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About 3D Printing Hardware Course

This course will provide an in-depth exploration of desktop 3D printing hardware. It will examine the history of desktop 3D printing and demonstrate how 3D printers are made and how they work.

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3D Printing Hardware Quiz Answers

Week 01: 3D Printing Hardware Coursera Quiz Answers

Quiz 01: Orientation Quiz

Q1. This course includes ___ modules.

  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6

Q2. I am required to purchase a textbook for this course.

  • True
  • False

Q3. Which of the following activities is NOT required in each module?

  • Watch the lecture videos.
  • Pass the practice quizzes.
  • Complete the module quizzes.
  • Complete the peer reviewed assignments.

Q4. The following tool(s) will help me use the discussion forums:

  • Upvoting posts
  • Reporting inappropriate posts
  • Following a thread
  • All of the other options are correct.

Q5. If I have a problem in the course I should:

  • Email the instructor
  • Call the instructor
  • Drop the class
  • Report it to the Learner Help Center (if the problem is technical) or to the Content Issues forum (if the problem is an error in the course materials).

Quiz 02: Practice Quiz 1.1

Q1. What kind of 3D printer uses a powder as a material to print with?

  • Fused Filament Fabrication
  • Fused Deposition Modeling
  • Digital Light Projection
  • Powder bed Fusion

Q2. This kind of 3D printer uses a liquid to create a 3D object

  • Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF)
  • Laminated Object Manufacturing (LOM)
  • Stereo Lithography (SLA)
  • Binder Jetting

Q3. Who started the RepRap movement?

  • Adrian Bowyer
  • Matt Griffin
  • Hideo Kodama
  • Scott Crump

Q4. This is the most popular type of desktop 3D printer today.

  • Fused Filament Fabrication
  • Selective Laser Sintering
  • Powder Bed Fusion

Q5. How long has 3D printing been around?

  • 5-9 years
  • 10-19 years
  • 20-29 years
  • 30+ years

Q6. 3D printer kits always have excellent directions to assemble.

  • True
  • False

Q7. FFF 3D printers use what material to print with?

  • Filament
  • Resin
  • Powder
  • Sheets

Quiz 03: Practice Quiz 1.2

Q1. What are the key components of an SLA printer?

  • Galvanometer
  • Hotend
  • Build Plate
  • B and C
  • A and C

Q2. What is the advantage of an SLA printer?

  • There is no advantage
  • Higher resolution
  • Prints need no post processing

Q3. What do you often trade off when considering budget printers?

  • Customer support
  • Low investment up front
  • Advanced features

Q4. Which of these is not a common class of 3D printer?

  • Budget
  • Tinker
  • Workhorse
  • Precision

Q5. Where might you find options to 3D print without owning a 3D printer?

  • Makerspace
  • Library
  • Local enthusiast group
  • All of the above

Quiz 03:Module 1

Q1. Operator A says that 3D printers can print anything, Operator B says they can only print in specific materials. Which one is correct?

  • Operator A
  • Operator B
  • Both Operator A and B
  • Neither

Q2. When considering a kit printer vs a pre-built machine, what considerations should you make in this choice that are critical in the comparison?

  • How much time it takes to build the kit
  • What kind of motion system they use
  • Shipping Costs
  • What filament size the machine uses

Q3. According to the lectures, which of these is a critical point to consider when looking to purchase a machine for professional/institution use?

  • Is it the best price
  • Will the machine be fast enough for my needs
  • Will the company be around to provide support in the future
  • Type of motion system

Q4. Person A says that the RepRap movement is largely the reason we have desktop 3D printers today, Person B says, desktop 3D printers were developed by large companies to enter new markets.

  • Person A
  • Person B
  • Both Person A and B
  • Neither

Q5. Operator A says budget 3D printers are the best option for cost, Operator B says Budget 3D printers have limitations and often don’t offer any typeof troubleshooting or support.

