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About Lean Software Development Course

At the same time that scrum and XP were revolutionizing the software development business, another set of concepts (drawn from lean manufacturing and Six Sigma) began to impact the approaches that are used in software development. These ideas, which revolve around Lean Software Development, serve as the basis for a number of different agile methodologies.

Throughout the duration of this class, we will investigate several lean concepts and go over a variety of standard lean methodologies and techniques, such as Kanban, Value Stream Mapping, and others.

In this class, we will also explore methods such as Lean Startup and Design Thinking, which can assist a team in learning about the demands of users and the market in a much quicker and more cost-effective manner.

You will also put the knowledge you have obtained in this course to use by applying it to fictitious case studies as part of this course. You will earn the experience you need to confidently implement these strategies in the real world if you complete these assignments.

You will have the ability, by the end of the course, to apply lean techniques and processes to the process of software development. You will also be able to implement approaches that will make it more quickly and more cost-effective for you to learn about the requirements of both your users and the market.

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Lean Software Development Quiz Answers

Week 1 Quiz Answers

Quiz 1: Lean Fundamentals

Q1. Which of the following are 5 Lean principles? (Not the 7 principles of Lean software development)

  • Identify Value
  • Map the Value Stream
  • Weekly Cadence
  • Create flow
  • Kaizen
  • Establish Pull
  • Seek Perfection

Q2. In terms of “Lean”, what is the best description of Waste?

  • Waste is the usage of any resource during the process, which are not recognized by the customer as adding value to the product or service they receive.
  • Waste is a part of the Process and is always inevitable.
  • Waste is something you put in the rubbish bin.

Q3. Lean techniques define “Value” from the perspective of who?

  • The Manager
  • The Customer
  • All stakeholders
  • Team Members

Quiz 2: Lean Principles

Q1. In Lean software development, how can amplifying learning occur? (Select all that apply)

  • The developers use short iterations.
  • The developers write detailed specifications before writing code.
  • The developers choose technologies that force them to learn new skills.
  • The developers make different solutions, each with the exact same features.

Q2. How can waste arise in software development? (Select all that apply)

  • Knowledge about the developers’ skills is shared among the team.
  • There are product defects found late in the development.
  • Developers work on rarely used product features.
  • Required features expected to be developed in a given time period are fully “done”.

Q3. In Lean software development, what does the principle of “defer commitment” mean?

  • Decisions are made to delay the product delivery to a later date.
  • Decisions are made after having enough information from considering the alternatives.
  • Decisions are made just before a deadline.
  • Decisions are made to choose the modern alternative.

Q4. In Lean software development, what does the principle of “deliver fast” mean? (select 2 that apply)

  • A simpler version of software product (an MVP – Minimum Viable Product) is developed first to reach the market rapidly.
  • Working alternatives are rapidly created.
  • Iterations are short, so feedback is frequent, and product evolution is rapid.
  • The software product is delivered rapidly via courier.

Q5. Which of the following align with the lean principle of “build quality in”? (select 2 that apply)

  • External inspectors determine whether the software product is high quality.
  • The developers apply practices to avoid or quickly catch errors while making the software product.
  • The developers refactor the source code to be simpler and easier to modify.
  • Instead of focusing on refactoring every sprint, certain sprints are dedicated to focus on quality.

Q6. In Lean software development, what does “optimize the whole” mean? (Select all the apply)

  • The ability of a system to achieve its purpose depends on how well the parts work together, not just how well they perform individually.
  • Rather than trying to optimize one part, look at the whole system for optimization opportunities.
  • Leaders look at the whole picture while the other team members only look at the parts of the system.
  • The whole software product is merely the sum of its individual features.

Q7. Which of the following tools can help you find waste in a process?

  • Value Stream Mapping
  • Kaizen
  • Exploring multiple options
  • 5 Whys

Q8. What are some of the tools to amplify learning? (Select all that apply)

  • Sustainable development
  • Iteration
  • Daily Builds and Smoke Tests
  • Set Based Development

Q9. How do you deliver fast (i.e reduce cycle time) without compromising the quality?

  • Ask people to work overtime.
  • Have people work on multiple things at the same time.
  • Finish the work and leave quality for later.
  • Minimize the number of items in-process.

Q10. “The Last Responsible Moment” is a tool for which Lean Software Principle?

  • Defer Commitment
  • See the Whole
  • Empower People
  • Deliver Fast

Q11. Lean helps increase productivity by:

  • Reducing the amount of useless activity that our resources (the team members) are currently burdened with.
  • Adding additional resources to help decrease the burden of the workload.
  • Increasing inputs to directly increase outputs.
  • Giving staff more work to help create more output.

Q12. Which practices waste time during software development? (Choose two)

  • Weekly meetings that are held whether or not they are needed.
  • Delays in receiving work products.
  • The working software is shown to the client, who offers constructive feedback.
  • Everyone is aware of the progress through an updated Kanban board.

