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WhatsApp Security Free Certification

The Internet is the modern backbone of all forms of online services, and offers a variety of features such as Social Media, Online Shopping, Digital Payments, e-Education, e-Health and the list goes on.

In the current epidemic where Homework is a reality for many and digital services are on the rise, so are cyber attacks. Cyber ​​Security is more important than ever in today’s Digital Life. It is no longer a matter of security professionals and webmasters taking care of it. Hackers and cyber hackers target not only companies and organizations, but individuals as well.

The more we connect, protecting our digital identity becomes a shared responsibility.

To pay attention to Cyber ​​Security and as a focus effort to stay safe and secure online, NCSAM is celebrated worldwide. It is a step towards putting more concerted efforts to ensure better cyber security and to put in place stronger security measures. It is the collective responsibility of government, organizations, workers, consumers and the general public to take security as a priority and #StayCyberSafe.

Awareness Questions

The purpose of this question is to spread awareness about Cyber ​​Security Best Practices for both citizens who have access to online services and must provide basic security hygiene, as well as security professionals working on this site to keep our services enjoyable, secure and secure.

Learn cyber security in a fun way and win rewards in each level.

Can I get a Printable Certificate?
Yes, you will receive a Linkedin Certificate of Learning after successful completion, of course. You can download the printed certificate or share completion certificates with others and add them to your LinkedIn profile.

Why should you choose online courses?
You should attend an online course to get certificates that can help you in your work.

For More understanding You can watch the Video,

What are the benefits of online learning?
The benefits of online learning are:

You can read this story carefully.
Online courses are cheaper than traditional classroom training.

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