  • Operator A
  • Operator B
  • Both Operator A and B
  • Neither

Q6. Select the components of a 3D printer that allow it to create a part.

  • Build Platform
  • Tool Head
  • Spindle
  • Vice

Q7. Operator A says, building a kit 3D printer is an excellent choice because when you build it you learn the ins and outs of the machine and it can be easier to work with, Operator B says professional desktop machines are an excellent choice because they provide documentation and support to troubleshoot issues with.

  • Operator A
  • Operator B
  • Both Operator A and B
  • Neither

Q8. What is a reason why 3D printing has not become ubiquitous in the world today?

  • Not enough 3D printable files available
  • Mass market didn’t all have the needs
  • Media hype slowed and people lost interest
  • Printers do not work well

Q9. What opportunities do service bureaus offer that most 3D printing users not have the ability to do

  • Exotic Materials
  • Large build volumes
  • Lower cost
  • A and B
  • B and C
  • A and C

Q10. Which of these terms are synonymous with one another?

  • Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) and Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF)
  • Stereolithography (SLA) and Digital Light Projection (DLP)
  • Laminate Object Manufacturing (LOM) and Binder Jetting

Week 02: 3D Printing Hardware Coursera Quiz Answers

Quiz 02: Practice Quiz 2.1

Q1. Which of the following is not one of the subsystems discussed in this module?

  • Motion Mechanical
  • Extrusion
  • Control
  • Filament

Q2. The interactive interface is used to do what type of actions?

  • Slice the file for printing
  • Select processes on the printer
  • Control the stepper motors
  • Design parts

Q3. Desktop 3D printers are as simple to operate as a standard color paper printer

  • True
  • False

Quiz 02: Practice Quiz 2.2

Q1. What are some of the importance areas to familiarize yourself with in your interactive interface?

  • How to cancel a print
  • How to start a print
  • How to calibrate the printer
  • All of the above

Q2. What are some of the more modern 3D printers using for displays?

  • Tethered computer
  • Digital screen and on panel buttons/dials
  • Touchscreen
  • VR/AR control

Q3. What is firmware?

  • The microcontroller that runs the machine
  • The software that lives in the microcontroller that controls the system
  • The interactive interface menu system
  • The files that you send to the printer via USB or SD car

Quiz 02: Practice Quiz 2.

Q1. What is the standard coordinate system used in 3D printing?

Q2. What is the main purpose of the endstops?

  • Polar
  • Cartesian
  • Rectanguloid
  • Delta
  • To tell the printer it needs maintenance
  • Provide a physical spot that the machine cannot move beyond
  • Establish an initial position (home)
  • Tell the interactive interface that it is able to use specific menu

Q3. What kind of print bed has the ability to print any size object in 1 direction?

  • Circular
  • Rectangular
  • Belted
  • Replaceable

Quiz 03: Module 2 Quiz

Q1. What menu option is the most logical to use when a print is failing?

  • Maintenance
  • Print
  • Abort Print
  • Tune

Q2. A 3D Printer controller board will take inputs from which sensors in order to control the motion system?

  • Endstops
  • Thermistor
  • Filament Detection
  • XYZ Stepper Motor

Q3. When the Control System is sending signals to the rest of the machine to begin a print, why doesn’t the machine just turn the heater on permanently til temp is reached?

  • So the filament won’t overheat
  • So the printer can warm up
  • To allow the sensor data to provide feedback while heating
  • All of the above

Q4. Operator A says PID controls are used to provide feedback to the printer so it can monitor itself while printing.  Operator B says you can tune PID controls on a printer if you want to work with new materials.  Which is correct? 

  • Operator A
  • Operator B
  • Both Operator A and B
  • Neither

Q5. Operator A says the firmware is the software that interprets the gcode and gives instruction to the printer, Operator B says most 3D printers today operate on 32 bit processors to keep up with the demands of high speed printing. Which is correct?

  • Operator A
  • Operator B
  • Both Operator A and B
  • Neither

Q6. Which of the following is what processes the gcode into coordinate values?