Week 2

Quiz 1: Kanban

Q1. Which of these are core properties of Kanban? (Select all that apply)

  • Retrospectives
  • Daily stand-up
  • Manage Flow
  • Limit work in progress
  • Visualize the Work

Q2. Which of following is valid on a Kanban Board? Select two.

  • The WIP limit for Step X is 3. Step X is divided into “Doing” and “Done”. The number of items in the “Doing” column is 4, and the number of items in the “Done” column is 0.
  • The WIP limit for Step X is 3. Step X is divided into “Doing” and “Done”. The number of items in the “Doing” column is 3, and the number of items in the “Done” column is 2.
  • The WIP limit for Step X is 3. Step X is divided into “Doing” and “Done”. The number of items in the “Doing” column is 2, and the number of items in the “Done” column is 1.
  • The WIP limit for Step X is 3. Step X is divided into “Doing” and “Done”. The number of items in the “Doing” column is 2, and the number of items in the “Done” column is 1. One of the items in the previous step is done and the developers want to move that item to Step X.
  • The WIP limit for Step X is 5. Step X is divided into “Doing” and “Done”. The number of items in the “Doing” column is 3, and the number of items in the “Done” column is 1. One of the items in the previous step is done and the developers want to move that item to Step X.

Q3. A software development team just started using Kanban. They had the following columns on their Kanban board, in order from left to right: Backlog, Analysis, Development, Testing, Deployment. Each column has a WIP limit of 3.

There are currently 3 items in testing (3 items being tested). Similarly, there are 3 items in the development column (2 items that are in development and 1 item is done with its development).

One of the developers does not have anything to work on, so the manager wants to add one more item to the development column so the developer looking for work can work on it.

Which of the following are valid next actions in this situation? Select all that apply.

  • The manager should ask the testers to temporarily move an item from the test column to the deployment column so that we can move a different item from development to test. Later, we can move the item back from the deployment column to the testing column
  • The team should get together and discuss if they should add another tester to the test team so this bottleneck can be resolved quickly.
  • The manager should ask the deployment team if a done item in the testing column can be deployed so there is space to move an item from development to testing.
  • The manager should ask the developer waiting for work to help the testers so that they can finish one of the items in their column and move it to the deployment column.
  • It does not make sense for the developer to wait for items to move out of testing. The manager should add one more item to the development column with no other change needed.

Quiz 2: Kanban, Value Stream Mapping and Kaizen

Q1. The 5 “Whys” to be considered during a Root Cause Analysis are…?

  • Why, Why, Why, Why and Why
  • Who, What, When, Where and Why
  • Who, Why, Why not, When, What
  • Who, Who, Who, Who, and Who

Q2. What is the purpose of the Lean tool ‘Kaizen’?

  • To ensure that the workstation does not make anything until the next work center requests supply.
  • To analyze the forces supporting or resisting a particular change.
  • To create a map of the physical path taken by the product as it passes through the process.
  • An improvement activity to create more value and remove waste.

Q3. Which of the following can be used to do 5 Whys analysis?

  • A node graph
  • A sin diagram
  • A grid diagram
  • A fishbone diagram

Q4. In Kanban, a developer pulls the next item to work on from the:

  • managers who determine which tasks will be performed
  • previous column on the board
  • clients determining the tasks
  • product backlog

Q5. You are a developer on a team using a Kanban board to manage flow. You work on Step X within the process and it just so happens that you are looking for more work.

The Kanban board is set up as follows:

Step X has a WIP limit of 3.

Step X is divided into “Doing” and “Done.”

The number of items in the “Doing” column is 2.

The number of items in the “Done” column is 1.

Without violating the rules of the Kanban board, what should you do? Select all that apply.

  • Ignore the WIP limit of 3. Pick the next item to work on from the previous column.
  • Help the group (that picks work from the following column) finish their work so they can pull an item from the “Done” column of Step X. That will allow you to pick an item from the previous step.
  • Talk to the team about adjusting the WIP limit because increasing the WIP limit will create a better flow of work.
  • Push the done item to the next column/step without considering the WIP limit of the next column/step.

Q6. Which of the following statements are true about Value Stream Mapping? Select all that apply.

  • There is no need to identify the non-value-added map as it does not add value for the customer.
  • Value-added activities are activities that add value from the customer perspective.
  • Cycle Time is the total time taken for Value Stream.
  • It is recommended that you go to the place where work is happening because that will distract the people working and will skew your value stream map.

Q7. What is the formula to calculate the Process Cycle Efficiency?

  • Value Added Time / Cycle Time
  • Value Added Time / Non Value Added Time
  • (Value Added Time – Non Value Added Time) / Total Cycle Time
  • Value Added Time – Non Value Added Time

Week 3

Quiz 1: Lean Startup

Q1. What is the main goal of the Build-Measure-Learn Cycle?

