Critical Thinking Skills for the Professional Coursera Quiz Answers 2022 [💯% Correct Answer]

Hello Peers, Today we will share all week’s assessment and quiz answers of the Critical Thinking Skills for the Professional course launched by Coursera, free of cost✅✅✅. This is a certification course for every interested student.

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About Critical Thinking Skills for the Professional Course

With massive changes in our world that seem to create the most difficult of circumstances, both personally and professionally, your skills as a critical thinker and problem solver need to be further developed now more than ever.

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Critical Thinking Skills for the Professional Quiz Answers

Week 1: Critical Thinking Skills for the Professional Coursera Quiz Answers

Quiz 1: Identifying Problems Quiz

Question 1: Why do problems go unsolved?

  • Because the problem doesn’t really need solving.
  • People create quick fixes so they can avoid the problem for a while.
  • People actually like problems.

Question 2: Which of these approaches do we need to solve problems?

  • Both
  • Solution-oriented
  • Problem-centered

Question 3

  • When do problems happen? (Check all that apply).
  • When expectations are clear
  • When people agree and work well together
  • When miscommunication happens
  • When goals are unclear

Question 4

  • Why do problems resurface? (Check all that apply).
  • When the solution didn’t include all stakeholders .
  • The problem didn’t really exist to begin with.
  • Because they are not solved or eliminated to begin with.

Question 5

  • What is the best way to respond to a problem?
  • Ignore it and know that in time It’ll fix itself.
  • Assume responsibility and talk with someone about a long term solution.
  • Don’t talk to others and try to take care of it myself.
  • Avoid the problem and hope someone else fixes it.

Quiz 2: Problem Solving Steps Quiz

Question 1: Which of these is Step 6?

  • Advantages & Disadvantages
  • Prepare & Recommend
  • Engage Feedback
  • Reframe

Question 2: Which of these questions are part of identifying the problem? (Select all that apply).

  • What’s my role in the problem?
  • Who is at fault?
  • When is the problem happening?
  • Why is it happening?

Question 3: Why is it important to acknowledge your role in the problem? (Select all that apply.)

  • Because people are more willing to work with a person who accepts responsibility.
  • Because I may not have recognized it before.
  • To show that is wasn’t my fault.
  • Because I need to show others that I’m not a problem person.

Question 4: Why is reframing the problem into a goal-oriented question so important? (Select all that apply).

  • Because it defines a clear path to brainstorming.
  • Because people like goals.
  • Because it saves time.
  • Gets everyone aligned and in agreement.

Question 5: Does the reframe step need to include all those involved in the problem? (Select all that apply.)

  • No, because not everybody really understands the problem.
  • No because it takes longer to solve the problem.
  • Yes, because everyone should get clear on what the new goal is.
  • Yes, because it creates buy in on the eventual solution.

Question 6: Which one of these is a Reframed Goal Oriented Question?

  • Eva keeps nodding off and falling asleep in meetings, what’s up with that?
  • Why doesn’t Eva get more sleep so she can stay engaged in meetings?
  • What can we do to ensure that everyone remains engaged in meetings so we can all be more productive?
  • If James would have more productive and engaging meetings, Eva would probably stay awake, right?

Week 2: Critical Thinking Skills for the Professional Coursera Quiz Answers

Quiz 1: Module 2 Quiz

Question 1: During a brainstorming session around how to have more consistent communication among the team, Sally suggested having a 1 hour response time to emails. Susan said that would be hard to do given all the meetings she has throughout the day. Then Susan suggested a 24-hour response time instead. And Sally said that was a good idea.

Who violated the “non-judgmental” rule during brainstorming?

  • Susan and Sally
  • Susan Only
  • Sally Only

Question 2: John was intrigued with the idea of brainstorming more than 1 idea, since his idea seemed to make the best sense. As other ideas came to the group, the team really got engaged and seemed to come together. At the end of the session Johns idea had launched so many more detailed suggestions that would make a difference for the success of the solution.

Why was it important that the team continued brainstorming, even though they landed on his first idea? (Check all that apply).

  • The team is now learning how to solve problems so they can tackle more in the future without John, if necessary.
  • The team now has more buy in to the solution which will help solve the issue.
  • It proved to the team once and for all that John always has the best ideas.