  • MCU
  • Hotend
  • Stepper Motor
  • All of the above

Q7. What shape is a delta printers build envelope?

  • Cylinder
  • Rectanguloid
  • Spherical
  • Prism

Q8. Operator A says the build envelope is smaller than the interior of the machine because manufacturers want to limit your part size.  Operator B says its because they have to compensate for the motion systems physical size.  Which is correct?

  • Operator A
  • Operator B
  • Both Operator A and B
  • Neither

Q9. How does the firmware compensate for the type of machine you use (cartesian, delta, polar, etc)?

  • It doesn’t, they all operate the same
  • It estimates the changes from machine to machine
  • It uses an algorithm to change gcode into the appropriate steps of the motor
  • It changes the way the motor reads steps to accommodate the type of printer

Q10. Which of these are outputs that the control system operates?

  • Hotend fan
  • Y Stepper Motor
  • Endstop
  • A and B
  • A and C
  • B and C

Week 03: 3D Printing Hardware Coursera Quiz Answers

Quiz 01: Practice Quiz 3.1

Q1. What type of extrusion system uses a stepper motor housed on the tool head?

  • Direct Drive
  • Bowden
  • Delta
  • Beta

Q2. The Hot End contains the following things

  • Hot Zone
  • Cold Zone
  • Heatbreak
  • Nozzle
  • All of the above

Q3. The PID loop in the hotend controls what?

  • The moderation of temperature
  • The Performance Initializer Dongle
  • The heated bed temperature
  • The difference between the heated bed and the hotend temperature range

Q4. What is the most common nozzle size and material in 3D printing?

  • 4mm Titanium
  • .4mm Steel
  • .04mm Copper
  • .4mm Brass

Q5. Why is active cooling important in 3D printing?

  • It isn’t, you want to print hot and keep parts hot until print is complete
  • It allows certain materials to quickly stabilize and hold their position in a 3D space
  • It allows printing without support in any part
  • It isn’t, the naturally cooling of materials is enough to do the work

Q6. What feature of a build plate is most commonly used and versatile in desktop 3D printing?

  • Heated Build Plate
  • Flexible Build Plate
  • Infinite Build Plate
  • None of the above

Quiz 02 : Practice Quiz 3.2

Q1. What is the most commonly used material in desktop 3D printing?

  • ABS
  • PETG
  • PLA
  • TPU

Q2. What types of plastics are not used in desktop 3D printing?

  • Crystalline
  • Semi Crystalline
  • Thermoplastic
  • Thermoset
  • All of the above

Q3. What are some considerations for 3D printing equipment when looking to print Polycarbonate or Nylon?

  • Drybox
  • Open Air printer
  • Material the nozzle is made of
  • All of the above
  • None of the above

Quiz 03 : Module 3 Quiz

Q1. What advantage does a Bowden extrusion system have over direct drive?

  • Lower mass on the tool head
  • Improved force on the filament
  • Improved grip on the filament
  • None, Bowdens are inferior to direct drive

Q2. Operator A says the hotend is going to heat up the filament above the glass transition temperature of the material.  Operator B says the hotend is going to heat it up to the melting point of the material. 

  • Operator A
  • Operator B
  • Both Operator A and B
  • Neither

Q3. The purpose of the heat break is to

  • Prevent the filament from overheating
  • Allow the hotend to heat up quickly
  • Prevent heat creep into the cold end
  • All of the above

Q4. Why would anyone consider using a larger nozzle size than the standard .4mm

  • Gain more detail in the small features
  • Print faster
  • Print new materials
  • All of the above

Q5. When considering materials you are printing with, why is active cooling not always used? 

  • Some materials warp from cooling
  • Some materials are printed cold
  • Both A and B
  • Neither

Q6. Why is build plate  surface preparation and materials so important for desktop 3D printing?

