists in:

  • Defining who de we want to reach out and what are we going to offer to that target group.
  • Defining where we are going to contact our target group.
  • Defining our product to send it to the market and see their reaction.
  • Defining our competitors´strategy and come up with a better one.

Q4. After we have defined our target group, positioning and our differential value proposition; what´s next?

  • Defining our segmentation strategy.
  • Defining who do we want to reach out.
  • Defining our Marketing Mix.
  • Reconsider our branding

Q5. When we talk about the two possible competitive scenarios Blue Ocean and Red Ocean, we are referring to:

  • The Breakaway Positioning.
  • Elements to take into account when doing a positioning map.
  • Two important variations that should always be reflected in the Spider web.

Q6. Which of these statements is/are false?

  • A perceptual map will help us assess the market and identify untapped markets.
  • A perceptual map should reflect the main variables that the general market looks for.
  • A perceptual map is a tool that will help to understand where we stand and how evolve our positioning.
  • A perceptual map should always be based on market research.

Quiz 2: Positioning

Q1. Positioning… (choose the one or ones that is/are correct):

  • Will only work when we come up with a differential value proposition for a well-defined target group.
  • If it has worked in Italy, it will definitively work in Spain.
  • Must always be based on market research.
  • Is a must have. If you get it right, your Marketing Plan will work for sure!

Q2. The positioning statement of BMW would be… (choose the best response)

  • We provide the ultimate driving experience.
  • We provide the best in class cars for demanding drivers looking for a unique driving experience.
  • We provide a unique combination of brand image and performance to drivers between 25 and 60 years old, with mid high level income and high level of education.
  • We provide the best in class driving experience to drivers between 25 and 60 years old, with mid high level income and high level of education looking forward to new exciting experiences.

Q3. Which of these sentences is / are correct…

  • Digital Marketing has changed the rules of the game: The Marketing process and positioning should be based entirely on data analytics.
  • Data analytics provide marketers with an additional tool that can be incorporated in their marketing process and decisions on positioning.
  • Positioning is not attainable today due to the intense level of competition and trend towards commoditization.
  • If you are competing in a commoditized category, the positioning exercise will help you to get a deeper understanding of your target group and evaluate how you can stand out over competition.

Q4. Which of the following sentences is-are false:

  • The more features and functionality we provide to customers, the stronger our value proposition and positioning are going to be.
  • When researching on what the customers demand, we need to pay attention both to what they express but also what is unarticulated by them.
  • Red Ocean strategy is about looking for new untapped markets where we can find a pool of customers whose needs are unserved.
  • If we run some market research and find out a pool of customers (market segment) unsatisfied with the current offering and we can provide it to them, we must go for them.

Q5. If we take back the Miele vacuum cleaner example… which of the following statements is/are correct:

  • The positioning would be the result of matching the target group we have selected (parents with kids) with what is unique about our product (dirt and germ elimination).
  • The positioning statement will be: reduces dirt and germs by 99,99% (see image below).
  • When defining the positioning for the target group (young parents with kids), analyzing the emotions of the target group could make the difference.
  • The value proposition we have chosen for this segment (young parents with kids) will not work with other segments.

Q6. Match this sentence: What is the positioning approach?

  • Is to apply the basic marketing principles leveraging on whatever marketing tools are available. So no matter what is next (data analytics, new generations, etc) positioning will remain the basis of our marketing strategy.
  • There are different ways of attaining differentiation and there is not a “best” positioning approach in itself. Depending on what is relevant for our target group, one or another will the best positioning option.
  • None of the above.

Q7. Match this sentence: The key for marketers today…

  • Is to apply the basic marketing principles leveraging on whatever marketing tools are available. So no matter what is next (data analytics, new generations, etc) positioning will remain the basis of our marketing strategy.
  • There are different ways of attaining differentiation and there is not a “best” positioning approach in itself. Depending on what is relevant for our target group, one or another will the best positioning option.
  • None of the above.

Quiz 2: Match these sentences regarding Positioning

Q1. When we define the positioning and value proposition in B2B markets…

  • The positioning will be based entirely on functional specs of the product.
  • The process will be exactly the same than the followed one in business to consumers. We may play with different tools, but the process and result should be the same.
  • Positioning is the basis for the B2B marketing strategy.
  • We need to consider both the person making the decision and the people using our product and service.


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