Question 3: Jean was leading a group brainstorming for her office and allowed some people to put down some of the ideas. After that the group seemed to shut down and no one wanted to voice any new solutions.

What is this called?

  • Stifling
  • Blocking
  • Filibustering
  • Closing

Question 4: Laney wanted help from her team on solving a supply room issue and asked for some suggestions. The 4 others on the team said they had their own issues that they would also like some help on. Each team member wrote down the problem on a piece of paper and they rotated the paper, each writing down a suggestion. When they got their own paper back, each person had 4 suggestions.

What are the benefits of this brainstorming process? (Check all that apply).

  • All ideas were shared without judgement.
  • It saved time by not having to discuss each problem
  • All ideas were documented without having to take notes.

Question 5: Why is it important to choose at least 3 solutions before deciding?

  • Because there may be extenuating circumstances that could sabotage your first solution.
  • Because the decision maker may not accept your solution.
  • All options are important.
  • Because there may not be a budget for your favorite solution.

Question 6: Which of these are typical barriers that can indicate disadvantages?

  • All of these can be considered barriers.
  • Doesn’t work with culture or values.
  • Push back from leadership.
  • Budget constraints.
  • Human resistance to change.
  • Rules, regulations, policies, and/or procedural guidelines.

Question 7: During the Advantages and Disadvantages discussion the team realized that none of the solutions they had brainstormed were going to work. In fact, they realized they were solving the wrong problem to begin with.

What should they do next? (Check all that apply).

  • Go back to Step 2 Reframe
  • Go back to Step 1 Problem ID.
  • Go back to Step 3 Brainstorming.
  • Go back to Step 3 Choose 3.

Question 8: Joaquin and his team spent most of the meeting discussing how they were going to cut their budget and add more staff to complete the project mandated by the new guidelines. After they brainstormed a couple ideas, they landed on a solution. Joaquin wrapped up the meeting and headed off to Stephanie to run it past her for approval. Stephanie asked if people would accept that idea and what push back could result? She also asked if anyone might have a negative reaction? Then she asked if it still seemed like a good solution? Needless to say, Joaquin went back to the team for more ideas.

What steps did Joaquin skip?

  • Choose 3
  • He skipped all of these steps.
  • Brainstorming
  • Prepare & Recommend

Question 9: Marisela was excited that the team wanted her opinion on how to solve the space issue in the office. She suggested that they look at the suite next door to see if it might work for the group. When Bernard said it was too expensive, Marisela said, how do you know that? What’s the budget? I bet I could get a better price because I know the owner. Bernard shrugged and said, “whatever, it’s a waste of time.”

What went wrong?

  • Marisela didn’t know what the price was, so her idea wasn’t valid.
  • No one was facilitating to ensure that everyone was remaining non-judgmental, which stopped the flow of ideas.
  • Bernard was rightfully pointing out the disadvantages, but Marisela kept pushing.

Question 10: Which of these tools can help you facilitate a great group brainstorming session? (Check all that apply).

  • Flip charts, post-its and markers.
  • Excel spreadsheet.
  • Large conference room with glass walls for post-its.

Week 3: Critical Thinking Skills for the Professional Coursera Quiz Answers

Quiz : Module 3 Quiz

Question 1: Latisha was presenting her idea about how to solve the staffing problem and her boss Ashima said that had been tried before with no improvement. Ashima suggested they go another way and Latisha said with a raised voice, “We’ve tried that too, and I think if we don’t try my idea, we’re going to have a much bigger issue, worse than we have ever seen, and this problem will never go away!”

What kind of response was Latisha exhibiting to Ashima’s feedback?

  • Respectful
  • Open-minded
  • Catastrophizing

Question 2: Vikas was excited to share the teams idea for solving the budget cuts impact? His team had not only come up with a plan that worked with the new budget, but they actually came up with ideas that would improve current processes for more efficiencies. When he finished presenting the new plan to the departments management team, the team asked if they had considered the overall goals of the organization. Although Vikas thought the answer was obvious, he shared the intricacies of how the plan did, indeed, meet the goals.

What kind of response did Vikas exhibit to the managements teams feedback?

  • Defensiveness
  • Embellishing
  • Calm and collected

Question 3: Which of these responses should be AVOIDED when receiving feedback?