  • All materials act the same when printed so being consistent is key
  • The part being printed needs to stay firmly planted on the build plate
  • The build plate moves and allows for possible misalignment
  • None of the above

Q7. What material is best suited for mechanical functional parts on a non-enclosed printer?

  • PLA
  • PETG
  • PolyCarbonate
  • Woodfilled

Q8. User A says that PLA is perfectly fine to use in a hot environment. User B says it would be better to use PETG or ABS.  Which user is correct? 

  • User A
  • User B
  • Both User A and B
  • Neither

Q9. If you were to make a part that had to be very durable and strong what material would be the best option? 

  • PLA
  • PETG
  • Nylon
  • Woodfill

Q10. User A says using a larger nozzle like .6mm would make your prints take less time. User B says using a .6mm nozzle would give your model less detail.  Which user is correct?

  • User A
  • User B
  • Both User A and B
  • Neither

Week 04: 3D Printing Hardware Coursera Quiz Answers

Quiz 01 : Practice Quiz 4.1

Q1. After a digital design is created, what is the next step in the process before you can print it?

  • Put the digital design into a slicer
  • Export a mesh file
  • Select the print menu on your printer
  • File must be authenticated

Q2. Which of the following best describes a mesh file?

  • A file that describes the surface geometry of an object by using polygons to represent the surfaces
  • A file that is full of holes so the slicer knows where to place material
  • A file that dictates where to not place material so the printer makes the appropriate part
  • The file generated in CAD software like Fusion 360 or Blender

Q3. What type of file format should I export if I want to print a multi-color object?

  • STL
  • OBJ
  • DOCX
  • JPEG

Quiz 02 : Practice Quiz 4.2

Q1. Which of these is the most commonly used and largest database of downloadable 3D models? 

  • My3DParts
  • Thingiverse
  • Youmagine
  • Pinshape

Q2. Which is the most logical progression of a digital file?

  • Model>Slice>Job File 
  • Model>Export>Slice>Job File
  • Export>Model>Job File
  • Model>Job File

Q3. Which type of mesh file contains surface geometry and color data for printing in a single file?

  • STL
  • STEP
  • OBJ
  • Color printing is not possible

Quiz 03 : Module 4 Quiz

Q1. Which of these is a repository for finding 3D printable models? 

  • TinkerCAD
  • Fabbaloo
  • Google
  • Youmagine

Q2. Why don’t unsupported overhangs print well?

  • Without support the molten plastic will droop
  • Supports are not required ever, the print will be fine
  • The plastic will cool rapidly and shrink disproportionately 
  • Unsupported overhangs are not possible printers always print them 

Q3. User A says a Job File will only provide instructions to the printer on what to do, User B says that a Job File is only produced by using a slicing software.  Which of these two users is correct?

  • User A 
  • User B
  • Both User A and B
  • Neither

Q4. What must you do with a 3D scanned file to 3D print it? 

  • Nothing, the file is already printable 
  • Translate the file into a mech surface geometry file 
  • Blend the file so it is smooth
  • 3D scans are not printable

Q5. If you download a file from Thingiverse, what is the next step you would take to 3D print it? 

  • Import it into CAD software
  • Import it into a slicer
  • Put the file onto an SD card and print it
  • Print directly from Thingiverse

Q6. Operator A says a Multi color desktop printer can use an OBJ file to print with multiple colors, Operator B says a multi color desktop printer uses multiple STL files.  Which Operator is correct? 

  • Operator A
  • Operator B
  • Both Operator A and B
  • Neither

Q7. When a digital design is being created what considerations should you be thinking about for 3D printing? 

  • Strength in the XY plane
  • Overhangs
  • Printing speed
  • All of the above

Q8. What does the job file have to do with the subsystems of a 3D printer? 

  • The job file has nothing to do with the subsystems
  • The job file and slicer both talk to the printer to tell it what to do
  • The job file tells the printer subsystems what to do 
  • The job file is run in the firmware so it is a part of the printer 

Q9. Which change in the slicer will lower the time to print an object the most? 

