Web Application Technologies and Django Coursera Quiz Answers 2022 | All Weeks Assessment Answers [💯Correct Answer]

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Here, you will find Web Application Technologies and Django Exam Answers in Bold Color which are given below.

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About Web Application Technologies and Django Course

You’ll learn about the fundamental components of a web application in this course, as well as how a web browser communicates with a web server. You’ll learn about the GET/POST/REDIRECT phases of the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) request/response cycle. Along with learning the fundamentals of HTML, you’ll also discover the general organisation of a Django application. We will investigate Django’s compatibility with the Model-View-Controller (MVC) pattern for web applications. You will learn how to make a Django application accessible over the Internet by using a service like PythonAnywhere.

The Django for Everyone specialization’s first course is being offered right now. It is advised that you finish the Python for Everybody specialisation or a learning programme of a similar nature before starting this series.


  • Explain the basics of HTTP and how the request-response cycle works
  • Install and deploy a simple Django application
  • Build simple web pages in HTML and style them using CSS
  • Explain the basic operations in SQL


  • Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
  • HTML
  • Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP)
  • SQL
  • Django (Web Framework)

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Web Application Technologies and Django Quiz Answers

Week 01 Quiz Answers

Q1. When a browser connects to a web server to retrieve a document, what default TCP/IP port is used?

  • 119
  • 25
  • 142
  • 80
  • 420

Q2. When a browser connects to a web server to retrieve a document, what command is sent to the server?

  • POST
  • GET
  • PUT
  • DELE

Q3. What does the second “T” of HTTP stand for?

  • Transpose
  • Transport
  • Transfer
  • movemenT

Q4. Which of the following is NOT part of a Uniform Resource Locator:

  • Host
  • Document
  • Protocol
  • Operating System

Q5. Which HTML tag typically generates a request to retrieve a document from the server when it is clicked?

  • h1
  • img
  • a
  • div
  • b
  • p

Q6. What standards organization publishes many of the documents that describe the protocols we use on the Internet?

  • 6-Sigma
  • IETF
  • Educause
  • RIA
  • IRR

Q7. Which of the HTTP headers does the browser look at to decide how to display the retrieved document?

  • Display-type
  • Content-length
  • Content-type
  • Location
  • ETAG
  • Format

Q8. In Python, what is the difference between an open file and a socket?

  • When you open a file, you get a read and write handle to allow simultaneous operations
  • A program writes to a socket, it can read its data back after closing the socket
  • A socket can be simultaneously read and written
  • A program can rewind a socket and start writing again at the beginning of the socket

Q9. What must happen before a client can open a socket?

  • The client must be on the same system as the server
  • A server must be running that is listening for socket connections
  • The server must allocate sufficient memory to handle any needed retransmissions
  • The client must be in the same folder as the server
  • The client must create a local file with the same name as the socket

Q10. What port is used for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP)?

  • 25
  • 420
  • 142
  • 119
  • 80

Q11. What port is used by default for Secure HTTP (https)?

  • 119
  • 25
  • 80
  • 443
  • 142

Q12. What is the topic of the Internet Engineering Task Force document RFC2616?

  • SMTP – Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
  • HTTP – HyperText Transfer Protocol
  • FTP – File Transfer Protocol
  • POP – Post Office Protocol
  • Message Data Types

Q13. What is the topic of the Internet Engineering Task Force document RFC42?

  • SMTP – Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
  • POP – Post Office Protocol
  • Message Data Types
  • FTP – File Transfer Protocol
  • HTTP – HyperText Transfer Protocol

Q14. Which of these Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) documents described the “Internet Control Message Protocol”?

  • RFC1224
  • RFC792
  • RFC5325
  • RFC815

Q15. What is the purpose of encode() in the socket1.py code:

  • To make sure that the web server properly recognizes the GET command
  • To break the data into packets for network transmission
  • To convert the data to UTF-8 before sending
  • To check if there is any data ready to send

Q16. What can’t you see in the Browser Developer Mode for most browsers?

  • The HTTP response code (like 200 or 404) for each request
  • The browser Document Object Model (DOM)
  • The request and response headers for retrieved documents
  • The code that runs in the server

Q17. In the sample server.py code, which function call actually waits for incoming socket connection requests?

  • decode()
  • bind()
  • listen()
  • recv()
  • socket()

Q18. In the sample server.py code, which function call will fail if another application is already using a port?

  • bind()
  • recv()
  • listen()
  • decode()
  • socket()

Q19. Which Python library makes it very easy to make HTTP requests from Python?

  • re
  • urllib
  • decode
  • json

Week 02 Quiz Answers

Django Tutorial 1 Quiz Answers

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Q1. These questions come from the Django project tutorial materials.

What is the name of the application we build in step 1 of “Writing your first Django app, part 1”?

1 point

  • cats
  • dogs
  • blog
  • polls
  • autos

Q2. What command do we run on PythonAnywhere instead of “python manage.py runserver”?

  • python manage.py check – and then reload the web application
  • python manage.py migrate – and then set the virtual environment
  • python manage.py paw_restart
  • python startapp polls

Q3. What command is used to add a new application to a Django project?

  • python manage.py create
  • python manage.py new
  • python manage.py build
  • python manage.py startapp

Q4. In the mysite/urls.py file, what is the basic idea of “include”?

  • To make it easy to plug-and-play URLs
  • To pull in commonly used HTML material
  • To properly install Django and all its dependencies
  • To apply a regular expression to the incoming path in the request object

Q5. What is the purpose of the admin site in a Django project?