  • To go through the build-measure-learn cycle as fast as possible.
  • To go through the build-measure-learn cycle as cheaply as possible.
  • To make sure we do quality work through every step of this cycle.
  • To make sure we get lot of work done effectively in this cycle.

Q2. What do we mean by Validated Learning?

  • Launch a product and then decide what we want to measure to validate.
  • Listening to what the customer is saying.
  • Validate what you learned from your product with company leaders.
  • Validating the assumptions by conducting an experiment and collecting data.

Q3. Which of the following are principles of Lean startup? Select all that apply.

  • Validated Learning
  • Invest as little as possible and build inexpensive products
  • Innovation Accounting
  • Entrepreneurs are everywhere

Q4. Which of the following are true about Lean Startup? Select two.

  • It is the best method to use for all kinds of development.
  • It is based on going through the Build-Measure-Learn cycle as fast as you can.
  • It is a concept applicable to startup companies only.
  • It relies on actual data rather than gut feelings to validate assumptions or ideas.

Q5. Why are traditional management principles ill-suited to the world of startups?

  • Because building a startup is not the same as institution building.
  • Because startups can only be built with a “just do it” attitude.
  • Because startups face chaos and uncertainty.

Q6. When a startup ‘pivots’, what is it doing?

  • Optimizing its product.
  • Ignoring its vision.
  • Employing a revised strategy in an attempt to achieve its vision.

Q7. According to Ries, which of the following adjectives describes good startup metrics? Select all that apply.

  • Accessible
  • Audience-Focused
  • Actionable
  • Auditable

Q8. Which of the following are levels of Pirate Metrics? Select all that apply.

  • Revenue
  • Acquisition
  • Registration
  • Referral
  • Activation
  • Retention

Q9. Which of the following are true about Pivot or Persevere? Select two.

  • Pivot means to close the startup company and start a new one.
  • Customer segment pivot: The product hypothesis is partially confirmed; it solves the right problem but for a different customer than originally anticipated.
  • Zoom-out pivot: What was previously considered a single feature in a product becomes the whole product.
  • Platform pivot: A change from an application to a platform or vice versa.

Q10. How do Vanity metrics prevent/inhibit pivoting?

  • Vanity metrics allow entrepreneurs to draw incorrect conclusions. Based on these metrics, they assume that the product is going in the right direction when it really isn’t.
  • Vanity metrics are the metrics that matter.
  • Vanity metrics are designed by leadership so no pivoting is necessary.
  • Vanity metrics are user-based collection which is always the right metrics to measure.

Q11. What are three ways that a past customer can drive sustainable growth?

  • By reporting defects in your product
  • Repeat purchase
  • As side advertising due to usage of the product
  • Word-of-mouth referral

Q12. What are the characteristics of “Early Adopters”?

  • Early adopters will give you their time and honest feedback.
  • They use the product only if it is reliable and of good quality.
  • They only use your product if it is free.
  • Early adopters are actively seeking a solution to the problem your product solves.

Q13. What are leap-of-faith assumptions?

  • Assumptions that the organization made after getting the blessing of the stakeholders.
  • Assumptions that are the riskiest elements of a startup plan.
  • Assumptions that, if true, would result in a lot of revenue.

Q14. Which of these attributes are favored by Lean startup? Select two.

  • Elaborate upfront planing
  • Customer feedback
  • Waterfall development
  • Experimentation and Iteration

Q15. Who is an “Intrapreneur” ?

  • The opposite of an entrepreneur: someone who prevents innovation.
  • A manager who promotes innovations within the company.
  • Entrepreneurs that work with other entrepreneurs.

Week 4

Quiz 1: Design Thinking

Q1. Which of the following are true about Design Thinking? Select 2.

  • It is a technique for designers to design software.
  • It recommends that a cross-functional team work together in the design thinking process.
  • It is a process for creative problem solving.
  • It consists of five steps: requirements, design, development, testing and deployment.

Q2. In design thinking, what are two of the main reasons to empathize with users?

  • To discover the real problem to be solved.
  • To build a good relationship with users.
  • To make sure users know that we are building the solution for them.
  • To prevent team member bias from impacting their understanding of the problem and influencing the solution.

Q3. Design thinking results in innovation by integrating which three things?

  • Practical Ability
  • Business Viability
  • Human Desirability
  • Technical Feasibility

Q4. What are the two dimensions for categorizing assumptions?

  • Probability that it will be right
  • Impact on our solution if it is wrong
  • Impact on our solution if it is right
  • Probability that it will be wrong

Q5. What are the two dimensions for categorizing tests?

  • Cost/Effort of conducting a test
  • Quality of data collected from the test
  • Nice to have Tests
  • Must have Tests


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