  • Changing infill from triangle to gyroid 
  • Lowering the infill from 20% to 10% 
  • Increasing the layer height from .1 to .2  
  • All changes have equal impact on speed of printing 

Q10. What impact does infill type and percent have on a print?

  • More infill means the part will be stronger
  • More infill means it will print slower
  • Infill type can make a part stronger or weaker 
  • All of the above 

Week 05: 3D Printing Hardware Coursera Quiz Answers

Quiz 01 : Practice Quiz 5.1

Q1. Why is keeping the box from the printer a good idea? 

  • Easier to ship it back if there is a defect 
  • Easier to store the printer when not in use
  • Acts as a good table for the printer to rest on 
  • There is no need just recycle it 

Q2. Which of these is not a common 1st time print challenges? 

  • Poorly oriented model 
  • Poor bed leveling
  • Bad gcode
  • Print needed supports 

Q3. What is the “hello world” print? 

  • The pre-prepared file that is saved on your SD card
  • A print that says the words “Hello World” 
  • The programming language that you work to generate a part 
  • The firmware’s first command 

Quiz 02 : Practice Quiz 5.2

Q1. Which is not a type of bed leveling system? 

  • Inductive Leveling
  • Capacitive Leveling 
  • Manual Leveling
  • Self Leveling 

Q2. Which is the most common type of leveling system on a 3D printer? 

  • Force Sensitive Resistor 
  • Manual Leveling 
  • Accelerometer 
  • Self Leveling 

Q3. Why is having a routine checklist important? 

  • Lowers risk of a failed print 
  • Lowers the need for maintenance 
  • Improves print speed 
  • All of the above 

Quiz 03 : Module 5 Quiz

Q1. Operator A says that 3D printer bearings don’t have any excessive load so they don’t need to be lubricated aside from when the factory does it.  Operator B says you should lubricate rails every month to properly maintain the machine.  Who is correct? 

  • Operator A 
  • Operator B 
  • Both Operator A and B 
  • Neither

Q2. What is the most common failure that a new 3D printer user and machine might experience? 

1 point

  • Printer stops working ½ way through the print 
  • Hotend won’t heat up 
  • Parts won’t stick to the build plate 
  • Won’t extrude material 

Q3. What is the most logical thing to do before starting a long print? 

  • Make sure was not used before 
  • Make sure there is enough filament 
  • Replace the nozzle 
  • Turn off all other devices in the room 

Q4. When you see this, what does that mean for the nozzle to build plate distance?gPfR HixEemp7w5DYr3HzA b2219e6eac4cb0eb80e0856b0ff2f987 Coursera module 5 quiz

  • The nozzle is too close to the build plate 
  • The nozzle is too far from the build plate 
  • The nozzle is perfect in relation to the build plate. 
  • The nozzle started too close but then moved too far. 

Q5. If your bed leveling is not correct, what implications can that have on the part you are building? 

  • Inaccurate tolerances 
  • Part comes loose from the bed 
  • Difficulty removing the part from the bed after printing 
  • All of the above 

Q6. When you hear popping sounds when printing what is this an indication of?

  • The hotend is too hot
  • The bed is not level 
  • The slicer output bad gcode 
  • The filament has too much moisture 

Q7. Which is true about storing filament properly? 

  • It can be stored anywhere in open space 
  • It depends on the material 
  • It should be stored it in a ziplock bag with desiccant 
  • It should be stored with similar materials 

Q8. After prolonged use what is a common item to check to ensure proper printing? 

  • Belt tension 
  • Moisture in the air 
  • Ambient temperatures 
  • How many files are stored on an SD card 

Q9. If you print the “hello world” print and the part fails on a brand new printer, which is likely the culprit? 

  • The printer is defective 
  • The bed is not properly leveled 
  • The filament is bad 
  • The user pressed the wrong buttons 

Q10. Operator A says when printing you should always watch a printer since they often fail randomly, Operator B says if the first few layers are successful the chances of a successful print are high.  Which is correct?