We spent a lot of time brainstorming, and this is the only solution that could possibly solve this problem.

  • The team really thought this through and we’re confident with our recommendation, of course we’d also like to hear your thoughts.
  • Would you please tell me more about your perspective?
  • What do you suggest we do differently?

Question 4: Check all the statements that demonstrate appropriate “BE” responses to feedback.

  • That might work, but we really think you should do this now.
  • What makes you think this won’t work?
  • We considered that and here was our rationale around the advantages and disadvantages of that approach.
  • We didn’t consult that department, who should we talk to about this?

Question 5: When giving feedback on a solution, which of these statements helps facilitate future problem-solving efforts? (Check all that apply).

  • Yes, I approved it as is. Nice work!
  • I wouldn’t do that, but whatever you think is best.
  • That’s an interesting idea, would you mind explaining your rational a bit?
  • Go for it, thanks for working on that. I look forward to your suggestions in the future.

Question 6: When giving feedback on a solution, which of these statements stifles future problem-solving efforts? (Check all that apply).

  • Why didn’t you talk to Joe about this since he’s the one with the problem?
  • That’s a terrible idea what made you think that would work?
  • Before you make your final recommendation, why don’t you talk to finance and see if it’s doable with our current budget?

Question 7: Aiko tasked Riker to deal withthe break room refrigerator which was full of old food and had gotten quite dirty. When Riker suggested that everyone take away all their own food on Fridays and hire a monthly cleaning service, Aiko preferred a solution that didn’t involve paying a company to clean.

  • In order to help facilitate a more cost effective solution from Riker, what feedback would be best for Aiko to give him in order to continue the process without shutting down his efforts?
  • I like the idea of everyone taking responsibility for their own food on Friday’s, but everyone should pitch in and keep it clean, too!
  • I like the idea of everyone cleaning after themselves. Are there any other ideas that would allow us to be more self-sufficient without external resources?
  • I like the idea of everyone taking responsibility for their own food on Friday’s, but there’s no way I’m paying for a service to clean.

Question 8: Gabriella and Rafael have been working together for a very short time. When they were tasked to work together and come up with a solution for improving the intake process, the first steps they should take are…

  • Do some research and find out more about the problems that currently exist around the intake process including who, what, when, where, why, & how.
  • Look at other departments and see how they have improved the intake process.
  • Brainstorm ideas about how to speed up the operations.

Question 9: Irina and Lada couldn’t figure out why there were so many errors in the monthly report. After they did a detailed analysis of the problem, they uncovered that there were 2 employees that had been entering data incorrectly. They established that the goal was how to get all employees to enter data correctly. They decided to retrain all 10 employees on the correct way to enter the data which would be time consuming and costly, but at least everyone would be on the same page.

  • Which is the best approach from the statements below to arrive at a better plan that would be less time-consuming and costly?
  • Take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of each idea before deciding what to do.
  • Brainstorm more ideas non-judgmentally.
  • Both options are recommended.

We will Update These Answers Soon.

More About This Course

Have you ever tried to find a solution to a problem only to realize you’ve been focusing on the wrong problem from the very beginning? Or you’ve proposed a solution only to have it shut down by your boss or coworkers? How stressful and defeating is that?

With massive changes in our world that seem to create the most difficult of circumstances, both personally and professionally, your skills as a critical thinker and problem solver need to be further developed now more than ever.

By the end of this course, you will have learned and memorized a practical model to solve problems on your own and with others. These 7 critical steps will ensure that you have looked at a problem from every angle and considered multiple solutions. In fact, this dynamic and holistic approach will help you solve problems once and for all!


  • Apply critical thinking skills to complex problems.
  • Apply a model for solving problems and pose questions to further understand specific problems.


  • Critical Thinking
  • Decision-Making
  • Problem Solving
  • Brainstorming


Hopefully, this article will be useful for you to find all the Week, final assessment, and Peer Graded Assessment Answers of the Critical Thinking Skills for the Professional Quiz of Coursera and grab some premium knowledge with less effort. If this article really helped you in any way then make sure to share it with your friends on social media and let them know about this excellent training. You can also check out our other course Answers. So, be with us guys we will share a lot more free courses and their exam/quiz solutions also, and follow our Techno-RJ Blog for more updates.

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