  • It makes sure all of the software is always the latest version
  • It tracks user activity
  • It lets you add, change, and delete data items
  • It checks to see if your server is using too many resources

Week 03 Quiz Answers

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HTML Quiz Answers

Q1. What is true about the following HMTL?

 <a href="http://www.dr-chuck.com/page2.htm">Second Page</a> 
  • The reference is an absolute reference
  • The text “Second Page” is improperly placed and will not be seen
  • The HTML is improperly formed and there will be a syntax error
  • The reference is a relative reference

Q2. What do you put at the beginning of an HTML file to inform the browser which variant of HTML you will be using in this document?

  • <?xml version>
  • <body>
  • <meta type>
  • <xs:sequence>
  • <html>

Q3. What is the preferred tag in modern HTML to indicate that text is to be shown in bold format?

  • bold
  • strong
  • <xs:bold>
  • span
  • b

Q4. What is the preferred tag in modern HTML to indicate that text is to be shown in italics format?

  • i
  • em
  • span
  • <xs:italics>
  • italics

Q5. What organization is responsible for standards for HTML and the web?

  • CERN
  • HTMLco.com
  • NCSA
  • World Wide Web Consortium
  • Unesco

Q6. What is the HTML tag for an item in a bulletted list?

  • li
  • bullet
  • list:item
  • item
  • tag

Q7. Which is the correct ordering of opening tags in a well-formed html document?

  • h1 body title head html
  • body html h1 head title
  • html head title body h1
  • title head html body h1

Q8. What is the start of an HTML comment?

  • #
  • <!–
  • /*
  • ”’

Q9. What tag is used in a document’s <head> area to set the text shown in the tab of the browser or title bar?

  • meta
  • script
  • style
  • title

Q10. In HTML, what attribute is used to indicate text that will be shown if an image is not loaded or read to a user who is using a screen reader?

  • src
  • onclick
  • href
  • alt

Week 04 Quiz Answers

CSS Quiz answers

Q1. Which of the following is NOT a way to include CSS in an HTML page?

  • External Style Sheet
  • Directly on an HTML tag using the style= attribute
  • Using the <font> tag to enclose other tags
  • Using the <style> tag inline in the HTML document

Q2. Which HTML tag does nothing to the text it surrounds and has as its sole purpose to create a “handle” so as to be able to apply CSS to the text.

  • h1
  • embed
  • span
  • handle

Q3. Why is there more than one font listed in the following CSS rule?

 body { font-family: "Trebuchet MS", Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif; } 
  • They are listed in descending preference order if the fonts specified are not present in the browser
  • They are the preferred fonts for Windows, Mac, Linux, and “Other” systems
  • This is a syntax error, the rule should start with “font-name”
  • This is a syntax error, square braces [ ] should be used for the CSS rule

Q4. Which CSS selector controls how a link (anchor tag) looks while the user mouses over the link (i.e., while hovering)?

1 point

  • hover
  • :hover
  • a:hover

Q5. Which of these CSS rules make text appear in a bold face font?

  • font-expand: 10%
  • font-style: bold
  • font-weight: bold
  • strong: yes
  • font-bold: on

Q6. What CSS selector would style a tag that looks like this:

 < ... class="puppy"> 
  • puppy !important { …
  • %puppy { …
  • puppy { …
  • .puppy { …
  • _puppy { …

Q7. What CSS rule allows you include a tag in markup but hide it from view in the browser?

  • visibility: hidden;
  • status: off;
  • display: block;
  • right: 0;
  • font-size: -1px;

Q8. Which of the following CSS selectors is between the content area and the border? (CSS box model)

  • pixels
  • margin
  • perimeter
  • edge
  • padding

Q9. What tag is used to import a style sheet into an HTML document?

  • <link>
  • link
  • <link

Q10. Which of the following statements are true?

  • An “id” attribute should only be used once in an HTML file
  • A tag can only have a “class” attribute or an “id” attribute but not both
  • It is recommended to use an “id” attribute many times in an HTML file
  • A “class” attribute can only be used once in an HTML file
  • A “class” attribute can be used many times in an HTML file

Q11. For the following HTML, which description of the “style=” attribute is most accurate?

 <p style="color: red;">
  • It changes the color of the tab for this page in the browser to be red
  • It allows the application of the specified CSS rule to the content of the paragraph
  • It is an HTML syntax error and will be ignored
  • It changes the background color of the paragraph to red
  • It contains JavaScript to be executed when the user’s mouse hovers over the paragraph

Week 05 Quiz Answers

Basic SQL Answers

Q1. Structured Query Language (SQL) is used to (check all that apply)

  • Create a table
  • Delete data
  • Insert data
  • Run python

Q2. Which of these is the correct syntax to make a new database using command line?

  • CREATE people;
  • MAKE DATASET people;
  • MAKE people;

Q3. “INSERT INTO” is the keyword used to insert data into tables.

  • True
  • False

Q4. Which keyword is used to add conditions to your query?

  • IF

Q5. Which command is used to retrieve all records from the table Users?

  • SELECT all FROM Users
  • SELECT * FROM Users
  • RETRIEVE all FROM Users

Q6. Which keyword will cause the results of the query to be displayed in sorted order?

  • None of these

Q7. The LIMIT clause helps to narrow down the number of rows returned by the query.

1 point

  • True
  • False

Q8. Images, PDFs, and movies cannot be stored in a database.

  • True
  • False

Q9. A primary key can be set to null.

  • True
  • False


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