  • Operator A 
  • Operator B 
  • Both Operator A and B 
  • Neither

Week 06: 3D Printing Hardware Coursera Quiz Answers

Quiz 01 : Practice Quiz 6.1

Q1. After starting a print it is best practice to. 

  • Wait till it finishes heating up and purges 
  • Walk away and check in on the print once in a while 
  • Watch the first layer 
  • Watch the whole print in person or via webcam 

Q2. When prints are finished for functional use what would be an appropriate measure of success? 

  • Uniform color 
  • Accuracy of the part 
  • Ease of support removal 
  • None of the above 

Q3. After the print is done and you have removed your part you should 

  • Leave the printer in its current state so the next user knows it is available
  • Clear off any remnants of printed material from the build plate 
  • Run a calibration to ensure bed leveling is proper for the next user 
  • Turn the machine off before it finishes cooling off 

Quiz 02 : Practice Quiz 6.2

Q1. When sanding a part to achieve a high quality finish, you should 

  • Use a palm sander
  • Use a dremel tool 
  • Use a belt sander 
  • Hand sand 

Q2. Sanding parts to a very smooth finish should 

  • Be done to every part printed 
  • Start with dry sanding and end with wet sanding
  • Be done in a clean room
  • Be done with a power tool

Q3. Assembly of printed parts can be done by using 

  • Glue
  • Epoxy
  • Fasteners
  • Snap Fits
  • All of the above 
  • None of the above

Quiz 03 : Module 6 Quiz

Q1. If the first layer is sparsely printing what is the best course of action? 

  • Continue printing
  • Pause the print and take a closer look
  • Cancel the print 
  • Increase nozzle temperatures 

Q2. When a part is complete and you are inspecting it, what could be a potential issue if you find the part has warped from the print bed? 

  • The material had too much moisture 
  • The bed was not properly level 
  • The bed was not properly prepped
  • A and B 
  • B and C 
  • A and C 

Q3. Before starting a new print what should you check pertaining to the build surface? 

  • It is free from previous print material 
  • It is properly prepped with glue or other surface treatments if needed 
  • It is properly secured in place 
  • All of the above 
  • None of the above 

Q4. Why should you keep sanding speeds low when finishing a 3D printed part? 

  • To allow the plastic to fill in the gaps 
  • To reduce the heat in the part 
  • To prevent the material from changing color 
  • To keep the area more clean 

Q5. When finishing a 3D printed part, what is the recommended finishing grit sandpaper? 

  • 80 grit 
  • 120 grit 
  • 500 grit 
  • 1000 grit 

Q6. Operator A says you can use Super Glue on any printed part. Operator B says some materials don’t bond well with Super Glue and you should use epoxy resins instead.  Which operator is correct? 

  • Operator A 
  • Operator B 
  • Both Operator A and B 
  • Neither

Q7. What are common modifications to a 3D printer to help print large structures quickly? 

  • Enclosure
  • Updated Slicer 
  • Larger Nozzle 
  • Flexible print surface 

Q8. Operator A runs a printing service with 50 printers.  They have to lubricate the bearings once every 2 weeks on a routine schedule.  Operator B runs a single printer at home for 20 hours a week and they say they lubricate their bearings every month.  Who has the correct approach? 

  • Operator A 
  • Operator B 
  • Both Operator A and B 
  • Neither

Q9. What is the most appropriate location to find information on how to take apart your printers extruder? 

  • The manufacturers website
  • A web search 
  • Group forum
  • A mechanical engineer 

Q10. Operator A is having difficulty printing with nylon. They say the prints warp frequently.  Operator B has perfect nylon prints and they say they just added a larger nozzle, an enclosure, and a new extruder to their machine.  Which modification has made the most significant impact on printing nylon for Operator B? 

  • Larger nozzle 
  • Enclosure
  • New extruder 
  • None it was done in the slicer 

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